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U.S. Marshals patrol outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in Chevy Chase, Md., Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Officials say an armed man who threatened to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh was arrested near the justice’s house in Maryland. A law enforcement official says the California man in his 20s was armed with a gun and a knife (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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By Sarah Rankin, AP

The marshal of the U.S. Supreme Court has asked Maryland and Virginia officials to enforce laws she says prohibit picketing outside the homes of the justices who live in the two states.

“For weeks on end, large groups of protesters chanting slogans, using bullhorns, and banging drums have picketed Justices’ homes,” Marshal Gail Curley wrote in the Friday letters to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and two local elected officials.

Curley wrote that Virginia and Maryland laws and a Montgomery County, Maryland, ordinance prohibit picketing at justices’ homes, and she asked the officials to direct police to enforce those provisions.

Justices’ homes have been the target of abortion rights protests since May, when a leaked draft opinion suggested the court was poised to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion nationwide.

The protests and threatening activities have “increased since May,” Curley wrote in a letter, and have continued since the court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade was issued last week.

“Earlier this week, for example, 75 protesters loudly picketed at one Justice’s home in Montgomery County for 20-30 minutes in the evening, then proceeded to picket at another Justice’s home for 30 minutes, where the crowd grew to 100, and finally returned to the first Justice’s home to picket for another 20 minutes,” Curley wrote in her letter to Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich. “This is exactly the kind of conduct that the Maryland and Montgomery County laws prohibit.”

In her letter to Jeffrey McKay, chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, she said one recent protest outside an unspecified justice’s home involved dozens of people chanting, “no privacy for us, no peace for you!”

The letters from Curley were dated Friday and shared with reporters by a spokesperson for the Supreme Court on Saturday.

Curley’s request came about a month after a California man was found with a gun, knife and pepper spray near the Maryland home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after telling police he was planning to kill the justice. The man, Nicholas John Roske, 26, of Simi Valley, Calif., has been charged with attempting to murder a justice of the United States and has pleaded not guilty.

Nicholas Roske
Nicholas Roske

Youngkin and Hogan, both Republicans, have both previously expressed concerns about the protests. In May, they sent a joint letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking for federal law enforcement resources to keep the justices safe and enforce a federal law they said prohibits picketing with the intent to influence a judge.

Hogan spokesman Michael Ricci said in a statement Saturday that the governor had directed state police to “further review enforcement options that respect the First Amendment and the Constitution.” He also said that “had the marshal taken time to explore the matter,” she would have learned that the constitutionality of the Maryland statute she cited has been questioned by the state Attorney General’s Office.

Elrich said he had no recording of having received the letter addressed to him and questioned why it was released to the press. He said he would review it and was willing to discuss it with Curley, but defended the job Montgomery County Police have done so far.

“In Montgomery County we are following the law that provides security and respects the First Amendment rights of protestors. That is what we do, regardless of the subject of the protests,” he said.

Youngkin spokesman Christian Martinez said the Virginia governor welcomed the marshal’s request and said Youngkin had made the same request of McKay in recent weeks.

“The Governor remains in regular contact with the justices themselves and holds their safety as an utmost priority. He is in contact with state and local officials on the Marshal’s request for assistance and will continue to engage on the issue of the Justice’s safety,” Martinez said.

Youngkin in May pushed for a security perimeter around the homes of justices living in Fairfax County, but McKay rebuffed that request, saying it would infringe on First Amendment protest rights. Youngkin also attempted to create a new felony penalty for certain actions during demonstrations aimed at judges or other officers of a court, which state lawmakers rejected.

A spokesperson for McKay said he was working on a response to the letter.

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  1. If there are state laws prohibiting influencing judges, the Maryland and Virginia should enforce those laws, without being asked.

    If there is a federal law against intimidating federal judges, then the DOJ is obligated to enforce.

    If there are dual laws, state and federal, both should arrest and prosecute; dual sovereigns, dual charges, dual punishments upon conviction.

    Of course, the anti-America parties will claim dual jeopardy is unconstitutional, unless such charges are brought against political enemies.

    • Some people are so addicted to murdering unborn babies they’ll do anything. Like they need a dead baby fix bad maaannn.

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      • The dead babies have little to do with it.
        The real issue is money and power.

        The money:
        Planned Parenthood kicks back huge amounts of taxpayer dollars for left politician re-election campaigns.

        The power:
        Having the old (and WRONG) SCOTUS decision on abortion kept state legislature candidates from having to answer to the voters in regard to their position on abortion. Most states have a majority of “pro-life” voters.

        • Pretty simple, really, taxpayer dollars should NEVER be used or available for private citizens’ health care, of any description. Took care of the entire problem, no? And “voters” should have no say over private decisions which do not affect them. Let freedom ring.

    • I think there is indeed a federal law against protesting outside of the homes of not only judges, but also jurors.

    • What exactly is the connection with COMMUNISTS here? What make YOUN think thatv the uSA is any more civilised than many’a COMMUNIST state The sheer level of crime and especially gun crime would suggest oither wise THe real problem here though isn that idoiopts like you have no elfin idea as to what COMMUNISM actually is. Just because somebody opposes YOUR poiunt ov f view does NOT mean they are either Communists, Liberals, [if anything in the wide wide world is LIBERAL it’s Americas easy accedss to unessessary firearms!.

  2. “He also noted that protests that have occurred outside Alito’s home in the Fort Hunt neighborhood have been peaceful.”

    Does that matter if the protests are illegal? Yet, concerned parents showing up to school board meetings were terrorists, right?

  3. Fuck them.

    Nobody is going to stand out front on my lawn “protecting” me, so they don’t deserve it either. Political figures live with zero fault for their decisions. Time to remind them who they work for. Anyone wanting any different is a bootlicker. Maybe they should learn their actions have consequences and they need to defend themselves like the rest of us peasants.

    • You’re right! Pro 2A decisions, reversing Roe, and ruling regulatory agencies can’t impose their will unconstitutionally. Those a-holes should be hanged.

      What an effing moron…

        • ‘Funny how many people said that…’

          That you are a moron? I’m sure you hear it often.

          Name a time when people on the right supported illegal protests at a judges home when SCOTUS ruled in favor of the left?

        • lol u srs? Dude the whole 2020/2021 lockdown and mask mandate “people on the right” were talking about it. It was you idiots that started talking about tar and feathering being brought back. Don’t act like you missed it. So it wasn’t you? Congrats. Your party is still the same shit different toilet. Also, nice try attempting to get under my skin with the personal insults. Speaks volumes of you. Now fuck off with your assumptions and belittlements. People on this site get so butthurt when a true centrist calls them on their bullshit.

        • Nice try. The only thing I assumed is you might have some facts to back up your bullshit. I fucked up and was wrong, it happens sometime.

          Facts about what I asked before, either you have some or you don’t.

          We’re talking about SCOTUS and illegal protests not lockdowns that destroyed billions in wealth and harmed school kids.

          I’m not a Republican, I’m registered as Non-Partisan in NE. I don’t believe the election was stolen, but I do think Trump, with his faults, was a much better president.

          What were you saying about assumptions, oh yeah, fuck off.

        • Facts: NJ judge had a right wing nut job invade her home, kill her son and wound her husband.

          How soon you forget. It was all over this site when it happened too and the comment section felt ZERO sympathy. Wonder why?

          Do I need to provide you with the 4,000 threats judges receive of is one enough to prove it’s not a one sided deal? Nice try ignoring all the recent shit that happened in 2020/2021. You saw it. You know you did. You want to rehash it? Look it up yourself. And yep, you started it, and you tried to make it personal. People like you are fucking cowards in person. Get a life. Lastly, the reversal of roe is fucking tyranny and the exact opposite of separation of church and state. You ain’t foolin anyone bubba… you are a right winger trumpetier.

          Fuck their “protection” and fuck anyone who believes they deserve it. From the right to the left. Pretty naïve of someone to ASSUME out of the massive amounts of threats political figures receive that would all be one sided. Carry on.

        • Calm down honey. I asked for specific facts and you provided none. I’ve ignored nothing and I’m aware of what happened in 2020/2021. I’m also aware you can’t answer simple questions without getting your panties in a twist and changing the subject.

          I started nothing except an attempt to have a discussion concerning the subject of this post. People like you are the threat supporting the systematic elimination of free speech, free assembly, and free thought using any means necessary, including violent illegal protests at a judges home to get your way.

          You are scum.

        • Not so fast montana motor mouth…The reversal of roe is not tyranny. After millions of unborn tossed in the trash without a second thought it’s about time the unborn received some rights…You know what has been done to the unborn is wrong…man up tough guy and admit it.

    • Montana, let’s think this through. You are a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. You just made a decision that has thrown the left into a frenzy. You are home alone with only the weapons you can personally wield. There are 100 protesters in front of your home that decide to go ANTIFA. I consider myself to be reasonably well armed and with a little experience. I couldn’t fight them off. I’ll hurt a few, but they will get me. Now, this is the scary part. If anything happens to any of those Supreme Court Justices, Biden gets to name the replacements. Guard them at all costs. At least the ones on our side.

        • montana motor mouth…you ain’t got it. The laws applicable to protecting USSC justices are supposed to be equal and obviously they are not. You know the clown show going on at the home of a USSC justice is to make it appear like the entire country is outraged over the ruling…And by all accounts you fell for the hype.

          If possible separate yourself from the hype you’ve consumed and imagine yourself in a womb and suddenly out of nowhere large pliers are coming to grab you and take your defenseless self to a dumpster. Before you call the ruling tyranny again try thinking outside your behind.

      • 100? I can fight them off even without the help of my wife and kids, and I’m disabled and 76. WTF is wrong with you? By the time the 12 guage pump is empty and I pick up the suppressed .300 blk SBR, I’d bet they would be moving pretty slow, picking their way through the blood and gore, making pretty easy targets. By the time I need to pull the 9mm holding 20 with a backup 19-round mag, I’ll likely have time to put on muffs to protect what little hearing I have left, and once it’s over I suspect the cops will arrive pretty quick, to clean up the mess before it starts to stink. Given the distribution of remains, self defense would be obvious, instantly. Only bitch would be replacing the ammo.

        • “100? I can fight them off even without the help of my wife and kids, and I’m disabled and 76.”

          Is it wise to depend upon the panic reaction of the mob when they know people are being shot? Would you not be at a disadvantage if the mob attacked your house 360? (admittedly, it is highly unlikely that a mob would have that much courage)

    • Oh, so the justices work for the mob? Is that who they work for? Is that who you identify with here? The assassination attempt on Kavanaugh was no big deal, right.

      I’d love to see how fast you crack under similar circumstances, non-licker of boots.

      • Funny how quick the right wing nuts are to offer them protection when they rule in their favor for a short period but turn on them when they don’t. You can’t have it both ways, licker of boots.

        I’m not a politician. I don’t make decisions that piss off half the country, and if I did, it’s pretty clear I’d accept the responsibility of it. Protection for thee, but not for me… Right?

        Imagine calling yourself a freedom loving American and simping for the crown at the same time.

        • What if I think they should have protection regardless of which way they rule? What if I think the liberal justices deserve protection too?

          I’m not really down for this whole government thing, but the rest of you have overruled me on that. So, if we are going to have it, then maybe we should protect officials at a certain level from mobs.

          As others have pointed out, at no point in the past have liberal justices been in danger from conservative protesters. So this is a seriously one sided issue. We do not want this to turn into a congressional softball game.

        • One sided huh?
          A democrat judge’s son was killed by an anti-feminist hardcore right winger. Remember the NJ Judge that had a home invader kill her son and wound her husband? He was VOCALLY right wing – DJT style.


          I mean, I hate link posting, but it’s not one sided at all. And that is just a link describing in general threats with one noted very recent case. How soon we forget, right?

          I get what you are saying, but none of them “deserve” protection. We have to defend ourselves and so should they. That is literally the start to how politicians become untouchable and get away with more than they already do.

        • montana motor mouth…Cut the chase. Who did you vote for, POTUS DJT or Jim Crow Gun Control joe?

        • I like how you argue against something I’ve never thought. Always the sign of a crackerjack intellect.

          Yes, you’d “accept responsibility.” Sit on your couch with a bag of Cheetos? Whatever the hell that means. You’re good with the empty phrases. Not much else. Accept responsibility….

          I’m laughing. Keep up the great work, Socrates Jr.

      • In case no one is aware, carrying a gun somewhere and then calling the cops on yourself can in no way be attempted murder or assassination, that is silly and charges will be dropped shortly, prosecution is not possible.

  4. It’s one thing to protest outside the Supreme Court. It’s entirely another to harass justices and their families outside their homes. Although I disapprove of the tactic, no matter who uses it, perhaps it’s time for a few anti-abortion protesters to show up outside the homes of pro-abortion leaders to give them a taste of their own medicine.

      • I’d say it’s a bad idea for angry passionate people to be showing up at any people’s homes. that borders on threat or terrorism and that is exactly why they are doing it.

        I thought Tucker’s wife had grounds to “Joe Biden” or “Wind River” her front door when protesters were at it a while back. The left is asking for it, and one day someone is going to give it to them good and hard.

        • lol u? U gonna do it? No.

          The left is doing the same thing the right has done in history. Maybe you need a refresher. It happened back in the early days and even people like Samuel Adams participated in it, only back then, it was the British on US soil. It’s no different now days. A protest does fuck all until someone feels it on a personal level. People are fed up and willing to stand in front of the muskets again. This time the British isn’t even involved – it’s the two failed parties from our own failed system.

      • montana motor mouth…Freedom is something your ignorant punkazz will loose if you ever show up to disturb the peace at the wrong home.

  5. “In Montgomery County we are following the law that provides security and respects the First Amendment rights of protestors.”

    A cop who respects the First Amendment? Please pass the smelling salts before I pass out.

  6. Who really expects this doj to enforce any federal law? Unless it furthers their leftist agenda.
    Garland is a pos leftist Hopefully he is impeached seconds after the coming election.

  7. So New York just passed a whole basketful of laws dictating mostly where citizens cannot exercise their second amendment rights. I would wager everyone here disagree with that. But some how it’s ok to deny first amendment protections because we don’t like the people exercising that right. Sounds like pot and kettle stuff to me.

    • First Amendment doesn’t protect assassination attempts, nor does it protect harassment of judges. No one gives a $#!% about protests if they are done properly. You might want to think about this a little more.

        • Oh right. The guy who admitted he was trying to kill Kavanaugh and the grand jury that indicted him were, ah, faux. Sorry, where does the First Amendment protect assassinations? And the federal statute against harassment of judges does not exist in what part of US Code?

          Can I let you in on a little secret? You’re not smart. You’re not clever. If you were funny, you could hide those two defects. Unfortunately, you’re not funny. You are pretty good at spamming your stupid all over this site. Not great. I’ve seen better stupid spammers. But if you give me your address I’ll mail you a 5 foot tall participation trophy.

        • He did not TRY to kill Kavanaugh, he drove to the neighborhood and called the cops on himself. ZERO attempt to kill anybody. Case will never go to trial, we have political theater and nothing else.

  8. Virginia has a state law on the books already that prohibits picketing a residence. There is no excuse for this law to not be enforced in this situation.

    § 18.2-419. Picketing or disrupting tranquility of home.

    Any person who shall engage in picketing before or about the residence or dwelling place of any individual, or who shall assemble with another person or persons in a manner which disrupts or threatens to disrupt any individual’s right to tranquility in his home, shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor. Each day on which a violation of this section occurs shall constitute a separate offense.


  9. The lawless Biden administration purposefully does not enforce laws they don’t like, such as immigration law and the law forbidding protests at justices’ residents.

    The states shouldn’t have to protect federal judges, but the executive branch refuses to prosecute.

  10. Living under the threat of violence just might give the Judges a taste of what We The People live with.
    The difference is Law Enforcement will protect them.

  11. The whole point if Picketing and Protesting is to influence and intimidate. To change the mind/actions of the entity, person or business you’re picketing/protesting.

    There is No Right to Influence or Intimidate the Judiciary either at the court or at their residence or anyplace a member of the Judiciary is at.

    Because if Influence, Intimidation and Threats are allowed against the Judiciary, Justice will no longer be blind.

    So arrest these Nutjobs and stop with the 1st Amendment acrobatics. They’re breaking the Law, and they should be held responsible for their crimes, Period.

  12. The whole point of Picketing and Protesting is to influence and intimidate. To change the mind/actions of the entity, person or business you’re picketing/protesting.

    There is No Right to Influence or Intimidate the Judiciary either at the court or at their residence or anyplace a member of the Judiciary is at.

    Because if Influence, Intimidation and Threats are allowed against the Judiciary, Justice will no longer be blind.

    So arrest these Nutjobs and stop with the 1st Amendment acrobatics. They’re breaking the Law, and they should be held responsible for their crimes, Period.


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