cory booker gun control campaign
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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As we’ve noted, for many of the forty or so currently-announced Democrat candidates running for President in 2020 , the race has devolved into a competition to see who can crank out the most anti-gun talking points.

Eric “Nuke-Em” Swalwell set a high bar by threatening to incinerate gun owners who refuse to comply with his minimally compensated confiscation scheme. Kamala Harris decided that, if she’s elected President, she’d at least give Congress 100 days to act within the limits of the Constitution before handing down executive orders to restrict gun sales and manufacturing.

Next up to the civilian disarmament rhetorical plate: Cory “Spartacus” Booker. According to AOL (which apparently is still a thing) . . .

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker is pitching a sweeping gun control agenda with more than a dozen specific elements, marking his second policy rollout in three weeks as he looks for a breakthrough moment in the crowded 2020 primary.

T-Bone’s pal would create a national firearms license (good for five years) that would require individual applicant interviews and mandatory training. It would also outlaw “assault weapons,” bump fire stocks, and “high capacity” magazines, (of course). You can read all of details on the Senator’s rights-abridging brainstorm here.

Booker took to CNN this morning for what you would think (he probably did, too) would be a softball, wet-kiss morning cable interview. But one of the hosts hit him with an actual question just before it ended. She wanted to know if, like Representative Nuke-Em, Booker would throw Americans who defy his confiscation plans in jail. And she pressed him on it.

Surprising absolutely no one, he dodged that bullet.

Go figure.

But a funny thing is happening on the way to the nomination (besides the fact that old white guns are dominating the Dem field so far). The candidates who are basing their campaigns on promises of civilian disarmament aren’t doing very well.

As The Hill reports, a recent Harvard/Harris poll shows California Kamala running a distant third, a full 35 points behind front-runner Joe Biden. Still further back, Booker’s tied for sixth with the uber-popular and oh-so-dreamy Beto at a mere 3 percentage points.

And Swalwell? He’s mired at the bottom in that nebulous “less than 1%” category. In other words, the only people who will say they’re supporting him are his staff, his family and (maybe) his dog.

Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t under any illusions about the other Dems’ disarmament inclinations. Gun control and limits on Second Amendment rights are baked into the party’s platform as a bedrock aspect of their orthodoxy. Like the scorpion on the frog’s back, it’s just their nature.

And there’s a loooong way to go. The Iowa caucuses are still nine months away – an eternity in political time. So a lot can (and probably will happen before the party settles on a challenger to Trump.

Still, it’s worth noting that the candidates who are working hardest to incorporate gun control and civilian disarmament as key parts of their campaigns are seeing very little traction with potential voters. And we’re all broken up about it.

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  1. What a wimp. No guts.

    I guess he thinks someone somewhere is goijng to do the dirty work for him.

    • Spartacus is a sniveling coward. HE isn’t taking ANYTHING from ANYONE.

      The question is, what expendable dopes is he going to send in his place, and what is he going to do when they don’t come back?

      • Oh I think he takes something from some people. Mostly in public bathrooms.

        • I think you’re on to something. Maybe syphilis is behind his lazy thinking and lazy eye.

        • I hadn’t noticed his right eye being misaligned before; mostly because I never watch this joker for longer than about three seconds.

          It’s odd that he would embark on even a Senate campaign, let alone a presidential campaign, without getting that fixed; a condition called adult strabismus. That can be corrected in a relatively simple hour+ long procedure–simple for an eye surgeon, that is–outside of a hospital at a surgical center.

      • He takes a lot from the New Jersey taxpayers. But they voted him into office. Like the old TV show ‘You Asked For It’.

      • The 19th along with the 17th has been the cause of much of the stupidity for this country over the last 100 years.

    • Correct. Politicians are not the problem, the stupidity of the voters is the problem.

      • Have you ever been on jury duty? I would be terrified if i was ever on trial. It was an eye opening experience

    • Indeed. We aught to do away with voting all together. Enough of these silly elections. An all powerful ruler with divinity through God is the rightful course for this petulant nation.

    • Actually NOT VOTING got us into this mess. The majority of citizens can’t be bothered to get off of their collective fat azzes to bother to REGISTER to vote, much less cast a ballot. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.

  2. Plenty complain that Trump doesn’t support our rights while the democrats all promise to strip out rights.

    So the choice is clear for many people. The few in the middle decide elections and that’s the worrying part.

    • Well. When a democrat is in charge again. Which one will. He opened up new avenues for them to strip our rights. It’s short term “He’s better” for long term tyranny. We need to play the long game and only elect constituitonalist types otherwise it will just keep getting worse.

  3. I find it interesting that none of the candidates have found the left edge of the map yet. None of them have heard an idea and said ‘nope, that is too far even for me.’

    • Good point. I thought partial birth abortions was a pretty far left idea. Now you can kill your little newborn. Heck, let’s make it 18 yrs old. There were a few times I wanted to strangle my teenagers. That pesky law stopped me…

  4. If you don’t know politics you might think this antigun BS is their attempt to gain favor with the progtards. Wrong this is how they surrender and set up a pull out. None of these tier of maggots is going anywhere in gaining the demtard nonmination. This is their excuse for losing – the Republicans the NRA etc bashed them and destroyed their wonderful campaign blah blah blah.

  5. Which Democrats *don’t* push or go along with “gun control”? I can’t think of even one that’s ever made any effort to expand gun rights outside of hunting.

  6. Wait, so let me get this straight:

    All the candidates who are fervently pushing the most draconian gun control schemes are locked in basically the bottom 1%.

    And the guy who’s leading by 35 POINTS is the one Democrat left in the country who said “buy a shotgun.”


    • That’s a bit out of context. What he said was more like: “You don’t need an assault rifle. You don’t need thirty rounds. …Buy a shotgun, buy a double barreled shotgun!” (And then some BS about AR15 being hard to use. My son has been shooting the AR15 since he was 7. He is 11 now and still has a healthy respect for my Mossberg 500.)

      Tailgunner Joe is no friend of gun owners.

  7. 2nd Amendment ignorance is what drives the Democrats goal in trying to destroy the Amendment,,, that & educational instructors, most of which hate anything not liberal. Most Democrats want to abandon the Constitution & Bill Of Rights for a fantasy world that won’t & never has worked,(socialism).

  8. You got it backwards: it’s not that candidates favoring gun control are doing bad; but candidates who start out polling bad latch on to lightning rod issues like gun control in order to get donations and shore up some party faithful support for the primary. When the field has so many candidates, it only takes less than 20% to win a primary and single issue gun control voters are 10% or so.

  9. I remember when the Democrats chose Hillary to be their candidate before the election even started and they made sure it was so. I remember when the polls said Trump was going to lose big. I remember when all the political experts were laughing at the idea that Trump could run and win over Hillary.

    I don’t think the Democrats have a solid plan at this point. All I know is the older generation will vote Biden because he looks like them and he isn’t Trump. The youth still want Bernie but the establishment doesn’t think he is worth much. That leaves Kamala as a potential candidate if they pump her up. However, do they want to try a woman again and a non white woman?

    It’s going to be hard, if not impossible, to get the youth and black voters behind Biden. It would all come down to passion. A lot of people that voted for Trump the first time are not planning to vote for him again, not that they are going to vote Democrat, they are just not going to vote, which could seal Trump’s fate regardless of the Democrat’s candidate. Trump will certainly not get the popular vote and his previous strategy won’t work.

    Regardless of 2020’s outcome 2024 is going to he horrible if the course is constant. If Trump wins, 2024 is going to be horrible. If Trump loses, 2024 is going to be horrible. Generation Z is coming of age and the Millennials will be in control of most things. The older generations will be either dead or too old to remember what happened the day before.

    • Speaking of the latter. Biden was talking about the bind MARGARET THATCHER was in because of Brexit. Of course, not only is Margaret not the prime minister any more, she’s been dead since 2013.

      • I did predict Trump was going to win… How? Well, you listen to the people and understand their situation.

        When media companies do polls they like to get a specific demographic because they believe that is an accurate representation of the current state of America. They are already projecting what they feel should be the outcome of the poll.

        I simply pay attention the the masses, factor in the propaganda and the goals of the establishment. This type of approach even let’s you predict some terror attacks. With some inside information it gets easier.

        The average person is very easily programed and humans repeat cycles indefinitely. Hence the whole, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

        Intelligent or educated people know that communism does not work like the average person believes no matter what people attempt it or at what time in human history they try. The outcome is always the same because the cycle is the same. Yet many countries for far too long continue doing it and more people will do it again in the future. Even religions lead to such an arrangement of society. Thus it will never go away (or at least until computers make all the decisions).

        Racism is also a trait of human kind. It doesn’t disappear, it just goes dormant. The lower the IQ the more racism returns and the stronger it becomes. Then society becomes very predictable to the point a single man can take it all over with the help of some buddies.

        Social engineering is an actual tactic. There are groups around the world that do it for a living. You can also join some clubs that will allow you to partake…

  10. “And Swalwell? He’s mired at the bottom in that nebulous “less than 1%” category. In other words, the only people who will say they’re supporting him are his staff, his family and (maybe) his dog.”

    His dog doesn’t want to see other dogs get shot by federal agents. Therefore, his dog no longer supports him.

  11. Cory is ignorant to the fact that there is a citizen army in the way of his vomited wishes ever coming true.

  12. Let me give you two reasons why Spartacus is tanking — Biden and Sanders. It has nothing to do with gun control.

    There is actually a third reason — Spartacus is a tool even by current Democrat Party standards

  13. I live in New hampshire and this morning on wmur
    They posted his true gun agenda
    Check it out

  14. At this point the polls are all name recognition.

    The two people in the front of the pack will start to lose ground to attacks that they aren’t Left/woke enough and the people making those attacks will gain name recognition for doing making the attacks.

    Later on, after the field has been whittled down a bit it will become more about policy. That’s when we’ll see where the party truly stands. Right now it’s about shoveling as much red meat as they can at the base to position themselves for the coming policy debates where, having judged the reactions to their mear shoveling, they can start to refine things by walking some things back and taking other things further.

    They all seem to think that the entire country has lurched to the Left at this point, so it will be entertaining to see how the rest of the primary plays out. Then comes the really enjoyable part, watching one of these people try to triangulate to capture part of the middle of the country.

    • To triangulate a location the head would need to be extracted from posterior rectal orifice with a sonic pop.

  15. Swalwell’s dog does not support him either. His dog is voting for the neighbor’s cat because at least the cat has some morals and common sense.

  16. … the candidates who are working hardest to incorporate gun control and civilian disarmament as key parts of their campaigns are seeing very little traction with potential voters.

    As Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.”

  17. But a funny thing is happening on the way to the nomination (besides the fact that old white guns are dominating the Dem field so far).

    That bold word “guns” should be “guys” of course. Freudian slip?

  18. Another commie that does not have the balls to take your guns or mine. But is fine with other people dying to take your guns.

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