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Supporters of suppressor law reform have been cobbling together a bill that can make it through a famously fractious and lethargic Congress the same way that Hadrian built his wall…brick by brick.

As we reported earlier, the Sportsmen’s Heritage And Recreational Enhancement or SHARE Act, sponsored by South Carolina’s Jeff Duncan (above), was attached to a larger Natural Resources Committee bill. That larger bill included a number of other the widely supported hunting- and fishing-related measures and it passed the House committee yesterday on a largely party-line 22-13 vote.

As notes,

The bill includes a number of gun reforms that gun-rights and hunting activists have been pursuing for years. Silencer deregulation, further protections for interstate transport of firearms, further protections on the importation of firearms and ammunition, further protections on certain firearms and ammunition from reclassification in order to make them illegal, and increased access to federal public lands for hunting and fishing are all included in the bill.

Next step: a vote by the full House. No word as to when that may happen. The bill would then move on to the Senate, where it may or may not win some — any — Democratic support. Blue Dog Democrats, where are you when we need you?

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  1. How cynical am I?

    There is no way this will ever pass. Less regulation of supressors and AP ammunition….. not gonna happen.

      • Anything is possible, of course. It’s a matter of what’s probable, though.

        You’re betting the ranch on an extreme outliers strategy? Interesting. What are you doing this Sarurday night? Why don’t you come over to the house for a friendly game of cards with the boys and me? Bring your checkbook.

        • I’m not “betting the house” on anything.

          There’s the Nazi noise from the usual gang against it, but nowhere near as loud a I’ve expected to hear.

          I’m seeing *zero* broadcast media ads against it, and that surprises me.

          As I said, I distinctly recall hearing “Trump will never get elected…”.

          And a whole lot of that was right here in TTAG.

          (I wonder if I can direct-thread an automotive oil filter thread on this .22 I have…)

          • The odds are against any particular piece of legislation passing. Last Congress only passed three percent of legislation that was introduced into law.

            I’m more optimistic about this passing than the HPA by itself. I’m not to hopeful though. The Republicans can’t seem to get anything that the Democrats don’t want passed. (The filibuster is not to blame, either. It is actually easy to overcome the filibuster. It’s just time consuming, but it’s not like the Senate is getting anything done anyway).

      • Is there even a chance Trump will sign it if it reaches his desk? At the rate things are going, Trump’s going to switch parties by Christmas.

    • “— Democratic support. Blue Dog Democrats, where are you when we need you?”

      Purged, primaries out of the party by the elite, who did not want them to derail their agenda.

  2. We got midterms coming next year. These are the votes we need to determine who needs to be primaried.
    …some will get primaried, right?

    • Dear Senators and Representatives,

      Mid Terms are coming up, and we WILL remember how you support or betray us.


      • LOL

        We hear this every year, election in, election out and 9 times out of 10 the incumbent retains their seat. And even if new blood gets in they are likely already bought and paid for as a prerequisite of being a politician.

        In short, the system is broke and doesn’t work. Time to keep the good and discard the bad and start a new experiment.

        • I’ve read that the British House of Lords, in which membership ends only upon a member’s death, has a higher turnover rate than the U.S. Congress.

        • Sounds unlikely, but definitely not impossible if everyone who becomes a member of the house of lords does so at a very old age.

          • A lot of people in the Senate are there for most of their lives. McCain is probably leaving feet first, for example.

  3. The Speaker and House Majority leader normally decide it this comes up for a vote. The majority in the House can sign a petition to bring it to the floor for a vote. Contact your Congressmen. Be polite, but let them know that this is important to you and will be considered (if not determinative) when you go to the polls.

    • It’s worth a try, although for some time now it’s been clear that our “Republican” elected officials are actually UniParty progressives who only pretend to be Republican conservatives when they’re campaigning for re-election. Supporting gun rights costs them cred with their DC controllers.

      • Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

        Republican=Democrat=two sides of the same coin.

        The only questions that they answer differently are: Who do we tax (read steal from)? How much? To whom does the stolen loot go to?

        The End.

        • No, the Republicans suck sphincter, but they are not the evil POS (D).

          You always get some equivocating on the part of the POS (D) like see they’re just as bad as us.

          No, no they are not. They do suck bad, but no.

      • The House passed the SHARE Act last year. My Congressman voted for it. I don’t know if the House really wants to pass these things or if they are just relying on bastards in the Senate to stop everything. We should get rid of the 17A and return Senate elections to state legislatures.

      • Agreed. I’m not what you’d call a Trump fan but, should this bill pass the legislative process and end up on his desk, I see ZERO chance of a veto. He’d sign this for sure. Eric and Don Jr would be pushing for it, though I don’t think that would even be necessary. Trump would absolutely sign this.

        • Considering Don Jr went out on a limb and pushed for this, I see a good chance of it getting signed if it hits the president’s desk.

  4. The backdated $200 tax refund looked like it disappeared. I figured that wouldn’t make it out in a final version. Would have been nice though.

    Seemed a 10% tax on silencers was in it too, I don’t know if all title I firearms already have that or not, cheaper than $200 a pop especially for the cheaper cans, and the soon to be cheaper if this passed.

    • Avoid that tax by rolling your own- it’s cheap, fun and easy! When (I’m an optimist) this passes- there will be a MILLION places selling 80% suppressors and DIY parts kits. I CAN NOT WAIT.

      • Since tubes will be the serialized portion, there will be massive amounts of baffle stacks and mono-cores for sale everywhere. I’ll grab my own tube from Lowe’s and construct my own. I’m excited.

  5. If this passes, I’ll have to stop calling the GOP useless. If it doesn’t pass, I can be even more insulting to the do-nothing party than I have been.

  6. I’m trying to be as optimistic as possible about this. I want to know when the vote on the House floor will happen. This is a major gain on 2A rights, and probably one of the biggest since Heller and McDonald. Removing almost 100 year old stupidity is necessary, and I really hope this gets done.

  7. I’m glad to see silencers keep getting pushed in bills, but I also remember Obamacare being repealed a zillion times in the House. When Obamacare repeal got to the Senate, a few douchebag RINOS like McCain suddenly voted against repeal.

    Those who think Republicans are useless crack me up. Republicans sometimes vote against gun rights. Democrats almost always vote against gun rights. A quick look at Democrat-controlled states like CA, NYC, and NJ should put that to rest.

    I myself am an extremely right wing Independent, and I find my pro gun / pro Constitution votes and campaign dollars virtually never going to Democrats. An “exception” being Sheriff David Clarke, who may have technically been a Democrat, but sure didn’t act like one.

  8. Maybe this will be apart of Trump’s quid pro quo with the dems. He gives them an unlimited budget an compromises on the dreamers. while he gets a win on his tax reform an a +1 with the gun owners.

  9. That part of the bill will be amended guaranteed as the silencer bill is a hot political potato even for the Republicans who say one thing but will do quite another. Silencer permits bring in a lot of money to the government as well. I remember a few years ago someone introduced a bill to build a safe gun range in a Federal National Park and believe it or not all the Democrats voted for passage but the skin tight, cheap skate Republicans voted it down because they said they did not want to spend the money. Their cheap ass solution was to let stand the ban on firearms discharge in the park as it saved them money not having to build a shooting range for the public. Yep the Republicans always the friends of gun owners (my ass).

    • @cisco kid — The money collected from NFA tax stamps don’t even begin to cover the cost of maintaining the machinery behind the NFA registry, even with the recent and huge up-tick in NFA purchases overall (mostly in response to 41F but whatever). No, for DemoKKKrats it’s all about control. They might have “allowed” for the building of the aforementioned shooting range, but likely would have bogged it down with so many restrictions as to make it useless to anyone who might actually want to go there, anyway. THAT’S just how they work, unfortunately. The Republicans are indeed nominally no friends of ours (or really anyone for that matter), but the DemoKKKrats have in fact already come out and plainly said that they are vehemently opposed to very notion of gun ownership in its entirety. I guess I have to at least admire their honesty.. whenever they can be bothered to BE honest, that is.

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