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EAA has introduced the MC312 Sport 12-gauge shotgun and positioned it as an affordable 3-gun competition option, with a suggested retail of ~$600. From the company release:

European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.), importers of select quality and affordable handguns, rifles, and shotguns, announce the MC312 Sport 12GA shotgun in time for 2020 3-gun competition season. The action-packed sport of 3-gun has competitors engaging in targets from different distances and using three guns: rifle, pistol, and shotgun.

The sport requires speed from the competitor and accuracy from the firearm. Firearms can take a beating during competition.

EAA’s MC312 Sport 12GA shotgun was designed to meet all the requirements for 3-Gun competition and give the competitor an extra edge with out-of-the-box performance that can stand up to any environmental abuse, all without a hefty price tag.

Made by Girsan under the direction of EAA, the MC312 Sport standard features include an enhanced loading port for quad loading, essential to save on the field, and a red mag tube follower to allow for a visual on the empty chamber status. The fully-machined receiver features a low-profile machined Picatinny rail with a factory wide-view red dot optic. The low-profile rail keeps the shooters’ head on the gun and both eyes on the optic, avoiding what is commonly called “turkey neck” when the shooter raises his/her head looking for the target. That means, in competition, faster target acquisition, and increased accuracy.

All the MC312 controls are improved for ease of access, especially during a competition. A raised, vent rib with a mid-bead and fiber front sight on the barrel allows for a faster swing to access timed targets.

Other features on the MC312 inertia action shotgun include a 24-inch barrel and five choke tubes, a rubber butt pad and rotating bolt and common mag tube cap threads for optional upgrades.

EAA’s MC312 12GA shotgun platform proves itself time and time again to be one tough shotgun platform for sport shooting, hunting, and home defense. The MC312 Sport 12GA Shotgun will be available in January 2020 and will be backed by EAA’s limited lifetime warranty. Optics warranty is one year.

MC312 Sport Shotgun Specifications:

Caliber: 12 gauge (3-inch or 2¾ inch)

Action: Inertia-action

Barrel Length:  24 inches

Choke:  Five screw-in chokes

Overall Length: 46 inches

Length of Pull:  14.25 inches

SRP:  $599


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    • In first 45 years of my life I had similar views of shotguns and never even tried one. Then I found out that shotguns usually mean shooting moving targets, in other words action. Shooting static targets with rifles and pistols is a comparable snoozefest.

      • Yes, yes, yes! I only had one mossy 500, figured good for home defense. Then one day, a buddy and I tried trap and skeet. Now, I own ten shotguns, and find the shooting range boring. Plus shotgun shells are cheap. Shotguns are far from boring.

  1. Ok. There is a use for a shotgun besides rolling a bird ass over tea kettle. Been a long time since I shot a three gun match. Always used an M1 Super 90. With an extended magazine. Did I miss it, or does it not have extended magazine capacity?

      • GS650G, the context is past tense. “Used.” Only for matches. SHTF firearms are rifles. Long term. Latest see Hurricane Michael. Short term. See right now. Handgun. Just me.

        • Divested myself of my (very) last defense shotgun soon after I retired. Still have around 500 rds of buckshot and slugs if anyone is interested.

        • I’m interested. I’ve still got my M1 Super 90, 9 shot.
          Though if memory serves, we are a few thousand miles apart…

    • I’m sure nordic will make a nut and tube for it.

      Haven’t looked it up, but a lot of the 3gun ready shotguns don’t come with extended magazine tubes. I’m guessing because of importation and sporting purposes, but haven’t looked it up. Might also be because 3gun rules vary from place ot place, so might was well buy your own that’s right.

      • I don’t know about this one but I have the standard EAA MC312 it uses the same nut as a Benelli Supernova, but the issue is that the mag tube isn’t threaded all the way to the end so you end up having to trim about an inch of unthreaded magazine tube off the end and then chamfering. Its easier than that dimple on an 870, but it isn’t exactly child’s play. I might add it still comes with that thumb ripper of a lifter.

  2. I keep two Mossbergs in the house. A model 500 with the 18.5″ barrel and a model 590A1 w/ bayonet. See no need to add a Turkey gun.

    Oh yeah, I change out barrels on the 500 for other uses.

  3. Worked in a prison for a year. Learned how to clear my way around a corner by skipping the shot off the wall opposite me. The shotgun is more flexible than it’s given credit for.

      • Hahahaha
        What’s that line from Bill Burr when he was looking for a gun and a guy suggested a shotgun ‘cause it’s got “plenty of spread”, something about not wanting to do a bunch of Sheetrock work and replacing his diploma.
        Man that dude is funny.

  4. The 12 gauge shotgunm is hands down bar none the best home defense weapon a civilian can legaly purchase, and with new advancements in powders and components its every bit as powerful as the 9mm Luger. ,,,,Oh that gunm from eaa is priced to high for an import if you ask me, thats a three hundred dollar gunm. OhSF I just thought,” somebody outta make a gatling gun shotgunm”, talk about fun, even in 410,10 gauge would be a boomer. Might have to water cool it, plastic cases probably start melting in the chambers even with eight barrels.

  5. If anyone has actually shot 3-gun, you’d realized that having a pistol grip on a gun that you’re trying to dual or quad load is a big disadvantage. There is maybe one top competitor who was doing it (literally one) but everyone else uses a standard grip. Adding an optic will shoot you into open class as well.

    I like cheap shotguns when they work, and I like having options, but I don’t think anyone actually shot a 3-gun match before making this gun. Hopefully they’ll get it right in Gen 2. Also, and oversized bolt release is handy.

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