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Shares in Taser International ended the week with a nine percent surge, closing at $7.15 a share. That’s an 8.66 percent jump on heavily increased trading volume (5,253,646 shares). The rise followed better-than-expected fourth quarter sales figures, up 31 percent from year-ago levels. The company’s CFO sees even brighter days ahead. “We expect R&D expenses to relax in 2010, as the launch costs for Axon, [muli-shot] X3, [scary ass] Shockwave and XREP are behind us,” Chief Financial Officer Dan Behrendt told a bunch of jobbing journos on a conference call. The long-anticipated Taser shotgun round is finally making the rounds, conveniently packaged in a screaming yellow Mossberg X12 [screen cap after the jump]. Coincidentally enough, on the same day that they released Q4 results Taser announced that the New Zealand police are their new BFFs. The PC Kiwi PCs bought the complete Taser evidence collecting package.

“We are very excited to announce that the New Zealand Police have become the first national police force to standardize on EVIDENCE.COM for the secure management of data from the TASER X26 and TASER CAM systems,” Taser’s Chairman and founder wrote in a press release. “The national deployment of TASER X26 ECDs follows an extensive test and evaluation program during which TASER devices safely de-escalated numerous dangerous situations.” Tom Smith is “proud that the New Zealand Police have selected our technology platform to help avert potential loss of life and significant injuries for both law enforcement and the public.”

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