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Who? Another upstart holster maker, you say? Not at all. You know Black Arch by their now former name, SHTF Gear. They’ve just announced the new branding. Either way, they make top quality hybrid IWB holsters and leather mag carriers. And now they’ll also be sponsoring our Weekend Photo Caption Contest posts, giving you a chance to win one of their great rigs on a weekly basis. Here’s the story on the name change . . .

Logan, UT – SHTF Gear LLC, a manufacturer of hybrid holsters for concealed carry, announced today that it has changed its name to Black Arch Holsters.

“With current growth and plans for new products, the timing was finally right to act on plans to change the company name,” stated Clay Moultrie, president and founder.

The new name makes reference to the towering stone arches that are unique to the company’s home state of Utah. These natural arches were carved out of sandstone over thousands of years and are among the largest in the world. The name Black Arch pays homage to these silent giants who stand defiantly against all opposition and inspire greatness in design.


This change in name follows just weeks after the company announced that it had increased the size of its production facility by 33% in order to make room for new R&D equipment and a product showroom. This new equipment will allow the company to continue developing its current line of holsters while also pursuing new products.

“Expansion of its facility and development of new products won’t affect current lead times,” stated Moultrie. Black Arch remains committed to producing the highest quality of holsters and offering a lead time of only 3­-5 business days.”

Additionally, the lifetime warranties of all SHTF Gear branded products will be honored.

About Black Arch:

Founded in 2010, Black Arch Holsters (formerly SHTF Gear LLC) was launched to produce custom hybrid holsters for concealed carry. Black Arch continues to grow and develop new holsters and other products with the same focus on innovation, quality, and efficiency. The company’s name makes reference to the towering stone arches of southern Utah that inspire greatness in design.

They can be found at or contacted at (435) 261­2231.

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  1. I think that’s great. I’ll be willing to try their stuff now that the vulgarity is out of their name. Thanks for growing up.
    On a side note, kudos to them for saying that the arches were carved over thousands of years instead of millions. Personally, I think it was much faster, but it’s a start.

    • I know right? I talked to them the other day, and they said the real reason for the name change was to get more business from you. So looks like the business strategy worked. Thank (insert chosen guy here)!

  2. I have a couple of their holsters from their former name. They’re pretty good. I found them because they’re one of the only companies that makes a holster to fit the Five-seveN MK2.

    The holsters were made well and moderately comfortable (as comfortable as an IWB can get).

  3. I love owb, but NEED additional spare mag carrier(s). Will visit the site in the future, when funds for other priorities are complete, *cough *Texas Gun Fest*cough*

    • Glad I saw this; picked up 2 horizontal mag carriers. Love the out of the way feel. Beats sticking an extra Sig 238 mag in your pocket.

  4. They are one of the few companies that make horizontal mag carriers. I have two different generations and both are solid designs made of leather. The SHTF logo is very low profile and they look like a multi-tool carrier.

    Excellent quality at a fair price. Recommended.

  5. As stated by others, I might consider a purchase now that “shit” is out of the name. Stupid, immature marketing thought process to begin with. Funny how the article mentions the name change reason as “timing” and “growth”, not removing something offensive, childish, and negative.

  6. IWB holsters are all they produce? That’s really strange. Not everyone carries that way. And “hybrid” only? Why wouldn’t they want other people’s business too? Oh well, too bad.

  7. Black Arch???? WTF…..Must be racists…why don’t you use the name White Arch? they have something against crackers…errr I mean white people. What about gay people, they need holsters to. What about the Bi people,,,,I am sure they need a holster that works Both ways (cross or strong side)…..and dont forget the Trans people…do they convert from OWB to IWB………..

    screw yall….i am going to my SAFE PLACE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Actually, can’t say I’ve heard of SHFT gear. And I’ve searched through a bunch of holsters to see what would be best for CC.


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