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Our friends at the Kentucky Gun Company are doing what they can to help a local law enforcement officer’s family. Bardstown, KY Officer Jason Ellis was shot and killed over the Memorial Day weekend, leaving behind a wife and two children. KYGUNCO is holding a raffle for a beautiful Henry Golden Boy II Deluxe Engraved rifle and display case and you can get in on it for only $5.00. All proceeds will go to Officer Ellis’s family. Even if you don’t win, it’s a great way to help some people who can really use it. What do you have to lose? . . .

Here’s the story:

Saturday, May 25, 2013 one of our local officers was shot and killed in the line of duty. Officer Jason Ellis was seven year veteran and K9 officer for the Bardstown Police Dept. Officer Jason Ellis was not only a patron and friend of KYGUNCO, but also responded to most of KYGUNCO’s late night alarm calls. Officer Ellis was an outgoing officer in our community, and was an active coach in local youth sports. Ellis is the first Bardstown police officer shot and killed in the line of duty in the department’s history. Officer Jason Ellis leaves behind a wife and two young sons.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.06.23 PM

In honor of Officer Jason Ellis, KYGUNCO is raffling of a Deluxe Henry Golden Boy II 22lr. This is not your average Golden Boy, this particular rifle features an engraved receiver with intricate, deeply etched elegant patterns that tastefully complement the rich grain of the select American walnut stock and forearm. This rifle has an MSRP of $1585.99. Also included is the Henry Wall Display case. Made of American Walnut, it has an MSRP of $150.00

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  1. This is a pretty messed up case, too. He was killed in an ambush when he stopped to pick up some debris from a highway exit ramp. He stopped, turned on his emergency lights, and had gotten out to move the branches that were apparently purposely placed when someone opened fire on him from a nearby hill with a shotgun. He was shot several times.

    • Strong words from a keyboard commando. My bottom dollar says you wouldn’t say it in person, to his kids.

    • I got a extra raffle ticket with “courtesy of uncommon_sense” in the comments. Wouldn’t want you to miss out in a great chance to help.

    • I can’t believe you. Police officers are public servants. Of course it makes me angry when they consider themselves above civilians or commit abuses, because their power is delegated to them by the public and they act in our name. But it also grieves me when an officer loses his life in the line of duty, because it was on our behalf that he went into harm’s way.

      • Thanks for your comment. My $5 is on its way. And thank you to RF for posting this.

      • Agreed. They are public servants, but we expect them to take risks that most citizens will not. My purchase of 5 tickets ($25) is small compensation for a family that will never see their father/husband again.

  2. Thanks for the reminder… One of our GunsSaveLife members asked me to post this a couple of days ago.

    C’mon guys… let’s buy some tickets!


  3. I’m gonna help out… I was just telling a friend about how the cops chip in for funerals for the families of people they “accidentally” kill in SWAT raids at the wrong address! Thanks for being there for them, guys!!!!

  4. I find it ironic that TTAG bitches and moans about Civilian Disarmament Bills that grant LEO (Active & Retired) carve outs because it creates a “Protected Class”, but at the same time continues to boot lick the Law Enforcement Community.

    “It’s hard to imagine a more outrageous example of the elitism that informs the politicians bent on civilian disarmament (remembering the police are civilians too).”

    I’m sorry that this guy was killed in an ambush and hope whomever perpatrated this murder is brought to Justice. But please, quit with the LEO boot licking and groveling!

  5. Thank you Officer Ellis for you service. My condolences to his family. William and uncommon sense. You are not worthy among him. Nor among us.

  6. WTF? OK Don’t like cops? Fine. Think some of them overstep the line? Fine. Had a bad experience with one? Fine. Yeah there are bad cops out there, but put your animosity aside for a moment and realize there is a wife and some kids out there that just lost the most important thing they have ever had. I’ll be the first person to call out somebody or something (including cops) when necessary, but for the life of me I can’t understand the pure viciousness of some of these comments regarding this story. Not only do they show a lack of class, they also show a lack of empathy and basic human understanding. Nice going.

    • Leave it to a deadhead to bring up empathy. But really I agree with everything you said. And I’ll go further and say they make us all look bad… Just like a few cops can do the same. You said it: nice going.

  7. I’m not even worried about accepting it. I’d donate it to the widow and those two boys, if they’d have it.

  8. I bought three tickets. One for me, one for common_nonsense and one for Silly Willy.

    I have no love for cops. I have less love for murdering scvmbags like the one who ambushed the officer.

    • Ralph, there’s a reason I’ve never given you a hard time about hating on cops. ^^^^

  9. I just donated the $5.00. I don’t want anything that’s made in “new york.”

    • Psst. Next time you want to stand on your principles, give ’em my name. I want the rifle.

  10. Believe it or not PoPos are human beings (like us) they are not perfect yet they are brave enough to be a walking target for the likes of Those Miscreants Above. The man’s family did not do an injustice to the planet because they are related to a man shot down in cold blood who was doing his job.
    Charity to all and malice to none

  11. Thanks to uncommon_stupidity I was pushed to chip in. And the rest of you should be happy as I never win so I just increased your odds.

  12. My brother was a local police officer who lost his life during the course of his duties.

    His wife continued to get 100% of his salary as well as free college tuition to any CA university.

    Is this common for all agencies or do other departments not have such programs?

    • It varies from place to place. A police officer in West Virginia was killed when I lived there and he was making minimum wage. Wage and benefits packages are all over the board. Small town Kentucky, who knows?

  13. i have a special needs child. i deployed twice last year. i cant even fathom the feeling of never coming home. the thought alone brings me to tears. my boy needs me and knowing that, my heart goes out to his family.

    fair winds and following seas officer ellis.

    if i win the rifle, it will be a bitter sweet victory for me….i may never shoot the thing

  14. I just bought some, too. This is just an unimaginably sad situation. All my best wishes to the officer’s family. Thanks to TTAG and GSL for posting the info and link. And thanks to KYGUNCO for sponsoring.

  15. I too, just bought some tickets. And while I didn’t know officer Ellis, he grew up and went to school within a couple miles of me, (east of Cincinnati) and the local high school had a nice memorial service in his honor. He was quite a ballplayer and even played for a Cincinnati Reds farm team. Folks around here that new him, liked him. Apparently he was an all around good guy – the kind of people we need more of these days.

  16. Hi there, now is again a time i don´t get you.
    A few days agoalot of the commentators here posted that they don´t like the cops.
    Now some of the same people posted that they will make a paiment for the cop. Where the heck is here any kind of logic?

    • There are some here that don’t like cops, and there are others that don’t trust cops. I suspect that the people you’re referring to, who are willing to donate to this, are in the latter category. As a matter of fact, if you look just a few comments up from this one, you’ll see where Ralph said exactly that. Professionally, Ralph would probably have been very careful in his dealings with Officer Ellis if he had encountered him in the course of a law enforcement situation, but personally, he can still think it’s a friggin’ shame that he died the way he did, leaving two kids behind.

    • Trying to get Americans can be a frustrating and full time effort G.G. I’ve lived here all my life and I don’t get them. I’m a grandfather, born and raised here and have lived here my whole life with the exception of my military time. Don’t ask me to explain Americans, they’re a funny bunch.

  17. I hope uncommon_sense has a need for a police officer and one doesn’t answer his call for help. To qoute Mitch McConnell “that’s not my job!”

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