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Image Courtesy Nick Leghorn for TTAG

Nick and I spotted this rare beast in the wild at Media Day At The Range, but the headline says it all. We came, we saw, we walked away empty-handed. We were definitely up to the challenge, however. Nick and I both took shots with an absolutely gorgeous (and brutal) Sako .416 Rigby, and a few rounds through a bipod-mounted, gas-operated .50 BMG with a recoil-reducing QDL suppressor would have been a quiet walk in the park by comparison. But alas, Barrett wasn’t offering any free shots when we were there, and we had places to go and guns to shoot. Maybe next year.

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    • I imagine just the sight of it will make kapo bloombergs blood run cold. Fire 2 shots and you should be able to boil a cup of coffee on it.

      • Hell, with that thing you could probably ping the antenna on top of the Empire State Building. That would get his attention.

  1. Click to make the picture big. Wow.

    I really want to know how much difference that suppressor makes.

  2. Does anybody make a concealed carry holster for it yet, like maybe an “in the pants pocket”

  3. Hey. Hey, guy behind the rifle. I’ll give you $5 for that round in your hand. Now shut up and get outta the way.

  4. Well THIS oughta give DiFi and Chuckie a case of the vapors as the new “Citizen/terrorist Weapon of Choice.”

  5. I need to stop following all of these posts from the SHOT show. I might have to sell some organs to buy all of this stuff I had no idea I wanted until this week.

  6. O.K. rip me as required, but do we really need to embrace rap/punk/criminal lingo such as “fiddy-cal?”

    It’s a fifty caliber rifle for Christs sake, and if you called my .50 a fiddy, I wouldn’t let you get within a stones throw of it.

    • It works. If I remember correctly, Barrett first introduced their .50 and .416 cans at SHOT show 2012. In fact, there is a post somewhere on TTAG of KJW shooting a suppressed Barrett M107A1.

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