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That’s right, the so-called Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has started a petition on its website to tell the US Department of Justice to cancel a $2.4 million grant to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Project ChildSafe. What makes the NSSF so egregious? Let’s start with the fact that . . .

Funds will go toward providing firearm safety education messaging and free gun locks through NSSF’s Project ChildSafe program to communities throughout the country, to encourage responsible firearm storage and help reduce firearm accidents, theft and misuse.

And God knows we can’t have that. One more time: the CSGV would rather curtail a program that actually saves childrens’ lives than see safety education funds administered by the firearms industry’s trade association. The CSGV calls the NSSF a “radical lobby,” and opposes the funding based on this twisted rationale:

While few would oppose the use of gun locks to secure firearms or the dissemination of information on gun safety [ed: except CSGV, apparently], the partnership between DOJ and NSSF is nonetheless deeply troubling. Since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary—which claimed the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in NSSF’s own community—the organization has opposed any and all attempts to strengthen U.S. gun laws to prevent future tragedies.

Just to be clear, fewer children trained in basic firearms safety practices and more unsecured firearms is more than justifiable in the eyes of the insane clown posse that runs the CSGV because in their twisted viewpoint, “Whatever good might be done by Project ChildSafe is vastly outweighed by the harm NSSF does in lobbying for reckless gun laws.” They apparently forget that, due in no small part to programs like Project ChildSafe and the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, firearms-related accidents are at their lowest level ever, and continue to decline despite soaring levels of gun ownership.

The next time members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex claim that they want to curtail Americans’ natural, civil, Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms ostensibly in order to save lives, try not to let your coffee pass though your nose as you laugh at the straight-faced, cynical whopper of a lie they just repeated.

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    • Did not know about that! Very cool. I didn’t want to link to the site but also felt compelled to so folks could read it and see it for themselves, so this is an excellent compromise. Link amended.

      • You can also put rel=”nofollow” inside the html linkage — right after href and before the URL itself.

        Unlike, it won’t mask the origin of the traffic (they’ll still know visitors came from TTAG), but it tells search engines not to follow the link, thereby denying them the SEO juice that all websites crave.

      • Exactly Jeremy. They are all pissy because these measures (trigger locks,child resistant storage, etc) aren’t mandated by uncle Fed. They don’t want you to comply voluntarily, they want to send you to prison if you don’t.

    • Yes. I’m starting to get the impression that many of the anti-gun groups are starting to feel the pressure of the actual statistics and have begun to secretly, or apparently now openly, hope for more gun related deaths, accidents, crime, and mass shooting in a macabre attempt to strengthen their message. It’s like their slogan is “Kill for Peace!” or “Murder to Stop Gun Violence!” Something ugly is in those movements.

  1. Thanks, GSGV, for removing all doubts as to your intentions to all the fence-sitters out there! They can at least discern where your true sentiments lie….

  2. “… the insane clown posse that runs the CSGV”

    How DARE you besmirch all the Juggalos out there with that slanderous statement!

      • Have you listened to anything by them lately? “Home Invasion” is a good one.

        “911, what’s your emergency?”
        “Yeah, I’d like to report a home invasion.”
        “What’s your location?
        “I got four m*****f***’in dead bodies ya’ll need to come over and clean up.”
        “Did… did you say dead?”
        “That’s right.”

        ICP (now Dark Lotus, including Boondoxx) are largely pro-2A and, which has been aggravating the liberal music industry, anti-gun organizations, and cops for a long time.

      • Well glad someone else caught that one. Yeah sure Juggalos are weird and all, of course. But hey… they’re not the CSGV. And a little weirdness is good for society. Lets you know where the frontier is. |3

  3. Lol but $500 million for planned parenthood is ok, probably according to the same people…

    Regardless of your beliefs, this is madness…..

    The disarmament campaign is all about American domination obviously.

    They pretend to want safety, but they lie.

    Lying for good or for evil is a terrible habit and is a dead giveaway of psychopathic tendencies…..

    I’ll change the smile.Amazon account to them (which you guys introduced to me the other day!!!! Thanks)

    • PP doesn’t have anything to do with abortion in my state (only two providers in the entire state, both are private practices), but provide many other health services for women. So I both support the NSSF’s efforts as well as PP’s.

      • I feared starting an off-topic PP rant so I officially end it here. If all the heads in nssf start committing felonies I would like to see their grants/funding moved to a similar organization.

        Sorry guys if this comment thread continues.

      • “PP doesn’t have anything to do with abortion in my state”

        Are you sure? The issue is not PP DOING abortions but recommending them…it’s in the counseling they give.

        Two Words regarding PP: Margaret Sanger. The oak does not fall far from the tree. Like ‘gun control’ is not about guns but control, “birth control” and abortion are not about birth, but…well, you get the idea.

        Another fun tidbit: WHO does PP disproportionately recommend abortion to?

        Hint: Sanger would be mighty proud of what ‘her’ organization grew into…

        (Note for the slow at heart: I ain’t said a WORD about agreeing/disagreeing with abortion in the above; what I’m talking about is racism and eugenics. Peace out).

        • It’s all part of their economic Darwinism….. which would maybe be ok if we didn’t have the beast from Jekyll island known as the federal reverse.

          Her thing was non blue bloods should not reproduce regardless of race.

          So statistically pyschopaths tend to accumulate in positions of power. Police, politicians, lawyers, etc….

          So in a round about way, the csgv is saying only the group’s behind the blue line with a disproportionate amount of psychopaths may have weapons.

          Like Margaret said only the group with a disproportionate amount of psychopaths may reproduce.

          If this seems like speculation….. it is sadly not. All of these ideas have been published, and the psychopath statistics are well documented throughout the professional communities.

  4. I’m okay with cutting funding to it. Not for the reasons CSGV cites, I just don’t want government spending money. That’s all. The program sounds like a waste of money.

    • Agreed. ANYTHING this crew of asshats at the Department of “Justice” is a joke and most likely UnConstitutional.

      Gunlocks! What a worse than useless gimcrack.

    • I’m OK with it also, as long as we eliminate all funding for all clinics of every type. ‘Cuz spending taxpayer money is bad, spend your own money.

      BTW, for the fanatics out there, if the plan is to defund PP alone, try to figure out a way which does not include “by name”. Because the organization can change it’s name before the bill can possibly be approved, over and over again, “by name” cannot work, so how? Like Colt responding to the AWB, which specifically named the AR-15, by renaming it the “Sporter” before the AWB was even signed.

  5. Don’t forget. This is he same CSGV that issued death threats against gun owners and encouraged their members to SWAT the opposition. Somehow nothing these domestic terrorists do surprises me. I say send them to GITMO for a much needed shower.

    • Double standards…. imagine if they disarm us what recourse will we have?

      Watch out for those who make good evil and evil good

      I used to be extremely liberal….. but you will now hear phrases like fascist left from my mouth….

      I can’t wait to read the history books on this era

  6. Kill some kids so we can get guns banned! Hey, great strategy. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your ignorant, selfish arm pits!

  7. There is a little known psychological condition that the folks at CSGV suffer from.
    Insanity. (Haha, this also makes them prohibited persons!)

  8. That may reduce the accidents from 500/year. CSGV can’t have that. They have to milk every incident they can to keep funds coming in and pressure for further gun control.

  9. We really need to shout this from the rooftops! And did I mention that we really need to shout this from the rooftops?

    This is tacit acknowledgement that gun control groups like the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are not interested in reducing deaths from firearms. Rather, they are interested in disarming Mr. and Mrs. America — turn ’em all in! (in the immortal words of Senator Dianne Feinstein).

  10. so I am on the local affiliate board for a national organization that is well known and receives a lot of federal funding. let’s call this for what it is: program funds. what does that mean in government speak? it means they can allocate approx 15% of the funding to overhead (i.e., salaries for warm bodies, rent, utilities, etc). all this is their expressed desire to get their hands on the over head generated from this program. If NSSF gets it, it allows them to spread costs out and pay for their building.

  11. Of course CSGV wants to stop this program between the Government and NSSF. Otherwise, CSGV cannot claim Civilians do not get enough Firearms Safety Training and Parents do not secure Firearms in the home properly. CSGV must hate the fact that Government money is going to NSSF instead of towards disarming the American People. What’s a few more kids dead from firearms accidents when more are killed yearly in automobile accidents or by drowning? This is truly perverse, but perfectly understandable considering the source.

  12. Wow, crackpots. I just checked out their facebook page yesterday, and guess who they’re calling an insurrectionist now?! Rand Paul. That’s right, because Rand Paul used the saying “deserves both barrels” in reference to Trump, they apparently believe, or want their non members to believe that what he truly was saying is I want to shoot Trump. So pathetic those people.

  13. Also, since the NRA is apparently responsible for all gun deaths, if CSGV gets their way (ha) and the program isn’t immediately started by another group, I guess we can blame CSGV for all children gun deaths because they opposed an actual meaningful solution to a problem.

  14. Meh….. these ARE the same people that think guns are bad unless they are in possession of someone wearing a uniform.

    A citizen couldn’t possibly handle such responsibility….. citizen puts on Uniform….. I’m so glad you are here to protect me from all the bad things!

  15. In any PR campaign, you have to consider not only the message but also the messenger.

    Let’s face it, when the message is “safe gun storage” who is your audience? Gun buyers and gun users. You probably want to hand-out your literature in LGSs and clearly mark the brochures as having been published by NSSF, NRA, CCRBA, etc. Readers are apt to pick-up the material and read it with a receptive frame-of-mind.

    These guys would probably prefer to put an image of Bloomberg or Shannon Watts on the cover if government money is to be used to subsidize the effort.

    How about a eugenics brochure to be distributed at Planned Parenthood with an image of a KKK gathering? Wouldn’t that help to move the message?

    The last thing the Anti’s want is gun-safety; and, this is the message we need to awaken the public to.

  16. I’m going to be the one going against the grain here, but I personally don’t want the Department of Justice (or any government institution) to fund or provide grants to this initiative. If it’s such a good idea, (and I do) there should be enough private initiative to get this done with private and donated money.

    I don’t want the Federal government involved in giving money to Planned Parenthood either.

  17. So that explains CSGV…

    Real gun safety = bad.
    SWATing innocent gun owners = good.

    Of course it makes sense they’d oppose any form of effective gun safety. It would take away their issue.

  18. Alike bees and wolves, know what the problems could be first, they can be deadly and that is that !!!!!!

    You don’t want to listen to people that have their own Adolf Hitler – Pol Pot – Stalin
    re – Idi Amin (idi Amin killed his people at 5 times the rate of Stalin – most of Stalin’s were starved to death in the Gulag prison area of Siberia, a very harsh environment he himself had survived) , Australia trained their troops before during and after the coup, and some Ugandan soldiers in Australia during Amin’s of Uganda control of Uganda regardless the “white Australia policy”.

    If the public one are not the “typical” type, then Australia joins the USA with or without firearms as a country of mass killers(Only….in principle…as statistics show, they don’t use a fire-arm usually), e.g. Cairns child murders 2014, Monash university shooting early 2000, Man Haron Monis martin place siege, or Lockhart NSW G.Hunt family murders-suicide.

    There have been two double murder stabbings(one public), and one McDonalds murder suicide with a handgun(banned around 1902) in Australia in the past few days.
    Article quote:…”Under South Carolina law, a convicted murderer is eligible for the death penalty if “two or more persons were murdered by the defendant by one act or pursuant to one scheme or course of conduct.”…

    AND who can forget the golden oldies like the one in Melbourne Vic a couple of months back of a double stabbing murder by a home invading almost geriatric woman who stabbed to death a man and a boy in the house.
    None of the gun debate was ever democratic in Australia. I presume it is an extremely different problem in Canada because of the economic loss by differences of laws at the border to have the same as Australia.
    Their answer is always scare monger then tell the people what they said by the journalist that wrote what they said in the newspaper.
    Forum Thread:
    One of the biggest killers of species that have aggression are governments!!!
    In Australia Africanised bees (simply for point cross bred) are not allowed to be kept.
    Many breeds of dog are not allowed to be kept.
    All this because they cannot understand aggression in it’s correct context for a kept species.
    It’s also a smart arse about people keeping them, they then totally ban them so they never need face them!!!

    You can understand from this following video how endemic by governments , the idea of destroying survival instinct in a species is, “because of the species aggression” !!! Really it cannot be done because it “defies” gravity metaphorically.
    (time: 7:06)
    “Selection of honey bees for yield and behaviour”
    So in the above video “where does the idea …AKA .GENTLE.. COME FROM???”
    Handling a simple species such as bees by understanding it is no different finally to the point of understanding dogs and hunting or work dogs or wolves.

    The following is true propaganda style rather than a concerned informative direction of what to view the activity is by process to recognise course of action.
    “IS groom recruits like paedophiles: ASIO”–asio.html

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