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It must’ve been really hard for Revolver magazine to find a group willing to condemn their “controversial” cover. Unlike Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen isn’t even underage. (She’s 17.) Nor is Momsen shooting anything, or wearing something she’s shot. And Momsen. C’mon. How can a girl with the name Momsen get anyone’s dander up? Still, needs must: you can’t be a rebel if everyone likes you. Make the jump for the mockrage.

The Parents Television Council — the same group that criticized Miley’s new controversial music video — believes parents should be “alarmed” with the 17-year-old osing on the cover of the hard rock mag Revolver “wearing lingerie, gun belt and nothing else.”

PTC further states, “By posing in this way, with guns in hand, she is making guns and violence seem sexy, and contributing to the already epidemic problem of kids’ overexposure to hyper-sexualized media content, which has been linked to depression, eating disorders and sexual risk-taking.”

But guns and violence ARE sexy. Maybe not in this case, but generally. And as for sex and violence leading to moodiness, bad eating and sleeping around, well, rock and roll!

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  1. Momsen is a better surname than her character's- Humphries. I wonder what the Venn Diagram of overlapping TTAG readers and Gossip Girl watchers look like. ..

  2. The only problem I see is that she has both triger fingers on the trigers, but the PTC is annoying so this makes me happy.


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