Magnum Research Desert Eagle 429 DE
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Magnum Research, the company that makes the Deagle, says they’ve improved on the .44 magnum. Their new 429 DE cartridge improves on the .44 in both velocity and energy. And MR will be coming out with barrels that will work with their 50 AE bolt and magazines. Here’s their press release . . .

(Pillager, MN) – Magnum Research, Inc, maker of the world renowned Desert Eagle pistol and leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to announce the launch of the new 429 DE pistol cartridge.

Magnum Research has developed a new, fast, powerful .44 caliber pistol cartridge. The 429 DE (Desert Eagle) was designed to enhance the famous and powerful Desert Eagle platform. This cartridge has a 25% velocity increase and 45% energy increase over a 44 Mag (240 — 6″ barrel). It has a velocity of 1600 FPS with 240 grain bullets and 1750 FPS with 210 grain bullets.

The 429 DE features 30 degree shoulder headspaces and a neck long enough to properly hold and crimp a 240 grain bullet without set back under recoil. Based on the famous 50 AE cartridge, the 429 DE is made with Starline brass, and loaded by HSM in Montana with Sierra bullets.

“This new cartridge was engineered and designed specifically for the Desert Eagle Pistol, keeping in mind that the DEP is known world wide for its awesome firepower and performance. The 429 DE propels that history into the future,” says Jim Tertin, Design and R&D for Magnum Research.

The 429 DE rounds are available in boxes of twenty and distributed by Magnum Research, Inc. Available options include: 240 grain soft point (DEP429DE240JSP) MSRP of $42, and 210 grain hollow point (DEP429DE210JHP) MSRP of $42.

To accompany the 429 DE cartridge, Magnum Research will soon be releasing a lineup of 429 DE 6-inch barrels in a variety of finishes. The 429 DE barrels will be compatible with any MK19 USA or Israel Desert Eagle Pistol with a wide .830” rail on top of the barrel and uses a 50AE magazine and bolt. More information on these barrels will be announced soon.

Note: The 429 DE is similar to, but NOT INTERCHANGABLE with, the obsolete 440 COR BON, but properly engineered with a sharp 30-degree shoulder, consistent headspace and reliable function and velocity.

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  1. So 45% more energy for 200% of the price of .44 mag? I normally brush off complaints that shooting is too expensive, but when it’s $2.10 every time you touch off a round, you’re going to feel it in your hands and your wallet.

    • I gave up a Weatherby Vanguard in .257 Weatherby, most accurate, best shooting rifle I’ve ever owned. $5 a round got quickly out of hand.

      • That’s why you reload. Cuts the costs greatly.

        Last weekend I was in our last major competition for the year. Invitation only for the top 10 competitors. Using my cheapest reload possible, less than 20 cents per round (in Aussie dollars), I finished 3rd. The match was six stages over three distances: 300, 200, 100 metres. My ammo cost for the day was than $10.50 for 52 rounds.

      • Actually, Barrett did something very similar to this when they released the .416 Barrett. All you need to swap out is the barrel. And the ammo is way more expensive. But at least there was a military request for such a round, and potentially a civ market for places that restrict .50 BMG across the board. This seems like it’s for a very particular kind of handgun hunter.

  2. As subjectively “cool” as Desert Eagles are, the one time I shot one (in 50AE) it wasn’t at all reliable. Fun, but nothing more than a very expensive novelty. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Nothing at all wrong with spending your money on whatever toys you fancy. I’m just too damn stingy to shell out on a DE or a .500 S&W. Not just the guns. The ammo is painful to pay for, as well.

  3. “A 10mm Deagle? Nah, let’s give the people what they want and invent a whole new cartridge instead.”

    -Magnum Research, 2018

  4. Bottleneck casings with a shoulder makes handloading less attractive as a price mitigation technique.

    • I reload 357 SIG easy enough with cheap flat point 124gr 9mm bullets. Bottle necked pistol cartridges are just a matter of bullet selection. You need straight sided bullets, as typical curved ogives don’t give the flat side you need for good case contact. Sure I could buy the Speer 125 gr “357 SIG” bullets but they are expensive.

  5. I’m trying to figure out what niche the .429 DE is suppose to fill. Is there some Mutant Bear Hybrid that escaped from a Genetics Laboratory somewhere. That neither a .44 Magnum or .40 S&W will kill, that requires a whole new Pistol Cartridge line to be produced…

    • It’s a .50 AE necked down to take a .44 Mag bullet (really .429 diameter). If the .38/.357 example was followed, a .429 Magnum would have been the longer .44 Special. Instead, they kept the chamber diameter for naming both.

    • I’m thinking more accuracy over a further distance, for whatever reason you might have for doing that. Maybe they should have a way to put a pistol brace attachment on it – stick a scout scope on it and a silencer and use it like a .300 BO – aka large format pistol. Oughta be good for 2-300 yds for hunting, esp pigs.

  6. I’ll ask the same question I do about all new pistol cartridges (however much of a “pistol” this is intended for): How is it out of a rifle length barrel?

  7. My take on this is the same as it is on a regular Desert Eagle or S&W X Frame- too big to cart around for me as a handgun. I’ll just take my little Marlin 45-70 Guide gun if I feel under-gunned. It’s also why, with these or the other .454 Casulls out there I never cashed in my Freedom Arms revolver- I can imagine the rapid fire results with an X Frame, Desert Eagle or firing the Ruger or Taurus DA revolvers in fast succession. I can pack my FA revolver about like an old SAA, not much more weight and still drill about anything on the planet this side of the pond that’ll try to hurt me.

  8. So, instead of making it work with any of the already existing cartridges, they decided to make a completely proprietary cartridge.

    “I’ve got a brilliant new invention that takes uses 3 volts! However, instead of making it run on AA batteries, I’ll make it use battery packs only I can provide!”

  9. Jeff Quinn(Gunblast) has a new interview on YouTube with the Deagle dude showing the 429. Interesting to say the least. Like the 22TCM a boutique cartridge…

      • Yeah, it’s some loser pretending to be me. Not the first time it’s happened. They follow me around on all the posts for a little while then find a new crush.

    • I wouldn’t have put it like that per se. I own a DE, I suspect all you can really do with a gun like that is throw money at it. Do some find purpose with a DE, oh, I’m sure of it. Some may hunt, and occasionally you get the straggler says he / she carries it.

      As for me, well, yes, it’s a toy that has a tendency to launch expended shells at my forehead occasionally – if I’m not careful, yet mostly have fun with it. The “brains” part, for me, is knowing the difference I suppose, and knowing when enough is enough…

      as far as the .429, well, I am a “necked-down” fanboy, as I shoot .357sig and 9×25 dillion (what a great round that is…), so why not have DE 50ae join the club with proprietary .429 DE Magnum. funnin’ gunnin’

      Besides, I had to order the 420gr’s today from a local gunshop, as Magnum Research could not sell the ammo directly to me – for the moment… The salesperson who ordered them for me, never hearing of the round before, described this round as a magnum version of the 44 magnum, and I was thinking to myself, uh, “44 magnum magnum?” wouldn’t that be a 44 magnum to the second power “44 magnum^2” 😉

  10. Considering a powerful “woods carry” semi-automatic handgun, I was looking closely at the 10mm Glock.

    If this Desert Eage 429 proves to be reliable, then I think I’ve found the top contender!

  11. If you own the XIX, the upgrade path is rather reasonably priced = $425.00

    Yeah, the bullets are just way too expensive, but I’ll say this, I bet by summer Hornady, Underwood, etc will have the rounds available. If I can pick up a hornady 50ae round today for $1.25 / round, I bet they will be in the $1.75 area for the .429. As for Underwood, well, let’s just say they will be @ $2.60 / round easy, yet their loads will push the limits. If my guess is right, they will bring in a 240gr round @ 1725fps or 1775fps, with a 410gr at a whopping 1850fps or 1875fps – those respectable neighborhoods.

    As a reminder, Underwood runs a 325gr 50ae at 1475fps, same speed as hornady 300gr 50ae.

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