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We know full well why gun control advocates want to “Stop the NRA.” The antis rightly realize that the five million member-strong National Rifle Association is the single greatest roadblock standing between them and their goal of civilian disarmament. Equally, we know that the gun grabbers are public debate aversive; they close comments on their Facebook pages, YouTube channels and websites. They often hide their identity. A little Google-Fu reveals that former Huffington Post Chairman and co-founder Ken Lerer of Lerer Ventures venture capital fund is bankrolling/spearheading the box fresh Stop the NRA agit-prop. Needless to say, Lerer is an Obama fundraiser; back in ’07 he threw a $2300 a plate dinner for the Big O in his Central Park West digs). Does the frontal assault have the President’s approval? Tacitly.

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  1. Well, I watched as much of that as I could, about 60%. I can’t stomach the lies, the lying lieberals tell anymore. Every one of those shooting places listed was a “gun-free” zone. It’s beyond disgusting. It’s treasonous now. Period.

    • What is it with conservative garbage and words they don’t seem to understand, like “tyranny” and “treasonous?” I don’t even remotely support gun control but I have a hard time getting to “treasonous.” But then again, I’m not mentally ill.

      • Not passing judgement, rtempleton, but the truly mentally ill are always the last to know.

      • And now comes someone who’s momentary moniker is rtempleton for instruction in the origin and meaning of the word treason and its derivatives, such as treasonous. The base word means to betray a country by aiding its enemies. Those who commit treason, in this case, by attempting to subvert the 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the Unites States, are thus treasonous. The NRA is the stalwart defender of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. The authors of this ad have proven themselves to be enemies of the Constitution in that they wish to destroy the ONLY organization who stands between them and their goal of total disarmament of the citizens of the Unites States. Rtempleton proves himself to be one with those who commit this treason by his blanket condemnation of conservatives with words like “garbage” and his condemnation of this writer who defends the Constitution and has been doing so for most likely longer that rtempleton has polluted the earth with his presence and worthless opinions.

        • lmao

          I guess everyone who has ever modified the bill of rights is a TREASONOUS TRAITOR AND ENEMY OF THESE UNITED STATES then, by conservative crazy person logic?

          I don’t even agree with the Democratic position on gun control, but this teabagger hysteria is really, really hilarious.

        • rsimpleton, you’re back! We missed you, Sparky. Do you still have to wear the ankle bracelet, or are you free to roam your neighbors’ backyards?

        • There’s a bit of a paradox to your definition. The constitution itself places strict limitations on what actions can be considered treason against the United States, and “subverting the constitution” isn’t one of them. So if you actually tried to prosecute anybody for treason because they “subverted the constitution” you couldn’t do it without yourself “subverting the constitution” first.

      • Take arms away good people violate LAW OF LAND! Law of Land say, “right keep bear arms no infringe”!

        Some come, bad people! Take guns away good people! Take guns away VIOLATE BILL OF RIGHTS!

        Violate Bill of Rights by bad people call TREASON!!

        (THAT temple enough for you to understand, rsimpleton?)

      • Tyranny is a government violating its contract to serve the people, and serving itself instead. Treason is knowingly subverting the constitutional republic of the US and the principles upon which it was founded. If you cannot find those tendencies, than you are likely the one with the perception issue. If you look to government to solve the problems of a nation, than you are a statist. Pretty simply, really.

        • rtempleton, are you suggesting that American police and soldiers are herding people into cattle cars to send them for elemination in the camps?

          You may have to re-think your whole mental illness statement from earlier.

        • No, our armed troops merely bomb afghan weddings and put brown people into naked pyramid. OORAH SEMPER FI!

          A welfare queen Troop complaining about “statists” is the lowest of the intellectually low.

        • Yep, looks like he’s channeling lower case matt. My suggestion is to just spray troll be gone on the screen and ignore him from this point on. That whole jack booted thug welfare queen argument shows you have no valid points to make.

        • You have to give him some style points though. With this he’s now trolling from both the left and the right. In other words, IN STEREO!

        • I wonder if rsimpleton has been to an Afghan wedding?

          “Does this tie look good with my suicide vest? What if his goat comes on to me, can I hit it since he now has a wife to abuse?”

      • Liberalism is a mental disorder. We have enough regulation (of firearms, among other things) by your god, (little g) government. Your (rtempleton) desire for them to be even larger and steal even more of your money and liberty makes you ill.

  2. How is the NRA responsible for ANY of the shootings or homicides listed in that video?

    There isn’t any excuse for this irrational, illogical, emotionally charged attack on the NRA. This is pathetic.

  3. “Nearly 1 in 4 teens have witnessed s shooting” I don’t know anyone I can thinking of. The only time I’ve come close to seeing one I apparently left the bar shortly before it happened and when I found out guess what I did…stopped going to the college bar just outside of the hood.

  4. “nearly 1 in 4 teens has witnessed a shooting”.
    What does that mean?
    Virtually always….. Sometimes never.

  5. Their website is incredible! I have never, ever, seen so many lies in one place in my life. Did you notice; there is no provision allowed to respond to their lies? I honestly cannot wrap my head around this. Where did so much hate come from?

    • It really is kind of impressive to me on an ongoing basis how completely and utterly they avoid any possibility of dissenting speech. Questions are disallowed, comments are always closed unless they have moderation ability, in which case any comments critical of their stance are deleted… it really shows a lack of confidence in their position, while we sit and say, “Bring on the discussion” because we know the facts and the numbers are on our side.

      • And yet, they (libtards) say they are for freedom of expression and individuality. They believe in a world that only works on paper, dreamed up by an anarchist professor and foisted upon the young and idealistic (and ignorant) with the help of the deviant and like minded liberal media elite.

  6. “The NRA uses millions of dollars to push their agenda!!”.
    “Why is that a problem?”
    “Because we use billions of dollars to push our agenda and lose to the NRA!!!”

    What a joke they are.

    • Factually wrong, champ.

      Pro-gun spending vastly outstripped anti-gun prior to 2013. It’s closer now but still easily dominated by pro-gun spending.

      If you’re talking Democrat/GOP in general, Obama raised just over a billion. Romney raised just under a billion. Both spent just under a billion.

      Where Romney dominated were “dark money” SuperPACs and “social welfare” groups, and also miscellaneous random attack ads sponsored by 3rd parties. Romney had leaps and bounds more support in untraceable funding from billionaires.

      And again, this is only possible because of a Republican dominated executive, legislative and judicial branch in the early 2000s. Want to rightly point out the corrosive effects of money in politics? Blame yourself if you voted Bush in 2000.

      • Pro-gun is grass roots. NOBODY believed the crap that was pushed by bloody shirt waving anti-freedom libs after Newtown (even your fellow libtards).

      • Actually with many of the anti gun politicians using OUR TAX DOLLARS to finance their actions, you should really go back and count all those legislative actions and how much they cost the American public, it far outnumbers the NRA monies spent.

        Especially when for example in 2010 the total number of bad guys rejected that were actually prosecuted was 44, out of 3.11 million (139,651 total rejected by state & feds) and the rest who never even attempted to buy from a licensed source to begin with, you can describe how much ANTI GUN FREAKS COST THIS COUNTRY WITH THEIR ACTIONS, only inflicting the laws that dont apply to the bad guys to begin with (Haynes vs US 390, 85, 1968 #3 line item, you should read it).

        Please demonstrate what the cost of only prosecuting .0014% of the bad guys had on society as there is a cost for all those bad guys they didnt prosecute, deaths, injuries, damages, and compare that to the NRA cost of defending our rights and one sees such a miniscule amount spent by the NRA versus you closet Nazi’s anti gun freaks!

        • Remember the libtard mantra….”if it saves one child”….then creating a police state is worth it…..for the children.

  7. Personally, I liked the sound of gunfire after each point during the vidio; it was beyond hokey and meant to appeal to the hard core lefty loons.

    I’ve been shot at, shot twice, and fired more than a few rounds at some pretty nasty folks; does that qualify as “…witnessing a shooting…”? At the end of the day, there are more of us then there are them…

    Thank God for the NRA.

  8. Ironically, Lerer’s VC firm invested in Makerbot which mass markets 3D printers. So, with Defense Distributed’s Liberator out there on the interwebs, Lerer will someday be responsible for putting more guns into peoples’ hands than the NRA. Well done, Mr. Lerer.

    • S9oin order to impose background checks on this would to admit that the very products he makes are “bad & evil”…

      Or he is just a hypocrite. ..

      My vote is for the latter…

  9. Everything on the pages linked is a total twist on reality. Nothing but mis-conceptions and spinning of truths.

    This is the gardage we, as citizens, are up against.

    It is hard to believe so many are so gulable that they buy into this fictitious world of utter make believe.

    • Let them purge their party. They’re losing, turning on themselves will only make it happen faster.

    • The democratic party seems to be unable to recognize the damage that it is doing to itself by allowing many key players and the party itself to be aligned with this effort. I’m convinced that the democratic party is completely convinced of their on infallibility, and is not only neglecting the rural/blue-collar democratic voter, but may not even be aware that he exists any longer. The party is clearly focused inward on itself and its DC beltway political talking points.

      • The Republicans are showing similar self-destruction. As a libertarian (if I have to label myself), I find myself hoping that all this panic I am witnessing will lead to collapse of all political establishment, followed by a new-found appreciation of federalism by the electorate.

        All of the thrashing about we are seeing from both parties might well mean that both of them are realizing the jig is up. They can’t hide their corrupt cores any more, and all that is remains is to eat their own.

        It’s a nice thought. The rotten edifice collapses, leaving us all free live free pursuing happiness.

  10. So essentially, if I understand the logic of this filmmaker, the NRA is responsible for all of those murder because it advocates for the right to keep and bear arms? Essentially guns are bad and no one should have them (of course, except for the law enforcement arm of the benevolent government progressives believe in).

    There really is no reasoning with these people. In their mind, if we simply got rid of guns, gun crime would magically disappear. As a result of Sandy Hook, I am now a lifetime member of the NRA, the 2AF, GOA, and JPFO. Oh, and I will never vote for any Democrat ever again. Keep it up antis. Keep it up.

    • If all guns magically vaporized, gang members and career criminals would hold hands and sing “All You Need Is Love.”

  11. How many more brands is this same group of anti-s going to split into? Each one of them is going to have their own individual organization soon.

  12. for DaveL: there is no paradox in what I wrote, space and time constraints sometimes force me to make assumptions that others understand what I mean. Not to insult you, please, I don’t mean that.
    Subversion of the Constitution is, indeed, not found in the document’s definitions of treason. However, Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as “…[a]…citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].” In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavor. Since the Constitution IS the basis for our government any attempt to subvert it, that is by nullifying provisions such as the 2nd Amendment absent the Constitutional method for change, is tantamount to treason even and especially when done by members of our own government. Obama and his fellow travelers, rtempleton comes to mind, are hell bent on changing our system of government apparently by force, if necessary. Thus they are traitors to our nation and its law. Hope that make my writings somewhat clearer.

  13. I watched the video. I threw up a little in my mouth.

    On the flip side…. and after a bit of mouthwash.. that was pretty funny. Every bullet point (with gun shot sound effect for maximum ….. something) was from the Brady Campaign, directly or indirectly. The Low-Information Voters over at HuffPo and related sites will go absolutely ga-ga over it. They will hold it up in their 92% Support canon of ideals, stand tall while pointing to is yelling “See! I told you so!”

    • Noticed that too. When the only statistics you cite are from the Brady Campaign, you’ve already failed. They have less credibility than the IRS.

  14. Their banner says, “It’s Time to End Gun Violence in America.”

    I wonder. Do they want to to end just “Gun Violence in America” or
    ALL Violence?

    Is just gun violence bad, but OK for stabbings, assaults with blunt force objects?
    Do they know that gun violence is only just a small proportion of all violence?
    Are they for the use of a gun in justifiable self-defense?
    You mean they have a particular problem with me using a firearm
    for my self-defense?
    What about my favorite weapon,
    a Bowie Knife or samurai sword?

    Is that OK with them that if someone on the street tries to attack me with a weapon with deadly force? Is it OK with the Brady Campaign that I just cut off my attackers head or arm?
    Bullets are so inefficient, but a samurai sword is so FINAL. Sometimes it takes a lot of bullets to kill someone, but with a quick slash of a sword through the skull or neck or trunk of their body is not something the attacker is going to walk away from.
    If they don’t want me to actually kill them, what about just whacking a thief’s arms off? Sure I’m fine with that. Outlaw ALL guns.
    What kind of carnage would a trained swordsman do in an elementary school or in a crowed theater?

    A Trained Swordsman

  15. Till the end I though it was pro NRA The NRA was making great points about the bullshit going on in the USA till the end and it said stop the NRA . Just lose the end and it is Pro NRA.

  16. Maybe it’s time to sue the lying bastards for slander. After all, when they attack and lie about the NRA, they are slandering and blaming 5 million law-abiding gun owners who have done nothing wrong. If that isn’t slandering our good names, I don’t know what else it could be. We must have an attorney or two out here who would be willing to see if we can put a stop to this by taking a pile of liberal money and putting it to better use.

  17. History 101:
    Once the Second Amendment is nullified there will be nothing left to defend the First Amendment. Once the First Amendment is nullified, tyranny will take over and we will be attacked by every anti-American country in the World.

  18. How many people are killed by automobiles every day? How many by incompetent doctors? Automobiles do not kill, it is the nut behind the wheel, Like wise it is not the gun, it is the nut who pulls the trigger. In case you wonder, I am one of the 5 million and I VOTE!

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