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Our friends down at Sharp Shooters Knife & Gun tell us that all 1000 examples of the Sturm, Ruger & Co. “Coyote Special” LCP .380 are sold out. The Lubbock gun store tells TTAG that Ruger has a second run in the works. “We had over 150 calls about the gun yesterday,” owner Charles Blackwell said. “We’re putting people on a waiting list for the next one.” Mr. Blackwell is as mystified as this writer by the gun’s appeal. “The .380 is by no means a coyote (keye-oat) gun.” So what is? “An AR-15,” Blackwell answered, without pausing. That said, Blackwell is smart enough to leave that gift horse’s mouth uninspected. In fact . . . “We’re asking Ruger if we can make our own version with the laser sights, like Governor Perry’s gun.” And check this out: Blackwell knows Governor Perry personally . . .

“My grandfather taught Rick in Sunday school back in Haskell,” Blackwell reveals.

So who better to ask if the whole coyote shooting story is on the level?

“it’s odd for a coyote to be in such close proximity to a built-up area. Maybe Perry’s dog was in heat. Or there was food around.”

Yes, yes. Straight up? Straight up.

“I live just outside the Lubbock city limits. There was a coyote 50 feet from my house the other night. I was gonna shoot him when he ran off.”

With what gun, pray tell?

“A Sig .357,” Blackwell says with a laugh. “It sure would have woken up the neighbors.”

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  1. 01/2/2016

    Howdy !

    I would like to purchase the “Coyote Special LCP .380 with the laser light. When is this available to purchase?

    Thank You
    Debbie Leonard

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