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This daily carry includes a GLOCK 43 and a spare mag in a Tier 1 Concealed Agis holster. Nice to see a spare mag, as always, and even better to see it carried alongside the gun so it remains immediately accessible.

Those of you who carry a spare mag, do you carry it in a separate mag holster or fixed alongside your gun? This particular mag holster is detachable so it can be carried both ways.

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  1. Seems a little awkward to carry your spare mag next to the gun. When it comes time to reload how do you use your strong hand to get the mag if it’s already holding the pistol. Reaching over with your left hand to the right hip is slow and clumsy. Also keeping the mag opposite the gun helps balance out the weight better.

    • The right AIWB rig to your body is surprisingly comfortable. I was skeptical too, but they work great and plenty of room to grab your junk when u need to pee. Very easy to adjust when sitting too, but most times I am perfectly comfortable sitting down normally. Depends on the resteraunt and the dessert menu 😉

  2. Reasonable set up. Not as much junk/stuff as some. Still don’t really like plastic holsters. I do have a pair of crossbreed holsters. I like them ok but like leather more. I do agree with the above comments. And how heavy is that set up? But plastic against my skin (summer) is just sucky. Still, nice load out.

  3. OWB – gun at 3 mag at 9

    IWB – gun at 1-2 and mag at 10-11. I tried the all in one aiwb rigs and they were great, but just printed too much for me. They are definitely for skinny folks or bigger shirts. Even a g43 printed too much on me. I’m not big or fat but I am not skinny and flat either.

    INB4 the “AIWB is a fad and doesn’t work for this scenario” idiots. Just zip it.

    • thanks for re- mentioning this. i meant to write it down months back as nothing else makes as much sense to me. gonna order two right now.

      • No problem.

        It’s my favorite way to carry a spare. I’ve tried a lot of the other options and I find that this one works best for me in most circumstances, especially on days that involve sitting or frequently getting in and out of a car.

        It also has a couple bonus features that I had to try it out to find.

        The first is that when you wear most clothing with it, should the mag carrier become uncovered it usually doesn’t come fully uncovered and it looks to most people like a cell phone holster. Unless you have colored base plates on your mags it’s reasonably stealthy even if uncovered.

        Secondly, if for some reason you want to put on a vest/plate carrier the mag carrier doesn’t get in the way and can be accessed just as easily (depending on your armor setup I guess) as it could before you put on armor. So you don’t need a special duty/battle belt to drop your spare holder down to prevent your armor from interfering with your drawing of a spare mag.

  4. Two mag pouch opposite handgun.. I’ve noticed around this area and talking to some people, more gangbanger types are dropping the aiwb ( sans holster) and going with in the pocket carry, around here anyway.

    • Besides comfort, it’s always better to have your spare mag on your weak side. If one needs to reload, the gun will be in the strong hand, so the mag needs to be on the weak side to avoid the tangle that would develop as the gun either needs to shift hands or go back into the holster, both very bad options in a fight.

      • Agreed – I could maybe see carrying a third or fourth spare mag strong side, but never the primary spare(s).

        I like to keep go to stuff positioned and angled where my hands naturally rest 🙂

  5. Gun at 3 o’clock iwb one spare mag at 10 horizontal another spare mag in my strong side pocket with a neomag clip attached. I’m skinny and I never found AIWB to work for me.

  6. I may be old school, but I always carry the spare magazines on the weak side. If I need to reload, then I will perform that drill with my offhand. Also, most days I carry concealed (when not on patrol) and I have not found any combo holsters that do not create too much bulk. Having the magazine collocated with the handgun is drawing too much attention to the concealed location for my body.

  7. AIWB is great…but the right holster is critical. Tier 1 is the way to go folks; personally I use their Axis model. Works great with my G19 or G26. Does a certain body type help with AIWB? Yes, I was once not suitable for AIWB, but I made the choice to change that fact. Now…it’s the only way I will carry and I will NOT go back to my bloated way. If you want change…then make it happen. Merry Christmas like minded souls.

    • Kudos! Always great to see people getting in better shape. We can all be healthier 🙂

      It is important to keep in mind that, even if one currently has some extra storage going on in the midsection, it doesn’t necessarily rule out AIWB. You may have to experiment a bit more… but it is doable.

      Using a holster/mag carrier setup that is designed to be worn at 12 o’clock is most likely out, though..

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