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“After butchering the issue of illegal immigration in previous episodes, CW’s Supergirl producers apparently felt the show was ready to take on gun control in the latest episode, ‘Crossfire.'” Writing for, Scribe Lindsay Kornick lets the comely caped crusader’s civilian disarmament agenda have it with both barrels.

After a gang attacks National City armed with alien weapons supplied by a secret organization known as Cadmus, people rightly question what they can do to protect themselves. When the suggestion to arm the populace is thrown out, Supergirl/Kara (Melissa Benoist) simply responds, “Alien guns are bad no matter who controls them,” sounding like every other vapid Hollywood lefty who thinks all guns are bad simply for existing. Yes, because we can clearly see it was the alien guns alone that pulled their own triggers and blasted a children’s hospital, not the evil men holding them.

Here’s the dialogue that establishes Kara’s pro-gun control stance:

Female reporter on TV: In another case of humans using alien weaponry, the National City Children’s Hospital has been damaged.

Man: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure as hell would feel a lot safer if I had one of those super-powered weapons on me to defend myself.

Kara: That’s not the solution.

Man: Well then, what is? The bad guys are running around everywhere with these high-tech weapons. I just think it’s about time the good guys got some of our own.

Kara: Alien guns are bad no matter who controls them.

Man: The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms. Even if those arms are ray guns.

Kara: That’s what Cadmus wants. They’re the ones handing out these weapons. They want us to be afraid of each other. To not trust each other anymore.

Man: Well how do you know what Cadmus wants?

Kara: I… I just do.

James: Okay, guys, that’s enough. We all know our assignments. We’ve got a magazine to put out. Let’s get it together.

Like any good super villain, Ms. Kornick knows to kick a fictional character when she’s down. And how . . .

Honestly, this self-defense argument becomes even worse considering the person lecturing to us against self-protection with weapons is the one person on the planet who wouldn’t be threatened by a weapon anyway: Supergirl. It’s like the body-guarded gun-control activist wearing a cape, the Hypocrisy of Steel. In a city that is hassled by alien threats weekly, owning a weapon for self-defense should be a no-brainer. And if amnesty can apply to aliens, I think alien guns can apply to the Second Amendment.

Such a pithy, on-point, pro-gun commentary that I now have a new female superhero. Just sayin’  . . .

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  1. “the comely capped crusader”

    Hahahahahah. She should be capped. Maybe with one of those Kryptonite bullets that the ATF wants to ban.

  2. Gee I watched Supergirl and I didn’t come to any conclusion like that… it was a pitch for illegal immigrants(like Supergirl). Oh yeah Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter is president of the USA(a Hillary supporter-LOL!). And I caught the 2A reference. Humans couldn’t handle alien tech-plenty of guns in the show. Don’t read too much into this camp…

  3. The same folks who find this compelling, interesting viewing, have the show Tivo’d while they are out protesting Trump’s election.

  4. Eh, Arrow’s “buyback” episode was bad enough to be pretty funny. There’s the bit where two guys with full-auto ARs and no cover are more than a match for all the present police, if nothing else. The claimed success rate of the buyback is also pure fantasy. Warner/DC has shown their hand.

    • I just sent this to the CW:

      Dear CW, Arrow staff, et. al,

      I’m writing to inform you that I’m breaking up with you. I’ve been a religious watcher and fanboy of Arrow since the beginning. The fight choreography, story, and writing has kept me watching. I’ve stuck with you through thick and thin, through weak actors and strong actors.

      I was very excited for this season because of the death of Laurel Lance. Laurel was a critical emotional center for Oliver, who was responsible for the death of both Lance girls at some point in his life, and his conscience is weighing heavy. Emily Bett Rickards has been a great choice, and keeping her broken up from Stephen Amell has built the sexual tension and chemistry.

      The new team is great, and I like that the staff has the courage to kill a major character, take Speedy out of the team because she’s moving on with her life, and the various storylines and permutations that strike the right balance of ridiculous and fun. This season has shown real promise, and seems to be learning from “prestige TV” into how to make the show more compelling, performances better, writing with payoffs, etc.

      However after “so it begins”- I’m done.

      Arrow has always been interesting because Oliver has no superpowers. Oliver goes through intense training, from Lian Yu to the Bratva, and so operates at a near superhuman level. The show has even been moving in the direction of training a new team of athletic amateurs, and showing the attendant difficulties. I was excited for the more open, kinder Oliver perhaps demonstrating to Felicity that he’s worth getting back with.

      But after this scene, I stopped watching, canceled all my reminders and recordings, and I’m not looking back.

      (citizen shooting wildly at phantom Prometheus)

      Oliver (green arrow): Put your weapon down!

      Citizen with gun: I’ve got a right to protect myself.

      (Oliver puts an arrow through the barrel of the revolver)

      Citizen with gun:Hey. That’s my property.

      Oliver (green arrow):Not anymore.

      Read more at:

      You simultaneously smear citizens who are concealed carriers as incompetent, dangerous, unable to defer to proper authority, and better off disarmed.

      Further, the man doing this confiscation is the actual mayor of the city.

      This is disgusting. Your show is entirely ABOUT human potential, and becoming something greater through work, not superpowers. Concealed carry is a hot topic, but self defense is a human right. You use this opportunity to mock those who legally carry firearms for self protection, and so declare yourself a member of the culture wars. And I refuse to endorse your anti-self defense position with my time, money, word of mouth, etc.

      Star City is a mess. Cops are dropping like flies every night. Citizens are randomly being murdered by Prometheus. Police clearly are NOT able to adequately protect civilians, and the condition has been the same for YEARS. Concealed carry is the only policy that makes sense, besides moving out of the city. Yet you try to smear citizens who proactively take steps to prevent their victimization, and statistically, are more law-abiding than police officers or ANY subset of the US population.

      “So how law-abiding are police? With about 570,000 full-time police officers in the US at that time, that translates into about 124 crimes by police per hundred thousand officers. […] Concealed carry permit holders are even more law-abiding. Between October 1, 1987 and January 31, 2015, Florida revoked 9,366 concealed handgun permits for misdemeanors or felonies. This is an annual rate of 12.5 per 100,000 permit holders — a mere tenth of the rate at which officers commit misdemeanors and felonies. In Texas in 2012, the last year the data is available, 120 permit holders were convicted of misdemeanors or felonies – a rate of 20.5 per 100,000, still just a sixth of the rate for police. . . .”

      Your hit piece on the natural right to self defense is morally wrong, factually incorrect, indefensible, and has lost my viewership despite literally everything else being better and season 5 on track to be my favorite season.

      In conclusion, I am going to do everything I can to get people to stop watching your show. Please, don’t ruin flash with more of this pablum, or I’m going to have to go CW free- which really saddens me.

      • Yeah, that part of this week’s episode really bugged me too that they portrayed legal gun owners as bumbling idiots who’ll just start randomly shooting at nothing because they’re scared. Thankfully I torrent all of my episodes, so they don’t get a single cent of ad revenue from me!

      • “statistically, are more law-abiding than police officers or ANY subset of the US population.”

        Ironically, the majority of the police on Arrow itself are known to be crooked and in the pockets of the urban warlord.

    • The buyback episode was a huge facepalm when I saw it. Arrow started out cool when he was actually taking out the trash. I watched it up to last season. I haven’t seen a single episode this season and with the other reply to your comment about the Arrow shooting some guys revolver and acting like a douche bag is making me rethink getting back into the series. I only watch Supergirl for the…uh…story?

      • This week’s thing was kind of random, because two members (now) of Team Arrow use guns and one of them was using guns to kill criminals as a vigilante before ever meeting Green Arrow. Maybe they just let the wrong people at CW write this week’s episodes and that’s why two of the three shows aired (Flash wasn’t on this week because of the election) had an anti-gun element. I haven’t watched Legends of Tomorrow this week, so I don’t know if that one is anti-gun too.

  5. That’s what Cadmus wants. They’re the ones handing out these weapons. They want us to be afraid of each other. To not trust each other anymore.

    You think we should… trust… people attacking a children’s hospital with alien ray guns?

  6. She’s also incredibly negligent with her ricochets!!

    Seriously, if you’re going to stand there and deliberately allow bullets to bounce off you, you’re responsible for where they end up!

  7. Is there a superhero, in some form (e.g., comics, TV, movie) that ISN’T anti-gun? Very early Batman (he is my favorite!!), had guns (e.g., machine guns on his plane–and he used them). In the Nolan movie, he makes some dumbass “assault rifle” comment to Gordon at the end of the movie. I saw a 1980’s Spiderman (my second favorite) comic where he campaigns against guns.

    Most authority figures (e.g., superheroes, police officers, government officials) are against regular people aiding themselves. If we helped ourselves, we wouldn’t need them to rescue us, would we?

    End rant.

    • …And that’s why The Punisher is and always will be my favorite comic book character. Not a whole lot of recurring villains in his stories, and the ones who do come back only lived the first time because some panty-wearing do-gooder stopped him from blowing their head off.

      • Hallelujah, praise the Lawd! He recons, reloads, carries, aims, fires, and wears body armor. God bless the Punisher. Can’t wait for his Netflix series… Until then Tom Jane and season 2 of Daredevil will have to do.

        • I didn’t make it through Season One of Daredevil.
          No, wait, Elektra! We can’t kill these assassins that are trying to kill us! We must knock them unconscious, or die trying to knock them out, and wait for them to come to their senses and try to kill us again!

          Much preferred the movie Daredevil to the TV idiot.

  8. “Supergirl Suports Gun Control!”

    Well of course she does! I’m sure she thinks she’s the only one professional enough to handle that sort of power.

  9. “I just do… It’s this natural superiority that I was just born with that makes me better than all of you ignorant proles.”

    Left wing elitism laid bare on the screen.

  10. No more Captain America movies, No more Liam movies, no more Hawaii 5.0, Super girl, or Arrow. We need a sponsored no watch list and to put our numbers behind it.

    • Literally, the CBS-Warner network.
      So don’t be surprised by the politics sneaking into their comic hero action series.

  11. Doesn’t Superman also support gun control in that net-famous series of panels where he discusses deweaponizing all of humanity with the Flash during a chess game?

    It seems the Super family really is a gun control family. Easy for them to say when they’re perpetually armed themselves with laser vision and body armor of their own skin.

    I bet they didn’t even get a NICS check when they were born to carry concealed like that.

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