New From Savage: 110 Long Range Hunter AccuFit

Looking to reach out and touch something? Like…a four-legged beast? Savage has updated and upgraded the 110 with their highly-adjustable AccuFit stock system and user-adjustable AccuTrigger trigger, and is releasing it as the new 110 Long Range Hunter. TTAG has a .338 Lapua sample en route soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, Savage’s press […]

Gun Review: Savage 10/110 BA Stealth Rifle

Savage Arms has earned a solid reputation for making highly accurate, quality rifles at an affordable price. As soon as I saw the 10/110 BA Stealth I was drawn to its minimalist, modern chassis stock appearance and Savage’s reputation for accuracy. TTAG borrowed this example, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and put it through its paces. Though […]

New From Savage Arms: Hardwood Stock B-Series Rimfire Rifles

Late last year, in the run-up to SHOT, Savage announced their new B-Series line of bolt action rifles in twelve rimfire configurations. They were intended as accurate, affordable, optics-ready guns that include Savage’s AccuTrigger as standard equipment. A package to make rabbits and squirrels quake in their Buster Browns. We have one in hand now, […]

Savage Arms MSR Details Emerge (photo-heavy)

Savage Arms enjoys a solid reputation for making affordable, yet highly accurate bolt-action rifles. As you’ve probably caught wind of by now, they’re about to release their first line of modern sporting rifles (ARs). Dubbed the MSR, cleverly short for Modern Savage Rifle, they’ll be available in three different calibers in four different rifle styles. […]

Coming Soon From Savage Arms: An MSR

Savage Arms says “Better is Coming” in January of 2017, pointing us to this teaser video for an upcoming MSR. That’s “Modern Sporting Rifle,” AKA an AR-platform gun. It’s a first for Savage, just like it was for Springfield when they released the SAINT last month, but in the MSR’s case they’re deviating from traditional […]

New from Savage: Model 42 Combination

The Savage Model 24 was an affordably-priced over-under combination gun, manufactured for decades. The company pulled the plug on the 24 some time ago, after Savage determined that they couldn’t build it out of steel and wood for less than $600 a copy. A near-constant clamor of die-hard fans has convinced Savage to bring the […]

Question of the Day: Are Modern Guns Ugly?

Personally, I don’t think so. When form follows function, all is well. Well, except for the Stoeger Double Defense. This is not a viewpoint shared by the unnamed author of Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to rifle stocks at Pennsylvania’s “In one of my winter boredom stupors I […]