M3GI Preview: Foghorn At Play

As the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun Invitational draws near, Nick got some last-minute practice while I was treated to the world’s best possible 3-Gun beginner’s training (along with another half-dozen newbies) by Top Shot icon Iain Harrison himself . . .

Gun Review: Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II

Life is all about balance. It’s a Zen thing. Yin. Yang. Black. White. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Name your poison. Like in anything else in life, all guns are a study in the art of compromise. Large calibers = big holes, but come with (more) expensive rounds and fewer […]

Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 3

Went to the range today. If you’d like to read my in-depth review of the gun I’m carrying for the 30-day project, click on over. I’ll wait. Back? Good. Okay, so I was having a discussion with Fearless Leader the other day, and RF casually mentioned that he and his significant other keep a gat […]

Gun Review: Kimber Crimson’s Laser, Part I

I’ll admit it. I’m a technology fanboy. Give me a gadget, and I’ll rationalize a reason why I need it. My choice of cell phones? iPhone, natch. If I don’t have the latest and greatest of whatever it is we’re talking about, it’s due to a limit of discretionary income  – not a lack of […]

Crimson Trace – The Art of Survival?

I’ve got two main problems with laser sights. First, they’re a point of eye fixation. During a high stress event, you get tunnel vision. If you’ve trained with a laser sight, there’s a real danger you’ll become fixated on the laser dot (think laser pointers). If so, you’ll reduce your ability to gather and process […]