Andy Parker Ted Nugent Protest Die-in
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You may remember Alison Parker who was murdered, along with her cameraman, Adam Ward, as she conducted a live TV interview in Virginia in 2015. Since then Parker’s father, Andy Parker, has been a staunch gun control advocate.

This week, with Ted Nugent’s show getting ready to roll into Roanoke for a concert, Parker has organized a protest against the pro-gun rocker and the venue that’s hosting him.


A rolling billboard with Ted Nugent’s face on the side isn’t promoting his Roanoke concert later this month. It is protesting his appearance at the Berglund Center.

Andy Parker is the father of Alison Parker, our WDBJ7 colleague who was shot and killed in 2015.

He organized the protest against the conservative rocker and NRA board member, and is calling for a boycott of the Berglund Center, because of Nugent’s statements on gun rights and gun control, and what Parker describes as his vile behavior.

“It’s an outrage to me and the people of Roanoke who think this community deserves better,” Parker said during a news conference Monday afternoon.

It’s not really clear why Parker thinks Nugent or the NRA are in any way responsible for his daughter’s death. That was the fault of a crazed former WDBJ7 reporter with a history of disturbing behavior who later shot himself.

Few anti-gun protests are complete these days without a die-in, so Parker’s supporters staged one in the venue’s lobby. For its part, the theater isn’t backing down.

Following is a written statement the Berglund Center released Monday:

“We are a public assembly facility and must obey the law, which includes non-discrimination against anyone or any artist based on their political views. We are in the business of hosting diverse events that appeal to citizens of Southwest Virginia. Ted Nugent wanted to perform in Roanoke, Virginia, and we could not turn away his business simply because not everyone shares his values. People come to concerts to hear the music of their favorite artists. Ted Nugent is performing a concert, not hosting a political rally.”


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  1. If I ever came across a die in, I would laugh as I walked all over the people laying on the floor. It would be the shortest die in ever. I can’t help but laugh at the prospect of it all happening, but alas I live in Texas we don’t have those silly things here in South Texas…

    • i would get the sudden urge to whip it out a take a leak….they will move fast….

    • What if I tripped, fell and got injured by this dangerous and negligent nonsense?
      Any lawyers care to discuss or guess if one could sue? I would think that would put an end to this ridiculousness

      • I’d take the case in a second provided you carefully selected a wealthy die-er and I forum shopped for the perfect judge. This in no way constitutes legal advice.

      • When you trip, be sure to catch yourself by the elbows — hopefully, on a protester’s soft belly, genitals, or throat.

        • a good palm strike to the throat sounds more realistic in falling 😉 sorry i was just trying to save my fall and got them in the throat as i fell 😉 after all when falling what do you usually put out to save yourself from injury first 🙂 also due to falling it will have all your weight behind it not just strength 🙂

    • Professional protestors/activists always telegraph their “die ins” so the cops will be there to protect them from pissed of pedestrians/drivers…. There are always pleanty of cops at these things to protect the people screaming “racist police murder unarmed black people!” ….. The cops would be more than happy to walk away and let the problem “solve itself”.

  2. P.S.
    At a grocery store, if I had a shopping cart, that would be funnier.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • yep so would i only i would have them stripped naked and put them in the chillers for a few hours….. every single die in. once word got around of that then they would quickly stop the “die in’s”

  3. Any place that allows a die in is liable for personal injury. The solution would be a lot of trip and fall accidents because of these people blocking the egress. Personal injury lawyers would have a field day.
    Didn’t the Parker threaten a politician a while back ?

  4. Wish I could attend Ted Nugent concert. I also thank him for his stand for our 2nd Amendment right to keep our legally owned firearms. If people don’t like Nugents music , or his views on our rights. Stay the Fuck home. No one wants you there with your die in’s or whatever other tyrannical shit you can think up. Ted Nugent has more sense than all your leftarted asses combined. This is still America 🇺🇸

  5. “…It’s an outrage to me and the people of Roanoke ”

    Slow down there Hoss…. It’s fine for you to be outraged at something. It is something very much different for you to try and claim you are outraged for anyone else because that’s not how it works.

  6. Such a sacrifice and a serious political statement to lie on the ground while watching Netflix on your phone. I am moved I tell you.

  7. I mean, the protest is misguided and off the mark, but on the other hand, Ted Nugent is a walking carbuncle. Tough call.

  8. How in hell is Ted Nugent RESPONSIBLE for the deaths of these people??? The anti-gun nuts need to be holding those who actually did this responsible for those actions…… ….whoever held the firearm and pulled the trigger (since I know none of my firearms go off without someone pulling the trigger). I am sick and tired of the rants that guns kill people…they sure don’t do that unless a HUMAN is holding the weapon! Stop blaming law-abiding gun owners for the actions of the losers, morons and gang-bangers who go out and purposely shoot others.

    • Amen to that.. These socialist turds only have a colon to process logic and it shows, no brains, no common sense no respect for the constitution… They are not Americans!!!

  9. Ted is great live !! and a great American ! Anyone who has not seen his show should go ASAP ! Especially the end of the show !!

  10. Ehhhh fuk Ted Nugent. Why does my phone keep getting these security alerts, trusted server shit, and it’s only on TTAG? ,. ,,,, I’m ought here dude’s.Have fun

  11. Would I invite Ted into my home? You’re damn right I would, providing he brings his guitar and amp of course. Like his music or not, he’s a voice of the NRA that people actually listen to.
    Maybe Mr. Parker should attend his show before declaring him off limits to the community.

  12. A father overwhelmed with grief. I remember him in the news after he lost his daughter. At this stage I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some Bloomberg and Soros money involved.

  13. If only these idiots didn’t use this ‘die In bullshit to play act because they are desecrating the millions of deaths due to governments taking guns… They should have their c itizenships stripped and labeled as traitors to our republic… What a disgrace these lefty sheep are.. Stalin, China, pol pot is all I have to say…. Beyond stupid and wreckless these socialist shitbag are, no brains, no common sense… What an embarrassment!!

  14. These dumb fvckers.
    If I ever come across a “die in”, I’m gonna give a patriotic speech two sentences long, say the Pledge of Alligence, then play the national anthem on my cell phone speaker as I proudly place my hand on my heart.
    Let’s see if the eff-wads stand up…

    BTW- my two sentences will be, ” I am proud to be an American. I believe in and will defend the Constitution of the United States.”

  15. Hey, if they’re all dead, how come a couple of them are still using their phones?

    • The same way that you can be a conservative Republican all your life, and after you die, you change your voter registration and start voting Democratic.

  16. They’re going to ruin a concert for all 10 people that still care about seeing Ted Nugent perform his mediocre songs.

  17. He never blamed the big gay ex-reporter who shot his daughter. The “GUN” did it. Duh…

  18. I don’t like Ted Nugent. He just isn’t a nice person. However, I just might have to buy an album or two, just to toss some money his way for pissing off this clown of a father. We all have to band together in troubling times, after all. 😊

    • I vehemently disagree. I met & talked to Ted wayyyyy back in 2014 at the NRA show in Pittsburgh. He is not only pleasant but has no phony Hollywood aloofness about him, just a regular NICE guy.

  19. I’m so sick of these personal-tragedy-turned-activist types. No matter what happened to you, you are not suddenly a public policy expert. No matter what happened to a dead relative of yours, you are not automatically endowed with illiminable dominion over everyone’s rights and freedom.

    That goes as much for those whiny Parkland brats as it does for those idiotic “Jersey Girls”, whose husbands all died on 9-11, and that fool Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq.

  20. Bet they are all just fine with 600,000 abortions every year…victims that stand no chance at all.
    Don’t get me wrong…I am pro-choice…as most abortions are to dems/libs…limiting their population…

  21. Ok I do feel for Andy.
    But blaming me and Ted is doing what exactly??
    Give it up and get over it as best you can Andy.
    Your doing your daughters memory a disservice this way.

  22. A die in you say? Let me find my kilt and down a 12 pack of taco bell soft tacos, a 12 pack of Corona, and a couple shots of whiskey. I’ll handle that die in real quick. I’m willing to bet that after the first deadite catches the aftermath of my angered colon and sees up my kilt that the die in will end rather abruptly.

  23. I am surprised Ted doesn’t hire these tools to promote his gigs. I’ll bet this one got a big boost from the free publicity.
    Not sure why so many dislike Nugent, he is not exactly a cultured “gentleman”, but he is not out drinking and drugging his way around the country, unlike so many of his fellow performers of all political stripes.

    • Absolutely, Ted is in great physical condition unlike is contemporary David Crosby whom Ted refers to as a “bloated carcass”.

  24. Well it’s nice to see this going on in my hometown.

    I don’t even care for Ted that much but I hope his concert is a smashing success just to spite these people.

  25. Unfortunate the reporter and the camera man were shot but a criminal did it.

    Sometimes the price of Freedom is paid for with blood, on and off the battle field.

    Daddy Andy needs a time out.

  26. The difference between us and those stupid asses is we call 911 to pick up the dead body of the Intruder they called the report they are a victim

  27. Is this the guy that was claiming murder was legal, and that it was all the NRA’s fault?

  28. Just a heads up Ted Nugent is Law enforcement. You snow flakes might want to think about that

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