St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones. Screencap by Boch via YouTube.
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While the lawless wasteland of Chicago surged past 700 homicides for the year recently, St. Louis remains at the top of the body count heap in per capita homicides. Congrats to St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones for her fine “leadership.”

Offering more symbolism over substance for the media, the Gateway City executive held a press conference Friday. Cameras captured the sound of nearby gunfire as the mayor lamented the endemic gun gang violence in the city.

Here’s the video from YouTube . . .

The UK Daily Mail has the story

The mayor of St. Louis did not flinch during a press conference when gunfire erupted nearby, saying she was unfortunately used to it.

Mayor Tishaura Jones was speaking to the press on Friday about her and Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas’ efforts to reduce violent crime following a roundtable discussion about public safety when what sounded like gunfire went off nearby.  

But Jones did not miss a beat and sarcastically responded ‘Oh isn’t that wonderful,’ before getting back to the topic at hand. 

Most Americans wouldn’t tolerate this sort of violent criminal behavior in their communities. Instead, they would take action to bring the criminals to justice. And if the police wouldn’t take care of the bad actors, everyday Americans would help police their own neighborhoods.

The mayor’s unflinching reaction to a nearby exchange of gunfire serves as a sad testament to how St. Louis residents have developed a tolerance for criminality in their midst. Of course, it doesn’t help when the local Soros-funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner choses to ignore cases brought by law enforcement.

Even the city’s biggest newspaper, the liberal St. Louis Post-Dispatch, savaged her for her ineptitude in a scathing editorial.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner either needs to step up her game dramatically or get out of the way. It pains us to state it so bluntly, but the profound mismanagement on her watch can no longer be ignored. Voters put their faith in Gardner last year despite a lackluster first term, believing she could turn things around and deliver on long-promised reforms. As an exhaustive report by the Post-Dispatch’s Janelle O’Dea and Joel Currier makes clear, Gardner has come up far too short on pretty much every objective performance measure.
Her most experienced prosecutors have abandoned the office, with some citing her mismanagement and lack of prosecutorial vigor as their reasons for leaving. The result is that Gardner now must rely on a bevy of junior attorneys who lack the minimal experience necessary to ensure criminals are brought to justice. When Gardner became circuit attorney in 2017, there were more than 60 prosecutors with a cumulative 500 years of experience. Today, her staff of fewer than 40 attorneys has a combined 150 years of experience in the office.

“Lack of prosecutorial vigor” translates to deciding not to prosecute many crimes, putting repeat-offenders back on the streets to commit still more. That’s how you get a mayor who’s so inured to the sound of gunshots that she no longer even reacts.

St. Louis and Chicago share many of the same examples of mal- and mismanagement from their local political leaders. And the residents who continue to elect them are getting exactly the quality of life they’re voting for.

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  1. This is another example of how the DEMONcRATS are tone deaf to the needs of their people. Do they really care about your and my safety? Doubtful although they are good at paying it lip service.

    • Tone deaf? I’m kinda tone deaf, but still enjoy music. Democrats can’t hear the band, or the singer, when they have front-row seats!! Admittedly, the mayor only had a second or third row seat, since they weren’t actually shooting at her.

    • I’ll bet the shooters and victims percentages do NOT match that breakdown…not even close…
      I could be wrong, of course…but some do say that math is racist these days…so I guess anything is possible

      • “We’ll never have an equitable society until we get rid of these entrenched disparities in shooters and victims. Our Nation deserves an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda that matches the scale of the opportunities and challenges that we face.”

        -a Sociology major probably

        • until we get rid of these entrenched disparities in shooters and victims

          Soooo, What? They should kill more white people?

        • Just watch for more virtue signaling that is really slightly glossed over discrimination against white males who have to atone for their supposed privilege.

      • RE: “White: 46.5%
        Black: 46.4%
        Isn’t diversity wonderful?”

        It’s hard to tell who has the most demoCrap between their ears. The dupes who cannot stop voting for demoRats and fueling crime or the chumps who cannot stop carrying on the centuries of bigotry attributed to the democRat Party.

        • It’s not bigotry if it’s statistically accurate. By all means, look into any crime study and get back to me on the offenders.

          Bigotry is treating someone based on a preconceived notion. Citing statistics and noticing something in common isn’t. You’ll notice similar trends in places like Baltimore, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

  2. vast majority of cases to try and help young male POC avoid jail and poor future prospects…
    great if they are minor crimes…but in many cases there are guns involved….violence…serious offenses
    only get serious with them once they kill somebody…and then it is too late
    and then they want to blame ALL gun owners for the actions of a tiny percentage of CRIMINAL gun owners

  3. Why would she be worried at all? Her security detail was likely more that 3 times the man power than what was patrolling the area the shots rang out. If anything comes from the shooting nearby its most likely because she was embarrassed in public rather than any violation of the law.

  4. Yeah I’m gonna say it…..another great example of the results of IDENTITY POLITICS!! When your leaders are all folks like her, you’d better not be bothered by gang activity and gunfire!

  5. I have to say that I was not surprised by an NPR report that referred to gangs as rival youth clubs. Apparently, the word gang must be racist.

    A couple weeks ago they referred to the homeless as people between residences.

    Come’on folks – looks, quacks, walks…Call a duck a duck.

    • It is the same case with the word “teens.” Whenever I hear a news story about how “teens” are committing violence, chances are overwhelming the perps are of a particular demographic.

    • Homeless was the polite term, before that, it was hobos, tramps, winos, bums. There were other terms for Travelers, Gypsies, and people that had rolling homes.

      • A hobo travels and is willing to work; a tramp travels, but avoids work if possible; and a bum neither travels nor works.

  6. It isn’t about the safety of the citizens. It’s about righting the wrongs of systemic racism. We just can’t trust the government due to systemic racism because you end up with incidents like Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

    If only we could put black people in charge, we wouldn’t have these whitey problems! You know, like the Freddie Gray case where half of the arresting officers were black and brown, the police chief was black, the mayor was black, and the state attorney was black. Systemic racism, amirite?

    • The blacks are in charge in South Africa among other countries in Africa, see how that is working out. One of the biggest factors that i see that is resulting in the gangs & viloence is the lack of responsible, moral parenting from a mother and father.

      • At least, many of the blacks in charge in South Africa are not assuming total control. The have looked at history and seen what that turnover has done to the other countries in the area.

        • And from what we can see, that “Black control” has done a rather lousy job. The majority of the Black population stil live in abject poverty,

        • What the data tells us about high crime areas in the U.S. is that the skin tone of the people in charge have nothing to do with the outcome of the citizens. Systemic racism is nothing more than a convenient excuse for the constant failings of the ruling class.

          Now if only we could only pinpoint some other constant, like say a failed political ideology… If someone could figure that one out, maybe we could turn everything around for the better.

        • rt66 – you’re not keeping up. They are now seizing the land of the white farmers (see Rhodesian for how that works out).

          Tribal barbarians “in charge” never works out.

      • In South Africa you had at least 2 generations whose education was nothing but chanting “One settler, one bullet” for their entire school period.

        And these same people are a bit disappointed that the promised utopia never arrived.

    • you end up with incidents like Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

      For which NO ONE was convicted… In fact ALL charges were dropped by a “black” prosecutor in a city where the population is 63% black…

      • MADDMAXX, it’s called the rule of law. Something I am sure you are not familiar with. You have to have evidence, not a lynch mob.

        • What the Hell is your point? Evidence of What? That the black prosecutor dropped all of the charges? Or that Baltimore is 63% black? Man where did YOU study reading comprehension? You are truly a joke… So, are auditioning to be MY personal troll? I was getting kind of jealous of Geoff… But first show us how you dance… Do it clown boy, dance…

        • MADDMAXX, I guess you think that evidence is not important. Just go out and lynch the M’Fer?
          If you want a troll just keep making dumb statements, and I’ll be glad to oblige.
          Now be a good little fella and STFU!

        • You are one disturbingly confused individual… Must come from that “lifetime involvement” with law enforcement… Really you should try a refresher in comprehension because you seem to be reading stuff into my post which just does not exist… Troll on big boy, I will just file you under stupid and useless along with miner and dacian et al.

      • MADDMAXX, The confused individual is you, my “friend” (term used advisedly). I’m proud of my involvement in law enforcement. Can you say the same about your profession?
        Speaking comprehension, maybe you should write what you mean and mean what you say? Could be a rather novel approach for you.

  7. I thought Baltimore was in charge of one of the top positions in the murder olympics. If not per capita or sheer numbers, what would it be?

        • MADDMAXX, and just how was it “Trump’s fault?” Trump accomplished more in his four years than Obuma the Phony did in 8.

        • Ing and MADD MAXX, I don’t believe in sarcasm. I find that the person using such usually believes in this “sarcasm” deep down.
          Keep your “sarcasm” on the stage at the comedy club.

        • Ing and MADD MAXX, I don’t believe in sarcasm.

          And when you become HMFIC of the thought police your opinion STILL won’t be worth a fuk but hey, thanks for playing… OBTW, I voted for Trump TWICE and I WILL vote for him again, your baseless ASSUMPTION that I secretly, way deep down believe that Trump is responsible for anything that happened in Kenosha speaks volumes about you and your life long “involvement” in law enforcement… If my (and others) occasional use of sarcasm bothers you perhaps you should just pass over my posts in the future because I intend to continue using that particular comedic genre whenever the moment presents itself… If I have to explain it, you would not understand anyway…

        • MADDMAXX, do you self a humongous favor. Take a good English language course, one that stresses capitalization, punctuation, grammar and last but not least SPELLING. And trust me this is not “sarcasm”.

        • Walter E Beverly III…. GFY… Not Sarcasm either… Didn’t realize a fukking Internet website required a Doctorate in English but yeah, I’ll get right on that… OBTW, THAT was sarcasm…

        • MADD MAXX, thanks for proving my point. I realize this is an internet web cite. Apparently, you think it is perfectly OK to show just how ignorant you actually are.

        • Walter E Beverly III

          Guess I missed something there, where did you see “web cite”? But while we’re on the subject you should check your previous post (do you self a humongous favor?) or another post of yours (Black population stil live in abject poverty)… Before you take it upon yourself to correct someone else you should make sure your own stuff is in order…

        • Walter: I CAN see why someone with your OBVIOUS skills in spelling and grammer would be perturbed by my faux pas especially with your lifelong (apparently humorless) association with law enforcement… OBTW: Of the 6 comments you’ve made on THIS page (so far) 50% of them contained SPELLING and GRAMMATICAL errors… My “errors” (using fuk instead of fu-k was intentional) and my use of the “elipsis” (Those three little dots are called an ellipsis. The term ellipsis comes from the Greek word meaning “omission,” and that’s just what an ellipsis does—it shows that something has been left out) is just something I do (I took some liberties, like NOT spacing the periods which is acceptable under certain conditions). Don’t like it? Too bad, GFY. . .

  8. Its sad, but in a weird way has a certain amount of ironic humor. What they heard could have been other things, not necessarily gun shots, but I understand that it had a good chance of being gun shots considering all the gang and crime violence she has let over run the city. I’d imagine a loud fart would be a potential gun shot there.

    • I live in the mountains and hear gunfire every day. Not just during hunting season, but on any given day. Most of my neighbors have ranges on their property, as do I. With all these guns and constant gunfire, the media would have you believe death and mayhem would be upon us. Yet, this is probably one of the safest communities a person could live in.

      Guns do not equal violence.

  9. Yeah “per capita” but what REALLY matters is the body count and hands down, Chiraq IS the gold medal winner year after year and they are on another record breaking year in 21… If only someone could go in there and teach them the difference between children and adults AND how to aim, breathe, relax and squeeze… Then you would see some REAL numbers from the Windy City…

  10. All the grifter-run cities are close to completely collapsing under their own weight. When they do, the weak-minded clowns who have been conned into voting for the grifters will blame everything on whitey, and the cycle will continue as Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore etc. devolve into one burned-out shell after another.

    What the morons can’t understand is what Thomas Jefferson knew 200 years ago. “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”

  11. I am shocked that a black mayor would tolerate the Klu Klux Klan and other white supremacist coming in to her city and shooting people of color because that’s obviously what’s happening.

  12. I’m offended by her wig. It’s 100% cultural appropriation.
    She must resign IMMIDATELY!

    Time to start using the leftarded BS games against them.

    • I was gonna make a very similar comment.

      I couldn’t see anything past that terrible weave/hair connection during her interview. It’s like seeing and old guy with an obvious dead cat toupee………

      • “Greenland has a higher murder rate than the US. Who’da thought?”

        Think about it – Stuck inside your home for months on end with the same small group of people in the bitter cold and dark, tempers can get a little…

        Short… 🙁

  13. st louis:
    1 number 13 on the 2021 list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world based on murder rate
    2 number 24 on the 2021 list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world based on crime index
    3 hasnt elected a republican mayor since 1943

  14. “Most Americans wouldn’t tolerate this sort of violent criminal behavior in their communities”

    the “communities” in question don’t see gang violence as a problem. they see the police as the problem.

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