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Under Bruen, California will have to show that its restrictions are “consistent with this Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation.” In this context, [May v. Bonta] says, that means “all law-abiding, competent adults” have “the right to carry firearms and ammunition for self-defense in all public areas that have not historically been considered ‘sensitive places’ or their modern analogues based on relevant history.”

Before S.B. 2 was enacted, federal judges had concluded that similar restrictions in New York and New Jersey failed the Bruen test. While California legislators were considering S.B. 2, a federal judge in Hawaii issued a temporary restraining order against several of that state’s location-specific gun bans. Three days after Newsom signed S.B. 2, a federal judge blocked enforcement of Maryland’s restrictions on firearms near public demonstrations, its ban on carrying guns in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, and its presumptive rule against guns in other businesses open to the public.

Unfazed by those warnings, California is forging ahead with a policy that defies Bruen while pretending to comply with it. At a February 1 press conference announcing the introduction of S.B. 2, its supporters lamented the “radical Bruen ruling” and the resulting “flood of applicants” for carry permits while expressing the hope that the bill would mitigate the “disastrous effect of the Bruen decision.” As the complaint in May v. Bonta notes, Newsom himself called Bruen “a very bad ruling” and “used air quotes when discussing the ‘right’ to carry firearms outside the home, making his contempt for the Constitution clear.”

— Jacob Sullum in California Defies SCOTUS by Imposing Myriad New Restrictions on Public Gun Possession

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    • I discussed this with a couple of veteran LEOs who can’t stand Newsom and fully support CCW & 2A for everyone. They said SB2 is blatantly unconstitutional, but unfortunately if permit holders continue to carry in areas this bad law prohibits, it’s 100% guaranteed they’ll be arrested and charged under orders from their superiors, and forced to go through the strenuous process of challenging it in court. Newsom knows this.

      Our LASD Sheriff doesn’t support CCW.
      Our LAPD Chief doesn’t support CCW.
      CADOJ certainly doesn’t support CCW.

      • I wonder how many of these LEOs are going to enforce these new “slave catcher laws”.
        They were also unconstitutional 170 years ago.
        But they were enforce by the sheriff of the day back then.

        I guess the LEOs in the 21st century really needs that pay check.

      • LASD? Say, that somehow rings a bell in my head….

        oh, its comng clear now… oh almot got it..yes now I remember.
        That is the same sheriff department where the sheriff was doling out Mother May I Cards to select good buddies who were eager to do her bidding on OTHER matters in return for that coveted scarce goodie, the Mother May I Carry a gun Card.

        Some department you got there.. it’d be a real shame if anything should happen to it……

    • A ‘People’ who allow it to continue to happen. Be thankful at least there were different people in 1775-1783.

        • By the time ‘Yet’ gets around. It may well be to Late. The Democrat have to fear of or respect for the Courts or any decisions they may make. Which is obvious by their actions. They also have no fear of their Subjects. Which they have been indoctrinating for 60 years. They don’t believe ‘We the People’ have the courage of desire to defeat their ideology. Which as allowed will continue to indoctrinate more children, until there is no one left to fight against them.

  1. Refusing to honor the Constitution.
    Refusing to enforce drug laws.
    Refusing to enforce immigration laws.

    Seems like California is insurrecting. Perhaps even going confederate.

      • He could, he has the necessary connections. The one thing that may (hopefully) end his chances is his horrendous record as Governor of California.
        We went from a 5 billion dollar budget surplus under (fiscally conservative) Governor Brown to a 15 billion dollar deficit that continues to grow. Homelessness (highest number in the nation) and drug deaths have sky rocketed. Major commercial tenants have given up on San Francisco and moved out as crime is rampant, costing them millions. The population continues to sink as taxes continue to rise. California has one of the worst education systems in the country, despite throwing billions of dollars to pay for useless programs. It has the worst roads in the country despite the imposition of a gasoline tax to pay for infrastructure improvements (to say nothing of the federal till), adding to the highest state taxes on gasoline in the nation, resulting in the average cost of gasoline being $1.15 per gallon higher than elsewhere. He has mandated that all new cars sold in the state must be electric by 2030, ignoring that the infrastructure will not support them and it seems fewer and fewer people are interested in buying them.
        And of course, he is in league with Everytown and NYS in enacting the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Under SB2, about the only place one may legally carry concealed is out in the street (but not in any business not displaying a guns allowed sign) or on other people’s property who have given explicit permission allowing guns. The purpose of the restrictions is simple: discourage concealed carry when they are required to issue licenses to pretty much all applicants.

        • Oh so with all that Newsome Will become president of the United States.
          Here comes the new Boss
          Better then the old Boss
          And we pick up our buisness and pave the way
          For China to save the day.

          Anyone holding an elected position who do not honor the Constitution of the United States of America are traitors to this country.
          VOTE LOUDER.

  2. The Globalization AGENDA (note: starts addressing constitutional rights and other matters we are going through to defend right now from the left wing socialists-tryranny implementation that Biden and his minions are trying to do, one thing of which is to disarm the populace ….about 15:34 in the video but watch the whole thing to get the whole context).

  3. someones not gonna comply with something or other – Arlington, Virginia (yesterday) … Massive blast destroys home during police search.

  4. From coast to coast Gun Control zealots are desperate to whitewash the Racist, Genocide History of their beloved Gun Control. They are attempting to put a smiley face back on their Gun Control rot by singling out and going after firearms that they assume Americans are willing to surrender. In other words congressioal democRats like chuckie schumer are doubling down on the Gun Control rot that’s happening in IL.

    While America is being pacified on football rest assured sneaky Gun Control nazis are making plans to surprise attack non compliance Gun Owners like hamas attacked Israelis at a music fair.

    It is past time demonic criminal coddling Gun Control democRats pay for the criminal carnage they created. Carnage they cover up by blaming law abiding citizens exercising a Constitutional Right.

    • Whitewashing sounds like a raceist remark to me.
      Maybe, maybe not.
      I think they Orangewashed it, nope Oranges are grown in Florida,FloridaMan, more raceisming.
      This is getting hard.

  5. New York and other Leftist oriented states are doing the same thing. Ite is time to sue the members of the legislatures that pass these bills, finding them in CONTEMPT of the Supreme Court Bruen decision.

    • Sue all you want, it just leads to a new walk-around or an appeal and the issue remains. If winning a suit was the answer, Bruen should’ve ended this, once and for all. Heller before Bruen.

      Lawsuits are fine and good, but they are primarily used for fund raising. “Look what we’re doing!!! Send us money, or join up with us!!!”

      It is up to the people to insure the enforcement and protection of the Constitutional assurances. “The Government”, at almost every level, is always seeking to add regulation and control, if for no other reason than to justify its very existence. The only way to deal with this usurpaton is to unelect all of the people blocking Americans’ basic rights and liberties, and see to it that the newly-elected remove all of the appointed bureaucrats who continue to press these regulations. That’s a damn tall order when Americans, in general, cannot seem to decide exactly where this country should be heading.

      • Until the elected lawmakers begin ti face dire consequences for their knowingly and deliberatly viuolating their solemn oaths of office in voting for such clearly anti-constitutioan laws, this will not abate. When some of these high profile scoff-law legislative frauds face hard prisn time for the felony charge of perjury in breaking their solemn oaths of office, it will continue unabated. My guess is after about the fourth such conviction of a high profile scofflaw elected lawkmaker gets his new custom fitted orange onesie and his eight digit tag to wear as he eats his supper from a tin plate with a spork (with rounded tips) , alone, this cohorts in deception will have an awakening and eiterh leave office or end their practices of flouting that Founding document

        • There are absolutely NO consequences. The founders never envisioned state and federal officials defying the constitution. In 1960 in when Georgia refused to integrate schools, federal troops were sent in. When states create sanctuary cities NOTHING happens. Anti 2nd amendment laws pass, NOTHING happens!!

    • Filibuster incoming. The point of forcing a vote is to require Republicans to vote against it so that the Democrats have a talking point during the next election cycle. There is no possibility that this bill would ever pass, and Schmoozer knows it.

  6. The DeSantis-Newdumb Debate solved the riddle for me.
    I have long held that when you don’t understand an issue or can’t figure out that certain something that seems odd about a person, you are just missing one piece of information that would explain things.
    The thing that was revealed to me while watching the debate is that Newdumb fits the clinical definition of pathological liar and narcissistic personality disorder.
    Think about it.
    Explains everything to do with him.

    And most of the Dims in positions of administration.

    • That stupid trainwreck puzzled me until one key line made it all make sense: when Newsome said “That’s Madame Vice President to you!”

      And then all the pieces fell in place. Newsome isn’t campaigning for President. Newsome is locking up the vice presidency slot when Biden exits the race. The ticket will be Harris/Newsome. Both young-ish, both Californians, one ethnic, one woman, an ideal diversity ticket, with the diversity at the top of the ticket, but Newsome is introducing himself to the world so he’ll be a known quantity when it’s time to vote.

      That ticket is all the Democrats could want, with none of the Biden that’s dragging them down. They probably think it’s a dream ticket, if they could only figure out why people seem to not have a very high opinion of Madame Vice President.

      (and he is absolutely, unquestionably a pathological liar, and a narcissist. But that describes every politician, so it’s not exactly news).

  7. Newssolini and the rest of his fascist ilk subscribe to the view Democrat Rep. James Clyburn expressed during the Obamacare debates: “The Constitution means what WE say it means.”

    The Constitution is an impediment to them. They lied when they took their oath of office to “protect and defend the Constitution.” They don’t believe in the concept of individual liberty, they think you only deserve the “privileges” THEY”RE willing to grant to you.

    • In all honesty they are correct.
      We The People believe we have constitutional rights when our constitutional rights are negotiated to benefit more power to the King.
      We the People lost our power over Our government when 40acres and a mule would no longer support our family.
      The state government lost its power over the federal government when it borrowed money to fix a road.
      .Giv , ask and you may receive, with a caveat.

  8. In case you haven’t noticed these radical leftist Democrats act as though they were the only people in the USA that have a right to do whatever they please while at the same time making absolutely sure we obey all their illegal rules and laws. Of course, they are to be totally ignored and any illegal laws they pass are to be ignored as well. Funny how when states like NY, CT. NJ, Ill, CO, have passed restrictive 2nd Amendment laws they have been ignored by the public and quietly not enforced because no smart cop is going to go door to door to collect your firearms. Just keep supporting your local firearm organizations so the courts will tell these radical leftists how it is going to be and if they don’t like then let them go to your house and try to collect your firearms. Good luck with that since just about all of them are cowards and always want others to do their dirty work.

  9. Did exactly the same thing in NY. A year later SCOTUS refuses to deal with NY saying FU to them!!! And we sit here being oppressed by the leftist tyranny day after day, week after week, month after month, now for over year with no end in sight!!!

    • You realize NYSRPA vs Bruen took from 2018 to 2022 to go from state to federal to circuit to SC to decision right? We have multiple challenges argued less than a year ago at the circuit level already pending decision and likely appeal. Shit sucks but it is moving damn fast.

  10. The only thing california is good for is legal butt sex and drugs. Most are soci@list pr0gressive in their p0litical 0rientati0n.
    Several years ago there was an AIDs scare in the p0rn industry. And the adult film business shut down.

    Politicians there publicly stated they needed to get the business up and running. Because they stated the p0rn industry provided a huge tax revenue base to the state.

    The p0rn people are just doing fine in California now. But the legal pot business was taxed out of business, so they left California.

  11. Jacob Sullum is the only writer at Reason Magazine that keeps me from saying, they are an anti-civil rights publication.

    But Reason Magazine certainly is good for legal butt sex and drugs.

    • Diarrhea + legal butt sex.
      A new first in the porn industry.
      I’d like to marry Happy the elephant but then I’d have to train a Moose to let me stand on its head.
      I suppose I could shute Happy with a tranquilizer gunm. She’d fall over pass out and just lay there. Butsex gee, no fun there, I already get that with my girlfiend.

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