Gun Review: CZ 712 Practical Shotgun

CZ’s line of shotguns is pretty well fleshed out these days, spanning the spectrum from classy side-by-sides to go with your elbow-patched tweed jacket to tactical pumps for the bedroom closet. The 712 Practical seen here, which I’ve been playing with since November, is intended for use in 3-Gun competitions but can certainly suit other […]

If You Shoot It, They Will Come

At SHOT Show this year, I heard the craziest idea I’d ever heard in my life: someone was going to host a women’s only 3-gun match, and they fully expected to sell out the 200 slots to the match. I laughed because at the time, I could name literally less than 20 women who shoot […]

Why So Serious?

At some point in the last few years, I started taking competitive shooting too seriously. When I first started shooting competitively, every weekend was something to look forward to, and even a one-day local match that didn’t count for anything got me pumped up to play! I anticipated the challenge of the stages, the time […]

Bushnell Tactical Writer’s Conference: Day One

After a tiring day spent in TSA queues and miniscule airline seats yesterday, the cosmic balance has been restored. I spent an exhausting and awesome day shooting, learning and testing a slew of new gear from Bushnell, at a totally kick-ass shooting resort in southern Kentucky. We did so much shooting today that after an […]

M3GI Preview: Foghorn At Play

As the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun Invitational draws near, Nick got some last-minute practice while I was treated to the world’s best possible 3-Gun beginner’s training (along with another half-dozen newbies) by Top Shot icon Iain Harrison himself . . .