Kahr Arms Buys Desert Eagle Maker Magnum Research

The general public knows the Desert Eagle® Pistol as a full-size hand cannon, firing .50 cal. Question: why would Minnesota gunmaker Magnum Research sell a Baby Desert Eagle (9mm or .40S&W) or a Micro Eagle? Somehow I don’t think that “The Science of KABOOM” applies to a weapon chambered in .380 ACP. Answer: money. Sure, the Eagle’s brand extensions sell. A cheap BMW […]

Choosing a Handgun, Part VI: Stopping Power

Before I started down the road of responsible gun ownership, my perceptions about guns were shaped by Hollywood. Like most people that accept what they see on TV or sliver screen as gospel, I thought that guns were guns. You chose one based on the “cool factor” (.50 cal Desert Eagle), a desire to emulate […]