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You may remember that Stag Arms had some record keeping difficulties back in 2015. As a result, our friends at the ATF pulled their ticket while the mess was being untangled. But the rumors about their demise have apparently been greatly exaggerated. In fact, as a result of a capital injection from a private equity firm, they’re planning to significantly expand their product line in the near future. Here’s a press release addressing their current situation and plans for the future:

Stag Arms to Dramatically Increase Manufacturing and Distribution Footprint 

We are about to see some next-level manufacturing begin to enter the market from Connecticut gun maker Stag Arms – as the company has announced that it has been acquired by White Wolf Capital, LLC, a private investment firm that began operations in late 2011 and is focused on management buyouts, recapitalizations and investments in leading middle market companies in the Defense Industry and Manufacturing market segments.

With this acquisition, Stag will have access to a higher level of distribution and contracting vehicles through White Wolf, who have a strong history of building companies in the firearms, manufacturing and distribution lanes (to name a few).

Stag will also be able to expand their R&D capabilities through this new line of capital; developing new platforms and products with a higher degree of innovation and engineering for the end user.

Since its inception over a decade ago, Stag has remained at the forefront of innovation; first by offering 100% American made, left and right-handed MSR platforms, and then by designing new models and features based on customer recommendations.

Most recently, Stag’s team has been working overtime developing a new .308 and a new 9mm Carbine; further proving that the company maintains a forward-thinking mindset to deliver the best possible products to their customers.

It’s thanks to their understanding and attention to their customers wants and needs, that they developed their left-handed platforms to use a mirror imaged upper receiver, and have the ejection port reversed for left-handed shooters. The safety selector control is also on the right side of the lower receiver, to ensure maximum capability.

Unlike many other “black gun” manufacturers, Stag truly stands behind their products and their customer service.
“One of the main reasons we were so excited about Stag, was largely in part because of their reputation with their customers,” stated Elie Azar, Managing Director of White Wolf. “We have always known Stag to maintain a foundation of reliable products and customer service, no matter what the situation.”

Stag Arms is known for its mil-spec quality. The products that come off the company’s assembly line are built to perform in virtually any given situation; from defensive to hunting, competitive and 3-Gun competitions. Further attesting they genuinely pay attention to each of their customer’s wants and needs.

The company quickly became a market leader and one of the largest MSR manufactures in the United States, with their model commonly known as the “Stag-15.” Their specialty models intended for 3-Gun competition and varmint rifles in .223 Rem., as well as chambering guns in .300 Blackout has kept them at the top of the market.

While the details of the transaction with White Wolf Capital have not been disclosed, Stag will now operate under a new FFL out of its New Britain, Conn., facility. And it’s with this new chapter that Stag will be able to manufacture newer and more innovative products to the industry, and dramatically expand their footprint with a fresh new Leadership and Management team.

White Wolf Capital is no stranger to the firearms industry, having previously acquired Aero Precision, Ballistic Advantage, VG6 Precision and Fall Machine, Co., to name a few.

Azar added, “We are very excited to add Stag to our portfolio of outstanding companies in the firearms industry. Stag is an iconic brand with a well-deserved reputation for product excellence and world-class customer service. We look forward to partnering with Stag’s strong management team and employees to grow the Company through new and innovative product offerings. In addition, we are delighted that Mark Malkowski, Stag’s founder, has agreed to remain engaged with the Company as a consultant. Mark’s deep knowledge of the industry will be invaluable as we build upon the excellent foundation that he put in place.”

Malkowski commented, “It is with great enthusiasm that I hand off ownership of Stag to the White Wolf team. I feel fortunate to be able to transition the business I started from scratch to a team that shares my philosophy and passion for the industry and who recognizes the exceptional capabilities of Stag’s dedicated employees.”
All of Stag’s rifles come with an industry leading lifetime transferable warranty and an infinite shot guarantee on the barrel.

This new opportunity with White Wolf Capital allows the company to continue providing their customers with the best products the industry has come to know and love. Over the last 13 years, Stag has offered high quality, low cost rifles, and this acquisition will only reinforce that dedication to providing extraordinary craftsmanship at a great price point. We can expect to see great things coming from Stag!

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  1. “Stag Arms to Dramatically Increase Manufacturing and Distribution Footprint”


    Isn’t there already *massive* overcapacity in firearm inventory and manufacturing now?

    Well, I suppose if they use the same accounting tricks as they did last time that got them in that little snit with the ATF, they should be just fine…

  2. I own numerous Stag rifles and have recommended them to friends and they really them as well, great rifles at a reasonable price.

    • My only Stag rifle is a 3G, but that thing is my go-to AR these days because it is the most accurate rifle I own and that trigger is wonderful once you get acclimated to it. I’m equally comfortable hosing targets at room distance or ringing steel at 400m with that rifle.

  3. I wish them well. Unlike certain Illinois manufacturers…just saw Wonder Woman. A++++! Now a Gal Gadot fan?

  4. That cute blonde “Gun Chic” on YouTube did a vid on the sparkly pink lefty model the Stag guys gave her at the NRA powwow.
    Maybe that’ll help drive a few sales.

    • I like my stag. I prolly wouldn’t buy another stag ar15 , since it’s cheaper to build the same quality. If I was left handed I would likely always get their uppers.

      I am considering a stag ar10 build. Esp if they follow through on an upper in 243

  5. Their motto should be “Hey, it’s not like we funded an IL gun grabbed and then played dumb about it”

  6. Yeah…they’ve been at the top of the market for so long. That’s why I’ve seen so many Stag products on shelves…

    Sorry, but when I think AR major players, Stag isn’t even remotely in that group. I wouldn’t even consider them a minor player. BCM, Spikes, PSA, hell, even Colt, are much further up on the list.

    • Funny, one of my best sellers for years. Outsold Colt, Windham weaponry and Bushmaster so well all I would stock the last few years were Stag Arms for the people who know quality and Core -15s for people wanting to stay sub $600.
      Lifetime warranty, free barrel replacement for life and a ton of factory options and upgrades avalable…no one you listed offers ANY of these things, so maybe you SHOULD look into Stag Arms. Mine has been the BEST AR ive ever had the pleasure to shoot.

  7. Stag makes a good product. I’ve owned two stag lowers for about eight years and they’re solid not that lowers take much abuse.

  8. If Stag was smart, along with producing a left hand, side charging upper, and complete rifle, they should be the first to start making/selling STAND ALONE INTEGRALLY SUPPRESSED BARRELS IN EITHER 300blk and 556. Let folks buy these suppressed barrels for their own home builds. With an OAL of 16″, buyers only need one tax stamp. Then, they could also sell complete integrally suppressed uppers and complete rifles. Make sure the suppressor is serviceable. An integrally suppressed barrel selling for $600-700 would sell like crazy.

  9. I have no regrets about the $800 I spent on my Stag Model-9 a few years back even after this “book-keeping” fiasco. As mentioned already, at least Stag wasn’t throwing customers under the bus like those certain Illinois-based companies. That Stag 9mm a well-made and fun rifle with a great single-stage trigger from the factory. I have many ARs, and it is one of my favorites to shoot.

  10. I am a lefty and I see no need for a lefty AR or AK
    I can shoot mine and then hand them to my righty son and he can blast away
    Putting all the controls on both sides is nice but not really necessary
    Among the minor players, you see the occasional Stag in a store, but I see more Core 15’s
    Maybe this deal will get them more widely distributed
    Left ejecting AR’s are a novelty
    Lifetime barrel replacement?
    That is incredible!
    I am going to get one just to put a slide fire stock on it!

  11. I have yet to see a Stag AR on any of my LGS shelves. That speaks volumes about their distribution model. Same goes for Armalite. I would say buying into an AR mfr today is a terrible investment. Entry level guns selling for $400. There is no margin there.

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