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On November 14 and 15, Shooter and VIP ticket holders (buy yours here) at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival will get to grips with STI Guns. Which ones? “We’re bringing our full line,”Jens Krough promises. STI’s Director of Sales of Marketing says the selection will include “our 2011 and 1911 models in all shapes and sizes, some 15 to 20 guns.” That doesn’t mean that all shooters will get to shoot all of STI’s guns. But ticket holders will get serious trigger time with an STI pistol to suit their style and shooting needs. If you’re a competition shooter – and STI guns are nothing if not top competitors’ go-to pistol maker – you’re going to want to send lead downrange with . . .

STI’s DVC Open model. “It’s got everything a competition shooter wants in one package,” Krough crows. “The DVC is a 48-ounce gun with a 2.5 pound trigger, lightened slide, a titanium nitride finish barrel and compensator, a mounted C-More 6MOA Dot Sight, the works. If you want an off-the-shelf gun that’s ready to go from day one, a gun that that can compete at the very top levels of the sport, the DVC is it.” Come and shoot it!


But don’t get to thinking that STI only builds guns for competition. STI customers carry the company’s pistols as if their life depends on it – because it does! From the 24 oz. Commander-Sized STI Guardian to the 13 + 1 double-stack Tactical DS [above], STI’s self-defense firearms offer owners all the reliability, durability and accuracy they need to defend life and limb, should push come to shove.

STI guns are designed, manufactured and hand-finished by workers in Georgetown, Texas; craftsmen with decades of experience building firearms for some of the most demanding pistoleros on planet earth. Gun owners who want to win – whether in competition or against an attack. Come to the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival and see why STI Guns has a such a loyal customer base. An elite group that’s always ready to accept another member.

Click here to buy tickets. 

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  1. I look forward to shooting their guns. I was doing research on their stuff just last night. I wouldn’t mind getting one for IDPA, but DAMN they are expensive.

    • I felt the same ay until I scraped together $900 for a commander sized Ranger II in 9mm.
      These firearms do not need a breakin of 400 to 500 rounds, 100 will do. I carry mine faithfully…You will not be unhappy…

  2. I know they have a reputation for building amazing guns, but damn, that f**ker in the first pic is ugly! If form follows function, I can only guess that the function of that gun is as a birthday clown’s EDC…

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