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He makes a valid point.

At a press conference announcing the charge against Smollett of felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report, Chicago Superintendent Eddie Johnson stated that the families of those affected by gun crimes “deserve” the attention that Smollett’s story has received.

“Before I get started on why we’re here, you know, as I look out into the crowd I just wish that the families of gun violence in this city got this much attention,” Johnson said. “Because that’s who really deserves the amount of attention that we’re giving to this particular incident.”  – John Bowden, Chicago Police Head Announcing Smollett Charges: I Wish Gun Violence Got this Much Attention

We all know Chicago has a problem:

While its homicide rate is not the highest in the U.S., Chicago has consistently had more total killings than any other U.S. city — with 27 people killed since the beginning of the month.

Why it matters: Racial segregation, wealth inequality, gangs and the inability of law enforcement to solve crimes have fueled the gun violence epidemic — and a handful of minority, impoverished neighborhoods have received the brunt of the impact.

– Stef W. Kight and Michael Sykes, The Deadliest City: Behind Chicago’s Segregated Shooting Sprees

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  1. “Supt. Eddie Johnson: Chicago’s Gun Violence Deserves Attention Given to the Jussie Smollett’s Drama”. Sooooooooo, what are you waiting for?

  2. The good news is that America is so un-racist and un-bigoted that to find a hate crime (against blacks or gays at least) you have to fake one.

    • This is simply a natural, capitalist extension for when the demand for violent, overt racism outstrips the supply.

    • Governor Le Petomane,

      Now that you mention it, there are exceedingly few, if any, recent examples of conservatives running around beating/killing minorities for no other reason than that they are minorities.

      If Smollett indeed orchestrated this event, I don’t think he was concerned about the real or imagined plight of minorities. Rather, I think he was interested in demonizing our nation’s 200 million “deplorables” and increasing his market value.

      Leftists have demonstrated too many times to count that “the ends justifies the means” — that they will do anything and everything to advance their cause. And that includes fabricating totally false content/reasons to demonize their political opponents.

      If you don’t believe that Leftists impose no bounds on themselves, just look at how many times over the last three years that Leftists have resorted to vilely berating and physically beating Conservative demonstrators, activists, candidates, and politicians.

      • Fake hate crimes implicating white conservstives are effectively a blood libel against white conservatives and should be treated as an actual hate crime.

      • “the ends justifies the means”

        This philosophy is pernicious enough when the ‘ends’ are real, but combined with a delusional utopian fantasy ‘ends’ and it becomes purely evil.

    • Well I won’t totally agree with you. I’ll say most hate crimes are behind closed doors and are never fulfilled. As an ex Officer it blows my mind how any race of people can be so violent to their own and yet to call others prejudice. If we learn by they’re treatment of their own with so little thought for life why should it be a surprise that others look on with fear or distrust? I just can’t except it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I can state that when I went into certain areas I was a whole lot more alert than others. Now you can place what ever race of people into the above that you want to but in Law Enforcement the burden only lay on a few. This BS needs to stop and for Smollett to do what he has done should carry a bunch of hard hitting time.

  3. The Smolletts case has this much attention due to it being some level of “celebrity” (I never heard of him myself) and the specific details of a false racial hatred attack claim.

    The “Gun Violence” thing does not get solved precisely because it is regarded as being caused by inanimate objects. When the focus is the weapon instead of the humans using the weapons, the Human Violence problem gets scant attention.

    Were Chicago’s leaders to focus upon the human problems behind all the violence they would start to see progress. For example the anti-violence group showed success in Chicago but was pushed out by the politicians who didn’t appreciate the group’s effectiveness.

    Read up on these people, what they do works.

    • The Smollett case got so much attention because he accused white men in MAGA hats of a racist and anti-homosexual (if you beat up a person because he’s gay you’re not homoPHOBIC) hate crime, which fits right into the agitprop the leftist media is putting out. It fit the narrative so they ran with it without questioning the story, which if they had they would have smelled it for what it was in seconds, a big pile of shit.

        • If you make a specious semantic argument that homophobia only includes irrational pathological fear and not irrational anger/hatred/etc. He’s ignoring the fact that homophobia is equivalent to anti-homosexuality in common vernacular.

          It’s a distinction without a difference.

        • ….but I would add that words mean things. If words don’t mean things, then we have to also deal with the vernacular that all semi-autos are assault weapons of children destruction with things that go up.

        • Homosexuals have called other people homophobes, who did in fact beat up and or kill other homoseuxals, who had sexually molested children.

        • Yes, phobia is fear. If you’re physically beating someone up it seems to me that they would be the ones in fear not you. The proper word here is ‘bigot’.

      • Homosexuals have been lying for quite some time. They have been creating stories about attacks against them that later turn out to be false. Milo Yiannopoulos spent two years touring the United States and part of his topic that he spoke about at college campuses were fake hate crimes concocted by gay people.

        And then using these fake crimes to push their political agenda.

  4. Let’s be honest about the ” gun violence ” thing. First- It’s violent people using guns, not violent guns using people. Second – The majority of the violent ” people ” are repeat offenders that have a long rap sheet and a list of felonies that were plea bargained down to misdemeanors which sent the criminal back out to continue their activity. No plea bargains , longer and stiffer penalties always takes care of these problems. That’s where the attention should be instead of more liberal , failed policies. Also throw in the death penalty where applicable when DNA evidence links a criminal to murderous activities.

    • Ed Schrade,

      Terrible crime closure rates and ineffective incarceration durations are half of the problem in Chicago. The other half of the problem is that traditional values (including healthy families, the sanctity of life and other people’s property, and a good work ethic) are effectively non-existent in Chicago.

      Restore and strengthen nuclear families, raise children to value human life and property, teach a good work ethic, and almost ALL of Chicago’s violent crime will evaporate. Of course Democrats would never advocate that solution because it weakens their power.

    • Well said. The issue is what has changed such that a small percentage of people become so enraged. We have road rages, people committing violence using guns (and chain saws, knives and even wood chippers). Many of the people using guns to commit violence have been using anti-depressants but I dont think thats the only reason.

    • Ed Schrade;
      Good Point. I would propose the following:


      1. Anyone over the age of 18 (male/female), who commits a criminal offense, is indicted and found guilty with a stolen or illegal firearm will be imprisoned for a minimum of 5-7 years and will be subject to the following indicated in Pars. 3 and 4.

      2. Any individual under the age of 18 (male/female), who commits a criminal offense, is indicted and found guilty with a stolen or illegal firearm will be imprisoned for minimum of 1-6 months will be subject to the following indicated in Pars. 3 and 4. (First-timers only after that, who knows, maybe 1-3 years?)

      3. Upon entering the proposed prison, the Civil Rights of that individual will be suspended while in prison. With that, the individual will spend his time just like anyone else in prison. However, at the first prison rule violation, said individual will lose some privileges: -No entertainment privileges i.e., No radio, TV, phone, in or outbound mail and/or exercise compound for 31 days.

      4. If a prison rule is violated during this time, one meal per day will be taken away in addition to previous privileges lost. If any prison rule is again violated during this time, a second meal will be taken away with continued lost privileges and assigned to Solitary Confinement for the remaining 31 days.

      5. After the 31 days in SC the prisoner will return to his normal activity in the prison compound. If a prison rule is violated again the 31 day process outlined in Par.4,will begin again.

      6. This process if necessary will remain in effect until such time the prisoner is released from his/her allotted time in prison at which time their Civil Rights will be reinstated.

      7. Additionally, the process will repeat itself to same individuals who have repeated offenses as outlined in Pars. 1 and 2; however, with additional time provided as deemed necessary by Law Enforcement. Like, in lieu of 5-7 it’ll be 6-8 years for the second time of imprisonment.

      Think a proposal like this would get a lot of the Criminal Offenders with illegal guns off the street??


  5. Smollett- adjective- a person who makes false political/racial claims in order to advance a personal agenda. It has my vote to be added as a new word to the dictionary for 2020.

  6. The war on firearms is no different than the war on alcohol was in the 20’s and 30’s. The war on drugs for the last 50 years. They all accomplish(d) the same thing. None of them stopped the behavior intended. They did/do accomplish making law abiding people criminals. Laws were never intended to curtail bad behavior. That is accomplished through Morals and Ethics. Laws were put in place for the expressed intent of punishing the criminal for the bad behavior. Punishment must be so severe that the criminal either decides to change their behavior or can no longer act upon the bad behavior. This includes putting them to death . For the initial crime or subsequent criminal behavior. As for the war on firearms and the Right to Own them. That is a war on the very Foundation of The Bill Of Rights. A Right that in it’s self harms no one. Only the bad behavior of the individual results in the criminal act. Just as the Right of Free speech hurts no one. Only the act of using it to harm an individual makes it a weapon. Expecting an individual who lacks the Morals and Ethics required to act in a lawful way. Is a fools errand and making excuses for the bad behavior is a fools end.

  7. Kat, do you actually believe the bile spewed from the Axios article?
    How does racial segregation encourage people to commit violence upon their own race?
    Blaming violence on wealth inequality is the same as saying poor people are more violent the wealthier people.
    Gangs have a lot of political power in Chicago, Chicago Magazine did an excellent article on this topic in 2011.
    The police have a hard time getting witnesses to testify with a no rat mentality in these minority neighborhoods, that and a horrible states attorney that declines to prosecute or pleas down violent felonies and releasing violent offenders early to commit more crimes.

    Not to mention the outright lies in the axios article that stated it’s illegal to sell guns in the city of Chicago.

    • Anyone from “the neighborhood” who tries to improve themselves through education and honest work is labelled a race traitor and put back in their place with either a beating or a bullet as an example.

  8. The parallels between the false hate crime narrative and the ‘gun violence’ issue are really quite striking.

    Both are inventions to present and combat a crisis that doesn’t exist.

      • The gangs actually vet the politicians. Hundreds of thousands of votes controlled by gang leaders. If you’ve wondered how Chicago’s gangs get away with it, wonder no more. Illinois allows felons to vote, which means the gangs have MAJOR sway on the political landscape of Chicago and Cook county. I just hope I can retire before the floor drops out.

  9. We can talk about it, but your not going to like the answers. Because it’s the black gangs and black crime and murder rate. But that’s rayciss

  10. What a pile of guano! Chiraq isn’t segregated. You got $ you go wherever you want.Like liein’ Jussie. You don’t have $ you move south and wreck my neighborhood! This isn’t 1964…and Special Ed hates you being LEGALLY armed. Duh…

    • the only inroads to easing chicago’s exceptionally high rate of neighborhood segregation have come from section8 vouchers with, so far, less than desirable results.

    • “Smollett is getting a little more publicity then he wanted I betcha.”

      But once he got charged, notice how fast the MSM dropped that ‘hot potato’?

      It no longer fits their racist image of Trump supporters…

  11. The way I see it, they either need a bunch of new cops that will get the job done without interference from the local mayors or governors, or citizens review committees, or how about, when you do catch them & convict them, actually make them do the time, The whole time. If you got a death sentence, use it, you get life in prison, make it life, not 20yrs & out for good behavior, anyone can be good in lockup, there’s nothing to do… use the laws we already got to the fullest, then maybe people will think twice before doing something stupid.

    • The state of Illinois is bankrupt. Too many state, county, local, bureaucrat employees retired with too much money. They plead crimes down, rape to sexual assault, armed robbery to simple theft, murder to manslaughter so Dem politicians can say they’re doing something about crime stats.
      Guns used in crimes are stolen, but the Dems blame Indiana gun shows that must apply Illinois laws to sales to Illinois residents (so the “gun show loophole” is a lie), and most importantly the bankrupt state doesn’t want anyone in jail for 5 extra years for a gun crime, because it costs $55,000 to $60,000 per annum to keep criminals locked up.
      The system is broken and the greedy government employees care only for themselves. Smart people leave, if they can, because soon Chicago will be another Detroit. No one will fix it.

  12. He sounds like a dummy. His “GUN” violence is DIRECTLY related to HIS gang and drug culture and its inherent violence.

    • The NRA keeps telling these politicians they don’t have a gun problem, but a gang problem.

      Illinois persists in punishing those who obey the laws, even if it gets them killed. They establish a tax system and set up regulatory commissions to put ranges and arms dealers out of business. They limit mag capacity, and do not allow the sale of “assault” rifles. To these fools an assault rifle is any semi-auto that is black. I wish I’d stayed in Indiana.

  13. As long as they vote democrat (in exchange for welfare), then the system is working as intended.

    Move along citizen.

  14. Chicago doesn’t give a rat’s ass about gang violence. As reported in the link (first five minutes is all it takes to get the whole story), Cook county just passed an ordinance requiring the Cook County Sheriff to permanently delete his regional gang list because it is “racist.”

    That will certainly help eliminate gang violence–without a list of the gangs and their members and affiliates, there will be no gangs in Chicago! Magic!

  15. the problem in chicago is very easy to remedy, find a democrat, any democrat,check his background-audit his books-if he is in politics–shoot him. THEY ARE ALL CROOKS, THE POLITICO’S HAVE BEEN PLAYING THE CHICAGO VOTERS LIKE A CHEAP PIANO FOR100 YEARS. the blacks get free shit for many years.what dose it cost them??THEIR SELF-RESPECT. the whites that work for a living, what will it cost them ???astronomical high taxes, buried in regulations, property values in their neighborhood rockbottom..

  16. The Once and Done JV Mayor, Rahm will not stand for that, remember when he told the gunmen to take their gunfights to the back allies?

    “We’ve got two gangbangers, one standing next to a kid. Get away from that kid. Take your stuff away to the alley. Don’t touch the children of the city of Chicago. Don’t get near them,” Emanuel–President Obama’s former chief of staff–told anchor Scott Pelley.

  17. Wrong.
    Chicago’s plain old regular everyday humdrum commonplace violence problem deserves the attention.
    It is about the people who are violent.
    Nothing to do with an inanimate object.

  18. Omer;
    Your comment: “The police have a hard time getting witnesses to testify with a no rat mentality in these minority neighborhoods…………………….

    I was recently a Firearm Meeting when a person spoke about a shooting that took place in a minority neighborhood. She said that probable witnesses were afraid to come forward because of “gang retribution”. I hear what’s she is saying but, when an incident like that happens say like 2 or 3am, no one appears in the street immediately afterwards. I’ll bet someone saw what happened. It’s when the Police arrive that everyone then comes out to “see what’s happened”; however, like you said, nobody will admit to seeing what took part.

    Of course many of the individuals at the scene will blame the Police and ask that their not doing enough tp find out who’s responsible. This puts neighbors in an awful position that they may know who is responsible but are afraid to come forward, It’s a damn if you do or damn if you don’t situation. Take Care.

    One knows very well that some individuals probably saw what happened

  19. If CPD officers hadn’t leaked to the press that this whole story was bullshit I wonder whether it wouldn’t have all quietly just gone away. Meanwhile the department is doing its best to find the leaks and screw them for letting the truth out.

  20. Rehearsing for a fake attack. (smile)

    How #JussieSmollett Rehearsed his “Attack” | Unseen Footag

  21. Chi town is Democrat Owned, bought and paid for! Democrat Party is the new Plantation owners, Lots of uppity Black Democrats are the new overseers! ! they suppress Black peoples in the name of Equality , and enforced suppression by giving and with holding Benefits, in stead of pushing jobs and doing for self! then you have the Democrat perpetrated Higher education scam, get a college degree, this is fine and Dandy but you got to have the Jobs available for that too work , instead you get 40 years of debt, Weasel politicians from out of state continually become Mayor, almost a plum offered by the Democrat machine in the Plantation boss training school.

  22. As long as they refer to it as GUN violence nothing will ever be corrected because guns do not commit violence. People commit violence and sometimes the tool they use is a gun, other times it is fertilizer, a truck, a baseball bat, a knife, or anything else they can think of to use. The newest Mayor wannabe claims she has a plan to get gangs and guns off the streets of Chicago. I wish her the best of luck but it is Chicago so I doubt that anything positive will happen.

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