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Female Palestinian suicide bombers attend a news conference in Gaza

“Police said they thwarted a plot to carry out beheadings in Australia by supporters of the radical Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group by detaining 15 people and raiding more than a dozen properties across Sydney on Thursday,” reports. “The raids involving 800 federal and state police officers — the largest in the country’s history — came in response to intelligence that ISIS in the Middle East was calling on Australian supporters to kill, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.” And here’s the really scary bit . . .

Later Thursday, Attorney General George Brandis confirmed that a person born in Afghanistan who had spent time in Australia and is now working with ISIS in the Middle East ordered supporters in Australia to behead people and videotape the executions.

“If the … police had not acted today, there is a likelihood that this would have happened,” Brandis told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. . . .

One of those detained, 22-year-old Omarjan Azari of Sydney, appeared briefly in a Sydney court on Thursday.

Prosecutor Michael Allnutt said Azari was involved in a plan to “gruesomely” kill a randomly selected person — something that was “clearly designed to shock and horrify” the public. That plan involved an “unusual level of fanaticism,” he said.

What are the odds that Islamic terrorists would kidnap and behead an American in the United States? Fairly small – but a lot more than none, I’d imagine. And growing greater as our military machine attempts to fulfill President Obama’s pledge to “degrade and denigrate” ISIS.

What are the odds that YOU would be the randomly selected target of these psycho-killers? Who cares? Islamic fanaticism is only one of many reasons psycho-killers kill, should reason even come into it. The possibiity of a terrorist attack is just another reason to exercise your natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Meanwhile, I wonder how the next terrorist atrocity in America will affect the fight to defend and extend our gun rights. More Patriot Act tyranny or the continued resurgence of true patriotism? I hope we never find out but I suspect we will, sooner rather than later.

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  1. I have no idea whether I or anyone I know and love would be a target, but I’d rather have the chance to dispute a terrorist’s choice in me as a victim than not.

    • cause then they could be anybody, they try to play at the fear of not knowing who your enemy is. plus im sure they still wanna have a bbq without the drones coming

    • One, they are cowards. Cowards always hid their faces.
      Two, Between spy satellites and unseen drones flying high in the sky I am surprised anyone in public seen wearing this type of outfit for more that 15 minutes should have a short life expectancy from a missile strike.

      • Like SWAT guys and narcs and firemen?

        I know it’s fun to throw around the “coward” word but it doesnt actually mean anything. All these officials and suits sound like fools when they stand at a podium and drone on and on about “cowards” and “cowardly acts.”

        Apparently it’s cowardly as all hell to shoot a cop or kidnap what you perceive to be your enemy but lordy it’s brave as @#$% to launch cruise missiles into towns, send flying robots to collect intel or kick in some old ladies door to flashbang a sleeping baby.

        • I’m pretty sure firemen wear masks for entirely different reasons, such as you know, FIRE, and I have no idea what you mean by narcs. Undercover DEA agents? Snitches? Do either of them wear masks? And I also fail to see the problem with using surveillance drones in a war zone, or air-striking the hell out of a hardened enemy position.
          I will give you the unaccountable SWAT officers doing no knock raids that cause harm to innocents, That sh!ts gotta stop.

        • Knucklehead. FF (and armor crew/navy crew/etc) wear nomex or carbon fiber hoods to STOP FIRE FROM BURNING THE SKIN FROM NECK/FACE. Moron.

      • “coward” is an interesting word from a spoiled, fat, and stupid american that has never fought a war on his home soil from a foreign power. Is it wise to show your face on television, get profiled, then become hunted after you disappear back into your neighborhood? a stupid guerrilla would disagree with what I have to say. Lets see how your false bravado of “im not afraid! ill show my face!” is when the US is occupied and you have to exfiltrate back to your dilapathated suburbs. Think about it.

        “cowards” they are not. My experience fighting the likes of them proved such idiotic buzz words absolutely incorrect.

        But keep “misunderestimating” your enemy from the luxury of your 1st world environment. Theyll keep fighting when you’ve become bored with the next subject at hand.

    • Why do they cover their faces?

      It’s so when they need a break from the fighting they can fly back to England, France or Germany, where they are full citizens or on an asylum visa, and chill for a bit on public assistance without getting hassled at the port of entry.

      Some of you might think I’m being sarcastic. You would be wrong.

    • Because our world leaders don’t call them on it. I have yet to hear any major figure flat out call these cowards and dare them to show their faces. “You all hide your faces to fight like women” would probably have an interesting effect abroad, but our leaders would be too terrified to utter it. I have to imagine that guy doing the beheading wouldn’t want to see his face on the video aftermath, either, no matter how depraved he his. It also doesn’t help that various and assorted Spec Ops dudes the world over started doing it first (“national security” my foot; they cover for the same reasons as the terrorists –fear of accountability for their actions and of being singled out by enemies)

      • Actually, that was an effective PsyOp tactic used in Fallujah around 2004-2005. “Hey Muj, why don’t you quit hiding behind your Burkhas and come fight like men?” Some were dumb enough to take the bait and Marines were happy to send them on to join their Prophet. BTW, most of our SOF just grow beards instead of wearing masks.

        • I have heard this. The Spec.Op.guys look just like offshore oil rig workers. Very physically fit, but not body-builder types.

    • …LOL do you think guerrillas like this fight from some isolated military base in the desert?

      The reason why their faces are concealed is probably because they have to exfiltrate to their populated areas when they’re not training or waging war…which is what guerrillas do. The ones with the false bravado are probably the ones that aren’t in the land of the living anymore. But why apply common sense?

      (what is it with the arm chair pseudo-experts on this blog?)

      and does that make special operations, infantry cordon and search units, SWAT/SRT, FBI HRT cowards because they wear balaclavas?

      Of course not.

    • In the picture in the article? They look female. So, probably because their faith dictates that they cover themselves? Generally the males care a lot less about covering their faces, unless they know they are a HVT.

  2. Hmm… since we’re involved in a war against terrorism, I wonder what would apply in a DGU. The rules of war or local self-defense laws?

    • Yeah, they might want to redefine “random” if they bring that game to the US. Better check the level of armament your proposed victim carries. You know, like, he carries a gun with 10 shots. “You nine get 72 virgins each, I cut the sucker’s head off. See?”

  3. “What are the odds that Islamic terrorists would kidnap and behead an American in the United States?”

    Well, a few have already gunned down Americans, in America, in the name of Islam. Another was plotting to recruit others to do more of it. So, aside from chosen method, it’s not a matter of probability. I would say the odds of it happening again in the near future are pretty damn close to 100%, too. And even considering method, I’d be very surprised if we don’t see a beheading.

  4. So who doesn’t want the ability to keep and bear firearm(s) to defend yourself after reading this? You think they are not going to try this here?

  5. I hate to say it, but sending a evil bastard to the US, and having him kill someone by beheading them would be the easiest terrorist attack these people have tried yet. As long as beheadings get blasted all over the news, they will try it, and there is a high likelihood of success, even more so in states where citizens are disarmed like California.

    • I think that bears repeating: “even more so in states where citizens are disarmed like California”

      …and when it does happen, even the people on the fence (and the Fudd’s) are going to get a little dose of reality and perspective. What is the ‘Police-Staters’ proposed defense for not becoming a victim? Pee your pants and hope they move on to the next person? Call the Police?

      I’d at least like to have a fighting chance to defend myself and loved ones, and would rather die fighting then get my head carved off like a leg of lamb.

  6. If/When there is such an attack like that on Americans, in America, gun rights will advance at a rapid pace. Because then it will be crytsal clear to those who haven’t objectively thought about it that their safety is their own responsibility and the great founders of this country enshrined that right as the 2nd ammendment. And then I hope that these Islamic a-holes pick the wrong person and those animals get ventilated by a free person.

    • I hope your right, but it can go either way. Fight or Flight are natural reactions I am just afraid the country has become more a flight type of population versus a fight population. No way will you get NY Liberals to ever go with that even if they behead someone in the middle of Times Square and it is broadcasted over the jumbo trons, they will still mentally reject the idea.

    • I’m not changing my life for these cowardly a-holes. They get no more consideration than a common thief. Why? Because I’m just as ready to ventilate either one if they target me or any of my loved ones. Part of their whole schtick is to make us afraid. They should be afraid of us. We are armed armed and strong. They want to target those who are weak and disarmed.

  7. Yes, we should all be afraid.

    I call bull$h1t.

    Let’s rile up the slaves so we can take away their freedoms some more – yeah, ISIL, that’s the ticket. They want to kill you slaves!

    Yes, the evidence is “classified” but trust us, it is real and dangerous.

    I’m not worried about it or going to bluster about what amazing feat of self defense I’m going to engage in.

    • It’s bull$h!t right up to the point where it’s not at which point you will joint Alex Jones and claim it was an inside job.

    • Sir Zog gets it. These ISIS goons are just the latest bogeyman to keep everyone appropriately scared. I’m exactly as afraid of a terrorist attack after reading this as I was before. Not very. You’re more likely to be killed by a dog than by some ISIS shithead. Heck, you’re probably more likely to catch ebola, and the odds of that are astronomically low.

      “Terrorism” might be on my list of reasons to be armed, but it’s way, way at the bottom. Just above “rampaging zoo animal” and “need to turn off the TV but can’t find the remote”.

      • I guess the Boston Marathon casualties should feel relieved that the threat of Islamic terrorism was only a ruse by the government. /sarc

        • Of course it’s not some kind of ruse or conspiracy. ISIS is a real organization, with real blood on their hands. But the threat to the average American by groups like this is greatly magnified by those in power so that a fearful public won’t question too much when they tell us that they’ll be monitoring all our phone calls from now on, or that we need to outlaw “military-grade assault weapons with high-capacity clips” because ISIS might come and buy some to shoot up our shopping malls. Oh, and we’ll need another hundred billion or so in taxes to pay for it. Now, strip down so we can cavity search you before you get on your plane to go see Nana for Christmas.

          As for the Boston bombing, it’s horrible for those few people who were injured or killed. But that’s the thing – it was a few people. We could have a repeat of that attack every single day, and there would still be 25 times as many people killed or injured in car accidents at the end of the year. Where’s the breathless news coverage of the “blood on the highways”?

        • It’s not numbers, it’s the frequency of occurrence that has a corrosive effect on people’s psyches especially if they go after average people where they live instead of public places. People expect traffic accidents. They don’t expect to be killed by a bomb.

        • I’m not saying it wouldn’t be an effective tactic. I’m saying that, unless it happens to someone I know, or someone in my neighborhood, the fear of it potentially happening isn’t going to make me change my life one iota.

          I don’t prepare for or worry about a terrorist attack. I’m prepared (well, as prepared as I’m ever going to be) for one because I try to be prepared for other, far more likely dangers. If you’re equipped to defend yourself from a mugger, then you’re ready for some religious zealot with a machete, too.

  8. I think American’s reputation for being “cowboys” deters terrorists from getting up close and personal. That is the good news. The bad news is they are more likely to use explosives than guns because they fear getting up close and personal. Since I live the DC metro area my chances of being a target are higher than most but not particularly high.

  9. “What are the odds that YOU would be the randomly selected target of these psycho-killers?” Odds don’t get you killed. Stakes do.

  10. Everything in this post went through my head as I was reading the news. My first thought was what are the odds here given more carry and gun owner ship. My second thought was, it could happen anyways, due to any number of psychos.

  11. Yeah it could happen here. Big influx of Muslims in my area. Hiding in plain sight? Beats me. And I don’t think the ISIS boys are cowards. They are willing to die for their evil beliefs. How about some profiling like the Israelis do? I know the PC police would have none of that. I do believe it is less likely here but there’s lots of clueless sheep especially in big cities(Chicago). Stay vigilant…

  12. So with the status of Australia being a self defense disallowed kind of place what are their citizens gonna do but bleat to the government “help me” or “protect me” of course the Leftists in their country (and ours) would say call 911. Pity the sheep who have turned their lives completely over to their benevolent masters in their government.

  13. What are the odds of being targeted by a jihadist in the US? Slim, but growing.

    Too many attacks by Muslims are being deliberately categorized as something other than “terrorism” or “jihadist attacks” for reasons of political correctness.

    Within the next 10 years, there will be real issues with Muslims in western democracies. The west will have to choose what it wants:

    – democracy
    – civil society
    – multiculturalism.

    Pick any two. And only two.

  14. We “roo eaters” down under have plenty of guns – we just can’t carry them in ready condition on the street (unfortunately)….

  15. I guess the huge gun confiscation and “control” measures the Australian government has done the past few years, has not eliminated the machetes and long knives?

    Glad they stopped the beheadings, but I am wondering if the strong anti-gun measures of the Aussie government really did stop any of the Islamic terrorists from having and using guns?

    • Same old problem here as everywhere else – the crims/baddies will always have them. I suffered through the “1996 control measure” and made sure that I bought one more than originally held to replace what was lost, and many did the same.

      I enjoy the same level of hunting/sporting shooting that I did pre-1996 only with double and lever guns rather than self loaders and pumps. Self loaders can be licensed with genuine reason and I could pursue this if desired. Yes – we were ‘done over’ by the government here – sadly there is no RKBA in the Aussie constitution….

  16. It took 800 officers to bust 15 guys who were planning on committing a single murder (for now, but still). Methinks a lot of agencies are claiming credit for the big bust despite only tangential involvement, and that the terror cell was largely made up of guys who didn’t do much but talk on the internet (where have we seen that before?). Adjust for population, this would be like nearly 20,000 police officers in America taking down a room full of people. Good thing Oz is raking in bucks, these days, to be able to afford such overtime.

  17. I did interrogations in Afghanistan last year and there was an admitted Jihadist (we get mostly “no Taliban” detainees) who committed a green on blue attack against a British Soldier. Shot him right in the back on patrol at point blank range if I recall correctly. Anyways, the last session I had with him, he said to me along the lines of “If I get out of here I will hunt you down where you live.” I replied to him that if he was able to actually identify me and track me down to where I lived, good luck. I added: “But I’m warning you, in the U.S. we believe in a thing called the right to defend oneself. If I ever see you in my home, I will shoot you.” After my translator said that, the detainee looked at me with a somewhat puzzled look and abruptly responded “Oh, when I said you, I meant to say Israel.” All I could do was laugh as I exited the booth.

  18. Mexican cartels are already beheading people on the other side of the border, have been for some time now, Just don’t post it on you tube. You really don’t have to look very far for
    atrocities. Kidnapping for ransom is also common with the cartels.

  19. This is more sensationalistic pro-war BS being shoveled everywhere. No doubt the tyranny, state loving Aussies will rescind more “privileges” in the name of safety. Expect stupid americans to.

    Maybe if we stopped intervening in these countries, ISIS wouldn’t exist to begin with ? does the term blowback mean anything?


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