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Press release:

There is a story that is national news concerning an incorrect report about a NY DJ’s father using a “TASER” on a Marine during a Cowboys vs. Jets game this past weekend that was attended by President George W. Bush for the 9-11 activities.

The story has unfortunately gone viral and while the device in question was definitely not a TASER® brand device, I wanted you to know that we are trying to get as many of these stories corrected as possible – just a heads up as I’ve had a lot of inquiries.

Steve Tuttle
Vice President of Communications

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  1. So what exactly happened? I found an article below, it seems to say there were two incidents there. One with a Marine who was acting in an aggressive and threatening manner, taunting McKelvey and later preventing the McKelvey from going to the bathroom or exercising (a possible) duty to retreat. The article then goes on to say McKelvey suffered a broken nose from a fight because he was wearing a Cowboys jersey/tattoos. What exactly happened here?

    And if Tasers are illegal in NY, why did Taser International activate this guys Taser?

    • Why would they activate it? Um. Taser says it’s not a Taser. Besides since when does a law keep someone from carrying in an item from another state. People go to that field from all over: Connecticut, NY and NJ and even PA.

      • That does make a lot of sense. I must of not read the last paragraph, the story I linked didnt help my perception of the situation either.

        Anyways does anyone know what actually happened? The Marine taunting him, or him getting beat up for being a Cowboys fan? Both?

        • Did you read the story you linked to? It says the gun with the stun gun was from South Carolina. That’s how he got something that may not be legal in NJ or NY.

  2. Maybe they’ll xerox some fliers, take some aspirin, ride the escalator, eat some jello, use a kleenex to wipe the cut, and then put a band aid on it.

  3. The NEW YORK JETS/GIANTS don’t play football in NEW YORK, they play in that other COMMIE state NEW JERSEY. I can understand how you got confused, because they’re both no good COMMIE states. Stun guns are really easy to buy and even easier to sneak into almost anywhere. I love the JETS & GIANTS, but it would be nice if the both moved to a gun friendly state.

  4. The astonishment of the people in the video (essentially, how could something like this happen) goes to show how blindly people put their trust in the system to protect them. If you can’t figure out how it’s possible to secret a Taser or stun gun into a pro ball event, you’re not thinking very hard.

  5. If TASER type weaponry are less-than lethal, why is TASER International doing damage control? I’m just saying . . .

  6. The take on the story at barstool was that the father didn’t stand up during the pledge or any of the 9/11 ceremony and that pissed the marine off, and the rest played out ad you imagine it would. all conjecture I suppose

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