Elizabeth McCarthy with Hillary Clinton. Facebook image via Elizabeth McCarthy's Facebook page.
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Elizabeth McCarthy (above, left) sought the Democrat nomination for Florida’s 28th House District on a campaign of gun control. In fact, she claimed she had personally removed 77 bullets from 32 people following the Pulse Nightclub attack in Orlando.

But a little checking into her background raised…questions. And just like so many other stolen valor claims, McCarthy’s incredibly dramatic proclamation didn’t stand up to scrutiny.

When she was ultimately called out on her bold claim, she folded faster than a cheap suit. “After thoughtful contemplation, due to professional obligations, I am withdrawing as a Democratic candidate seeking the nomination and election in Florida House District 28.”

Professional obligations? Bless her heart.

Florida Politics has the story.

Democratic candidate Elizabeth McCarthy announced today she is withdrawing from the state House District 28 contest.

The move comes two weeks after Florida Politics published a story exposing parts of her résumé that didn’t check out. That included claims she treated victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando in 2016.

“After thoughtful contemplation, due to professional obligations, I am withdrawing as a Democratic candidate seeking the nomination and election in Florida House District 28,” McCarthy wrote in an email to Florida Politics…

“While this was a difficult decision to let a dream go, I need a paycheck. I wish both Lee Mangold and Rep. David Smith the best in their campaign,” McCarthy writes. “Please remember: It is not about you, but who can best serve in District 28 for the people.”

Oh, but it gets better:

McCarthy also asks media not to contact her about the decision: “I ask all to please respect my privacy at this time.”

Incredibly, she does not want have to face the consequences of her lies. How typical.

Unfortunately for this woman, her story has gone national. You won’t see it on the CBS Evening News (or 60 Minutes), but FoxNews has picked it up. As have other outlets.

If Elizabeth McCarthy’s cause was so noble and righteous, why did she feel the need to lie?

Then again, the image at the top of the page explains a lot.

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  1. Eh. I doubt the dem media would cover that anyway they are more concerned with making Trump out to be Hitler after his recent foray into North Korea. Only in America could one be criticized for not meeting with a despot only to be vilified for doing so in pursuit of preventing a mad man from nuking the world and continuing a decades old conflict.

    • I don’t even like the guy, but his meeting with North Korea with a bold statement. he also spoke very professionally on it, and of course they scrutinized and for being too friendly. We have no idea what was discussed behind closed doors. But I’m pretty sure he stood his ground, because North Korea has done very little since then. (Or, their usual, but no news of taking over the United States at least)

      Did Obama ever meet with him? Did bush? Did Clinton? Nope.

      • He could cure cancer and they’d still hate him. HEADLINE: “Trump cures cancer, millions lose their jobs in the health care field”

        • If Trump walked on water, the MSM would claim he was standing on a Russian submarine.

        • And that’s if they decide to be nice about it. (Not likely!)
          I imagine things like “Trump conspires with Putin to invent cancer and now claims cure.” And immediately afterwards, a Lancet article links the cure to cancer to “colitis and autism spectrum disorders.”

        • Hey, while I was in Cuba a couple months back, I was advised they have *already* cured cancer. My wife made me shut up before I could stop laughing long enough to ask why they were keeping it a secret.

      • No body says you have to like him, and no one says you have to like or agree with everything he does, but when his whole agenda is in the spirit of supporting this country and our Constitution, you really can’t hate him, unless of course you’re a leftist asshat! No President can get everything right, but Trump hasn’t gotten much wrong, the complete opposite of the mudpuppy usurper!

        • It is amazing how the MSM can daily criticize President Trump while at the Same time ignore all the other politicians all across our country.

    • Seems a vast segment of our society has gone completely insane. When idiots critasized Trump for wanting better relations with Putin/Russia, they claimed that made him pro Russia. But those same people choked when I looked at them and said. The man has his finger on the button of 2200 front line nukes aimed at the US, do you think maybe should poke the bear.

    • And while they’re saying he’s basically Hitler, they are also mad at him for not taking away civilians’ guns. 🤔

      On another note, I think I’ll run for Congress and use the fact that I walked on the moon to advocate for revitalizing the space program.

    • Trump is a con artist. He has met with the dictator, yes, but just as with Putin he has failed to produce anything more than a dog and pony show while it is the dictator of North Korea (or Putin, in that case) who have succeeded at advancing their agendas while the USA gets nothing in return.

      Simply showing up for the cameras is not enough. There must be a plan, goals and achievements. So far and repeatedly, in spite of all Trump’s bragging, his record is worse than zero. His incompetence has actually benefited our enemies.

        • There is a long list of men who are no longer President. A small number of them are still living. None are excused for any failing as far as I am concerned. But all that is besides the point, a deflection and a distraction.

          The only one of them currently President is a miserable failure and a lying sack of shit. One who constantly pretends and proclaims enormous successes that have not happened or are exaggerated massively. Including his claim of being a very best pal ever to the Second Amendment and all of us “People Of The Gun”.

          So far the only saving grace I see in this disaster of a President is that early on the Federalist Society got his ear on judicial appointments. We are at least fortunate that with a President who can be so easily steered about by this and that cable news chattering head, there remains some consistency in who steers his nominations for Federal judgeships.

      • Last time I checked, Trump was the one to authorize the latest round of sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea. If he’s a con man, it seems to be against these despots.

      • Well it seems that you don’t understand diplomatic relations at all, nor do you understand that it has NOTHING to do with getting something. All of the other Presidents, including the illegal non-president mudcoon usurper, did nothing but use their position to further their bank accounts and make relations with foreign nations worse. Your premise that we should get something is typical leftist ideology, always wanting something in return, or for nothing!

      • Didn’t this start out about a typical lying libturd? Then a libiot chimes in attacking Trump!! How about you libiots focusing on the subject at hand and stop the pitiful attempts at deflecting? Y’all are still butt hurt from China making obuttfuckma walk off the ass end of his plane onto the tarmac! That really showed what the world thought of obuttfuckma!! The real shame is how liberals and corrupt politicians from all parties have fought to interfere with Trump and what the American people elected him for! It’s disgusting that liberals can’t even agree with non-liberals on matters of law!! It should be easy to agree on what’s right or wrong!! Nope!! The libiots only recognize laws that they approve of and shit on the rest!!

      • Still waiting for you to show us how tough Obama was on putin/russia. You know asisde from selling them tons of uranium.

        • Easy enough to figure, Hitlery made $125 million on that deal, I’m not going to blame it on Osama, other than that he gave her the ability to sell out our country, and I can’t even really blame him for that, he was keeping a campaign promise (the only one he even tried to keep).

      • Clearly you’re either blind or just plain old dumb as a stump, you seem to forget about the hostages, the Korean war veteran remains, and no nuclear missile testing or rockets flying over Japan, funny how you forgot to mention those things, what did Obama do? He didn’t even have a dialogue going he just stuck his head in the sand and gave a worldwide apology tour, just remember all the shit with Russia and election interference all happened on Obama’s watch and he did nothing.

        • Not supposed to bring that stuff up, Mike. Matter of fact, I think it was classified as a hate crime in 2016.

  2. “please respect my privacy and stop asking questions about my public comments.”

    That’s not how that works, ma’am… That’s not how that works at all.

    • She’s amazing. From that article “And despite claiming to have worked at Orlando Regional Medical Center the night of the Pulse shooting as a cardiologist, Orlando Health had no record of her working there.”

      How would a cardiologist be involved in removing that many bullets from people? She’s not even a good liar. So she lied about going to medical school, being a doctor, working at the Hospital that night. She’s a very disturbed person.

      • A cardiologist working at a hospital with an overwhelmed emergency department may will be asked to help out, especially with injuries that directly apply to their specialty.
        I’m not defending, just answering your question.

        • Yeah but unlike the movies and TV shows doctors dealing with triage aren’t pulling dozens of bullets out of people- they’re often stabalizing them as much as possible, plugging the major bleeds, and moving on. Most bullets can be left in the body anyway so it’s often incidental if a bullet gets taken out.

  3. She was that fucking stupid she thought no one would research her claim she was a doctor?

    Oh – She’s a Democrat. As miss Emily Litella once said :

  4. How come these stupid Demcunts are all fat, lazy, stupid liars?

    Must be their mentor and expample, Cankles.

  5. We are well aware that the Marxist Left ie Commiecrats are Liars. Look at the company she keeps,that speaks volumes,on to the next would be tyrant.

    • Kinda curious how Hilary’s brother Tony died…..wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she has his blood on her hands ….he knew too much as did all the rest of her victims.

      • Think about it. KILLARY culling her “herd” makes it easier on the “workload” so, Hildebeast body bags, “COME ON DOWN.”

  6. Considering all the bullshit from other politicians, including claiming/alluding to non-existent combat deployments, why would she think this was going to get her in any trouble?

    I mean fuck, it worked for Kerry and Blumanthal, why not her?

    • Oh, I dunno…I always respected Hillary for single-handedly rescuing injured crew members from a downed, burning helicopter while dodging active sniper fire…never even getting her pantsuit dirty…that’s some true heroism! (Future history books will extensively document her combat actions…to include laying down cover fire protecting the evacuating DoS employees at Benghazi).

        • That sniper fire and the stress of keeping the adult diaper clean to save the pantsuit has given her ptsd and it’s affects on her were visible as she needed help to get into the van, loosing her magic slippers.
          The Hildebeast has not been herself since these heroic actions.

    • Yeah right, Blumenthal and his fake Vietnam service, how pathetic is he, should’ve been thrown out of government and arrested for impersonating a Vietnam soldier! Makes me fucking sick

  7. Didnt you know? Lying is perfectly acceptable if you’re only doing it for the “public good”! When did lying become the new norm? I’m not that old.

    • Cops can lie to you and that is perfectly acceptable as that is considered good police work…..on the other hand if, if you lie to police that is obstruction of justice and you can be convicted in a court of law such an action.

  8. “While this was a difficult decision to let a dream go…” I doubt it was that difficult once she was caught. Like a child, her first action was running and hiding.

  9. She’s apparently threatening to sue Florida Politics now for a “smear campaign” against her (mega eye roll), and her latest statements (MSN has a story with them) make me think more and more she’s genuinely unhinged, rather than just another phony politico.

    • But aren’t they(liberals) ALL “unhinged”…???

      Listen to what they say, watch they way they act…”normal” people don’t sound/act that way…

      • Right on, she must take after her example, Horrible Hillary, the Washington witch, who thought nothing of letting our ambassador get murdered at Benghazi. Nor did she feel any remorse at violating federal law with her “hidden server” in her baement. After all, she’s a Clinton; and Hillary is following after HER teacher, Wet Willie, the perpetual skirt chaser

    • Normal people would feel shame. (Well, a normal person wouldn’t have done that in the first place.)

  10. Lets not be too harsh on McCarthy. She is no different than any other lying Democrat that gets a pass from all the fake media. [Sarc] She showed the bullets she extracted from Pulse victims after the shooting. I wonder if she signed out that Evidence? Lol

  11. There are or have been south Florida Democrats in the legislature who can barely speak or read. Not hyperbole. This is nothing

  12. “that is where the clear line is drawn. When you start using your fantasies to make financial, political, and personal gains, you dive directly into that pool of scum baggery that makes you famous on YouTube.” -https://www.funker530.com/stolen-valor-is-illegal-this-is-how-you-get-an-arrest/
    I’d prefer Douche baggery, but oh well. 🙂

  13. OK, so she didn’t treat the Pulse victims, but I have it on very good authority that she did invent Post-It Notes!

  14. Why would a Democrat politician telling lies about gun control not surprise anyone.

    Much less a lying Democrat pushing for gun control.

    • lies, deception, misinformation…all are coin of the realm for them….it was common practice in the mid-terms…here’s hoping people haven’t forgotten….

  15. Just another lying Democrat. That seems to be a prerequisite requirement to join the party and certainly to run for office.

  16. I’m having a hard time here. I can’t tell which one is Butt and which is Ugly.
    They both look like the head job in Total Recall w/arnie z.
    For damnocrats, reality is not an option. Nor are facts or truth.
    Just read on BB news that willie brown said no damnocrat, including camel toe hairy-ass can beat Trump. What a put down for her. Must not have been too good in the sack.

  17. Democrat politicians and constituents have learned that they are never held responsible for anything they say or do. I expect that this was more than just an overstatement. My guess is that a colleague raised the point that she was no where near the situation and could not have removed even one round. Thus the need to quickly exit the stage rather than own up to the obvious falsehood.

  18. And if no one checked out her claims and used alternative media outlets to call her on it shed probably get in. Think about that one

  19. “Get ready for a surpriiiiiiise”😄😊😏C’mon the Pulse massacre was a Moose-lim jihadist. Dumbocrats lied about that one and obviously still do. What a beast😫

  20. Just about the “Stolen Valor” aspect of it, for many years I was an EMT and leader on a rescue team. One thing you learn is any one person truly saving another is very rare. It’s teamwork, and at all levels. From roadside rescues to wilderness ones, doing rotations in an ER/Trauma center to observing operations from the gallery, you see how very much it takes a team to treat more than minor injuries, or save the life of a serious trauma patient.

    So, she was not a doctor of any sort. But no doctor did, all by himself or herself, save what lives were saved. They were no doubt vital, even critical to the effort. But without that team around them they’d of been many hands short.

    Possibly she has some background as a health care worker, but even that is unproven. If she was and had she been involved in any life saving effort, ever, then she is ignoring the reality that it is teamwork that succeeds. In all but rare exceptions that is.

    So hell yes, Stolen Valor is what she was doing, until she got called on it.

  21. The question is will gun owning homosexuals hold her accountable or will they continue to support gun grabbing democrats?

  22. Had 23 Liers! Then got 24 Liers! Now back to 23 Liers! Still nobody on Democrat side running For President! What happened to the Democrat party?

  23. Seems like she willingly blew her privacy when she opted to run for public elective office. She likely sees it differently, but then 2 + 2 = 4, don’t they?

  24. A lying libtarded, demoncrat actually stepping down because of her lies!! This may be a first in the world of anti-American, hypocrite, liberal bullshit politics! It’s not like other liberals would condemn her!! It’s not like liberals are known for doing what’s right!! The hypocritical libiots DO NOT CARE!!! It’s actually very difficult to explain how and why liberals DO NOT CARE. Liberals don’t care about anything that isn’t about liberal agenda! They DO NOT CARE ABOUT the LIVES of non-liberals! If every non-liberal died tomorrow, they would be happy? Liberals would be ecstatic to see guns banned! If they thought there was a magic number of gun deaths that would forward their anti-gun agenda? They wouldn’t blink an eye if 10,000 or 10 million people died, so long as their anti-gun agenda moves forward! THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS TO LIBERALS!!! Like I said earlier it’s very hard to describe liberal insanity! My words can’t describe how bad liberals have become. Every day we see liberal politicians facing corruption charges and liberal media creating fictional stories to impede Trump and non-liberal America! What happens to these lying libiots?? Generally nothing happens! Liberals DO NOT CARE!!! Creating lies and destroying lives is ok as long as libtarded agenda moves on. Liberals seem to be ok with their politicians being corrupted. I could go on for days trying to describe the LIBERAL CANCER that is destroying our great country! Please, everyone. We must all vote. We cannot stand by and watch the libiots destroy us. Please. Get your family and friends to vote and pass it along.

  25. I am a Democrat and I can do whatever I want because I am sooooo Morally Superior to everyone else.

    My University handlers and the press told me so.

  26. Please respect my privacy regarding things I said while campaigning for the power to order your death if you don’t obey me. Basic human decency, people.

  27. How can anyone pack that many outrageous lies into one campaign, especially easy to verify and hard to achieve ones like being a doctor, or operating on people?

    How much dope do you have to smoke to get to that level?

  28. Typical libiot!! At least this backed out instead of doubling down on the lies!!! This is what makes libturds so special! They can lie all the time with no guilt! Arrogant POS hypocrites


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