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States United to Prevent Gun Violence – a self-professed “grassroots network of 30 state affiliates working to make our communities and families safer” – was last seen setting up a fake gun store in New York City to sell their message of civilian disarmament. An illegal operation to which New York City authorities turned a blind eye. Their latest “caper” . . .

luring unsuspecting movie goers to a fake action movie called Gun Crazy. At least they might have been unsuspecting; given the group’s history of duplicity it’s hard to take anything they do at face value. Especially given the comments afterwards.

“People saw guns for what they really are,” the YouTube video proclaims. No, they saw homicidal criminals and crazies for what they really are. Dangerous people who must be met with force. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. Borrowing a page from the anti-abortionists’ handbook: showing gory pictures.
    Why take the high road when the low road is so easy?

    • No comparison between our right to keep and bear and baby killing. Baby killers should be shown how vile and rancid infanticide is. But, alas, I’m sure I’m just a zeolot or kook for believing that. How primitive my thinking is….

      • They say those of us who own guns think that we are trying to say we have a right to keep dangerous tools in the hands of violent murderers. They say our hobby is one comprised of the implements of evil and all that is bad in human nature. They say we are trying to make our opinions about right and wrong a law. We say it is our lives and we choose to be safe. We say the best way to maintain personal security is by being prepared to do what ever it takes to stop and threat. We say that it is a free country and nobody has a right to take away our freedom to make the choice to own guns.

        Both arguments sound hauntingly similar. Perhaps it is because both of them deal with the worst in mankind in one way or another. I am very against abortion 19 years ago I had a kid before I even graduated school. I did not choose the nuclear option when dealing with an unplanned undesired pregnancy. I manned up and took responsibility and so did the child’s mother. While that was my choice it is not the choice of others.

        I don’t think it is anyone’s business but our own to choose what we do with a pregnancy. I don’t think it is anyone’s choice but our own to decide to have a gun or not. Abortion clinics did not invent abortion anymore than firearms invented suicide, murder, and violence. This country has freedom of religion, that would mean you choose your own morals. It also has the second amendment. As a true conservative that does not approve of the government being in my personal life I also do not approve the government being in the personal lives of others who may not agree with me. For a long time I was pro life. Then I realized I was making my morals someone else’s law to live by.

        I think abortion is a cowardly way out of an easily avoidable sittuation. There is of course exceptions like rape or obvious physical deficiencies that occur before or during a pregnancy. I am not speaking about those people, they are not cowards. Never the less as I said before I cannot stand behind the government legislating what a woman and man should do with their bodies.

        • Wade,

          A woman who has an abortion is not just doing something to her own body: she is also doing something to her unborn baby’s body (via proxy having the abortion practitioner carve up and kill the baby). So, to say that abortion only involves the mother’s body is incorrect on its face.

          How about a woman who just delivered a baby and is nursing the baby. Is it okay for the woman to get high on heroin right before nursing? After all, she can do whatever she wants to her body, right?

          Look, I don’t like government intrusion into our lives any more than anyone else. I am anything but a “boot licker” or a “state worshiper”. If there is ONE thing that government should do, it is protect the right to life of the weakest members of society. And I cannot think of a weaker member of society than babies — especially babies that have not yet left the womb.

          And it isn’t like women don’t have options. If you are a woman and don’t want to be pregnant, then don’t have intercourse, or INSIST that your male interloper use a condom (correctly no less). If your male interloper cannot be bothered to use or purchase a condom, then he isn’t worth jumping into bed.

        • Wade,

          This is the core problem with abortion:
          Women (who support abortion) want the option to kill their unborn babies should they decide that carrying the baby full term is unpalatable.

          Looking a little deeper, the factors are:
          (a) Women don’t want to bear responsibility for their choices (intercourse).
          (b) Women want the option to do what feels good (kill their unborn baby).
          Unfortunately, this requires a conditional right to life for human life … where the unborn baby’s right to life depends on the assessment of the mother … which really means there is no right to life at all.

          This is EXACTLY the same motivation for gun grabbers. They want to disarm us because:
          (a) Gun-grabbers don’t want to bear responsibility for their choice (being unarmed and unable to protect their families).
          (b) Gun-grabbers want the option to do what feels good (disarm us).
          Unfortunately, this also requires a conditional right to life for human life … where a person’s right to life (having an effective tool to defend their life) depends on the assessment of someone else (local police, legislature, psychiatrist, etc.) … which really means there is no right to life (to defend your life) at all.

          Really bad things happen when public policy elevates feelings and evading responsibility for one’s choices over (allegedly) unalienable rights. In other words really bad things happen when there are no simple objective standards of right and wrong.

    • Of course its a setup. Look at the theater – only movie, small group of people, plain brown bags of popcorn, like Vitsaus says, no one on their cell phone. They are paid extras and what’s more, they were no doubt selected specifically for their anti 2a views.

      Once again we see from the anti 2a group, lies at every level.

      When you have to lie to prove your point, your point is wrong.

      Need I mention the whole ‘shall not be infringed’ part? Fine, you don’t want guns, whatever – amend the constitution. There is a process and they are free to follow it.

      Until then I don’t care what they say. Any politician working to infringe on our rights while standing there, protected by our bestest, brightest, well trained and equipped armed freaking guards is nothing but a lying elitist self-serving prick. But then I repeat myself.

  2. The “Gun Crazy” movie is a propagandized hoax.

    The first video shown in the trailer is of a fat guy who is supposedly shooting up a school board meeting, but it’s complete BS.

    The sound is all wrong (not from the actual video) and the shooter was the only one harmed in the incident (shot by security.) You can YouTube it, “guy takes hostages at school board meeting.” Hell, I’d bet the movie goers are all paid actors.

    And don’t get me started on the gun store. Like one would spend the absurd time and money nessary to obtain a gun permit in NYC, only to be talked down by events which you would only be unaware of if you had lived under a rock for last 5 years.

    Had I paid to see an action movie and instead been shown this tripe, I would have thrown an unholy fit.

  3. Let’s NOT even put this in the same class as abortion.
    If we as 2A responsible citizens cannot fight this as a single purpose without bringing other issues into it to try and make us look better than we are losing.

  4. “We live in a culture that glorifies guns…”

    And yet, as they show violent Hollywood movies to make their point, they somehow conclude that real gun owners are at fault for that.

    • While watching the movie all I could think was that these were all good reasons to own a gun. I am not able to see how guns cause psychosis or paranoia. It is the user’s own choice.

  5. 32,000 gun violence deaths per year, eh? 2/3 of that number are suicides. I didn’t know you could be a victim of your own violent crime. When I write police reports, “suspect” and “victim” are two different entries.

    • Ask your typical left-wing gun banner if they supports physcian assisted suicide aka “the right to die.” When they answer yes, as most will, ask them why doing it yourself with a gun should be clumped in with criminal acts.

      (I am not expressing an opinion on assisted suicide soet’s not don’t go down the road.)

    • Yeah, but you are a real cop, instead of an anti-gun wacko determined to do the most damage with statistics that don’t really support your case. These are the same folks who will say the gun just went off in an attempt to blame the tool and exonerate the bad guy, who “didn’t really intend to shoot” that convenience store clerk.

      • I’ve actually used the phrases “sleeping pill violence” and “jumping off a bridge violence” in conversations with people talking about “gun violence.” Good times.

    • Dude,

      “…gun violence deaths…”

      I would have hoped that you would have put that LSM term in quotes in your comment. You’re cooler than that. 8>)

  6. One sided movie only. We’re all the videos when the good guys shoot the thugs ,gangbangers and criminals and win? I could make a 2 hour movie from YouTube videos alone.

  7. Did anyone get the copyrights for all of those film clips? Or the permissions from the original owners to charge money for patrons to see this “film”?

    • I was reading down the comments, intending to mention….but you beat me too it! Yep, same feeling, same types of creepy people shamelessly propagandizing.

  8. “No, they saw homicidal criminals and crazies for what they really are. Dangerous people who must be met with force.”

    And that is why we will ‘stick to our guns’…

  9. That was entertaining. So some criminal low lifes with no morals executes/wounds people and … guns. We got a gun epidemic here people! Guns! Apparently the presence of criminal low lifes with no morals is fine. Let’s obscure them from the picture and focus on the gun. Also – ignore the fact that good guys with guns (police) show up to save life and eliminate the threat.

  10. I like (sarcasm) how no one brought up the obvious point. Hollywood has depicted violence in such a cavalier and reckless manner that shallow people have been misled about the power of violence.

    Obviously we’re talking to the choir here… but it isn’t the gun. All those clips could have been replaced with stabbings; people will still go see horror movies.

  11. Unfortunately for them this just shows there are no “safe spaces.” Violence, human indifference, and a general lack of morality is the real epidemic; guns simply allow for those who don’t wish to be a victim to level the field and stand and chance. If everyone could and would fight back maybe there’d be a bit more apprehension in the criminal mind.

  12. You can still thumbs up/down the YouTube video.

    You can also report it for what that is worth.

    Just sayin

  13. If you prefer your gun movies neat, why settle for a cheap remake, when you can watch the cheap, but excellent, noir original: Gun Crazy starring the “Thrill Crazy… Kill Crazy…” gorgeous Peggy Cummins (who also starred in the most excellent Curse of the Demon):

    Gun Crazy 1949 Annie’s Intro:

  14. Supposing these aren’t paid actors, this would be a pretty sick and duplicitous trick to pull on some people. No sane person wants to see people actually getting shot, it sucks. In fact, I know this isn’t real because if they actually did that someone would sue their asses for psychological trauma.

    • I’m wondering this myself. They may be able to get away with it by using the NC-17 rating and calling it a documentary. We aren’t privy to any other clips of the actual video but the violent ones. We can’t see how they framed this violence in the rest of the movie. Is it just an hour of people murdering people? I can’t imagine that working out.

  15. Poor choices for some of the clips they chose. Much of it was criminals committing acts of violence or murder – Pulp Fiction, Springbreak, Scarface, The Purge (I think), Full Metal Jacket (a broken man turned towards murder), The Good The Bad and The Ugly, and one I can’t identify with what appears to be gang members.

    Other movies I can identify are action films and a western: Predator, Escape from LA, White House Down, Inglorious Basterds, Rambo, Once Upon a Time in the West, and Taken (unsure). Of these movies much of the violence is a legitimate use of force – Predator is the military vs aliens; White House Down is a secret service agent fighting terrorists; Inglorious Basterds is the military and French resistance vs Nazis; a cowboy defending himself against people there to kill him. The other movies are more ambiguous.

    • Then again, I just got through some more of the clip (before it became NSFW), and maybe all of the criminal behavior was a good choice.

      I agree though, it’s not guns, it’s the criminals behind the guns. It wouldn’t have been any less shocking, or horrifying if they had shown clips of people murdering other people with knives, fire, or any other myriad ways of killing. Too bad the take away at the end was all wrong.

    • It wasn’t The Purge, they were clips from Heat (with DeNiro). I assume you mean the guys wearing hockey masks.

  16. “An illegal operation to which New York City authorities turned a blind eye. Their latest “caper” . . .”

    Is there a cause of action against the prosecutors here? Any of several: dereliction, malfeasance, selective enforcement as a way of exploiting office for gain, civil rights? Is there a cause of action against the lovely DC non-prosecutor?

    Really, on the one hand, enforce it consistently, or not at all. On another hand, lawfare works, so let’s use that too. (The BGs are casual about this approach.)

  17. Yawn. Seen em all before. It’s true and exactly what I would have said if they interviewed me after seeing that “film”.

    I think it is important to the know and see the physical effects of what happens in actual situations where any sort of violence occurs. To see what happens to the human body and understand it is important. Personally it strengthens my resolve not to be victimized. Obviously the problem here is the presentation and context is purposefully manipulated just as others above have pointed out. Also fantasy != reality.

    I just don’t understand the fixation on guns because anyone who has half a brain cell capable of independent thought would realize that plenty of this absolutely brutal and barbaric stuff happens with knives, axes, machetes, bats, bricks, fists, chains, etc. and gets caught on camera just as frequently. But hey preaching to the choir.

  18. Obviously, this is a scam. As others have pointed out, they would get their butts sued off if this were done for real.

    And if it is real, please pick me! I would love to win the lottery! /;-D

  19. I like how they do this in new york. Even if they were paid actors, I’d like to see them try this in a pro-gun state.

  20. “This video appears to have actors pretending to be “customers” who give “honest” comments to further an agenda. Also, there is no notice regarding whether or not permission was obtained for the use of copyrighted materials.”

    My comment when I reported this video for fraud/misleading.

  21. Makes me want to buy more guns. Hope the lefties are not waiting for a non-violent world to emerge. If only Abel had been armed.


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