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No one in the media pushed harder for civilian disarmament than Brit expat Piers Morgan. Clearly not appreciative of the Constitutional freedoms afforded him here, the dozens of viewers who regularly tune in to his cable news gabfest saw him joust, to varying effect, with pro-gunners after Sandy Hook like the GOA’s Larry Pratt and, well, Alex Jones. And when his agti-gun agitprop campaign predictably resulted in some fierce blowback  — including a White House web site petition to have him deported — his response was, naturally, “bring it!” . . .

As he told his countrymen via a December article laying out his case for curbing American’s right to keep and bear arms a la the once-Great Britain, he let it be known that he’d never let it get that far.

…I can spare those Americans who want me deported a lot of effort by saying this: If you don’t change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage, then you don’t have to worry about deporting me.

Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time – seriously consider deporting myself.

That being the case, now that federal gun control legislation is deader than Tamarlen Tsarnaev, is Piers pondering packing? Surely he’s not going to hang his bowler on the silly Lautenberg gun powder bill.

Yes, a few states have implemented what the bombastic Brit would love to see nationwide, but despite his best efforts, most of the nation is going to remain RKBA-friendly, at least for the foreseeable future. And, naturally, Morgan made sure to include the necessary weasel-wording in his pledge (“I would…seriously consider deporting myself”). So what’ll it be, Piers? Time to go?   [h/t Jeremy S.]

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    • Not a trick question.
      No one is joshing,
      the answer is YES.
      PM can and should GTFO.

      • Morgans’ got a lot of nerve sucking up the benefits, protections and income from living and working in this country, then trashing any part of the U.S. Constitution under which he’s allowed to do so.

        Of course, he’s a liberal extremist, and that is what holier than thou liberal extremists do.

        He would be wise to remind himself that the Second Amendment was included in the Constitution largely because of what his countrymen were doing to the colonists at the birth of this nation – a nation that he is VISITING and sucking off of.

        • He can of course keep spewing his liberal anti 2A tripe.

          Because of his position, or lack of one, his rhetoric will only help our cause. He can keep hiding here if he’d like.

          Go Piers Morgan!

  1. Go. Or stay. Who cares? But don’t expect us to listen to your bathering infantile opinions.

  2. Piers who? And why the fvck does his opinion matter. I support legal immigration, but what chaps my hide is when these refugees like him flee their sub standard homelands and as soon as they get here they start trying to bring this country down to the failed standards that they just fled.

    • We have enough problems with domestic refugees ruing this country *cough colorado cough*

      • You know just because JWM and myself are from California please do not hold that against us lol

    • So true, and not just foreign ones. It always burns me up to see refugees from some urban hell-hole escape to a rural or nice suburban area and immediately start promoting policies guaranteed to turn it into the mess they just left behind. Maddening!

      • +1.21 gigawatts!

        So you left your home country to come here because where you were sucked.

        Lemme help you, your culture was part, if not all, of the problem in your former home.

        So, welcome to the USA! Bring your food, your history, your skills, and some fun words from your language. Your culture? Leave that behind, it has NO place here. We have our own culture, thanks. That is why you came here. What our culture has to offer you. If you’re not smart enough to appreciate that, we should send you back. Posthaste.

        Your children and grandchildren will actually have a stake and a viewpoint about this county that merits participation. Your job as a newly minted immigrant citizen is to STFU and be one of us.

  3. I think rather the question is how he got a show on American TV in the first place. Maybe it has to do with the fact he espouses causes dear to the heart of network panjandrums.

    (If you can’t look up “panjandrums”, feel free to substitute “poobahs”.)

  4. No! As President Custer leads his party to its demise, somebody has to cheer him on. Who better than a foreigner with an even more extensive record of lying?

    • Heh, you’ll regret it if he helps “New Custer” spin Little Bighorn instead into Wounded Knee in the next few years.

  5. How would he go back to a country that effectively kicked him out? His disciplinary period must be coming to an end soon. If he wants to find work I’m pretty sure Australia is the only English speaking nation that would accept him in historic fashion (historically being England’s prison continent).

    • “His disciplinary period must be coming to an end soon.” That was my thought exactly. He doesn’t like to bring up that he’s here, effectively, because he couldn’t stand the heat of the consequences of his own lack of moral judgement and ethics. Why the people he interviews don’t throw that back into his side of the court, I don’t know.

  6. While I detest the opinions, comments, and generally disrespectful attitude of Mr. Morgan; there are many other legal immigrants of vastly different backgrounds who support RKBA just as fervently as Mr. Morgan opposes it. Political beliefs (no matter how asinine) should not be cause for removal of rights, even of non-citizens (I don’t think he is?) such as Mr. Morgan.

    • “Political beliefs (no matter how asinine) should not be cause for removal of rights, even of non-citizens (I don’t think he is?) such as Mr. Morgan.”

      Nomad, no one is suggesting removing anyone’s rights. Wishing someone deported is not the same as doing it. Morgan stated on the record he would seriously consider deporting himself, he has the RIGHT to do this. As such he can GTFO………

  7. I dislike Piers Morgan. He invites guests and in the guise of an “interview” talks over then with his own opinions. Soledad Obrien did the same thing and CNN ditched her, perhaps Morgan is the next to get the axe. His ratings seem to be sub-par in any event.

  8. Odd as it sounds, I say keep ‘im. Why? Because it’s fun to watch blowhards like Morgan cater to all 14 of his regular viewers so the rest of us can say, “Piers who?”

  9. “Question of the Day: Is it Time for Piers Morgan to Go?” Answer: No, the time for Piers Morgan to go was when he first opened his mouth to turn the US into a clone of Failed Britain. Now, he should not be allowed to take any money or possessions with him on the next available flight across the pond.

  10. Pompous ass. The man is rude, crude, stupid and very irritating to listen too. Never thought I’d miss Larry King so much …. 🙁

  11. Why doesn’t this suppurating bag of British pus keep to his word and go back to that PC mosque they call Britain?

  12. Can’t we strap his ass to a crate of tea and throw him in Boston harbor?

    A fitting farewell.

  13. People, who cares. This is what is great about America. The right to free speech. It means everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter if you believe it or not. He is British, of course they want civilians not have the right. But, he also has the right to say it. Remember sticks and stones might break my bones but words will never hurt me. Grow a backbone and ignore the bastard.

  14. Why do we even waste time talking about this jackass? He relishes the attention.

    Ignore this dumbass. He can’t be helped, and he’s not worth our time and energy.

  15. It’s been time! That boat has come and gone… Too bad PM wasn’t on it! Btw, I especially loved the barb, “his dozens of viewers…” ROTFLMAO!

  16. I truely wish this guy was around about 238 years ago… Say somewhere near Lexington…
    Daydreams that bring a smile to my mug.

    • there were a whole bunch of them around lexington and treated them accordingly ala whites of their eyes boys whites of their eyes…….

  17. Send him back and have him room with Jeremy Clarkson.

    Can’t remember which episode or what car it was but Jeremy was giddy as all hell and giggling with the car and said it was almost as fun as setting Piers on fire.

  18. When the White House petition was posted, and got about 50,000 signatures, a counter-petition circulated in England to bar him from returning. Apparently, the Brits are more than happy to inflict him on us – their revenge for 1776.

  19. Don’t go back to England, Piers! We have starving gators here that would love to eat your doughy hide. And if you televised that it would be the highest rating you ever had!

  20. It is all really simple…. think back through history and what has happened every time ‘they’ try and ban something:

    They said the Heavy Metal was going to destroy our kids, they were all going to commit suicide or something. The PMRCA formed up to protect the children. They made a ‘ratings system’ for music (and later games) that made record sales go through the roof.

    They said alcohol was going to destroy the very country and tried to ban it. Did ban it for 13 years. You know, to save the kids. Alcohol sales in the neighboring countries went through the roof and the black market started making a few courageous people very rich. Coffee Houses were all the rage, Whiskey flavored coffee, Gin flavored coffee, wink-wink.

    Two very simple examples, there are dozens and dozens of others. Why do I tell you this? Because we have to treat Piers Morgan the same way. If we try and ban him or deport him or anything he gets the attention. And like any three year old throwing a tantrum all he wants is the attention.

    The solution?

    Piers Morgan? What’s a Piers Morgan? Is that something the kids are doing these days to piss off their parents?

    Simply ignore the idiot. He will continue to scream and whine and get more and more outrageous trying to get us to pay attention and it will eventually get him fired or deported on his own.

    • You can’t kill the metal. Metal will live on. New age tried to kill the metal. But they failed, as they were smite to the ground.

  21. you mean they didn’t cut his balls off so he cant contaminate the rest of the world

  22. Of course he’ll stay. As part of the elite, privileged set, he’ll have armed body guards, as will his daughter when she attends her private elementary school. That would have been the case either way. As with all liberal gun control advocates, he will always be surrounded by guns as soon as he steps out of his limo. He just wants to disarm you because that makes his (immediate) world safer.

  23. PM looks like he’s trying (unsuccessfully) not to fudge his undies.

    On topic… If he did go, the question is where. Is there any place in the world that deserves to be saddled with that preening twit?

  24. I remember some years ago, a bunch of Hollywood nutbags promising they’d leave the country if Bush got re-elected.
    I also recall that Bush got re-elected.
    But I have no recollection of the Hollywood nutbags leaving the country.
    guess my memory is failing.

  25. if we got Piers and LaPierre in the same space would they annihilate each other?

    he can stay. If you dont like him, change the channel. Dont be fooled, i am pretty sure like lady Huffington hes mostly about the benjamins.

  26. I haven’t looked recently, but I believe his ratings are in the toilet. So, it won’t be long before he’s given the ol’ pink slip. Networks have to make money to stay on the air… Too bad Jeremy Clarkson didn’t punch PMS’s teeth down his throat.

  27. If he is any kind of MAN he will make good and deport himself …if he does not…. then he will loose all creditability with all 2 dozen of his audience…..what the hell am I talking about he HAS NO CREDIBILITY…..PERIOD…leave you ass clown hell I’ll even give you cab fare to the airport….check that I will DRIVE YOU to the airport and that way I can make sure you get on the plane….

  28. How much pull does this twit actually have? I mean, I hate having an effeminate foreigner who can’t appreciate freedom in our sense of the word dictating his homeland’s failed policies on us more than the next guy, but does anyone actually pay attention to his haughty ass?

  29. Face it, the only reason he is still on the air is that the controversy of his position on guns has been good for his ratings which, prior to his striking gold with this subject, had been abysmal and rumors of his imminent removal from the airwaves were starting to swirl.

    Just as MSNBC has found, by continually advancing extreme opinions, CNN increased their ratings when they went from just a small core of listeners to twice as many as those opposed to Morgan’s positions tuned in. Viewers equal money to CNN and every other network.

  30. How much pull does this twit actually have? I mean, I hate having an effeminate foreigner who can’t appreciate freedom in our sense of the word dictating his homeland’s failed policies on us more than the next guy, but does anyone actually pay attention to that haughty nincompoop?

  31. Gentlemen, if there was ever a reason to steal your resolve this is is. Keep holding the line.

  32. Great. Deport yourself.

    “Is it Time for Piers Morgan to Go?”
    Forget about go – It was never time for Piers Morgan to come.

  33. Deport to the UK so he can stand trial in the BBC Organized, nation wide, pediophile ring that was headed by the head of BBC

  34. Well, look at his shocking record at News Of The World in the UK, fostering a climate of grubby journalism, spying and lying. If he is to be deported to Australia, I suggest it is to be in chains in the bowels of a leaking sailing ship, as a convict. (Like some of my ancestors a couple hundred years ago). He might end up like many other Kiwis in Oz, unable to find work and living under a bridge, being ineligible for welfare under Aussie rules. Perhaps he then might wonder if his peculiar stance on an American tradition was worth all the hot air. It was never any of his business.

  35. He’s welcome to leave or stay, as he sees fit. It makes less than zero difference in my life. However, I find the likelihood of his leaving to be almost nonexistent. He knows where he is better off, and that’s clearly not in his home country.

  36. Where’s he gonna go? A least here he has (to your point Dan) dozens of people who admire him. He is nothing but a meddling prick who has done little to enhance an anti agenda. So, I for one wouldn’t mind him staying just watch his show flame out and see him relegated to judging ventriloquists and jugglers again. It’s just a matter of time.

  37. “Relentless tidal wave,” huh? Maybe he can go back and become a victim of the out-of-control violent crime in Britain and not be able to do a damn thing about it.

    • Not to spoil your parade or anything, but…

      “Both crime and homicide have fallen significantly,” the report said, which revealed the murder rate has halved since 2003.

      “The fall over the last decade has resulted in the UK homicide rate now being roughly equivalent to that of the Western European average, and it is now at its lowest level since 1978.”

      Before anyone gets upset, it’s nothing to do with “successful gun control”; the handgun ban was 1997 (hand-ins 1998) and legal handguns were the square root of bugger-all in crime statistics, whether to commit or prevent.

      And as to the headline – we don’t want him back, it took long enough to get the mendacious scumbag to leave. Can’t anyone find him a job in Tehran or Pyongyang?

  38. Gentlemen,
    We can castigate this bombastic fool of an Englishman without resort to obscenities.

    • True, yet using them is an American freedom granted us in the 1st ammendment’s freedom of speech. Since he is bent on us losing our freedoms, let us all exercise this one and tell that sh!thead to f*ck off.
      If he does not like how we do things here he can get the f*ck out, he is not tied down.

  39. What country will take a loud mouthed Brit who preaches overthrowing the founding documents of that country? He doesn’t offer any skill or talent that I can see.

  40. Really? Seriously? Honestly, how can this even be a point of discussion? How does this left-wing, progressive, one-world government loving, Brit get away with even pretending to speak for Americans?

  41. This trash rag yellow “journalist” is on CNN for crying out loud, what do you expect? England doesnt want the creep, they threw his stupid ass out so where else would he end up if not CNN or MSNBC?

    The sad thing is that he is so easily eviscirated by logic, but other than Larry Pratt and Ted Nugent most of the pro gun punching bags on his show look shaky when he gets all indignant and pouty like the queen he is.

  42. Why can’t all immigrants be like the new editor of Recoil magazine? He left GB expressly because of the lack of RKBA and is now in the US promoting our rights.

  43. Well, Peirs, as the father of 3 and grandfather of 4, I have, or will, teach all of my kids and grandkids to safely, properly, and effectively handle weapons of all sorts. As a retired military small arms expert, it is my DUTY to make sure they are safe, and nothing can assure that like KNOWLEDGE.

    As to you “going”, please Go to Hell, and quickly.

  44. Get rid of him by all means.

    With ONE big proviso:

    Please DO NOT send him back here, as the obnoxious git isn’t welcome on this side of the Pond either.

    I suggest Mexico, or Guatemala, Belize even, as it’s the most boring place on the planet.

  45. He just cant grasp the understanding of the second amendment. He would be a future bar of soap, lampshade, or pile of ashes……..not to mention….Pelvic Ashtray.

    • I hate your ratio of posts using the word libtard to not. But I’d pay good money for that ashtray.

  46. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. My most fervent hope is Shannon Watts gets the slot. The more people who see the stupidity up close, the better.

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