Streamlight green light TLR Rail Mount Versions
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From Streamlight . . .

Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced the TLR RM 1 LASER-G and TLR® RM 2 LASER-G tactical lights for long guns, each featuring a high visibility green aiming laser. Packaged as a system, the new rail-mounted lights feature independently operating push-button and remote pressure switches; the kit provides everything users need to mount to long guns. Also available in light only models, the TLR RM 1 LASER-G and TLR RM 2 LASER-G deliver 500 and 1,000 lumens, respectively.

“In addition to the original TLR RM 1 and 2 which feature a red aiming laser, we now offer new models with an integrated green laser, which appears brighter to the human eye than other colored lasers, to improve focusing on targets,” said Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah. “Like earlier models, they also have an ergonomic, multi-function tactical tail switch and dedicated toggle switch. And they deliver the same powerful beam, with extensive range and solid peripheral coverage.”

The remote switch is designed to exit the weapon at a 90º angle, providing improved cable routing to preserve rail space. The lights feature three modes: Laser only, LED only and LED/Laser, operated by a side toggle switch. The face cap offers a safe-off mode to prevent unintentional activation.

The new models are designed to quickly and securely attach to any long gun with a MIL Standard 1913 or NATO rail, without having to put your hands in front of the muzzle. The lights offer highly accurate sight repeatability when remounting. Each light includes a key kit to securely affix the light onto a broad array of weapons.

The lights provide the latest in high power LED technology for extreme brightness and include a custom TIR optic with a concentrated beam and optimum peripheral illumination. The TLR RM 1 LASER-G offers 500 lumens, 5,000 candela and a beam distance of 140 meters; the TLR RM 2 LASER-G provides 1,000 lumens, 10,000 candela and a 200-meter beam distance. Each light includes a 510-530 nm green laser. The lights also include an optional strobe feature.

The TLR RM 1 LASER-G uses one (1) 3-volt CR123A lithium battery, measures 3.2 inches in length and weighs 2.97 ounces. The TLR RM 2 LASER-G is powered by two (2) 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries, is 4.6 inches long and weighs 4.95 ounces. Both feature 1.5 hours of continuous run time, 3 hours on strobe and 60 hours in laser-only mode.

IPX4-rated for water-resistant operation, both lights are constructed with durable anodized machined aircraft aluminum with an impact-resistant BOROFLOAT® glass lens.

Available in black, the TLR RM 1 LASER-G and TLR RM 2 LASER-G lighting systems have MSRPs of $519.40 and $540.60, respectively. The TLR RM 1 LASER-G and TLR RM 2 LASER-G light only models have MSRPs of $477.00 and $498.20, respectively. Each comes with Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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  1. Haven’t these been out for a while, or the implementation of the green laser is the new part? Great shotgun WML’s but a little long for most other applications. I’m not a pressure switch kind of guy either.

  2. All of my tactical lights are Surefire. Except one. It’s an old Streamlight TLR-1. It’s on a Glock 22 with a set of Henie Straight 8 sights on it. Loaded with Speer 180 grain Gold Dot HP. It lays on my night stand now. That Streamlight is as hard as an anvil. Lose the laser.

      • Obviously they’re talking it up since they made it… but it’s not a bad idea at all.

        • You know, I didn’t realize they made it. I just glanced at it quickly. Hard pass for me. I always thought this dude was goofy for blurring his face but having a public company and finally he gave up and started posting more videos and ranting about “patriotism”. He’s a tool. Always hilarious seeing fedboi’s talk about fighting for patriotism and freedom as a marketing for their merch.

        • Personally, I just want to know if the thing in question works as advertised.

          I don’t much care about homie’s personality on YT or in general, which I’m fairly certain started moto-as-fuck and now is that AND entirely scrambled by half a dozen TBIs and a trainload of meds.

        • So that’s what a c clamp is. I never knew what it was called. I always called it the “Oww!!, Fckdat” ,, maybe the first time you use it shouldn’t be with .220gr’s at 2,656?

  3. Will it burn holes in battle ships and satellites?
    That’s the kind of Right To Bear Arms I want.
    The future is not gunm powder, its lightsabers and zapppp beams.

    • If you wouldn’t spend all yer time reading and commenting on ttag and get on that centrifugalator issue then none of us would have to worry about loominms and what caliber to wear. I know because I see you on here all day long! Jus sayin…

  4. 2 things, RM 1, why so damned big? Exactly the same specs as the TLR-8 at 2/3’s again the size of the flex with the only advantage being a green laser diode that cost $15 additional retail and a remote switch which costs next to nothing to make.

    For a $250+ price increase? Surely you jest.

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