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New from Texas-based iRayUSA is the InfiRay Outdoor BOLT-C Series of thermal rifle scopes optimized for bolt action rifles. With the looks of a normal rifle scope and compatibility with standard 30mm rings, the BOLT-C is right at home on most hunting rifles.

They boast a 12 μm 640×512 Micro II thermal sensor and a 2560×2560 Micro-OLED HD display. Two versions of BOLT-C are available: the TH50C with a 50mm objective lens and the TH35C with a 35mm objective lens. iRayUSA’s press release follows . . .

iRayUSA, a Texas-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor of premium thermal night vision devices, announced today the release of a new thermal rifle scope line, the InfiRay Outdoor BOLT-C Series. The BOLT-C Series expands on the successes of the originally released BOLT with the addition of their industry leading 12 μm 640×512 Micro II sensor, 2560×2560 Micro-OLED HD display and Shutterless Calibration feature while maintaining the traditional look and flexibility of a 30mm ring mounting interface. Boasting a proven combination of a manual focus lens, dual battery design and tactile control turret, now working in tandem with a pixel-dense display and 640×512 sensor, the BOLT-C will provide an improved viewing experience and bring an unmatched level of precision to your next hunt.

“The original BOLT has been extremely popular among hunters who prefer to use traditional bolt-action rifles” stated Angelo Brewer, Director of Operations, iRayUSA. “Building on the original BOLT, the BOLT-C Series offers a higher resolution sensor, a 5X increase in display resolution and an improved runtime of more than 10 hours of continued use” continued Brewer.

The BOLT-C Series is offered in two versions, the TH50C with a 50mm objective lens and the TH35C with a 35mm objective lens. Both models allow the user to choose between 7 reticle types and 4 reticle colors, and feature 32GB of internal storage and seamless WiFi streaming. The BOLT-C also includes 30mm picatinny mounting rings allowing it to be out-of-the-box ready.

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The BOLT-C 640 50mm has a suggested retail price of $5,499 and will be available through authorized iRayUSA dealers this month. The BOLT-C 640 35mm has a suggested retail price of $4,999 and will be available in August. As with all iRayUSA products, the BOLT-C Series comes with a 5-year warranty, with a 1-week turnaround process. A full list of BOLT-C Series specifications and an authorized dealer locator can be found on the iRayUSA website,

5-Year Warranty with 1-Week Turnaround Process
At iRayUSA we are first and foremost hunters and users of our products, and we understand that failure is not an option. One of our primary objectives at iRayUSA is to greatly improve the customer service level for the end user. We accomplish this through offering our industry-first 1-week repair guarantee, and by only working with highly qualified Authorized Dealers. During the published warranty period, iRayUSA will repair or replace, at its discretion, any optic that becomes defective from normal use. If we cannot repair an optic in less than one week, we will offer a replacement in like or better condition.
About iRay USA
iRayUSA is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of premium thermal night vision devices. Our company was established in 2020 by industry experts with more than a decade of experience in thermal sales, product development, and field use. We are proud of our industry experience and time spent in the field using thermal products, and that is what drives us to make the best products possible; products that we want to use as night hunters.
This commonality with our customer base is what sets iRayUSA apart from other manufacturers. It allows us to bring the most relevant products to market, as well as understand and provide the same level of customer support that we would want as end users ourselves.
Learn more about our products at: 
Dealer inquiries can be submitted at: 
Warranty information can be found at:


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  1. Who is the intended market for IR imaging tech like that?

    Those hunting mamma piggie and baby oinkers?

    • “…12 μm 640×512 Micro II sensor, 2560×2560 Micro-OLED HD…”
      pretty sure that that translates as dead pig.
      i don’t think zombies give off a thermal profile.
      if it wasn’t for uyghurs these would be twenty grand.

      • Slavery makes the world go round.

        All these modern open minded progressive leftists all use phones and devices built by slavery. Wear clothes and shoes made by slavery. And eat many types of food that was picked by slavery.

        It’s just on the other side of the world now, so that makes it ok.

        • Check labels. Much of the rag and shoe business has moved out of chicomland. The labor cost for their snowflakes has gotten very expensive in the last 2yrs. There is only so much slave labor available and the PLA has dibs.

  2. On my current income I cannot justify spending $5,000 for a thermal-vision scope.

    Looks like I will have to find a way to increase my income such that I CAN justify spending $5,000 for one of these two varieties of scopes.

    Note: if the price tag was $2,500 for one of these scopes, I would buy one immediately.

  3. California doesn’t allow thermal scopes–but this is so inconspicuous that it might just avoid detection completely by one’s favorite game warden. Stunning reduction in the size factor of thermal scopes. Not that I could ever justify/afford such an expense, or own one legally, I would snag one of these in a hot second if I could.

  4. Hilarrry has been dead for three years and two months, dawg. IT gives off no thermal
    signature to be detected. ‘except for the battery pack that hides under the mu-mu. Powers the heart-lung machine that animates the dead tissue.

  5. Poor humans cant see in the dark.
    Do you ever think you got shorted?
    I feel sorry for humans, cant hear, cant smell, and cant see in the dark.
    And they seem to like paper, green paper, they just cant get enough of that green paper.
    I’d take a bushel of turnips over green paper any day.
    Yup that’s pretty cool scope. Itd be great for hog hunting.


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