Trump Presidential Desert Eagle
Courtesy Magnum Research
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Magnum Research, Inc., has introduced the Presidential Desert Eagle, a handgun whose mere existence is likely to make sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome go further ’round the bend.

The Presidential Desert Eagle is a heavily adorned stainless-steel .50 AE-chambered pistol that honors President Trump. 


Each Presidential Desert Eagle starts life as a Magnum Research model DE50SRMB. The barrel is 6 inches long with an integral muzzle brake and rail for optics mounting. The frame features a rail for accessories. Sights are fixed, combat types. One seven-round magazine is included. The Presidential Desert Eagle (DE50SRMBC1) has an MSRP of $3,007.

According to a recent release:

The artists at Outlaw Ordnance ornately engraved the slide and frame with detailed illustrations depicting President Trump, his signature, motto, title, and elegant scrollwork. Within the scrollwork are hidden “Easter eggs” commemorating various achievements throughout his life. 

The left side of the slide denotes his status as “45th President of the United States.” The polished Hogue aluminum grips contain the presidential seal and images of the Trump family. All metal surfaces on the gun are matte stainless.

Magnum Research is based in Pillager, Minnesota and is part of the Kahr Firearms Group.

The Trump Presidential Desert Eagle will be distributed exclusively by Davidson’s Inc.


Trump Desert Eagle handgun pistol
The left side of the Desert Eagle’s slide denotes Trump’s status as “45th President of the United States.” The polished Hogue aluminum grips contain the presidential seal and images of the Trump family. All metal surfaces on the gun are matte stainless. (courtesy Magnum Research)


Donald Trump Desert Eagle handgun pistol
The slide and frame on the commemorative Desert Eagle have detailed illustrations depicting President Trump, his signature, motto, title, and elegant scrollwork. (courtesy Magnum Research)

Want one?

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    • …and Trump’s face at the front of the slide should actually be a profile of him (facing forward) yelling “YOU’RE FIRED!”

      FIFY :):)

    • Beat me to it.

      Anyone who’s seen a picture of the inside of Trump’s penthouse would know the guy’s favorite color is gold.

      • NT, I was invited to a dinner party there once. It conflicted with my social schedule. Besides, it’s not about his home. It’s about putting that gaudy piece of shit in mine. Uh, no.

        • It’s a disgrace to even have that Orange Face *******’s name on one of Browning’s Masterpieces. What a shame. If that gun goes out to the public you gotta at least make room for the word “Impeached”. One’s gotta be an AH to purchase that firearm and be proud. What a shame.

        • be a hearty chuckle and speculation as well. unfired, it will not depreciate.
          but browning didn’t design the deagle. and a derangement syndrome sufferer as yourself should not own a winchester.

        • LOL at Made in America. Seems you never even have to fire this gun, hell I’ve never seen it in person and it’s clear already that it works perfectly. Gets the snowflakes worked up everytime.

          But did they have to pick the model with all the rails? Worst thing MR ever did to the Desert Eagle is add that ugly f-ing rail to the frame. The top rail I can live with, though still prefer the cleaner early model barrels. If you’re gonna make a show piece atleast start with a model that looks good. Noone is sticking flashlights and lasers on this thing. Or any Desert Eagle for that matter.

          Ditch the rails and compensator and I would gladly buy one. Just for the triggering.

        • Hey “made in AmeriKa”….
          Browning didn’t have anything to do with that Israeli pos…..js……iDiot…

        • I see…. you’re dumb a$$ must be referring to the Winchester 94….
          Well you’re still obviously NOT made in America….. you’re made in$hit hole country…

    • LMAO, have you seen this shithead? What about him seems ‘presidential’ to you? Dude’s about as presidential as a can of skoal and an Orange street hooker.

      • “What about him seems ‘presidential’ to you?”

        The only metric that matters, and he has it – More EC votes than her… 🙂

      • “Dude’s about as presidential as a can of skoal and an Orange street hooker.”

        Says the person who’s going to have to vote for Biden this fall. LOL

      • Ha,reading all the stupid comments from the cry baby snow flake leftists..If hillary was our president we would already be a socialist country and most of us would be dead already,IDIOTS….But they complain about President Trump even though he broke records of any other US President in history..And did things that no other President could do to make America Great and respected again…

        Jesse James made him a firearm too and it too was an awesome piece…

      • Ok guys. Yeah, it certainly has its own special “personality”, and you probably would not spend your own money on it, but if someone gave it to you, free, you’d have that in your holster lickity split showing it off at every family/friend/neighborhood barbecue!

        • And if you don’t want that hideous, ugly thing, well then, just give it to me. I’ve got a barbecue to go to this weekend.

        • That’s actually a good idea. How many of us would pony up $100 to rent this bad boy just to OC for a day to trigger the liberals in our lives? Shut up and take my money.

    • I sometimes put an Atlas bipod on the lower rail, a Sig Sauer Romeo4S on the top rail (both on American Defense Manufacturing QD mounts).
      Makes 100yd fruit salad a breeze off the shooting bench.
      This lower rail was a key feature that had me purchasing my first 50AE. The all stainless and factory porting were the other two.

  1. “The Trump Presidential Desert Eagle will be distributed exclusively by Davidson’s Inc.”

    So they expect people to actually buy one? I thought it was just a demo piece. Not sure who the market is. I guess if you have a billion dollars maybe you give a buddy this as a bachelor party gag gift, for the laughs?

    Who is going to order one, anybody? And if you do, do you already have the Elvis and Chuck Norris 1911s?

    • If I had the money, I would buy one. Almost anything from President Trump’s time will be valuable in the future. This is a historic election / time, so save your Trump signs, etc.

      • Yep. Can you even imagine what his Presidential Library will look like one day? It will be a castle, with a very bigly, very beautiful wall around it that just got ten feet taller.

  2. Oh my gosh, it’s hideous!

    I want one! 😁 Really only for the novelty of it.

    I actually, I really want a gold tiger stripe DE, in
    .50AE, of course. Maybe when when I get my $1200 I loaned at 0% to the government back…

  3. Voted for President Trump, but this pistol is way too gaudy for me. The President was a fan of Patton so why not use one of the same types of pistols he carried and dress it up a little. This is way overdone. Just my opinion.

    • General George S. Patton would have been an outstanding choice for this or any commemorative. Or, President’s Eisenhower, Reagan, or T.R. All outstanding leaders deserving of admiration, appreciation and respect!

  4. Disgusting. With all the actual conservative Presidents of the past, to put that lying sack of excrement on the gun does it no favors.

    Also I’d go for a deep, deep blueing with gold inlay. If you are spending that kind of money, you already do not care all that much about cost anyway.

      • Dearest Debbie W. Downer,

        The choice was not between Trump or sHrillery. It was between a number of conservative candidates for the Republican nomination, or the incompetent, lying, thieving, emotionally dysfunctional elderly sniveling crybaby New York City FAKE NEWS Pretend Billionaire real estate schemer, tax dodger, draft dodger, small contractor rip-off artist, dictator loving, illegal alien hiring, not a friend to gun owners or the Second Amendment piece of shit Trump.

        When sHrillery lost, that was a wonderful thing for our Republic.

        When Trump won, that was a horrible thing for our Republic.

        Yup, both are true at the same time.

        Grown up adult life can be very complicated sometimes.

        • “It was between a number of conservative candidates for the Republican nomination”
          Who exactly?

        • None of those conservative candidates could beat Trump in the primaries. And you expect they would have beat hillary?

          We dodged having hillary in the oval office by the skin of our teeth and you’re still pissed about it.

        • Yes, because Hillary Clinton was the worst Presidential candidate in history. Even so, it was a narrow victory, and if even a fraction of the vote totals swing the other way in the right places, we’re living in a second Clinton administration.

          Trump’s victory is completely legitimate, and he’s done a decent job overall. But he wasn’t swept into office by a tsunami of votes, the likes of which have never before been seen by man. I don’t see why any other Republican candidate wouldn’t be capable of beating that same incompetent opponent.

        • You sound like you’re OBSESSED with Trumps shortcomings…. You REALLY need to lay off the booze…. it makes you CRAy cRay

      • Oh my god… stfu. Just because we realize Trump is a fucking moron does not mean we are liberal. Do you get outside and off Facebook much? Why are you here? You would have been the German who supported Hitler no matter what, then denied everything when reality smacks you in the face.

        • Damn you’re naive…. and a pushover…. you need to focus on yourself some…. or grow up…

        • Golden Rule my son, golden rule. He who hath the gold, makes the rules. Besides, anyone who plays a golfer on their own course is asking for it.

  5. If you’ve ever shot one of these pistols you’ll find it will most likely stay in your gun safe. I shot one that was a friends rental I shot 1 mag. My first reaction was Holy Crap, who the hell needs this. WHY would anyone want to carry this? It’s heavy, loud, and expensive to shoot if your not in danger of being attacked by GRIZZLIES for get it. Shoot a couple mags and see how your wrist feels. It’s a SAFE QUEEN Trump or no TRUMP.

    • I’ve shot several rounds from a .50AE deagle. I say this as someone who doesn’t do recoil, your being dramatic. The recoil isn’t bad at all. It’s a smooth push without too much snap. The one I shot was fairly accurate as well. Decent sights, decent trigger, heavy, you could hit what you were shooting at. Not fast but it’s not made for that.

      • I, too, have fired a .50AE Deagle, and its recoil was very manageable. As for whether or not it’s practical to have something that big, just imagine the psychological effectiveness on a potential attacker when he’s looking down the barrel. The .50AE empty case is so big, an entire .45ACP cartridge will fit completely inside. I know…I actually have both of them right here next to my computer as I type this. 🙂

    • I have an arrangement with a teacher who teaches science and theology at a private school to learn how to shoot at my place prior to going into the military or law enforcement. One memorable student was a young lady who was a gun virgin. She must have weighed about 120 pounds. After starting her out on .22 long rifle then .223 rifles then 9mm and .45 pistol, I worked her up through .308, .338 and .50 BMG rifles. (okay, I enjoy observing the amplitude and frequency of undamped harmonic oscillations). The day culminated in this lady shooting my .50 AE Desert Eagle. The recoil from the first round really startled her. She took a better grip on the pistol and emptied the magazine into the target.

      Needless to say, she was the top shooter in her class of USAF air police.

  6. And if you actually were to shoot it, flames would shoot out off the top of his head. Just like his hair!

  7. Deep pocket collectors will scoop these up while I’m still waiting for the other half to buy me a Trumpy Bear.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • ebay has all sorts of kitschy trunk campaign propaganda. some very funny buttons and stickers, about 20% of them are derogatory. which means many more are quite awesome.

  8. If I had the money I’d buy two and get a nice OWB rig made for them so I wouldn’t tilt to one side! And the holsters would be made out of lexan so people could see everything without me having to draw them! I would probably take too much joy in watching people with TDS as their heads exploded! 😉
    Dan, you’re going to get one to review, aren’t you?

  9. They need one for Biden. It can be like the one he used when he stormed the beaches at Normandy as a Harvard professor. Made to only fire blanks, to honor his memory and his integrity. It will be the only gun that fondles YOU when you pick it up.

  10. Looks sort of like a souvenir looted from Saddam Hussein’s palace. It would look pretty cool in the center console of a tricked out limo or Humvee, though.

  11. Forgive me, I love President Trump, but this pistol reminds me of a “Sword” from Romeo and Juliette.
    If I had one like this, I would sell it quickly.

  12. Nice design and I agree that butom rail is overkill.
    And I am sure like all Trump Guns this will be way out of my price range.
    But maybe my Stimulus Check can make it happen 🙂

  13. Ostentatious, gaudy, expensive and not nearly as useful as certain media would make it out to be. Sounds about right.

    But the gun probably functions.

  14. After seeing all the other Deagle designs I was cringing before I even looked. Honestly though, it’s not terrible for an engraved tribute gun. Too bad I don’t get a stimulus check big enough to buy it because what would cause an anti-gun Democrat freedom hater more grief than using a stimulus check to buy a Trump tribute gun and then open carry it? I’d buy it and carry it just for that reason.

  15. I think President Trump is great but

    “Do not put your faith in princes,
    nor in a son of man in whom there is no help.

    His spirit departs, he returns to his earth;
    In that very day his plans perish.”

  16. This fucking tool doesn’t even support the second… way to go FUDD’s. Whatever makes a facebook meme or a fox news headline these fucking idiots will eat it up.

  17. It says it shoots .50, the press secretary insists its at least a .64 caliber (musket?), and next week they’ll say .75…. it’s actually chambered in .22 short.
    Thank god for something useless to chuckle about.

  18. This project must have been in the works for quite a while. The DE50SRMB I purchased over 2 years ago has a S/N of around 40,400, this engraved Trump DE50SRMB has a S/N of 39,878.

  19. I have no idea why gun manufacturers put an egomaniacal president’s name on their firearms when he will probably turn around and ban them if it suits his current needs. He’s no friend of the 2and Amendment, he just loves himself. I certainly won’t buy one with his name on it. I don’t understand why people keep praising this cretin of a president. He’s a Democrat who switched sides to get elected. Kasich would have been a decent Republican president, but instead we got this buffoon. I’m not proud to even mention he was associated with my party. Oh yeah, I’m a liberal VERY pro- 2nd Amendment guy. I hope you all stay safe and be well.

    • Liberal pro 2nd Amendment is like virgin whore. It just doesn’t compute. Read your party’s platform, especially the part about gun control. Each vote you cast for “D” helps to eliminate our RTKBA.

    • I agree with the thought of Kasich being a great president. That is, if you’re a RINO and you think W was a good President. Kasich was another wolf in sheep’s clothing like W. Another phony Globalist who is out for the Corporations, out to build China’s middle Class and out to screw over middle class America.

      Trump 2020
      I didn’t buy one. I bought five.


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