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Last week I posted a review of the P2X Fury I used in the Crimson Trace 3-gun event. I proclaimed it the greatest tactical flashlight since someone CNC’ed a mount for a C-cell Maglite. Of course I had some complaints. Chief amongst them: the P2X Fury’s lower power setting is the first in rotation. Surefire heard my gripe. [ED: However telepathically.] Yesterday, Surefire announced an updated “tactical” version of the Fury. Everything’s fixed, only now the light’s only setting is “11” and there’s no low power mode. More info on Surefire’s website.

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  1. I received my P2X Fury Tactical earlier this week and I noticed that it had only one setting on the package. I called the store and they said they have 4 models in stock and only the original has 2 light modes. I’m going to exchange it for the 2 mode.

  2. Great manufacture. Love my E2D Defender. I work in a bar and am never without it. For heavier work I have the M6LT Guardian. Total quality. Nitecore’s Tiny Monster is another great light although it feels like you’re walking around with a can of beer in your hand. Still 2000 lumens. Very tempted by the Spark SP6. 3500 lumens! Jesus Cristo!

  3. With tactical flashlights, you reach a point of diminishing returns. Unless you are outdoors, 500 lumens will also blind the user if directed against a light surface, as I discovered when I got my Surefire M6 and tried it out in the backyard. I was very impressed until I swept a folded tan umbrella and saw purple spots for the next five minutes.

  4. Picked one up last week on Nick’s recommendation. Had the chance to get the new one, but also opted for the two power version. Wondering though how it compares to the Streamlight Protac HL which at 600 lumens has 20% more brightness and runs about half the price. I own a smaller pocket sized Streamlight and have been pretty happy with it.

  5. I prefer the 4sevens Maelstorm; programable, less expensive, and just as sexy. Unfortunately its not made for tactical professionals, just people who want flash lights. Sigh.

  6. I prefer the 4sevens Maelstorm; programable and less expensive. Unfortunately, its not made for tactical professionals – just people who want flash lights. Sigh.

  7. I prefer the dual purpose old fashioned flare gun: firing it at the threat lights up the house and stops the attacker hot in his tracks.

  8. Sure-Fire’s $160 light made in China? Say it isn’t so.

    Nice that SureFire could get around to issuing one of these.

    I’ve been carrying an EagleTac T20C2 for almost a year and a half and LOVE IT.

    Plus, on it’s normal setting, it’s only 100 lumens so I won’t blind myself indoors.

    Outside, on turbo mode, it emits over 500 lumens.

    Maybe someday SureFire will catch up with the competition.



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