Gun Review: Desert Tech HTI

The world comes back into focus; time has started up again. A Desert Tech HTI in .50 BMG is in my hands, and, oh yes, that’s right, I must have just fired it. I’ve been abused by a 20-pound, bolt-action, bullpup rifle spitting out 12,144 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, but with another half-inch projectile going […]

Gun Review: Barrett MRAD

Barrett is best known for their .50 BMG semi-automatic rifles. They also produce some very nice bolt action rifles. Their latest rifle is called the MRAD or Multi-Role Adaptive Design rifle, chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. Barret trucked their rifle out to the NDIA symposium in Indianapolis (along with a generous supply of ammunition) and let […]

Have Big Gun Sales Stalled?

The media focused a lot of attention on the pre-Obama assault rifle boom. Sorry, “modern sporting home defense gun that’s not used by domestic terrorists or Mexican drug lords or anyone else other than hunters and your 84-year-old grandmother.” Anyway, credit where credit’s due: American gun buyers bought-up ARs like they were going out of style. […]