Nashville PD Bodycam Video Shows Cops Running Toward the Sound of Gunfire

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Watch the video above with the sound on to hear the communication between the responding Nashville Police Department officers arriving at the New Covenant School and then moving through the building.

Notice how they reacted when they hear shots fired. These are officers with ARs, shotguns and handguns running to the sound of gunfire. No helmets, no ballistic shields.

They engaged a shooter who was armed with an AR, a pistol caliber carbine, and a handgun as quickly as possible. The killing stopped as soon as the killer was confronted. You might even say that the only thing that stopped her was a good guy with a gun.

The NPD officers’ training, execution, and bravery will no doubt come as a shock to the literally dozens of Uvalde cops who, if media reports are to be believed, stood down for 77 minutes, supposedly because the shooter there also had an AR.

How many children in Uvalde — or Parkland — would have been saved if the police there had performed as the responding Nashville officers did?


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  1. That one dude was kinda pushing everybody out in front of him Lol. I understand he wanted rifle first but seemed a little eager to get everybody else to go first. I’ll probably get flamed and im glad i dont have to run into buildings like that but it did kind of jump out at me. I dunno maybe hes the captain or something and thats his job. They did need to keep moving. I dunno.

      • Dude with the rifle (the puss?) was the first to engage the shooter, If being on point and a bit cautious makes you a puss then I guess I was a puss every third time the Company moved and I was given the job of point… Jungle, building or city street does not matter when there’s someone somewhere ahead of you that wants to maim or kill you, you tend to come down on the cautious side while still trying to advance as fast as possible… So how many shooters have you taken down this week? this month? this year? EVER?

      • For those of us that have been in situations like this, it doesn’t matter how well trained you are there’s always the apprehensiveness of the unknown.

        • I have never been in a firefight but I have seen the value of repetitive drill to the point of automation. I’m thinking of a guy in basic that had severe exhaustion and was walking dragging his rifle and babbling about “the train”. Sgt. walked up and asked for his rifle, he gathered it up and cleared the action and presented it. The repetition was kinda burned in. Automation under stress. I believe in lots and lots of high stress simulations.

    • I would say part of leadership in a case like this is putting the most effective foot forward (the guy with a rifle in this case) rather than worrying about who personally is closer or further to the front of the group. Early on when he pointed to a guy and told him to hold the first 2nd story door, if he really wanted to he could have held there himself, but my initial impression was that he genuinely was in control and trying to keep the response moving quickly and effectively, not that he was hanging back. A couple times he floated in front of the rifle-armed cop.

    • I live in the market and have seen a lot of video that has not reached the national market yet.

      My guess is he was running the MetroPD team (of officers who may never have trained with each other) from a tactical standpoint. He was pushing the Rifles and Shotguns forward as they knew they were facing a least a rifle, and he had a handgun. I think some of the shoulder touches were as much to let the guy next to him know he was there. I am no expert but they looked like men who were well-organized and on a mission to me.

      This Horrible event lasted from 10:13 to 10:27. Six live lost horribly lost, but the attacker also had maps for other targets. it is hard to say what would have happened if these brave men had not both arrived and engaged quickly.

      I think is fair to point out something the media has not. The Fire Department and EMS were on site while this was happening. No waiting to get treatment, anyone who could have been saved would not have to wait for treatment. In the minutes after the shooter was down no one knew if it was a single shooter, a group, or even a single attack. More Law enforcement kept showing up. All were armed and ready to go. In the videos from that first hour, you could easily identify Metro PD, Nahsvilel Sheriff, TBI, State troopers, ATF, and a bunch of armed responders who you could not tell who they were with. I have no clue how many came, but they came fast, armed, and proved they were ready to engage.

      It was a horrible day that likely would have been far worse without quick response.

    • Team leader probably. Everyone has a job but without someone running the shit show it tends to drag on longer than it should and all things considered he got the team on target quickly and effectively.

    • Tell me have never been in a close quarters firefight without telling me you have never been in a close quarters firefight.

      Seriously man, stfu. You clearly “dunno”. Think before you leave a public comment next time.

    • I understand he wanted rifle first but seemed a little eager to get everybody else to go first.

      It looked to me like he was either in charge or took charge and was directing the others (somebody’s got to do it)… He was the 3rd man around the corner (behind a rifle and a shotgun) when they confronted the shooter and seemed to stay close to the front each time he completed giving directions… I think he did a damn good job of leadership under some pretty stressful circumstances in fact it was most likely a first-time event for ALL of them and they should all be commended not condemned… They could do a little work on that response time but after they got there, they went right after it…

      • Good points everyone. Makes sense. I definitely wasn’t trying to detract from the courage shown. Just mentioning what i saw and trying to understand a bit. I’m not very operationally operational if you know whT i mean.

        • For an experienced fire team/swat unit that would be a less than optimal performance but still absolutely functional. For a less experienced and possibly impromptu response unit not used to each other it would be awesome. Either way it will typically never look as slick and coordinated as the movies and the difference between functional and top end is tiny compared to nonfunctional and functional. And only ever functional (mostly) operationally on my end so see others for additional details.

    • A puss??? If the police had such leaders and the officers following orders quickly and without question, things would have ended, much faster in Parkland and Uvalde. And there would be many more survivors.
      Bravery on display for everyone to see.

  2. Bongino played the Nashville Police response and needless to say over my Cerwin Vega D7s it did not sound good for the perp.

    Pathetic job school security, good job Nashville Police.

  3. Careful. Don’t want to appear like your bullying the 400 cops at Uvalde. One of them might go shoot up a school and the Reddit mental patients will say it’s your fault for making them feel bad.

    • 300 should be required viewing for all police and military. Much of the choreography might be unrealistic, but the portrayal of valor was right on.

      • “300 should be required viewing for all police and military”

        Amen! Not just the courage in battle, but (maybe even more importantly) when they’re marching, camping, or working they show the kind of rough, locker-room camaraderie that binds men who are willing to die for each other. Today’s military does its best to weed out such “insensitivity”, feeling that it’s disruptive to unit cohesion, when the real problems are hypersensitive snowflakes who think everyone should shower their whiny little feelings in unearned respect.

        • I think it has always been an issue that sociopaths are attracted to police positions, and I feel these would / could be weeded out by watching for the “sick shit” during academy/ high intensity training. Even playing sports those unwanted attributes show. I fully agree that by emphasizing gender sensitivity type training they let through sickos. I am thinking of that cop that shot the kid on his knees as his pants fell down and he kept pulling them up while crying. The kid had been seen with an air pistol in Vegas. Watching the cop he oozed desire to kill. That’s the kind of guy that would be easily spotted in any intense training environment.

        • Very true. I think it’s all connected; the desire for recognition without achievement or merit is no longer considered a disorder, but an entitlement. The professions that shape opinion in children and adults alike are the most committed to pushing this.

        • But we integrate camp followers and comfort gals into every unit. Must be comforting on a cold night on the OP.

        • Which do you find more comforting: the overt feminaz1s, or the ones who act more dudebro than the guys until it benefits them to act offended?

  4. Now that is what to protect and serve looks like.
    Put a smile on my face to see them put the perp down.

  5. “How many children in Uvalde — or Parkland — would have been saved if the police that day and performed as the Nashville officers did?”

    As I mentioned on in an earlier comment, I hope other American cops heard about the cowardliness of the Parkland and Uvalde PD officers when children were being slaughtered and swore that would never happen to them. That they would run to the sounds of gunfire.

    Thank God we have cops in Nashville like that…

    • “Parkland and Uvalde PD officers”

      Also Va Tech. In fact, most any high count event, there was waiting. Armed resistance reduces casualties. Immediate armed resistance reduces casualties immediately.

  6. I was so proud of them the screen got a little blurry. This is what the real police look like.

  7. That fukkin alarm didn’t do anything to help them, stuff like that just adds to already stressful situation, got to be a better system… Seemed pretty organized one guy in charge aggressively advancing, good tactics shooter down… Game over, no replays or respawning…

  8. This wouldn’t have happened if Biden enacted a federal semi automatic ban and amnesty turn in period through executive action already. Biden could stop gas and oil production with a stroke of a pen on day one, why can’t he ban semi automatic guns? You can still keep your hunting and home defense shotguns that the second amendment signers and founders planned for you.

    • David, my dear boy (I know you’re not the real David Hogg), the second amendment is about shooting tyrants in the face, and a semi auto rifle is the best tool for such a job.

    • So, it’s all bidens fault? Better not let miner49er hear you say that. He’ll piss himself in fury.

    • hoggwash…The 2A says Arms which is short for Armament, includes a cast iron frying pan that would flatten your head if you so much as think you can touch a blade of grass on my property much less a firearm…you pervert.

    • fake david hogg is back, trolling for the attention.

      “You can still keep your hunting and home defense shotguns that the second amendment signers and founders planned for you.”

      Really? Where exactly did “the second amendment signers and founders” plan for us to only have “hunting and home defense shotguns”? In which of the federalist papers is that plan laid out? In what writings of “the second amendment” did the signers AND founders lay o9t that as their intent and plan?

      I see “the second amendment signers and founders” plan for the people laid out in the second amendment with “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” and it makes no mention of having only “hunting and home defense shotguns”. But I’m having difficulty locating this secret ‘Bill of Rights” that apparently is only known to anti-gun people and David Hogg impersonating trolls in which its written “… the right of the people to keep and bear hunting and home defense shotguns, shall not be infringed”. So, if you could point us to that it would be great, then we can laugh at you even more than we already are.

      • No ‘right’ is absolute. You can’t falsely yell fire in a crowded theater in order to trigger a stampede and deaths. Just like you can’t buy new machine guns can you? Thought so. Where’s your second amendment on that?

        • LOL you can falsely yell fire you are just responsible for whatever happens just like anything else. As to machine guns meh litigation pending. Not bad for the troll account though, name and tone are well selected and the tenuous grasp of constitutional law dovetails well with twitter.

        • OK, its hard to come down so far to your level of stupid but I’ll try to say this simply for you without a lot of detail so you will not become even more confused than you already are in your 5 year old understanding …

          All the first 10 rights in the Bill of Rights are absolutely rights, among these is the 2nd Amendment. You’re just upset, like all anti-gun, that the 2nd Amendment is absolutely a right.

          You don’t really understand this subject do you. Its not IF the second amendment is absolute, its that it is absolutely for a fact an inherent and guaranteed right which defines an absolute natural right that is part of “… that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

          arms for self defense, defense of home, and defense against government tyranny (evidently you endorse a tyrannical government, see below about yelling fire) are defending “Life, Liberty”

          “Just like you can’t buy new machine guns can you?”

          Sure you can buy machine guns if not a prohibited person, it just won’t be newly manufactured but it will be new to the one who purchases it.

          “You can’t falsely yell fire in a crowded theater in order to trigger a stampede and deaths.”

          Oh there it is, the comment of the ignorant. 🤣

          The answer to this question can be found in the writings of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. He wrote the phrase in 1919, not to justify moderate limits on speech but instead to justify government prosecution and persecution of those speaking out against the draft.

          Its the ignorant anti-gun persons way to claim that free speech is not absolute to justify their claim that (e.g. no right is absolute) the 2nd amendment is not absolute, and they always leave out the context of that “free speech is not absolute” claim because they are ignorant.

          Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. wrote – “The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.”

          It was an analogy and the First Amendment. The First Amendment case before Holmes wasn’t about a fire. Oliver Wendell Holmes used that analogy to justify the government jailing someone for speaking out against the draft, in other words Homes used it to justify an unconstitutional and tyrannical ‘government’ infringement of free speech.

          So when you use that, you are actually saying its ok for the government to unconstitutionally and tyrannically infringe on the inherent and guaranteed constitutional rights of Americans because the government says so. If that’s the world you want to live in your need some serious mental health intervention and help.

          Oh, and you didn’t answer my request either, I’ll state it again….

          I see “the second amendment signers and founders” plan for the people laid out in the second amendment with “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” and it makes no mention of having only “hunting and home defense shotguns”. But I’m having difficulty locating this secret ‘Bill of Rights” that apparently is only known to anti-gun people and David Hogg impersonating trolls in which its written “… the right of the people to keep and bear hunting and home defense shotguns, shall not be infringed”. So, if you could point us to that it would be great, then we can laugh at you even more than we already are.

        • The comparison between an action and the ownership of a firearm is inaccurate. No, it is a stupid comparison made by a weak mind.

    • why can’t he ban semi automatic guns?

      Funny thing that, I’m not entirely certain what his authority is for shutting down oil production (and destroying our economy) other than no one actually challenged him on it, seems like a violation of the Interstate Commerce Clause to me, but I DO know that his dumb ass would be standing tall before the SCOTUS if he tried to pull an EO ban on semi-automatic Sporting Rifles (they are REALLY so NOT assault rifles) and handguns… Way beyond the scope of his authority… POTUS derives his authority from the same document that protects YOUR right to say stupid stuff and my right to keep and bear arms…

    • This would not of happened had Red Flag laws worked.
      This would not of happened if she would of been identified as a mental health risk and gotten professional help.
      This would not of happened if those administrators and teachers had been armed and train in a mass shooting event.
      The reason why we are all suffering 6% inflation is of Biden’s anti fossil fuel acts.
      Your arguments are weak as you are.
      Come back when you grow up.

    • Yes, because, obviously, the tens of millions of currently extant semi-autos would have been insufficient to the task and no one has ever been killed with a manually repeating action. Way back when, almost nobody ever died from a gunshot wound with a musket ball. Musket wounds are really no more serious than a bee sting. Also, if there were no gravity, no one would ever fall down the stairs.

    • Lol, because no one ever smuggled a gun across the boarder, along with oceans of drugs, slaves (yeah, I said the quiet part out loud because “human trafficking” is new speak), glock switches, etc. I’d bet many of the guns involved in so many crimes are already smuggled in. Who would do such a thing?

  9. As I said..Nashville Police did a good job…after they arrived 14 minutes later. The murderous perp had it their way for 14 minutes and with that said I am surprised the body count wasn’t higher. Those 14 terror filled minutes says all one needs to know about the school’s security.

    Same holds true for Uvalde. The school security which is the tip of the spear in such cases was pathetic, parents sould have known security was nonexistent and yelled about it…Keep that in mind before singling out the police…which is along the lines of singling out the gun.

    • The Uvalde fiasco shows what happens when a school furnishes it’s own personal security All security should be furnished by trained law enforcement. The Nashville police are fantastic.

    • Who is it thinks locked glass doors is a good idea? Sheesh. As usual, I hear all kinds of fixes, none of which is Constitutional and none of which would work anyhow. Solution is really obvious although not real easy. One of the requirements for a teaching certificate should be a firearm and training. Being discovered unarmed while at work is grounds for immediate dismissal. Every teacher armed and trained would actually end school shootings and NOBODY will even suggest it.

      • “Who is it thinks locked glass doors is a good idea? Sheesh.”

        Security glass with a wire mesh embedded would have been a better choice.

        On the other hand, gunfire could have blown the locks out…

    • They did and certainly deserve to be applauded but various talking heads out there are making sound as if teachers, principles, and other school staff could not be trained. Such things are completely ridiculous.

  10. Meanwhile the goof at U Tube channel Legally Armed America thought the po-leece put the shooter stalking the school video up immediately to further gun bans. AS IF this “proves”if cops get their in 14 minutes self defense is futile. Tell THAT to the dead kids & teachers!🙄

  11. Well done. Great job continuing to move forward especially once they could clearly identify where shots were coming from.

  12. Two years ago, when ANTIFA/BLM tried to burn Nashville to the ground. The cops would not allow it. They immediately arrested people. The law enforcement culture is just different and better, in a good way compared to other parts of the country.

    And it helps to have the political leadership, the political backbone to support their cops. But that leadership mostly came from the state level. Nashville has a left-wing vegetarian mayor.

    Who ordered the cops to stand down. He got over ruled by the republican governor. Because the Nashville city cops who protect the capital grounds, their orders come from the state governor. Not the left-wing city mayor.

  13. just a question:
    why was the shooter
    wearing different shoes when she was laying on the floor after the police took her down
    than in all the surveillance camera footage of her
    going from room to room
    like i said…just a question
    look up that one guy 55 on twitter
    she was wearing pumas at one point in the hallway
    and then minutes later was taken down wearing vans

  14. The police response was optimal. What a tragedy that no effective resistance was onsite. l cannot understand why no adult had a gun handy.

    What is wrong with people?

  15. Nicely done. The cops ran in on Saturday, March 25th into the Hard Rock Casino as well – although the initial call was a mass shooter it was just a one off murder.

    Here’s to all of those with the cojones to run towards the gunfire.

  16. We must all unilaterally condemn “trans” ideology. This is the first time a girl ever shot up a school (excluding the guy and the other woman).

    If you won’t stand with my to condemn sexual immorality- you are complicit in these children’s murder. Yay cops did their job. For once they weren’t harassing me yay. When I was a teenager- if you got caught driving too drunk- officer Friendly would give you a ride home. If you had an argument with your wife- he’d walk you around the block and try to get you both to calm down. Now, you get shot for saying your wife spent too much at Walmart.

    Nowadays- even Tucker Carlson is supporting “gay marriage”. This is truly sick.

    I support 2A 100%. Gun control laws are not written to keep us safe- they are written to Randy Weaver us.

    Say NO to trans. Say NO to gay. Say NO to Joe Brandon and Janet Yellen inflation. Say NO to Jews who run the media, finance, tech, and government who reject Christ.

    And if you don’t want your kid to be gay or trans, and you believe in Christ- think whom you are serving before criticizing me. You can’t serve two masters.

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