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Just thought I’d leave this here. Story above at The Blaze and story below at Gunpowder Magazine.

You might even summarize these “shocking” results thusly: More Guns, Less Crime. Also, Guns Save Life. This is my surprised face: 

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  1. I can hear it now.
    “We didn’t go far enough!”

    If you think about it… that’s a rather ominous and foreboding sentence.
    How far are they willing to go?

      • “I will fight for the right to be right
        I will kill for the good of the fight for the right to be right”

        And I open my eyes to look around
        And I see a child laid slain
        On the ground

        Cygnet Committee
        David Bowie

    • This is a pretty interesting read and explains a lot of the “we just didn’t go far enough” mentality:

      People have a very hard time reassessing once they’ve committed to something or staked ego and reputation on it. Same thing with liking a particular gun or truck brand. You made a choice and spent big money, and now it HAS to have been the best choice or else your ego is hurt, because you will have made a mistake or been wrong, etc etc.

        • There is actually a huge difference in audio clarity with a FLAC source on a property setup system when compared to a youtube MP3 and a crappy gaming headset. It doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands, but if its good equipment, almost anyone will notice the additional information being played. Its like getting your first sound card back in the old days, night and day.

          I’m too poor to get anything nice, so I bide my time and save my money until I can. My current headset is actually taped together because it’s broken. ^_^

        • Pretty much most are given to a predisposed bias of some sort. Recognizing it, when it’s a factor in yourself & your decision making process, and rooting it out is an admirable quality. Ofc, in the audiophile realm, those we refer to as audiophools. The sort the purchase Bybee Quantum Purifiers, and overpriced green markers for their optical discs. Or make glowing reviews filled with flowery horse manure like “made me experience musicality as though I’ve poured liquid ecstasy into mine ears, the wafting melodies the likes of which have never been heard before”.

          Arc is right, it doesn’t take 10’s of thousands, or million’s worth of gear to achieve nirvana. Not that you’ll find it in you local WallyWorld, nor Best Buy either.

      • Well, I have extremely good hearing (audiologist tested) and I can hardly tell the difference, in fact I prefer the way MP3 sounds. It’s rockier. I just regret the months it’s going to take me to rerip my 128GB memory card. Sigh.

        • Most FLAC, no, there’s not a huge difference between a high bit rate encoded MP3. My equipment, I can tell the difference between a level 5, & level 8 secure ripped FLAC. Although I could see your preferences based on your musical likes, so no judgement. 🙂

          Sorry for the late reply, webz is wonky with everyone home in the neighborhood.

  2. Gun control has two objectives:
    1. Short term, the feelz of the useful idiots that yammer for it.
    2. Long term, Increasing the power of they Tyrants in government that push it.

        • You got to be honest. Narratives divide. Don’t blame only blue states and black people.

        • Why are you baiting about political sides?

          Look, I don’t agree with the race baiting either, but he’s got a point here. Same goes for politics. Not everyone in those cities voted for the left, or even the right. It’s time we realize the two party system is failing the diversity of America.

      • You mean Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio. Sorry but those cities have been ran by democrats for quite some time. Too many rotten New Yorkers and Californicators have relocated there. They leave a rotten city because of the p[olitics and are so stupid they vote the same kind of people they voted in to power in the places they had to leave. Sometimes I wish we could leagally clean the gene pool.

  3. A well disarmed populace is an easily robbed, car jacked, held up, burglarized, raped, beaten, murdered, extorted and generally cowed by criminals populace.

    Just basic math folks, don’t even need long division to get the right answer.

  4. It so hard to make a legit living here so you have to get in the game. Problem is if someone snitches or tries to RIP you off then you got to bring on the heat because steel is too messy.

    • With the President changing ‘Antifa’s’ status to terrorist organization I’m wondering if ‘open season’ has not just been declared during civil unrest. I live in rural America so not as impacted as others..thankfully. However a, pre-coffee, thought popped into my head.

      Why are we not seeing any ‘mass shootings’? Surly this would be a prime time for the wackos who, in the past, walk into schools or churches and start shooting? Where are they? Where are the wackos that want to kill as many as possible..(think Vegas shooter) or (guy in Oz who targeted Islam places)

      Huge crowds, ability to wear a mask without being questioned, an urban area, lots of noise, freedom of movement, plenty of elevated positions, cover and concealment ect It would be a perfect killing ground.

      I’m not a conspiracy nut, but it seems rather odd this has not happened given all the major cities being affected……maybe I’ll go get coffee now.

    • The Left: But they just want to fight fascism. I mean it’s right there in their name!

      Also the Left: Nazi Socialists weren’t socialists!

    • “the white hoods” -They’re specifically targeting people by race, just like the rioters and vandals that move to the next building when they see a black owned sign in the window. I’m sure CNN and MSNBC are tripping over themselves trying to be the first to report on the racist Left.

  5. This is up to the Kiwis. New Zealand is still a democracy and Ardern can’t avoid an election forever. The buck (They use New Zealand dollars.) stops with her. If violent crime is increasing, despite her antigun policies, it’s her fault. Pound on that continually until a more agreeable policy or government takes over. The question is how many Kiwis support her policies, how many oppose them, and how many (probably the majority) don’t care enough, one way or the other, to complain. To use a closer example, parts (I’m sure not all.) of Minneapolis and St. Paul are burning. How many citizens, even in the affected districts, are calling their councilmen and the mayor to demand that rioters and looters be put down?

    • Whole problem is the economy is shut down so peoples is bored shitless. Time for a little cashless shopping, smash and grab style. Cops are facing off against crowds, not protecting downtown merchants. Remember, it’s all about the money, y’all.

  6. You want less crime? Don’t elect liberals.

    The same pols that said the police will protect you, will order the police to stand down:

    It’s just property, say liberals who have never known a life without plenty. But the property they dismiss so easily can be a life’s work, like the sports bar in Minneapolis into which Korboi Balla, a black firefighter, had poured his life savings. It was destroyed a few days before he was due to open this week.

    “I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Korboi Balla told CBS News on Thursday morning while holding back tears. “It hurts, man. It’s not fair, it’s not right. We’ve been working so hard for this place. It’s not just for me, it’s for my family.”

    “These people did this for no reason,” wept Stephanie Wilford, who lives in an apartment next to where shops were looted and burned Friday night. “They went straight to . . . every store over here that I go to. I have nowhere to go now and I have no way to get there because the buses aren’t running.”

    Leftist pols promote terrorists:
    This is why Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (former DNC vice chair) pretends that the external agitators in Minneapolis’ riots were Trump-voting “white supremacists,” because the former DNC deputy chairman is one of those in his party who has normalized Antifa as a useful part of the political process.

    See his twitter feed of January 2018, when he posed for a selfie at a bookstore holding “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” and wrote: “I just found the book that strikes fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump.”

  7. This article is disappointingly stupid. It’s incorrect to say the ban “increased” gun crime because correlation does not equal causation. Just because the gun crime increased after a gun ban doesn’t mean the gun ban was the cause. For example, the rate could have been trending upwards well before the ban and simply continued to do so after the ban was enacted or it could be increasing for factors that may have nothing to do with the gun ban. Far too little information is given here to make any intelligent inference.
    I really dont want us to make the same mistakes that anti-gun people make with their wild claims and flawed interpretations of data. We need to hold ourselves to a higher standard and ensure our arguement is based on solid facts. If we compromise on our intellectual integrity our entire pro-2A arguement (even those supported with facts) will lose its legitimacy.


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