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From Strike Industries . . .

The SIOPTO SCOUTER is the first optical sight to premiere from the SIOPTO line of products. The SCOUTER is a unique original distinguished design by SIOPTO and Strike Industries engineers.

This is a precision CQB/CQC aiming solution at a competitive price point that provides functionality needed to operate in austere conditions. The SCOUTER is made from a one-piece sight housing along with the included absolute height mounting base.

Both are CNC machined from a solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum alloy providing a rugged, yet aesthetically pleasing HOOD design. No parallax, unlimited eye-relief and a wide 20mm field of view (FOV) to ensure quick target acquisition as well as increasing target transition proficiency.

A collimated wedge lens with multi-layer coating for a sharp and clear view. Specially customized European mini micro-LED technology generates the crystal-clear red dot reflection on the 20mm objective lens. With the power efficient circuitry, the battery life lasts just over two (2) years at illumination level #6 protected by the SIOPTO designed rigid battery cover.

Depend on the SCOUTER when you need it, this red dot sight has a motion activation feature; it will automatically power on when motion is detected and will automatically shut off after two (2) hours of no motion. The push button switch adjusts the illumination through 11 different settings.

Lightweight and compact, the SCOUTER is an extremely viable option for any weapon platform where the application requires quick target acquisition and transitioning in a close-quarters setting.

SCOUTER is 100% designed and assembled in the USA and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Stay tuned for the variety of SIOPTO compatible optional accessories.

-Red Dot: Aimpoint® Micro Standard (T-1/T-2) footprint
-Included Mount: 1913 Picatinny rail
-Not night vision compatible

Product Specifications:
-SCOUTER LxWxH: 79.30mm (3.12″) x 45.30mm (1.78″) x 38.50mm (1.52″)
-SCOUTER w/ mount height: 62.00mm (1.78″)
WEIGHT: 6.30 oz. (w/ battery & mount)
RETICLE: 2.0 MOA red dot (650nm +/-10NM wavelength)
ADJUSTMENT: 1/2 MOA per click
POWER: x1 CR2032 Li-ion
BATTERY LIFE: 18,000 hours @ level #6
*AUTO ON/OFF: Motion detected on / 2 hours after no motion
MATERIAL: CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum
WATERPROOF: 10 meters (30 ft.) / 3 hours
*NOTE: Auto motion detected on only works if red dot is not manually turned off. Only when standby occurs with no motion after 2 hours

MSRP = $249.95

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    • Not always…some companies use Japanese glass. Even Filipino I believe. Its looks good. I see Taiwan’ which AIN’T china.

      • Exactly. Foreign made from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, ect… I’m totally ok with. They can make quality stuff and they’re US allies.

  1. What a disappointment It’s just a standard red dot but with shake-awake. You can get that with a Sig Romeo 5 for $100 less and the Romeo is NV compatible, so I suppose it’s worth asking is the extra $100 worth it to know it’s assembled by Strike USA. Also, what’s with ditching the tool-less battery compartment? None of my other red-dots have lost their battery covers.

    I was really hoping for more features, you know, perhaps the 65 MOA ring of death, or a bullet drop comp, or heck, even the strike industries red/blue/gold anodized parts for extra bling, and to ensure 0.25 tighter MOA.

    • Bad news – an update because when I made this comment I emailed their support. Parts come both Taiwan and China. So we don’t get to avoid giving the Chinese money on this optic… may as well buy the Sig optics for half the price then.

      Or save up more and get something else

  2. I really appreciate how the electronics are located on the side and top of the housing instead of below it- that allows for an extremely low mount. Since my rifle preferences are not AR’s, the lower I can mount an optic the better. I will definitely be checking this red dot out.

  3. I skimmed the headline was kind of interested in how an UN-assembled red dot sight would work when I miss read the title. I mean I guess there could be some cost savings by having the buyer put it together like an IKEA shelf but how would you purge and charge it with nitrogen. Scope and sight tear downs would be an interesting feature for future articles.

    • And I read your comment “UN-assembled” to mean “United Nations-assembled”, so I was imagining a huge room full of representatives from 200 nations, from Austria to Zimbabwe, assembling sights!

      But seriously, I’m disappointed that it only comes in red, not green. My astigmatism makes red dots blurry, but green dots are perfectly clear. Unfortunately, there are few mid-priced GREEN dot sights, so I have to stick with Eotech (high-priced) or Holosun (almost as high-priced, and much harder to find in Green). I’m not going to buy the crappy $50 Chinese red/green dot sights that aren’t even good enough for an airsoft gun.

  4. We might not fully appreciate having optics made as far off shore from China as possible. It could be worse.

    Where are your phone, tablet, or laptop made? Own a GM from after 2012, look under the dashboard and count the control modules clearly marked “made in China.” My wifes Buick had 6 visible just behind the glovebox alone. And storage yards near GM factories have thousands sitting waiting on just one or two modules.

    BE ADVISED that famous maker optics which are sold to the US military do have US assembled parts because it’s Federal Law – but buyers working with their direct sources in China point out the civilian models are NOT – they are Chinese assembled right next to their own products. And most of these optics are no longer Branded engineering thru their proprietary house, they are Chinese designed and offered to be branded exclusively if they want to be the only to offer that specific product.

    We are not seeing companies compete against each other so much as companies getting lazy and taking the niche product where it fits a hole in their lineup.

    This won’t change easily and it won’t be pretty, if you don’t want offshore optics even the Euro brands are equally guilty of cherrypicking a feature set and having their name slapped on it.

    Even Leupold does this now.

    You really want made in the USA you will have to dig much deeper and then stick with what you find much longer. Decades, even.


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