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Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.


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  1. That’s why I don’t talk to a lot of people about what, when, and where I carry……which is all the time.

      • I just sent this to my wife with the message “This is us” 😉 Despite her 25% Italian heritage she is fully unable to keep her mouth shut.

        • “Despite her 25% Italian heritage she is fully unable to keep her mouth shut.”
          I can not believe you posted this! Unless of course she doesn’t peruse your websites…🤣

    • Not one curse word, not one {wink, wink, nudge nudge} innuendo, and you are banished to communication purgatory…

      • Well Specialist38 hasn’t posted much lately, it was time for the Elf Bee Eye hackers to download his computer info.

      • Dunno, I never get WP moderation hell for cursing. Post a link, or for whatever nonsensical inconsistent reason? Sure, then.

        Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason most of the time. More often than not, the post simply disappears with no message, and the usual reload of the previous page the reply field is blanked out as well. Then it won’t allow me to post anything until I change exit IP’s.

    • Ya, I think you just got one of the RNG handed out moderations. They do this just to make it harder to figure out what triggers them (Libs get triggered a lot).

  2. Just give them the ‘don’t make me have to shoot you’ look.

    It’s very similar to the ‘do you wanna borrow a knife?’ look.

  3. Such signs are one thing that California does not have…yet. I think there won’t be any until the State Legislature finally concedes that it cannot make the whole state a gun free zone.

    • If they didn’t cost what, over 100 grand each?, they would have them everywhere.

      (And the cost of manning them…)

  4. Gun free zone?!?


    Oh, you mean defenseless victim zone! Yeah, I’d keep that pretty hush myself.

      • Spec38,

        Why are you such a h8ter??? If you weren’t such a racist/sexist/xenophobic/homophobic/white supremacist/transphobic/gun-worshipping h8ter, they wouldn’t moderate you, would they?? /sarc off/

        This site has the most inane, inconsistent, objectively STUPID moderation “policies” (actually, lack thereof) of any site I frequent. Their moderation “policy” is a complete cluster-f***, and applied with all the consistency of a kindergarten finger-painting class.

        • “…applied with all the consistency of a kindergarten finger-painting class.”

          A very apt word picture there, Lamp. Nicely done.👍

        • Maybe I should add more profanity and slurs.

          I’m not sure it would hurt, since every comment is moderated.

  5. I’ve hung out a whole week underneath one of them signs and I ain’t never got no free gunm.
    Either its prejudiced or it’s a lie.

  6. I was in line to pay my bill at the diner when the woman in front of me turned and asked “What’s in the Sneaky Pete?”. She did not wait for an answer but explained that she and her husband are from a north western PA county, rural, God- loving, patriots and they were both carrying. They were visiting friends here in Allentown. I smiled and said I am always glad to meet other patriots and 2A supporters. She, then, pointed to my ‘Trump Won’ button and said they will never give up.

    I love meeting like- minded, friendly folk. Even if they blow my cover at the diner.

  7. Caught On Video Good Guy With A Gun Rescues Memphis Woman From Being Kidnapped By 3 Criminals

    This is a good example of why good guys with guns saving people and lives aren’t known too well among the public at large, something the anti-gun take advantage of. The news in Memphis excluded that the hero here had a gun and was prepared to use it (but no shots were fired). It took the DailyMail, a U.K. publication, to reveal in the news that the hero employed DGU to repel these criminals and save the victim.

    This was just one of thousands of incidents around the country on that day where a law abiding armed citizen saved their self or someone else, and like in this evidenced in the video didn’t fire a shot but upon seeing the armed citizen coming to the rescue prepared to defend the bad guys flee. People never hear about it, MSM purposely suppresses the news of a good guy with a gun by careful wording and exclusion, but it happens thousands of times daily around the country.

    Here is the Daily Mail article – right in the title of their article they say the hero here was armed > “Dramatic moment armed Good Samaritan saves woman after two men tried to abduct her as she entered her car in Memphis parking lot” >

    Just a note though: This actually happened in Germantown and not Memphis. Germantown is a separate ‘smaller’ city that borders Memphis on its east side and is known for its ‘affluence citizenship’, sort of a surburb community of Memphis but with more wealthy people. Its often confused with Memphis because its all considered a ‘metro’ combined area historically by the way one flows into the other.

  8. for all the people freaking about aluminum cans being used for the lower receiver …
    apparently you do not understand how an ar-15 / m-16 actually works.
    the lower receiver is not a stressed part … they can be made from plastic for goodness sakes … perhaps even one could possibly be made from hardwood … all you need is something to hold the trigger group, and magazine in place.
    releasing the bolt carrier allows the bolt to move forward, strip a round from the magazine … and then locks the stressed assembly together when the bolt logs lock into the locking lugs.
    those are the only stressed parts.

    • Yeah, . . . no, not exactly. During the cycling of the action, significant stress and reciprocating mass reacts against . . . the pieces holding them in place (i.e., the receiver). Does it experience stress equivalent to the bolt carrier group? Hell, no. Does it experience stress and wear from recoil (even the mild recoil of a 5.56) and moving, reciprocating masses? Hell, yes.

      Talk to anybody who’s put a few thousand rounds through a plastic lower (they’ve been around for a while now), and you’ll hear about wear, stress cracks, etc.

      I agree that the lower is probably the least-stressed “active” part of an AR, but “stress free”? Nah, I don’t think so.

      • All semiautomatics and their owners are under a lot of stress.
        And as much as we hope for better things in the year 2023 I believe the stress factors will increase.
        Woods no good, Steel is real, and plastics fantastic.


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