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 Karolina Kurkova in gun dress (courtesy

“Supermodel Karolina Kurkova stepped out onto Tribeca’s cobblestone streets in a gun-print dress [last Saturday] – an insensitive choice in the days after the failed assault weapon ban bill and a nation was still raw about both Newtown and Boston.” Don’t you just hate it when political correctness casts aspersions on a perfectly good babe? Anyway the New York Daily News quickly contacted the dress’ creator: Israeli-born designer Nili Lotan. “I view the print as empowering. It says ‘I’m a beautiful woman and I’m not afraid of confronting the reality of firearms in this world. I control guns they do not control me.’ The guns themselves also have a beauty and a power all their own . . . I was born in Israel where we use guns to protect ourselves, our families our Jewish existence. Anyone who criticizes [the dress] is revealing an irrational fear of inanimate objects and ignorance of self-protection.” Actually, I just made that up. Here’s what she said . . .

“It was against war and not anything to do with the personal use of guns,” she said.

“Would I ever do (a gun print) again? I’m not so sure, because today it would provoke the wrong impression.” Lotan added that if she ever chose to depict a gun on a garment in the future, she would do it in a way that “came up with a very strong statement against allowing guns.”

About the dress, which is no longer sold in her boutiques: “I don’t think anyone who wears it would wear it with the statement that guns are OK.”

Oy vey. My problem with the dress? It’s not sexy enough. Still I wouldn’t kick Kurkova out of bed for getting gun oil on the sheets, if you know what I mean.

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      • Yup dang straight! RF was all over this like white on rice lol
        I agree though, while the print is intriguing, the shape and form of the dress are, well bland. It is more like something you might get at the local WalMart not a world famous designer.. While the black and white give stark contrast it shows little creativity. Color could have been use to provide more flow and define the designers statement which is clearly lacking..
        Nili you failed on this one..
        Just sayin….

  1. The people working in my pit sitting around me ALL just looked when I lol’ed about the gun oil thing. How quickly these designers/actors jump on the chance to make a buck using the imagery of firearms and how quickly they condemn them when presented with any critical feedback. Danny Glover comes to mind in particular.

  2. Mr. Farago, you got me with that fake-out comment! If only it was true. A fashion designer who supported gun rights would show the world that firearm proponents can encompass a myriad of people from different backgrounds.

    But of course, Ms. Lotan doesn’t subscribe to that idea. Sigh…

    • Same here – I thought: “Finally someone who gets it!”. Imagine my disappointment…
      BTW: Go Czech!

  3. “an insensitive choice in the days after the failed assault weapon ban bill”…to who? The CHUD that wrote it? I start bouncing off the walls with glee at any measure failing which aims to degrade the rights of Americans, be it 2A or others.

  4. A couple of skater clothing companies not long ago flooded the teen/twenties market with every garment and accessory available, even lamps as I recall, with gun print.

    Hats, pants, jackets, shoes, shorts, shirts, medallions, and bunch of other gawdy trash.

    I dont recall there being any media backlash. In fact every other person under thirty on MTV at the time was draped head to toe in the stuff.

    Funny how absolute outrage can be so fickle.

    ETA: Rogue Status was the big brand doing it.

  5. I am no where near as fine as KK. I however, will wear my gun emblazoned clothing unapologetically when and where I choose with NO regard to who may be offended. The political correctness that has overtaken this country makes me want to puke, as well as the hypocrisy by those who profit from violence in music and film, yet demonize guns when accosted by press cameras.

  6. Yet another hot blond that opens her mouth and her brains fall out… Thank God for gun toting Red heads!!!!

    • The statement was from the designer. I’m more interested in what Karolina has to say…

      Well, I’m more interested in Karolina in general…

  7. an insensitive choice in the days after the failed assault weapon ban bill and a nation was still raw about both Newtown and Boston.

    Okay, so when would her choice not be insensitive? A year from now? Ten? Ten thousand? Dear Daily Snooze: ES&D. Sensitively.

    • Let’s also consider the question from the voting standpoint. The AWB was voted down 60 to 40 in the Senate. How many negative votes more would it take to reach the sensitivity threshold?

    • Although I’m pretty sure most people are past the “sensitive stage” about Newtown (parents of Newtown students excepted, because I’m not completely unfeeling), I’m absolutely certain that guns have nothing whatsoever to do with Boston. I am equally certain that I don’t give a flying fvck at a rolling doughnut about any “sensitivity” about the failed assault weapons ban bill. Even if I was a supporter of the bill, I wouldn’t require any “emotional support” due to its failure.

  8. I feel like a challenge has just been made to an aspiring gun loving fashion designer:

    Make a sexy gun print dress, find an awesome hot model to wear it holding a sign “Guns are OK”.

    Please. Ill chip in.

  9. Supermodel Karolina Kurkova stepped out onto Tribeca’s cobblestone streets in a gun-print dress [last Saturday] – an insensitive choice in the days after the failed assault weapon ban bill

    Wait – what? “Insensitive after the failed assault weapons ban bill?”

    Nobody died when the assault weapons bill was voted down. As far as I know, nobody even got a papercut. A bunch of people didn’t get their way. That’s it. We’re not going to start holding memorials and building monuments and observing moments of silence for every time someone doesn’t get their way.

    • Okay, no moments of silence — but I did send my senators a couple of tubes of Prep H to soothe their butthurt.

  10. I seriously started to look into buying that dress for my girl but then I finished RF’s post and was sadly dismayed. Well played!

  11. I’m disappointed in this “clothing designer”, if she even calls herself that. That exact print has been on T-shirts, hats, and various other garments for about a decade. I guess it’s fashionable to bring things back.

    The comment about controlling guns reminds me of a recent exchange where someone claimed guns were a public health issue because “they cause nasty holes to appear”. I guess the CDC’s misguided idea that guns are a disease (or “plague” as they put it in some reports) is still ingrained in some people and they don’t know about the existence of crime. Never mind the DOJ’s conservative estimate of DGUs is still 5.8 times greater than gun homicides.

    • “Fashion” is always circular. Hang on those skinny ties from the 80s and you can wear them, well, today. Not the really weird ones, and I doubt my Nicole Millers and Jerry Garcia’s from the 90s will be back, but something really close (derivative) will be.

      Zoot suits will be back someday at least according to the odds. As someone pushing late 40s, I’ve already seen almost all of it come, go, then come back again. Like women.

      • Mugatu is out on parole…I think you’ll see the return of the piano-key necktie any day now. Not to mention Derelicte!

  12. Wait…that’s a designed dress? It looks like something you’d make in home ec with a craft store pattern and any random print fabric. If someone is paying “designer” prices for that, they are getting hosed.

  13. We’ve regressed to being such complete and utter humorless, thin skinned wussies. Of all the true outrages in the world happening every day some gal wearing a gun-print dress actually makes news.

  14. Next week, she’ll step out with a sassy skirt in a smart-yet-subdued pressure-cooker print and color-coordinated B-B gun motif scarf.

  15. If you see her walking down the street and you’re thinking about the pattern on her dress… you’re probably jealous of everything else.

  16. Not my type. She better hope that I’m not holding a ladder for her when Ronnia walks by, Randy

  17. Any dude who has a problem with the gun print dress should have his lower jaw powdered by a ball-peen hammer.
    Stupid libtards.

  18. So if she had been wearing an Autism puzzle print would that have freaked them out as well? Clearly Newton was a combination of wacked out, moral devoid animal and colossally shit parenting. The device used was immaterial, simply a means to an end. Should we ignore radical Islam and how it drives terrorism or just ban air travel and pressure cookers?

  19. It’s a Prada dress – they also make dress shirts with this print, and also one that is similar, but handguns only.

    Best regards.

  20. Why all the hubbub? There was a line of clothing a few years back tat had the eact same pattern. Shoes, shirts, hoodies, etc. I’d buy a bunch if they were still available.

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