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One of the first stops we made when we got to the SHOT Show range this morning was the GLOCK bay. Like just about everyone else, we wanted to shoot the new GLOCK G44 .22LR pistol.

The new handgun drew plenty of attention as you can tell from the background noise in this video. GLOCK pro shooter Michelle Viscusi was nice enough to give us the quick elevator pitch on the new rimfire G-gun.

It really is the same size and has the same general feel as the uber-popular GLOCK 19 9mm. It’s just a lot lighter. As you’d expect, GLOCK lightened the slide considerably to ensure the blowback operating system reliably cycles the action given the reduced oomph that’s produces by a .22LR round going bang.

The G44 is easy-racking and feather-light compared to the G19, which weights a full nine ounces more (comparing both without their magazines). It also shot flat and extremely well in the limited amount of time we had with the pistol (there were a lot of people in line waiting to shoot it, too.

We’ll have one in our hands soon for a full review. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Looks like it might be a good one to start a young person or someone recoil averse or simply afraid of guns on then transition to a G19.

    I like the idea.

    • That’s a mean spirited thing to do, tricking a new shooter into the Glock Cult. Kinda’ like Scientology.

    • My plan is to set one up with the same sights, a red dot and a TLR-7 just like my G19 so I can use the same holster, mah carrier, practice with three same sights, grip, light, etc. and get more trigger and red dot time for less money than with the 9mm. A local shop has been selling the Federal 1100 round bulk pack for $39.97 so I’ve been picking one up every week or so in anticipation of the G44.

      I do have a conversion kit for my G19 but in the four years I’ve had it, I’ve gotten through a full 10 round mag no more than 5 times and I’ve tried a lot! That’s even when using the recommended CCI ammo, tweaks to the mag, recoil spring, using the recommended lube, blah, blah. Basically, it sucks, so the G44 is extremely desirable if for nothing else, the fact it’ll run damn near any .22lr ammo.

      The video that TFB did from the Glock factory, getting to shoot the G44 was extremely impressive, it just ran and ran and ran!

      At SHOT Show this week I fully intend to fondle the heck out of one and get it on order.

  2. With all there is to see and do at Shot Show why would anyone with half a brain burn up valuable time on a Glock ANYTHING, let alone a .22?

    Would be far more interested in something from an actual, for real, no BS , AMERICAN GUN MAKER!

    How about Hi-Point? Anything shaking over in their booth?

    • “With all there is to see and do at Shot Show why would anyone with half a brain burn up valuable time on a Glock ANYTHING, let alone a .22?”

      Because that was ‘Range Day’, the day when all the manufacturers at SHOT show are at one convenient location just outside of town where one can pick and choose what they want to fire, and fire it, right then and there. And then go to another table and do the same thing all over again.

      So why wouldn’t TTAG take advantage of the convenience and fire as many guns as possible? Including the Glock 22?

    • If you’re so worried about what’s going on at SHOT, maybe you should go yourself.

      In the meantime, the rest of will happily enjoy hearing about INTERNATIONAL firearms, most of which kick American guns in the ass (IE, Glock, Sig, HK, CZ, etc).

  3. It really is the same size and has the same general feel as the uber-popular GLOCK 19 9mm

    Okay, so they kept the same dimensions as the G19, which means it’s got a pleasantly zaftig double-stack-sized grip…. dare I ask how many rounds the mag holds?

    • If I heard her correctly over all the background noise, she said 10 rounds. That strikes me as rather low count for a 22.

      • Apparently not real familiar with .22 pistols are you. Nearly every single .22 semi auto holds 10 rounds. Everything from my 1936 Colt Woodsman to a brand new Ruger SR22 or MK IV.

      • Apparently there will be higher cap mags down the road, but the engineers have stated the most reliable way they got the gun to work was with 10 round mags. Running straight mags with a rimfire case is tricky, especially trying to double stack the ammo.

        Personally, I’d much rather have less capacity and have the damn thing actually work, than constantly fight with malfunctions.

        I’m kind of wondering if the 15 round mags from AA would work… If so, that’d be great, because my AA conversion SUCKS!

  4. Does this have the standard Glock half-cocked striker? If so, does the light slide move as the trigger goes back?

  5. The height of innovation, Glock makes a 22 that looks like everything else they make….which all looks the same. What’s next, Glock innovates by bringing out a 25ACP?

  6. I tried to twirl a Glock like a real cowboy and shot myself( 9mm, I just stuck a cotton ball in the hole). They should make one with a safety

  7. I think the G44 is a great for Glock owners but people are treating it like it’s a must ground breaking firearm. That is just silly. It’s a 22 plinker/training pistol to pair with G19. This concept has been around a very long time. O have had some form of 1911/22 for two decades

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