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David Scott Gregory (courtesy Facebook)

Winston County, Mississippi Medical Examiner (and radio DJ host) David Scott Gregory penned a little paean to armed self-protection on his Facebook page. His “shoot the idiots” post has now gone viral, spreading throughout the outraged mainstream media. “If more folks would handle their own business, I think we would stop getting these calls of houses being broken into,” he explained to Gun Hero of the Day? You tell me. Here’s his post, with paragraph breaks inserted for readability:

I along with a lot of other folks hate thieves and prowlers. I’m about to make a few of you mad and probably think a lot less of me with this post so you might want to eat something and sit down before you read this. Of course you know I’m a dj at The Refuge 107.1 WLSM and The Winston County, MS Coroner, so this post, I hope won’t be a negative reflection on either one of these positions as this is my own personal fb page and my own opinion.

To stop these idiots from robbing us blind, we need to buy a good handgun and get the proper training on how to use it! The Winston County Sheriff Department is putting on a NRA handgun training Sat. Sept. 27, 2014 @8:00AM at the Winston County Courthouse Annex Building. Call 6627735881 for info.

With that being said, I remind you that the State of MS have laws that protect us as citizens if deadly force is used to protect you or your family or property from “the stupid bad guys”. I say shoot the idiots and call the Coroner!

I’m not encouraging anyone to go on a killing spree but if you come to my kingdom and try to commit any unlawful act, I can assure you that your health insurance better be active or you better have a great burial policy. Plus I hope that you hugged and kissed your family before you left your kingdom to come and try to destroy mine cause I’m about to make your kingdom crumble, if you know what I mean!

If more folks would make examples out of these fools that are breaking and entering or trying to act as bullies, then the amount of burglaries in the area will probably decline. I’d hate for any innocent people to get hurt but at the same time my stuff is my stuff, my hill is my hill. This is my kingdom and if you try to invade it to commit any unlawful act, and I’m lucky enough to catch you in the act, then just know that the right amount of pressure applied to any one of my smoke wagon’s triggers combined with the accurate amount of gunpowder and lead will cause extreme pain and sadness to any human.

If you don’t own a handgun, then go buy one from a dealer, get it registered, get you a permit and take a gun safety class ASAP. Don’t go on a shooting spree, but don’t take no crap from the bad guys! Arm yourself, protect your family and property. Always know that the number 911 works too! So just my first and last warning to anyone who thinks they want some of my kingdom, I shoot back and hit where I aim.

So if you got dirt and gravel in your face last night when I shot, just know that if I had wanted blood, I would have taken it from you. Plus God had your back and I controlled the bullet. My soapbox rant for this month…carry on and be safe but keep your eyes open.

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  1. Well, this is Mississippi, so this statement should not surprise anyone.

    But check out the fact that the A.M. disc jockey and the county coroner are the SAME GUY.

    • A bit “Yosemite Sam-ey” for my liking, but he’s an AM disc jockey (i.e. loudmouth/blowhard) so the aggressive language can be somewhat expected. But since the topic is legal and responsible self Defense, I won’t excuse his brash language that makes like of an extremely (the most?) important civil topic.

      BTW, good on TTAG for doing whatever it is you did that made the site functional again; no autoplay ads, no frozen tabs, no 3 second service hangs every 3.2 seconds. It’s almost like a modern website, again. I will once again commence directing friends and acquaintances here for reading unless the site becomes laden down with flak again.

      • “… no 3 second service hangs every 3.2 seconds …”

        Huh, I was experiencing that as well and wondering what in the world was going on. It was so bad I could not properly type replies. I normally type very fast and that became impossible as letters would not appear on screen, the cursor would stop, etc.

        It is incredibly refreshing being able to type at full speed once again.

      • “AM blowhard”? Is that in contrast to the NPR simpering europansie talking head?

        And a big amen to ditching the dang popup nonsense.

  2. What is he talking about getting his gun registered? I live in Tennessee which is a free state and I thought MS was too.

    • I live in Louisiana, which also doesn’t demand registration, and it seems to be one of those “Common Knowledge” things I hear even from pro-gun people. Lots of folks who don’t read their local laws just sort of assume they have to register their guns, even if they live in a free state that doesn’t require it.

      • You’d think they’d figure it out after buying their FIRST gun, though (you know, when they fail to register it because that’s not a real thing). Which is why I question anyone who does such a thing that also claims to be a gun owner.

    • MS doesn’t require registration at all. Actually, if you have a carry permit, you can even skip the background check when buying a handgun.

    • I picked up on that, too. It’s possible he meant it generally, with an implied “where applicable” somewhere in there. Or, maybe he’s just an Internet/radio guy tough talking about crime and firearms, without knowing the first thing about it, just to drive some web and listening traffic. Could go either way, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and let it slide.

    • That last paragraph certainly makes it sounds like there is more to the story. I would like to know but probably won’t find out.

    • Commission? In a government job? Surely you jest.

      It could be said that a steady flow of corpses could be used for justification for more budgetary resources, but I highly doubt that was his motive. I do think he would much rather be picking up bodies of thugs than victims.

  3. There is no handgun registry in MS, so I have no idea what he’s talking about there. There are things I love about this state, but when we make the news it’s always something like this.

      • Well, yes and no. The dealer keeps a copy of the form, and the government can requisition that information for any flimsy reason they care to name, but it’s not the exact same as city hall keeping detailed records of who owns what, like in some states that go above and beyond the requirements of the NICS.

        So, they’re not the exact same, but now that I compare the two, also not different enough that I shouldn’t still be pissed about it.

        • I figure the combination of NICS, carry license data bases, web traffic to places like TTAG, and credit card records of ammo purchases and such, then even in non-registration states the government pretty much knows 95% of armed households. A detailed inventory by serial number is probably not all that important for their confiscatory purposes at that point.

        • 4473 creates a registry that is permanent, AND the government doesn’t have to pay to keep it maintained.

          Nice little setup there, eh?

  4. The core message is great advice, but the way he words it sounds a bit trigger happy. If he does ever get involved in a DGU, a prosecutor might try to use this post as evidence that he was just waiting for the chance to kill somebody.

    • +1. If he ever has a DGU that’s not on video and indisputably justified — or if the DGU involves a perp of a certain demographic — the ADA / AUSA assigned the case (and/or the civil counsel for the perp or his family, assuming MS doesn’t have some sort of liability shield) will probably have a field day with his post.

      • Here in Mississippi we have a liability shield , also a few years ago the law was changed here also dealing with having to flee your dwelling before taking force against an intruder , it is considered a stand your ground law , there is also a rider that takes away liability for ccw holders if the shooting is deemed justified . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

    • Where did you guys get this idea into your heads that every single DGU goes to a kangaroo trial where you’re prosecuted by the relentless ghost of Johnnie Cochran? If it’s an unequivocal case of self-defense, especially concerning a home invasion where it’s clear who the aggressor was, you’re probably not getting charged with anything in the first place, so relax.

      • Ok, as a gun owner, CCW holder, and even retired USArmy, wft is a DGU? Only one I can think of is defense gun use. Since I doubt it means that, what is it.

        • No problem. Before I started hanging out here, I didn’t know wtf DGU, POTG, or even what WTF, meant.

        • And though I at least refrained from asking, as some guy did recently, I didn’t know what TTAG was, either.

        • After Dirk mentioned “J.E.D.” in a post, he clarified it meant his stainless S&W .357 “Jesus Educational Device”.

          Meaning, if you saw “J.E.D.”, you were moments away from meeting Jesus…

          I did chuckle…

      • Big mistake. In Harris County, Texas (Houston), ALL homicides go to the Grand Jury. You need representation long before any trial and throughout the investigation. Your post-shoot plan should start with a lot of pre-DGU planning, lest you talk yourself into an indictment. In all of these cases, even the best case scenario will be quite involved, lengthy, expensive and perilous. And that’s all just assuming a routine DGU without any media circus fanfare. Take it casually, trust the system implicitly, and you’ll likely regret it.

        • Exactly so. Here in TX we have had several really obvious cases of justifiable homicide prosecuted by anti-gun AG with the obvious intention of bankrupting the victim of the only crime. Guy here in Austin caught a guy in his car, drew on him to hold him for police, the lady with him called 911, and then they followed the guy through downtown Austin for *45 minutes* with no response, on the phone with the 911 operator the whole time, while the punk threatened them (audible on the 911 recording) and the CHL warned him to keep his hands in sight or be shot (also audible), finally ending in the punk being shot. Still with no cops, must have been a sale on donuts when no one can respond for 45 minutes in the middle of downtown Austin at 2 AM.

          Pretty damn cut and dried, the punk had been released from prison in OK like a week earlier and was only 19. He also, unknown to the shooter or the lady, had the lady’s wallet on him, he must have picked her pocket in the bar they came out of before he broke into the car. A real piece of work.

          So! Charges of murder are brought, the whole thing goes on for something like a year, and of course he’s found not guilty. But he’s around $50,000 poorer, clearly the goal of what I’d call a malicious prosecution. There’s many ways to be screwed, when the screwers are so convinced they are right.

        • If we really want to take it to the hypothetical extreme, then what’s to stop a prosecutor from arguing that the very fact you’re packing a firearm at all is sufficient to declare your intent to commit homicide?

    • Maybe you missed in the article, but he’s a coroner/disc jockey (wtf?) and not the VPOTUS. He doesn’t have the same grasp on firearms as Joltin’ Joe, so cut him some slack on his handgun advice.

  5. Oh hell. I just attended the trial of a home invader, and his own defense attorney told me he would have shot him. This is just common sense.

  6. If you read the last sentence, looks like he put one across the bow of a potential? home invader the prior evening..

    He briefly mentions laws to protect armed citizen in the event of a DGU, yet seems to be utilizing some tactically unsound judgement in regards to warning shots.

    That aside, I agree with his message. Seems well balanced, advocates doing things legally, getting training etc.

  7. some truths are better left unsaid… but if they have to be said, then I guess he’s the man for the job…

    • The problem with unsaid truths is that they become folklore or out of ‘vogue’ and then are worthless. The truths about castle doctrine and use of force against a home invader should be shouted from the roof tops and embraced in EVERY household. Then we might stem the tide of violent encounters with those that would enter another’s home as criminals.

      BTW, I live in MS. There’s not a state handgun registration process (other than applying for a concealed permit which is not weapon specific), but there may be municipalities that have that requirement. Being a bit of a grammar snob, part of his post made me cringe, but I wholeheartedly agree with his sentiment.

      • Got James Yeager in hot water even though every patriot should agree with every word. The truth hurts, but it only hurts in the short term. Lies may not hurt at all until years later and then they are devastating.

  8. If Mr. Gregory shoots somebody, does he also get to do the autopsy? ‘Cause that would be some serious justice right there. First he shoots the BG, then he cuts ’em.

    • Talk about adding insult to injury, huh? I’d love to hear his notes on the autopsy.

      “After extracting the subject’s cranium from his rectal region, I made note of how the subject’s genitalia are of unusually tiny proportions, which would have made it extremely difficult to pleasure any females of a bipedal persuasion…”

    • Most coroners aren’t licensed pathologists (doctors who do autopsies). The job doesn’t pay that well (notice the second job as a DJ). Their job is to determine the time, cause and manner of death. On the rare cases an autopsy is indicated, they bring in a pathologist to do it.

      • In a lot of areas, the task of autopsy is farmed out to the Medical Examiner.

        I used to date a very nice young lady who was cytologist (Human tissue technician) at a local hospital who made very nice side money on Saturdays assisting the local M.E. with autopsies in the hospital morgue. An extra 500 a month for a few hours on Sat. was nothing to sneeze at in the 80’s.

    • I shot him. It didn’t seem so bad, so I commenced treatment, attempting to extract the bullet. Unfortunately, the perp passed away during that effort, and when I commenced the autopsy, I discovered he had perished as a result of a horrible contagious disease, so I immediately cremated the remains as a public safety precaution. Any questions?

  9. Sounds right to me. Except get a shotgun. Hell would freeze over before you heard this from a Cook County Illinois coroner 🙂

  10. How many of this guy’s facebook friends are breaking into his house (or other people’s houses) for that matter?

  11. I’m from MS and his whole post made me want to vomit. I agree with his position that if you want to prevent burglaries, rape, murder, injury to your self/family, etc, you need to be armed. He went off the rails when he went on about registering firearms and, seemingly, planning his own DGU (Like he couldn’t wait for it or some shit like that). For someone with the education needed to be a coroner, he sure made himself and my great state look stupid as hell.
    Way to go, Coroner Dipshit.

    • In most jurisdictions, County Coroner is an elected office with no pre-requisite education or certification, though they are required to get extensive training after they’re elected.

      That doesn’t mean he’s stupid, and I don’t have a problem with his rant, other than the “get it registered” part.

  12. I’m from MS and his whole post made me want to vomit. I agree with his position that if you want to prevent burglaries, rape, murder, injury to your self/family, etc, you need to be armed. He went off the rails when he went on about registering firearms and, seemingly, planning his own DGU (Like he couldn’t wait for it or some shit like that). For someone with the education needed to be a coroner, he sure made himself and my great state look stupid as hell.
    Way to go, Coroner Dumbass.

    • I agree with the sentiment that way to many people seem *eager* to shoot someone, even if it’s supposedly a justified shoot. Seems way too blood-thirsty.

    • Here in Mississippi we don’t have gun registration except buying new the form 4473 , the Coroner’s office does not have many requirements for the office , most autopsy s are performed by a state medical examiner in Pearl , Ms. , we have a stand your ground law for home invasions of any type . We do have open carry but I haven’t seen many of these folks around where I go , I carry concealed and there are even business’s that have signs on they’re entry doors that advise they don’t want open carry in they’re business’s but anyone with a concealed carry permit is welcome to carry their firearms in the business , I have seen some open carry folks in the Krogers in Laurel , Ms. In this state folks don’t freak out over seeing a firearm mostly it is a part of life around here about the only folks that freak out are liberals or teachers , but that is a nationwide sickness that these folks have . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  13. It raises an eyebrow, but it’s not too bad.  I’ve heard worse. Hell, I’ve said worse.

    Still, coming from someone who could be viewed as a public figure, even an authority figure, it’s probably a tad harsh. That’s not even my real problem with it, though.

    My minor objection, even if he were more measured in his tone, is that he’s a bit too breezy about shooting someone, albeit in a justified scenario.  These things aren’t as simple as that. There are a great many complications that people should be aware of, so that they make informed decisions and make appropriate preparations. No need to belabor that point here, though.

    Overall, I’m OK with it and hope he gets the antis’ hackles up, but good.

  14. I wouldn’t have said it quite that way, but I can’t say I disagree. However, I wouldn’t want to publicly invite people to their own shooting for my own safety’s sake, not to mention liability issues and it doesn’t give me a better chance at defending myself in court if the time comes.

    As for the guy who in an earlier comment thought it odd that a guy did radio and was a coroner….what’s so strange about that? I’ve had a weekly radio program for eleven years while holding full time employment in health care and serving as a worship pastor at my local church. I haven’t run for local office, but I’ve thought about it.

    Also, here’s a PSA for those out there who also live in MS, you should have or be planning on getting an enhanced concealed carry permit. While it’s not a perfect system, it’s the best legal carry option we have available to us.

  15. *tongue in cheek*
    Obviously there is a conflict of interest in that he is trying to drum up business for him as coroner 😉

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