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Does it strike anyone else as odd that the President of the United States and his Democrat backers want to arm unreliable “Syrian rebels” while, at the same time, all the Presidents’ men strive to create new gun control laws at home? The Prez and Co. know that a portion of these arms will fall into the hands of our enemies. Just as ISIS armed themselves with U.S. taxpayer-fundeded weaponry when the American-trained Iraqi troops turned tail and ran. And the Obama administration’s cool with that. Greater good and all. But they don’t apply the same calculus to “allowing” Americans to freely exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Open pipeline there. Closed pipeline here. Is that the teeniest bit hypocritical?

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  1. Not just hypocritical, but also very evil.

    We are arming the very people that are turning around to try to supposedly kill us – if you believe all of the ISIS boogey man stories in the news.

    We had fairly stable “the devil you know” type regimes in the Middle East. We chose to purposefully destabilize them and arm them…hmm…sounds criminal to me, but what do I know?

    • Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t have done that. Or at least held the people responsible for the mess accountable.

      I’ll bet Cheney sleeps like the proverbial baby, though. On piles of money. While the rest of us try and clean up the mess.

      Talk about evil.

      • Yeah! You can blame Cheney and Bush for Afghanistan and Iraq being destabilized!
        Well… actually. Those states only really started collapsing when we pulled out and left a power vacuum. But hey, we can still say it’s their fault for going in to begin with.

        The REST of the Mideast destabilizing during the Arab Spring is entirely on Obama and Clinton.

        • Iraq is not the same as Afghanistan. Afghanistan was already a mess.Bombing the Taliban (even farther) into the stone age was not the same thing as “liberating” Iraq without having a tyrant of our own with which to replace him.

      • You obviously refer to the Kenyan eunich who squats in the Whitehouse?

        We WON in Iraq, as in Vietnam, then Marxist demtards surrendered. The French surrender when under fire. The American Democrat wets himself and surrenders AFTER the adults have prevailed.

        What does Cheney have to do with it? He was/is right.

        • You made a small error. The Muslim Kenyan eunuch.
          Not sure technically a eunch as he would have had to have them in the 1st place.

    • I find it odd how Mr. President seems intent on giving them the entire middle east (ISIL Levant is the whole region) when they seemed fine calling themselves ISIS (Syria). Can’t draw too much attention to the fact that we are arming these people in Syria and they are toting those guns over to Iraq. Tinfoil hat on tight, there comes a point where I have trouble attributing 1/4 of the world burning to just incompetence. The very best thing we could do now is just freaking stop meddling in Syria. Assad staying in power and stomping out the muslim brotherhood is by far not the worst possible outcome for America.

      • The lesson learned there was that if you want your attack helicopters to stay alive, keep them out of the range of heat-seeking missiles.

        (A military turboshaft engine is a different critter than a modern airliner high-bypass turbofan.)

  2. In addition to J Russell’s comment, I find it an odd move because there are plenty of arms in the region already. The problem is not a matter of enough guns. They have plenty.

    Arming a Syrian rebel is like offering a shotgun to a Redneck. Sure, he’d like to have a brand new one free but chances are he’s got one at home already.

    • No conflict, here. Obama doesn’t see militant Islamists as his (the Progressives’) enemies, so he doesn’t really care if they are armed. He sees Americans as the Progressives’ enemies, so he wants Americans disarmed. Makes perfect sense from Obama’s perspective.

  3. Their position is not based on any logic – but only emotion, ignorance and elitism. So the fear of being hypocritical does not even enter into their thought process. Their cultist-like zealotry insulates them from any logic-based arguments or second thoughts of being completely wrong.

  4. Hypocritical? Yes. Surprising? No.

    My question do gun grabbers realize just how hypocritical it is? Maybe they do, but hold fast to the notion they know what’s best for us common folk. Or, they simply cannot connect the dots because they fail to consider the utility of armed self defense in their personal lives, hence their stance.

    I’m waiting for a “turn in your guns, and we will send them to help the rebels” push. Ballistic version of coats for kids.

    What really gets me, is we are arming rebels to fight off their crappy government/radicals. I remember reading something once about Americans being rebels. What was that called, oh yea, the American Revolution. Then the guys who started that party crafted most of the laws which still govern our nation. They had enough forethought to clearly preserve the right to bear arms, knowing well that guns are necessary to prevent the kind of BS going on in the middle east from happening here. As I said earlier, failure to connect the dots.

  5. Scary when the good-guys look so rag-tag bag-of-ass and flash piece signs. Where’s Gunny when you need him.

  6. Scripted response. I’m ok with arming the Kurds. I don’t think there any real “moderate” Syrian freedom fighters. By now I’m thinking revenge & murdering more Christians. Barry Soetero is what he is. It goes way beyond hypocrisy. Or gross ineptitude. We are SO screwed…

    • I’m with you on arming the Kurds. It seems to me what the Kurdish people want is to be left alone. That’s something most POTG have in common with villagers in Kurdistan.

      • I agree about arming the Kurds. I’d be happy to help out anyway I can to see that they have the arms necessary to defend themselves from these animals.

  7. I believe Obama is arming rebels and anti-American forces while trying to disarm the US’s population. This is being done to destabilize the world to give him and his cronies opportunities to become even more wealthy and powerful.

    Even politicians are accountable to their campaign donors. After all is said, the liberal vote is being bought, especially without anyone knowing it!

    Shhhh, it’s a secret! Don’t tell anyone. Tongue in cheek (TIC)

  8. He and they may genuinely be naive enough or hopeful enough to honestly believe that the day to take up arms against a totalitarian regime in America will never come.

    Or he’s evil as all getout and doesnt want any arms pointed at his (any POTUS) totalitarian regime.

    Or he really doent give a rats ass about anything but votes (for his party) and sees the guns issue as just another chess piece to play with for manipulating public opinion.

    I lean to the third option. No politician really cares about anything but his own ass and any and all positions are simply lip service to gain or even lose the votes necessary to save said ass.

  9. Obama should send the rebels his plans for nonsense gun control legislation, registration, confiscation. I’m sure they will thank him.

  10. Connect the dots, and we just armed Al Qaeda. The new arms should go nicely along with all the MANPADs we gave them.

    (In a sane world, this act would come very close to being grounds for treason.)

    Mental exercise: what if either a) the US could not send to any non-Americans any weapons not legal for American citizens to possess, or, b) any weapons sent to non-Americans automatically became legal for American citizens to possess?

    • As it was ‘splained to me, a MANPAD (Man Portable Air Defense, AKA a “Heat Seeking Missile”) is not an automatic death sentence for a modern airliner. It’s not good news, but it’s not a TEOFTWAWKI situatation.

      Modern high-bypass turbofans, if damaged, don’t automatically fireball. The bits that rotate at high speed (Known as the hot section) have some armor blankets from the rest of the aircraft.

      Still, I’d rather not have one fired at any aircraft I was riding in.

      Hit both engines, I hope your insurance is paid up.

      • Well sure, if a couple of the turbine blades come off they can just shut it down and limp to the nearest friendly airport … but it’s another thing entirely when a high-speed explosive projectile catches up with one of your engines and detonates, taking out your flaps, some of the wing and sending shrapnel (from the missile – not covered by the engine shielding) into the cabin and fuel tank on that side.

        Note: the above is based on my very limited knowledge of missiles and assumes that the missile packs an explosive and is not just a self-guiding kinetic projectile.

        • Yes it does have a small warhead. It’s an issue of sheer mass. A fighter’s engine is rather small, it doesn’t take a lot to kill. An airliner engine is usually designed to survive a catastrophic engine failure. (Engine that “grenades”) Redundant control systems, hydraulic lines routing, etc.

          In the past few years there have a few transport category aircraft hit by MANPADs. The results have been mixed, some went down, quite a few didn’t.

          I don’t want to be in one that gets hit, but it’s not a guaranteed kill, not by a long shot.

  11. What is doubly disturbing for me is that since they
    want to arm the Syrian government (sorry “rebels”)
    they would be de facto giving arms to groups
    like Hezbollah.

  12. Barry thinks that rights should be handed out or taken away based solely on his whims, so in that light there’s nothing hypocritical in telling us to disarm while arming our enemies.

  13. Nice mix of small arms among the “freedom fighters” in the photo. I see what looks like the handguard of an HK91/G3, an FN-FAL, the ubiquitous AR-15, a Winchester pump, and some kind of AK. Looks like they have arms from all around the world – why was it again that they need more from us?

  14. Read this story from Make sure you get all the way to the end:

    I don’t think I’ve seen a better example for why an armed citizenry is necessary to the security of a free state. The poor fellow is having to ask the government to give him and his artists friends guns to fight ISIS so they can preserve their freedom themselves.

    RF, that article/story might be a good “this is what happens to a disarmed populace” feature.

  15. It is absolutely the very embodiment of what r/K selection theory predicts & what Bill Whittle talks about in his video:

    Those guys over there (Syrians) are less a threat to r-type Progressives here in the USA than their own male, K-selected competitive & competent armed citizens.

    Characterize it and explain it as you like but this is the unvarnished truth of it.

  16. If you are confused as to the motivation that can disarm America while empowering those who would destroy the political framework of the middle east as a necessary step for the installation of a Caliphate (which would control much of the world’s oil production) I suggest that you review the aims of the Fabian Socialists AKA Progressives, Liberals, Democrats and their 100 year quest for a world totalitarian government. When viewed through the eyes of those who wish to rule the globe, see humans as live stock with a limited useful life span, practice Eugenics and every other depravity it becomes clear that there is NO hypocrisy, no conflict, nothing odd at all.

    • BTW
      This movement to dismantle the political establishment is operating in Europe as well. If Scotland departs the UK areas of Spain may follow suit with consequences for national defense and NATO’s viability

      • Oh Dead Lawd you painted with such a wide brush where ever do I begin? “Democrats and their 100 year quest…” you mean the Democrats like Strom Thurmond who was a Democrat from 1948-1964 then became a Republican as did many others when the political spectrum flip about the same time? ‘installation of a Caliphate’ that wants no alcohol or drugs, severely limits education in schools and treats women as second class citizens? Yeah, we have that here in America but it is a Christian version that seeks the same goals and generally runs under the far right Republican banner. ‘dismantle the political establishment’ So Islam and ISIL is responsible for the drive for Scottish independence?

  17. Oh goody, all the woo showed up on this thread.

    The answer is rather mundane: the situational politics of the ruling class. ISIS substantial ground force and political machine is destabilizing everything there in a way not at all to the emirates (i.e. our “friends”) liking. Our boots on the ground is a no go and Assad is Iran backed, and more than happy to use ISIS to fight the “moderate” rebels, so he’s just as unreliable and dangerous as anyone else at this point.

    As for over here? They fear an armed polis in their backyard far more then they fear a bunch of crazy hajis playing in the sandbox.

    • Agree. For all the focus on Obama (I’m a Repub) the standard game of the world is to rule a country, neuter any domestic threat to your increasing dominance, all the while maintaining an army with which you can take part in the inter-governmental fights for (drug dealing blocks) territory and influence abroad.

      I do find the President at fault not for sending weapons to Syrian rebels, but for playing such a slack game abroad while wearing on his sleeve his fear of the American people. The left in the U.S. knows it wants much more redistribution of assets (including services), but at the same time it realizes (as any street smart kid would) that the people from whom access and cash is being taken will probably be enormously pissed off.

      The people getting the goods are essentially buying your money with their votes. It isn’t complicated. At any one time in a democracy the only significant change is as to which coalition is voting to take which out-group’s stuff.

      Corporations play the game. The banks swing from Republican to Democrat with remarkable agility, hoping to insure that they can keep over-charging joe sixpack and keep misrepresenting the investments they peddle to municipalities and pension funds. The banks are always welcome to join the other team for a bit. Nothing beats cash, but votes come a close second.

      The corporate guys aren’t particularly pro-2nd-amendment, either. They’re much more interested in off-loading their legacy healthcare liabilities via Obamacare or such. Middle class values are the loser. The Middle doesn’t have the numbers of votes to be found in the “we got no money” class, and lacks the money of “we got no worries” class.

      • “The corporate guys aren’t particularly pro-2nd-amendment, either. They’re much more interested in off-loading their legacy healthcare liabilities via Obamacare or such. Middle class values are the loser. The Middle doesn’t have the numbers of votes to be found in the “we got no money” class, and lacks the money of “we got no worries” class.”

        Cosigned. Look at at ISIS model state Saudi Arabia or anti-freedom China for a good example about how much big capital cares about freedom. Corporations are perfectly happy with “corporate socialism,” or “state capitalism” or simple “fascism.” They will back any power that lines their pockets and keeps them and their scions safe.

  18. not to worry. they can cross over the undefended southern border and give them back to us. as we reward, we’ll make them citizens!

  19. On foreign policy I like Belmont Club, Diplomad, Victor Davis Hansen for the long view, and on the 1400+ year war we have been engaged in, Long War Journal, Michael Totten, for facts on the ground, and ‘culture commentary’: Mark Steyn, Daniel Greenfield, and Michael Ledeen, who posits this- rather startling supposition that fits the fact pattern:

    F&F gun-running didnt work so well, and you’d think they’d learn.

    Benghazi gun running to? ISIS?
    Why? For whom? For what?

    To answer your question- RF, yes. Odd.

  20. This administration’s foreign policy has been utterly feckless and incompetent from their assumption of office in January 2009.

    This is just more evidence that this administration isn’t up to the task at hand.

      • It is both publius. Bill Clinton refers to Barry Soetero as an amateur. And he’s Commander in chief. At least Hitler had combat experience. Barry had gettin’ high experience. It is usually the simplest explanation that works…

  21. From the viewpoint of Barry and company it makes perfect sense. They understand that an armed populace will only put up with so much before putting their foot down. There or here. His problem is that he thinks he can see daylight between the folks over there he wants to support and the ones he wants to blow up. The rest of the world seems to have less of a problem seeing they are basically the same bunch.

  22. Why didn’t somebody just beat hell out of this guy when he was in high school … and end it with a good throat punch. That would have at least ruined the only thing he’s got going for himself. So thanks classmates! For not taking care of business when you had a chance. You could have helped put off this kind of tyranny for at least a decade!

  23. I wonder if now the time is ripe to get a National Reciprocity amendment slipped into an Authorization for the Use of Force bill. Somewhere between the clause authorizing sending guns to the Kurds and sending guns to the Moderate Muslim opposition we stick in “Full Faith and Credit to other States’ CCPs”. Then, we will see the Democrats making impassioned pleas for our brothers-in-arms fighting the Evil Empire. Maybe Ted Cruz could make mention of the roll-up of ISIS in Australia and the arrests of illegal aliens in Texas with ties to terrorists. How it just might be that American citizens – licensed to carry by their home States – might be obliged to muster in neighboring States that don’t have reciprocity with guest militiamen’s States.

  24. No because they work for the NEW WORLD ORDER , and not America or the American people, the new world order = the central banker, the CFR ,,,, now you understand the only policy is the American people BE DAMMED… and if you think the Robber Barons are a joke , READ (War is a Racket) by Major-General Smedley Butter . 2 medals of Honor( USMC) We been taken over lock stock and all … and only 2A keeps us from being total SLAVES……….The NEWS Media and public education is total LIES… and they also want AMERIKA GONE………….WAKE UP ………….

  25. What’s odd, or actually more like disturbing, is that I don’t find this odd. It is totally normal these days.

  26. Odd no. He would rather look very weak on the gun issue then to not be the “president who ended wars” that and obama care are the things he wants to be remembered for. IMHO

  27. I had the same reaction at the news. How long until these weapons and tactics are used against us? I guess we never learn from past mistakes. Ever heard of the Mujahideen?

    • How about the weapons are already being used against us… and we been supplying both sides since WW2……

  28. This is a big debate in congress, and it seems somewhat non-partizan. There were republicans calling for arming rebels or sticking to our own military forces, for example.

  29. Come on, really, would we expect anything less from the left? The terrorists of today are tomorrow’s voters! Get with the program of hope and change.

  30. “…the President of the United States and his Democrat backers want to arm unreliable “Syrian rebels””

    Syrian rebels are advocates for the violent overthrow of their government. Why *wouldn’t* we give them military weapons?
    What could possibly go wrong?

  31. We armed violent, vicious thugs on our very borders thru fast and furious. Why not arm vicious violent thugs half a world away.

    So it makes perfect sense to dis arm law abiding American citizens just when our “.gov” is ramping up the abilities of the barbarians to storm the walls. This policy makes as much sense as any thing else coming out of DC these days.

  32. Old Barry Boy really earned that Noble Peace Prize!

    I wonder if they engraved it with his real name or the one his communist handlers gave him?

  33. The Democratic Party since Johnson has systematically tightened the thumb screws on Natural born Americans! Gun Control and Ammo Control, pass useless laws there by giving unemployable Democrats a job enforcing laws!
    Funny that Obama[s Uncle is an Illegal alien, and his half-brother is a big shot in the African Brother hood ( Muslim Extremist Group), funny, Obama;s Mom is from Kenya where a large portion of the population is Muslim!
    Our democratic Party rich boys want low wage population hence the Illegal Aliens, and they want us too foot the bill so they can get richer,and congress is only out to enrich their back side so guess how they Vote
    You now have the undereducated voting with an uninformed vote to destroy the American way of life via Liberal Democrats, who flaunt their credentials as proof that they are totally ignorant but want too feel good. and screw your freedoms in the process

  34. No, because they are afraid of Americans using their guns to protect themselves from the government. Just like they want the rebels to use the guns to overthrow their government.

  35. Yeah this makes total, sense – Lets GIVE weapons to the same rebels that sold a journalist to ISIS, while we destroy weapons we gave to IRAQ that are now in the hands of ISIS.

    In other words: Lets generate demand for weapons among ISIS that can be supplied by the Syrians we arm, using their already established and well traveled market channels.

    Holy Frickin’ FACEPALM!

  36. How about this approach?

    Gun control laws and gun free zones kill!

    Therefor, dis-arming victims kill!

    Therefor, gun-control politicians, who enact these laws, kill.

    Therefor, dis-arming victims kill!

    Therefor voters, that get the gun-control politicians elected, kill! ( So do others that do not bother to go vote.)

    Therefor gun-control people are responsible for all the pain they cause!

    Why isn’t anyone else saying this stuff?

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