The U.S. Supreme Court is seen behind a fence who stands around the building on Thursday, May 5, 2022 in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)
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As we covered earlier, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case challenging Trump’s bumpstock ban. Given that this is a court with the same people on it that gave us NYSRPA v. Bruen, the anti-gun fake left is understandably not happy. They think they know how it’s going to go, and they don’t like it. At all.

But, as the old saying goes, sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder whether you’re stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. On Friday, many of the usual anti-gun suspects took the opportunity to do the latter.

Let’s start with Giffords . . .

If the social media intern (or equally brain-dead higher-up) had written that Giffords wants bumpstocks to be banned, that would have been a truthful and accurate statement. But, when they tried to bring supporting facts into the debate, they proved that they don’t really have any.

Bumpstocks, of course, don’t convert firearms from semi-automatic to full-auto any more than a belt loop and a thumb does. They also haven’t had any measurable effect on public safety.

It’s high time we banned pants in this country. Who’s with me?

The oft-cited Las Vegas shooting is actually bad for the bump stock banners’ case. Most informed people will tell you that a bump stock makes a rifle harder to control. And if bump stocks were actually used in the Vegas shooting, they probably decreased the number of dead and injured by reducing the killer’s accuracy.

Sure, firearms aficionados at PolitiFact will tell you otherwise, but they’re asking you to believe a lawyer and a guy from BATFE.

Let’s turn now to the Governor of New York who doesn’t need proof to know that gun control works . . .

New York’s governor made some of the same mistakes as the gun control operation did. Go figure. Bump stocks are not only “more deadly.” And her promise to protect New Yorkers? I don’t think I need to explain why that’s laughable.

You can always rely on a politician from New Mexico be found leading the way…off a cliff.

The winner of the state’s heavily-gerrymandered first congressional district race decided to jump into the fray on this public issue with an entry that I’d classify as “not even wrong“. And by “not even wrong,” I don’t mean she’s right. I mean that she didn’t even make an argument to begin with. In scientific terms, we’re talking about non-falsifiability.

You literally can’t argue with her any more than you can argue with a potato in your kitchen because no argument was even attempted. This less-than-wrong response to the news from the Supreme Court fails to even earn a non-coveted participation trophy.

Then there are those who see some kind of numerological significance in the Court taking the case.

It’s tough to argue with that. Whatever that is.

I’m sure we can find lots of other fools making even bigger fools of themselves, but that’s probably not worth the effort. If you came across any more particularly “special” ones, be sure to share them in the comments.

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  1. My Momma always said, “stupid is as stupid does”. It would be laughable except for the fact that any of these government officials touting this are committing treason. They have conveniently forgotten that the oath they took requires them to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. That means ALL of the Constitution, not just the parts they agree with. I sincerely hope that the Bruen decision is expanded to declare all laws regulating weapons all the way back to 1934 are declared unconstitutional and void.

  2. Article conveniently overlooks that one of the sources in PolitiFact’s article is Gary Kleck. Is he now considered an unreliable source?

    “He was shooting into a densely packed crowd of thousands of people,” said Gary Kleck, a criminologist from Florida State University who studies the effects of guns on injuries and death in crimes. “The main effect of using bump stocks in this particular situation was to increase the number of rounds the shooter could fire in a short period of time before police crashed into his hotel room, which increased the numbers of victims hit somewhat randomly.”

    • I’m still waiting for the full report on the Mandalay Bay hotel snafu. Why were phone vids posted (I saw them, but they’re gone now, big shocker) of a second location of muzzle flashes a few stories below the main one? How/why would any alleged shooter ferret 20+ battle rifles into a room, as compared to a few with many mags to feed them, if maximum carnage was the intended result? Why was little concern expressed over the declaration that the alleged shooter had offed himself by shooting his head from the *back*, at an angle that didn’t make sense? Why did multiple concert attendees say they heard and saw more muzzle flashes coming from a blacked-out (no lights) helicopter *directly above* the crowd?

      And the main Fed outcome was focused not on justice, but a ban on something not even proven to have been used in the attack?

      It’s as the saying goes…what’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth?

      …about six months.

      • With joe’s borders wide open there is no telling what is waiting around the next corner. Americans are vastly underarmed to defend themselves much less able to maintain a free state. And with RINOS stinking up the Republican Party by their failure to even censure a hamas supporting democRat pos it will be a miracle if America hangs on until the 2024 POTUS Election.

    • As long as the federal government does not publish all and every fact, detail and piece of evidence of an event, this event should be considered politically like it never happened. Because if the government isn’t honest and transparent about it, some part of it was hidden for a reason and thus makes it a government psyop. By definition.

      • Or the truth makes it somewhat politically inconvenient. (Motive à la Nashville tranz shooting, etc.)

  3. It’s a slam dunk. No court in their right mind will sanction turning guns into machine guns for mass slaughter. Steven Paddock would never have been able to shoot 420 people in a few seconds without a bump stock. Even the Far Right Nut Cases cannot lie their way out of this one.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. I just have to laugh at people who make rash pronouncements about how the Supreme Court will decide. Didn’t you think that the Supreme Court would never have decided Bruen as they did?

    • Paddock fired less than 1100 rounds over the span of 10 minutes and killed 58 and wounded 413. He had less than a 50% hit rate. 10 minutes is much longer than a few seconds and plenty of time to fire into a crowd. Even a running crowd.

      I’m retired military and have fired an M16A4 as well as a bump stock equipped AR15, it is more challeging to fire a bump stock equipped AR15 than a M16. The pull-push motion required for bump stock operation is not as easy as too handed pull into your shoulder.

      A bump stock did not enable him to increase his deadliness.

      • So let me get this straight. According to Charles its perfectly acceptable to gun down 413 people with a bump stock as long as you take 10 minutes and not 10 seconds to do it in.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Now where did Charles say that “it’s perfectly acceptable to gun down 413 people with a bump stock”?
          You do like to exagerate and prevaricate.

          Have you figured out the firing sequence of a cartridge yet?

        • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          You reading comprehension is at the 5th grade level. Go Back to school. Charlie certainly did imply it was ok to gun down 413 people as long as you took longer than 10 seconds to do it, then bump stocks are totally ok to be sold to the public.

          Walter what is the firing sequence of a cartridge? Remember this was your original question which you are to terrified to answer.

    • darcydodo…420 or 1000 or flat ZERO does not matter. What matters is you do not think people are smart enough to see through you and your ilk using the acts of criminals to get at the rights of the law abiding. If someone goes Kamakaze with a motor vehicle that is no grounds to confiscate your tricycle or your parent’s vehicles. And if I went around using the criminal misuse of vehicles to get your means of transportation that would probably upset you. In other words take your sick desire to be a Gun Control nazi and shove it before someone does it for you.

    • “It’s a slam dunk.”

      Moron, you do realize that is *exactly* what they said about Hillary’s 2016 election chances?

      How again did that work out for you and your little fascist buddies…? 😉

      • Here’s a montage, notice how much they all laughed when asked if Trump could possibly win :

    • imagine being dumb enough to type in all this retarded bootlicker gibberish and not realizing that it’s only possible/allowed because we believe in the 1A, and if we were even half as degenerate as him he would be banned and in a gulag…

    • Hay Dackie Boyy, riddle me THIS:

      HOW could any one human with only two hands hold a long gun, discharge perhape a thousand rounds, hit 420 people “in seconds”? Not humanly possible. A skilled rifleman can swap mags, empty for full, in about three seconds but NOT while holding the target i his sights. Add another five or so for that move. NOW, figure the mags were thirty round standard ca[acotu units, that wouild mean 120+ mag changes JUST for the people supposedly killed. Probably three times that many rounds down the pipe to account for those missed, and/or double/triple tapped. Not humanly possible.

      Didjya know, FBI refused to allow BATF, the “firearms experts” to eamine ANY of the guns supposedly used in this incident? True. Se we have NO data to indicate whether even ONE of his rifles was fired with a bump stock in use. Doesn’t THAT seem kinds strage or odd or wierd or Dackie Boyy-like?

      • to Tionico

        Its obvious you know knowing about high power rifles. In reality even a .223 can go clean through a person and hit another person and then go through that person and hit yet another and remember Paddock was also using .308 caliber rifles that have even more penetration than the .223.

        Also all Paddock had to do was keep picking up and firing rifles that were already loaded and ready to fire.

        Try again you failed.

    • Dacian the British MARXIST subject, will of course will “WILLFULLY” spread “PROPAGANDA”!!!

      How did those bump stocked rifles walk from the window he was shooting from and sit “THEMSELVES” on the bed and the floor around the bed???

      FBI report that was released never mentioned any of the guns he fired had bump stocks on them and the rifles with the bumpstocks were sitting on the bed and on the floor near the bed and seem to have not been fired!!!

      FBI also stated atleast one of the firearms they looked at, he used, had been converted internally to fire full auto…

      Yet when the guns were turned over to the BATF, “THEY RELEASED NO REPORT ON THE FIREARMS FROM THE SHOOTING”!!

      Leading me to believe the bump stocks were camouflage for the converted “FULL AUTO” guns!!!

      • to Jethro the Janitor
        quote————FBI also stated atleast one of the firearms they looked at, he used, had been converted internally to fire full auto…——quote

        Falsehood. Provide the FBI Link.

    • dacian the demented,

      I was initially going to ask, “are you retarded???”, but realized that was a moot inquiry (you are), but then I realized that 99.999% of people could not POSSIBLY be stupid enough to believe your drivel. And, then, I realized that YOU might be one of that 0.001%. I am fully prepared to believe that YOU are that stupid.

      NO, you total, complete, drooling moron, a “bumpstock” does NOT convert a semi-automatic into a machine gun. I will not bother you with the actual, operational details about why that is true (and why a “bumpstock” is a dumbass way around the ‘no full-auto’ approach), because you’re too stupid to understand it even if I was willing to explain it to you.

      A semi-auto fires ONE ROUND PER PULL OF THE TRIGGER. The ONLY conversion from “semi-auto” to “auto” is – a full-auto trigger group/sear. Sorry, that’s technical knowledge about firearms, so it’s WAY beyond your reach. A bumpstock (along with, oh, shoestrings and belt loops) MERELY causes the trigger to be pulled more frequently than normal human reactions normally accomplish.

      Most people smart enough to pour p*ss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel would know that any degree of accuracy with a bumpstock is . . . problematic (if you ACTUALLY knew anything about firearms, you might understand WHY that is true). A fully-automatic weapon is actually more accurate and safer (and more reliable) than a semi-automatic weapon equipped with some idiot ‘work-around’, like a bumpstock . . . but you would not fit in that intellectual category.

      I can’t even begin to list the number of things you got wrong with that idiot post, but I am impressed . . . you actually succeeded in surpassing your usual level of babbling idiocy.

      You didn’t bother to mention the obvious fact that bumpstocks (along with shoestrings and beltloops), also materially increase (depending on whose numbers you go by) the incidence of jams/FTFs/FTEs, and, therefore, are actually LESS useful for mass slaughter than simple semi-auto (yeah, sorry, I shouldn’t make fun of the mentally handicapped, but in your case, I’ll make an exception).

      I keep asking you, and you (and MajorLiar) still refuse to answer . . . is it physically painful to be that stupid?????

      • Lamp, As usal, you have made a fool out of dacian the DUNDERHEAD. he still hasn;t figured out the firing sequence of a cartridge. The difference between samiauto and automaitic fire vs bumps stock is so far out side his wheel house, it is not even in the same existence.

  4. Kathy Hochul is nothing but a wannabe tyrant in a bad polyester pantsuit. Hochul, at times, appears to be a dangerous mentally challenged bag of feces.

  5. The law is quite clear- full auto fire is more than one shot fired with one pull of the trigger. Clearly, the bump-stock does not. We shall see what the Supremes decide. Much may ride on their decision, and we wait with bated breath…

  6. Heard this morning from rabidly “nobody needs a…” and “founders never could have foreseen” anti gun family members as the news was showing post-Lewiston calls for gun control: “why do they keep digging up this tired old nonsense. They never explain how any of this is supposed to work or what it’s supposed to accomplish.”

  7. It’s high time we banned pants in this country. Who’s with me?
    Well, let’s ban pants with belt loops. I’d be all for that.

  8. The fishing case takes down Chevron deference. Rahimi knocks down 1st domino of GCA/NFA. This case kills APA (and also stops ATF making shite up for frames and braces, too). Next summer could be a good time!

  9. {Gov. Hochul}

    “The Supreme Court just agreed to take up a case that would make deadly weapons even more deadly.”

    Then I respectfully suggest that you don’t do anything to anger those folks, dearie.

    Barring that, try working on your (obviously) lacking coping skills, because guns are here for good, and not going away… 😉

    • well, since dead is dead, how cn a device many anyone more dead?
      Pawl a TISH ins often have strange things rattling about in their cranii. Must be something inn the air they are breathing.

  10. With that weak-tea on the 2A ACB who is turning out to be another female clone of RBG that this dizzy broad replaced I don’t have a lot of hope for our gun rights at SCOTUS any more. Roberts is horrible and Kavanaugh is not much better.

    It is likely that Big T the ID-10-T-rump is going to F things up for us in ’24 so another leftist D is likely to win which means that there will be more anti-gun zealots appointed to the high court like that dreadlocked rasta chick who can’t tell what a woman is.

    It is looking like our only last chance might just be the fourth box

    • I think you’ve hit it. I’ve been concerned about Roberts since the ACA where he was on the side that the government could tax people for something they don’t have. As absurd as that sounds, it was the final decision on what was supposed to be a fine for not purchasing health insurance. Since Bruen, ACB acts like she thinks the court may have gone too far with liberty and feels the need to do something “for the children.” Kavanaugh makes no sense to me and is a questionable vote on any topic.

    • And you would class as the latter, except none of that you wrote is true. 2A retards, to use your “term”, aren’t so stupid as to give up their freedom for the ildelusion of safety.

      Thereby making anti-tards such as yourself, measurably dumber. Jefferson had some choice words about those like you.

  11. Bump stocks convert a semi auto AR into a machine gun in exactly the same way that a humongous trunklid wing converts the ’92 4door Civic up the street into a Formula 1 racecar.

    • I have one of those somewhere up the road from me, also has the Million Horsepower muffler, glue-on tow ring, and a nonfunctioning hood scoop. I believe it’s made by Turd, as it has a big TRD decal on each side.

  12. Sometimes I have to wonder. I mean a couple more big losses at SCOTUS maybe they will stop pushing so hard. Before SCOTUS was a reliable wall they knew would never look at cases. Now it appears that once the magazine and assault weapons ban hit their desk they will probably take that up as well. This now makes two high profile cases.
    Due process red flag laws and now bump stock.
    Everyone even those most content able bastards deserve due process. You may not like it but it is what we aspire too.
    The bump stock ban is over reach by non elected government officials.
    If the majority leans for liberty than this case could effect a lot! It needs to be clear that any regulation not passed implicitly by Congress is null and void. This is like a potential nuclear option here. It needs to happen though.
    It will knee cap the executive branch and rightfully so. Gone would be the days of passing a shell bill and then having nameless agencies make draconian laws with o accountability.

    • They won’t quit Dan. It’s not about folks having a gun it’s about not being able to control everyone. That’s why they’ll never stop.

    • Daniel,

      You have much more faith in the power of human shame (or the ability of Leftist/fascists to even FEEL shame) than do I. Or the ability of Leftist/fascists to understand the concept of ‘inherent rights’.

      Leftist/fascists are consistent in only one thing; they will argue in favor of whatever they think, AT THAT MOMENT, best advances their narrative (and then completely abandon that argument when their narrative requires. I am agnostic as to whether Leftism makes you stupid, or only stupid people become Leftist, but one of those two premises is indisputably true.

  13. Belt loops… so… and I’m just asking… does that mean I need the equivalent of an SBR stamp to wear cargo shorts?

  14. The “gun community” has always secretly supported the National Firearms Act. The “gun community” has never supported the ownership of machine guns in the general population.

    The “gun community” was very comfortable. When the Obama/Biden administration sent “free” select fire weapons, to the police departments all across the country.

    The “gun community” hates 21st century gun technology.
    The 19th century revolver was replaced by the 20th century semi-automatic gun. And many back then said “why should I buy a semi-automatic”?
    I have a revolver it works just fine.

    Now the 19th century machine gun can be “replaced”.
    By a 21 century invention called the bumpstock. Will the military buy them? No they will not. But that’s okay. The bumpstock is an outstanding low cost alternative for civilian ownership.

    And now the “gun community” will tell you.

    “That’s that’s just a waste of ammunition.”
    “Why does anybody need a machine gun?”
    “Why do you need a bumpstock?”

    The “gun community” really sounds like Shannon Watts.

    I wonder what the value of a machine gun collection will be, if bumpstocks become legal???

  15. interesting that this is happening at about the same time as a three judge panel of the 7th Circuit rules 2-1 in Barnett v. Raoul that AR-15s are not protected under the 2A because machine guns are not protected under Heller and bump stocks basically make an AR into an M16.

    “The similarity between the AR-15 and the M16 only increases when we take into account how easy it is to modify the AR-15 by adding a “bump stock” (as the shooter in the 2017 Las Vegas event had done) or auto-sear to it, thereby making it, in essence, a fully automatic weapon.”

    The dissent cited Bruen.

      • Since it upholds Illinois ban on “assault weapons” in a manner that Illinois will certainly try to expand, and extends such capacity to governments in Wisconsin and Indiana, the SCOTUS will have no choice but to address it.

        Which is the point. They use tax money to maintain a pipeline of cases that give them what they want if the SCOTUS were to change its composition.

        Which, by the by, is something they’re working on doing on several fronts. They’re promoting court packing, actively pursuing reverse court packing and just plain ol’ hoping the right people shuffle off this mortal coil.

        • “They use tax money to maintain a pipeline of cases that give them what they want if the SCOTUS were to change its composition.”

          You bet your ass they will. The first thing they will do when they have an ideological head-lock on the court will be a ruling that ‘Heller’ was wrongly decided, and they have precedent for that in the ‘Dred Scott’ case over a hundred years back.

          Our 2A rights in no way are “settled law”, the moment the new court guts ‘Heller’, the clock is ticking on how long America stays in one piece, since there are a sizable majority that will refuse to live like that…

        • The clock’s already ticking. You defuse this thing or you sit back and watch the fireworks.

          The real question is which bomb to defuse first. Unless you’re the pretty colors and loud noises type.

    • in line with that Glocks would be labeled machine guns, as well…it’s even easier to convert them..albeit with an illegal…but very common device…

      • Along this line pretty much everything other than lever guns, pump guns, bolt guns, single shots and single action revolvers would be on the block.

        Add in the anti’s preferred second line of attack for “military heritage” and you’ll lose just about everything except some break-action shotguns and derringer type weapons. Even “elephant guns” saw action in WWI.

        To steal from Homer Simpson, these people are “stupid like a fox”.

    • This has already been discussed at length. If a bump stock makes a semi auto a machine gun then all semi autos are machine guns. It’s really a Pandoras Box that Trump opened.

      Trump really screwed all of you trying to appease people who will never vote for him.

      All of you whiners about its “only a range toy” have no idea about the underlying implications. Sadly I’m sure many of you will cheer and turn your guns in when the Republicans finally succeed in banning semi autos.

      • If semi-autos are machine guns then so are revolvers.

        I grok this quite well, in fact, I said it five years ago.

        But then, as I also pointed out at the time, there’s the question of SCOTUS interpretation potentially slapping down a huge portion of the entire administrative state because of the way this ban was created.

        As I said at the time, it’s an interesting angle and quite the gamble if it was intentional. Since I don’t read minds, I dunno if Trump thought of it or was just trying to read the political winds and do whatever he thought was in his interest at the time.

        But no matter how you cut it, the sum total of his behavior in this regard is odd due to its internal contradictions which had to be apparent to at least his legal team. If he was listening to them is something on which, again, I can’t comment.

        Also, I’ve never referred to it as “only a range toy”. I said don’t find it an appealing modification, it might even be rightly called silly, but that people clearly have the right to have them the same way they have the right to say silly things.

  16. I heard a radio news report from ABC, Of course they got it wrong and were saying bump stocks allow rapid fire with one pull of the trigger. I am sure they know that this is not true, but the first rule of the liberal media; Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story!

    • It’s not wrong if it tells the story they way they want it to be told.

      When the dominant narrative is what you want it to be, then from the propagandist’s perspective, the word for that is perfect.

      • “When the dominant narrative is what you want it to be, then from the propagandist’s perspective, the word for that is perfect.”

        Then what explains the hard fact they have had an ideological headlock on the public school system for at least 40 years by now, and the public is still split nearly 50-50?

        They have a very ugly surprise waiting for them when the Latino population starts voting their Christian faith. Those poor folks pouring across the border have personal experience on what happens when the hard left is voted into power. All that’s needed is to point out the utter failure of nations like Venezuela. They have zero interest in repeating that mistake. Those folks want to be American, not goose-stepping proto-fascists.

        That’s the message we must push as loudly as possible…

        • Keep in mind that the immigrants coming here helped to install oppressive and corrupt governments in their own country. Then, instead of changing it, they went somewhere they think they don’t have to worry about the government. Now they’re here. You know what they say. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

          We even have the data to back that up in this country. For every Lefty we win over, they’ll bring in two more. Those people spit out kids much faster than the typical American. Democrats know they aren’t importing future Republicans. If that were the case, they wouldn’t be doing it.

          Democrats are only “bad” at governing because making the country great isn’t their goal. There’s a reason they sneer at the mere notion of that. Their goal is to consolidate power and wealth for a select few, while degrading their political opponents. Unfortunately for us, they’re very good at that.

        • Then what explains the hard fact they have had an ideological headlock on the public school system for at least 40 years by now, and the public is still split nearly 50-50?”

          1. They’re up like 400% over where they were. It’s not called a “long game” for nothing. Also, keep in mind that they’re looking for a critical mass, not an overwhelming majority. If that critical mass is hit then purges will cow most into silence.

          Oh, and that critical mass is less than 50-50, by the way. They don’t actually have 50%. If they did, we wouldn’t be having this delightful banter on TTAG.

          2. The counterpoint to this, from a purely political perspective, is that R’s have lost the popular vote in 7/8 of the last presidential cycles. There’s a reason the Left trashes the Electoral College when they lose, because in a purely popular vote system the mostly don’t.

          3. As I’ve pointed out before, Gramsci is their blueprint here. They’re looking to capture or destroy pillars of society that make that society resistant to infiltration. They don’t necessarily need to completely take over each pillar, significant demoralization is enough to divide their opponents in a way that’s effective. Tip of the wedge sort of thing. They’ve been remarkably good at this. As I’ve pointed out before you now have two generations of adults that, shall we say, greatly dislike Boomers and the feeling would seem to be mostly mutual according to the media.

          Which is sad in many regards because the entire point is to keep both groups fighting each other in a manner that allows for the killing of the Golden Goose to roaring applause rather than righteous anger. Woodchippering the Boomers is the way to do that, and the way to get that is to ensure that the majority under 40 despise that generation.

          The Left has only openly discussed this since the 1920’s.


          Let’s actually take a short stock of where we were ~100 years ago and where we are now from a semi-Gramscian point of view.

          In 1910 the Left controlled basically nothing other than a few openly Commie rags with little circulation in large cities. They’d been mostly discredited by the “labor” actions of Communists and anarchists turning to violence in the late 1800’s. Emma Goldman actually got herself deported in 1919 over her associations with such people. (She would later learn a very hard lesson at the hands of Lenin and the Fabians combined.)

          Since then, we’ve had the New Deal (TND) introduced. Keep in mind that much of it was struck down until the SCOTUS handed a giant win to FDR in Wickard and that they did this mostly for political reasons growing out of Pearl Harbor.

          Since that time, Americans have mostly accepted what parts of TND which have remained. Including an interpretation of the Commerce Clause which empowers the Federal government to no end.

          And even Cons defend this status quo. I mean, point out that in 2019 (pre-covid expenditures and the inflation derived from those expenditures) Social Security and Medicare were a combined ~$55 trillion in the hole and that both are transfer payments, essentially welfare for the elderly by definition, and you get ardent capitalists screaming something about how they “paid in” as a deflection from the salient point that without serious reform this is a ponzi that WILL collapse and will almost certainly collapse the economy Argentina-style (though an argument can be made that Chile is a better example) when it goes. Keeping this status-quo is not actually better for the elderly, but good luck convincing them of that. Even Conservatives tend to defend TND to the hilt at this point.

          But again, the Gramscian perspective; capture the pillars.

          In Marxist theory there are basically five pillars (though there can be some argument about the number/type in various schools of thought). These “pillars” are the route of transmission of values that make the society resistant to Marxism to the next generation. This produces a “cultural hegemony” which is anti-Marxist, a slight twist on Tocquevillian thinking.

          These pillars are, in no particular order, Religion, Law, Arts & Culture, Education and Media. In Marxist doctrine, regardless of the flavor, these things create an embedded power structure and this power-structure is maintained by the ruling class via institutions such as courts and universities. As Gramsci himself wrote:

          “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.”

          Gramsci’s thesis is, essentially, a domino theory. If you take over K-12 then you change the downstream dynamics of all the other institutions via controlling the inputs. If you control K-12 long enough, tightening your grip and increasing your activism within that institution over time, you then control the production of the lion’s share of K-12 grads. A higher and higher proportion of the kids are now actually activists for your cause and those kids are the feeders for undergrad programs which feed post-graduate schools, like law schools.

          In essence you create 18 year old activists and send them off in numbers to change the cultural dynamics of law schools, which over time will change the cultural dynamics of the legal system in your favor because it’s being run, mostly, by your activists.

          And what have they actually captured? You can argue dates and times if you like, but they inarguably control K-12, most of the undergraduate schools, much of key graduate programs, a large portion of the legal system, the media, arts and even portions of what I will generally refer to as “the church” (though really it’s a subset of various denominations) which have recently bought into ideas like DEI and gay marriage and huge swaths of local, state and federal government too.

          IOW, capturing the K-12 program while Blue Sky was a thing worked quite well. They’ve used entryism to take over and now they gatekeep quite openly. What do you do to push back? Basically nothing. That’s why you’re experiencing what amounts to a slow motion Cultural Revolution.

          And keep in mind that critical mass thing. The folks over in Organizational Behavior the psychology world can show you a lot of data that backs the concept that these activists need not be a majority or even close to one. If they are loud, mean, intransigent they can take over with 20-30% because most people simply won’t push back, they’ll go with the dominant narrative in most cases. The dominant narrative being the one that tends to be the loudest or most ruthlessly enforced.

          They even have a term for this. “The Long March Through the Institutions”.

          Which raises the question of how the Right reacts to this historically and in the here-and-now, but that’s another topic. The short answer is “poorly”.


          Go back in time, not far, to perhaps 1995 and a nearly unbelievable amount of what you see today was quite literally unthinkable. If you had a time machine and went back to then and warned people you’d be looked at as bat-shit nuts.

          Target and Bud Light openly insulting the majority of their customers while DAs allow rampant crime because racism while teachers push grade school kids into gender reassignment surgery and parents can be silenced or even arrested for pointing out that there’s actual pornography in school libraries? Unpossible.

          And that’s just a dollop of what’s going on.

          And, as noted, if they take the SCOTUS, it’s game over without a no-shit shooting war that, quite frankly, you’re unlikely to get if they keep doing what they’re doing via a slow application of the ratchet effect. Conservatives didn’t really notice what was going on for decades, I mean we’re talking 75+ years of myopia.

          SCOTUS is the last castle the Republic holds, really. And it’s under siege. Shockingly, to me, few seem to understand this. Worse, whenever the Right loses a castle they don’t tend to make plans to take it back, they just say “Castles suck” and walk away. Ceding yet more territory to the enemy while simultaneously claiming some species of moral victory.

          Mostly at this point people would rather fight each other over bullshit identity politics while decrying identity politics in the next breath. This is something the Right is not immune to. They’re simply blind to the fact that they do it. Why? Because propaganda works in ways most Cons deny are possible. Which, by the by, makes the propaganda all that much more effective.

        • “Modded. Wait for it. Or don’t.”

          It made it, fear not…

  17. The Second Amendment was written to guarantee We The People had access to all weapons of war.
    It was put into place to guarantee that We The People had the means to over throw a tyrannical government if need be.
    It was not worded to protect kevlar vest wearing deer
    Those whom infringe or try to infringe a constitutional right are the enemy.
    And those who enforce those infringements are traitors.

    • “It was put into place to guarantee that We The People had the means to over throw a tyrannical government if need be.”


      That’s why they need semi-autos banned, those are the tools that let the little guys restore their liberty…

  18. This may not go well because a bump stock is not an Arm by many definitions… In the US and worldwide; there is no army, nor branch of any army, nor any police or even civilian protection agency that uses it, or ever did .. Even in an apocalypse, if I could have any weapon, that ammo wasting mod would not be one. Its ridiculous for home defense, any type of carry , truck gun, shooting pigs ect.. Its only use is as a range toy and terrorism. … Although I do agree that it doesn’t fit the statutory definition of a machine gun…. Now the ATF can’t try to regulate it as a destructive device, which it may be , because in that court contest, it may come out, that they may have to say what an ARM is.

  19. You’ve provided a thorough analysis of the contentious subject of bump stocks. The lack of useful applications for this alteration in civilian or professional security contexts is brought to light by your investigation. For those looking to delve deeper into the legal and ethical aspects of firearms modifications, considering options like do my class could provide additional insights. Your point of view is reinforced by the assessment of its applicability—or rather lack thereof—in a range of situations, including home defense, carrying, and hunting. Your argument that it is mainly used as a recreational item or, in more alarming instances, as a terrorist instrument, broadens the conversation. In addition, your comment on bump stocks’ legal classification and their use as destructive weapons in court proceedings gives the discussion a crucial legal component. This is a thoughtful and thorough analysis of the problem at hand. Good work!

    • Thank you . Another important consideration is in polls pro 2nd amendment policies are being esteemed more ,except for this one. If there is a win here, it won’t look good to the fence sitters. If the supreme ct applies strict scrutiny to just if it’s a machine gun by statue definition,then it’s not .. But in my mind, why did they take this particular case. Maybe they want to show themselves non partisan by ruling against bump sticks, because of their uselessness as arms … I am on every other 2 nd ammed bandwagon, except this one, because I can think for myself.

      • Robert LoRusso –

        You just literally thanked a for-real ChatGPT artificial intelligence ‘bot.

        Didn’t you notice how the writing was a little bit ‘off’, almost artificial in it’s construct?

        Like it took a little from one thing, a little from others?

        • Did I… I guess I am naive to that sort of stuff, but since you mentioned it the writing seemed a bit off.

  20. I just watched the video at the top of this article. So… what next? Does the Biden administration outlaw PANTS? It’s to laugh.

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