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Here’s a TTAG Eyewitness News report from our local correspondent, Dirk Diggler, who sent these phone pics. After last night’s looting in nearby Ferguson, Missouri, the St. Louis Cabela’s store (which is located about five miles west of Ferguson in nearby Hazelwood) has taken precautions to protect its firearms inventory. The store is located in a large shopping center called the St. Louis Outlet Mall. Dirk reports that every entrance to the mall has at least one squad car on prominent display and there are policemen posted both at Cabela’s front door and inside the store . . .


There are only long guns on display, safely behind the counter. All handguns have been removed from the glass display cases to protect against flash mob-style smash-and-grab attempts. Specific firearms customers want to see are brought out one at a time from storage off the sales floor.


The usually accessible racks of long guns leading toward the gun library have been emptied.


And access to the more valuable firearms in the gun library is now blocked by a wall of gun safes that have been moved into position to block the doors.


Dirk reported that Cabela’s staff didn’t know when things would return to normal. He was told that the gun counter is “under orders” to operate this way until further notice. Whether those orders came from Cabela’s headquarters or the local police wasn’t clear.

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    • Cabela’s should operate the same way that just about every local gun store operates: most/all employees carry plainly visible handguns in holsters on their hips.

      • uncommon_sense wrote:

        “Cabela’s should operate the same way that just about every local gun store operates: most/all employees carry plainly visible handguns in holsters on their hips.”

        At one of the pawn & gun shops I worked at in the past we concealed carried. The owner was trying to present a nicer image than that of typical pawn shops. We CC’d and had guns stashed behind the counter every few feet.

        • “Charlton Heston’s neighnors were beating his gate down demanding that he do something to protect them.”

          Maybe he should not of encouraged the Pres. to sign the 1968 gun control act– along with some other notables. THAT, seems to be forgotten–

      • To uncommon sense. I went though Ohio Peace Officer Training back in the 80,s One of the training officers pointed to his weapon and asked us ( Who,s weapon is this?) We all looked at him thinking well it,s yours right? He said ( It is who gets to it first! ) My point is concealed carried is better than a plainly visible handgun. Why you ask? Because your the one they will take out first! Think about it before you type I am wrong..

        • Umm, NO Old Guy, OC does not make you a target. In fact this has proven to be an “urban myth” every time it comes up as there are NO facts that can back up your claim. But hey, your welcome to post a link to ANY stories of OC’ers being ‘targeted’ simply for OC’ing. What thug/criminal would target someone who’s carrying a firearm, especially NOT knowing if that person is a LE officer? And every person who chooses to OC, SHOULD already know that they should be constantly aware of their surroundings AT ALL TIMES and to carry a firearm in a quality retention holster. PLEASE DON’T spread mistruths just because you chose CC over OC.

        • Open Carry is childish exhibitionist carry.

          It is stupid tactically.

          It is stupid politically.

          Every single OCer I’ve encountered has been a pathetic specimen of subnormal intelligence and physique, shoving his OC in peoples’ faces to get attention and puff-up his ego.

          You Open Carry douchebags are doing the gun-grabbers’ work for them. Grow up or F%$# off.

    • Signs should’ve read:

      “If you’re here for self-defense items YOU’RE LATE”.

      Gun-grabbers beware, this is just some of what you’ll encounter should you ever find that YOU need a gun.

      • Gungrabbers either don’t hear or don’t care. Many such liberals ran smack into California’s purchase waiting period during the 1992 L.A. riots. Whether the crisis is a natural disaster, civil unrest, personal threats, or whatever, liberals forever play the role of insouciant, unprepared little pigs suddenly, frantically banging away at the front door of your brick house with the wolf coming up behind.

        • Charlton Heston’s neighnors were beating his gate down demanding that he do something to protect them.

        • Yes and I believe it was 15 day wait back then. They did the DROS fine/registration by mail.

        • Exactly why I will be unavailable to defend any Liberal Progressives here in the “Peoples Republic of Kalifornia”. I am so sorry they will wait until the last moment to suddenly realize “OMG I need a gun to protect myself, 911 isn’t answering any of my calls”. But I will wait the required 10 days before selling them any firearm, after all we must all obey the law right?

      • most gun stores that allow open carry like that are privately owned Cabelas is a pretty big corporation

      • To That Guy
        Every cop I see open carries. Every soldier I see open carries. Way to insult the majority of of the people who serve and protect. They have no more rights than us, and yet you foolishly discount their actions in this debate, or you insult them. Which is it?

    • This is still a Rule of Law scenario. Glad the Police Chief had the foresight to use a show of force to prevent the theft of the weapons. Good for Cabela’s, too. Any force needed to prevent looters from gaining access to the firearms would be covered under lawful use of force by the police. Would save a lot of money in law suits.

  1. So, Have they actually temporarily stopped selling handguns, or do they just keep them in the back room? Got to be a bitch for the sales staff, one way or the other!

    • it says they will bring them out 1 at a time, if interested
      my guess is they are gonna ask for ID of some kind(and hold it) before bring it tho

      • They are still selling. You just have to tell them what you want. People are using their smartphones to look @ real time inventory and show staff what to pull out.

        I was waiting in line w one guy who lives behind the Ferguson police station. He showed me a pic of the riot police from his bedroom window. He and his family spent the night barricaded in their basement armed with a can of carb cleaner and a welding torch. He was buying a hi-pointe and a mossberg 500.

        Thankfully, I am stocked up on firearms and ammo.

        Ammo was plentiful.

        • ive got a high point, so im not going to bash him for buying it, but personally i would have stocked up on a few more mossbergs or some more shells.

        • It’s a classic economic problem of having limited resources and finding the items that provide the best utility. Another 500 costs twice as much as the hi-point, so you get what you can get. Also, in the hopefully unlikely event of having to use it, a mob is most likely gonna turn tail and run as soon as 1-3 people get shot. The marginal utility of 200 shells versus 25 is not much, where as the marginal utility of the extra weapon is pretty high.

    • I would hope they wouldn’t STOP selling anything!! Law abiding citizens in ST. Louis should have access to all means of self-protection that they can legally acquire and use!

      • Sales of everything gun oriented is up 400% in the St Louis area …. the gun stores are selling out of ammo – again …. all races and genders are coming thru the doors ….

        the guy interviewed is noticing people are buying with their last $$$$$$ in some cases . more important to have that weapon in the house and worry about next month’s rent tomorrow ….

        what’s laughable ….. watch the gooberment reports on St Louis ….. retail sales are thru the roof …. new building and remodeling at all time high …. “A Change for the Better”

  2. Seems like a reasonable approach. I’ve actually been to that store in my travels. I was there during the workweek and it was 3 deep at the counter. Being from The Democratic Peoples Republik of Kaliforniastan a little bit of pee came out when I discovered the people were actually taking their purchases home with them! (OMG OMG OMG, sorry, I couldn’t resist). The gun library had some really nice guns and then some so so C&Rs

    • I have never seen DPRK used it that way! I do use it to describe my ex-wife at times though! LOL, thanks for the laugh.

      • DPRK is actually the official name for North Korea – the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Nice analogy.

  3. Surprized they have any stock left. Why do they use any reason to loot & destroy? Obama golfs as America burns.
    The revolution has begun.

    • Sharpton’s down there now. But he’s been pretty quiet. I think maybe the PTB asked him firmly to open a big can of STFU. And maybe use the second half of his round trip ticket very soon.

        • Because ignorant Blacks rally behind this professional race baiter. What’s worse is White liberals run to him as he sets himself up as judge and jury in regards to racial issues. Since he was elected by MSNBC to be the voice of Black Americans he has toned down some of the rhetoric but he is still a parasite who capitalizes on racial conflicts. Had Michael Brown been killed by another young Black man Al Sharpton, his supporters and the liberal media would be nowhere in site.

  4. I have Cabela’s near were I live, and I can be seen inside so often, that I sometimes get mistaken for an outfitter believe it or not. I don’t understand why cabelas doesn’t keep armed security. Threat of death tends to stop would-be thieves and attackers. It should be a no-brainer for a store that actively promotes armed self-defense. Only thing I can think of is that their manager isn’t the gun type, and was hired merely from previous management experience, or the shopping mall handed down orders.

    No Beuno Cabelas.

    • Oh, I only just now clicked the link and saw that it was connected to the riots. Tough situation to be in. Even if it was justified, I don’t think shooting a rioter would go over well. Better safe than sorry I guess.

      • How ’bout if the rioter was headed out the door with a couple of *your* double rifles at around $20-30K each under his arm?

        • Well, if he’s leaving with weapons, that means he’s *armed*, and that puts me in fear for my life, so the response for that is a lot… different… let’s say, than if he were walking out with the family silver, or some such.

          Otherwise? I have *good* insurance, and lots of it. Admittedly, I’d be PO’d as hell to lose any of my toys to looters, but just being mad doesn’t rise to the level of an existential threat to me or mine, like someone illegally accessing my firearms would..

        • By all means, if you are legitimately in fear for your life, defend it.

          By all means, if you want to protect your property with your firearm, you’re well within your rights. However, just be aware that you will have an angry mob claiming that you killed him because he was black, and Eric Holder’s justice department ready and willing to jump in and crucify you, and use you for anti-gun propaganda.

          Cabelas chose to protect their assets the best way they know how without putting themselves in a situation where they might be forced to incur that kind of wrath. As I said, it’s a tough situation: Stand up for your values and protect your belongings that insurance will likely replace, or protect yourself from government sponsored defamation of character.

        • if they are looters i doubt they would take the time to load any weapons, so why not shoot them, they plan on shooting some one with them them selves.

    • Here’s why – the corporate insurance carrier and the mall’s insurance carrier both tell the store manager to leave the gun-totin’ to the cops at the entrance. If THEY shoot a looter, there’s more rioting. If a Cabella’s employee shoots a looter, there’s more rioting AND a billion dollar payout to the next of kin and friends.

      Money talks.

        • Actually the Cabela’s in question allows CC and if I’m not mistaken so does the mall, only because Cabela’s does. So I would think there is some sort of “armed guards” at Cabela’s!

    • Because it’s about the money. If a Cabelas employee is killed by a looter the most they would have to pay out would be workeres comp which wouldn’t be a hell of a lot. But if a Cabelas employee or an armed security officer were to shoot and kill a would be looter the get their pant’s sued off and even if the per doesn’t win the legal fees alone will be quite costly not to mention it being an insurance liability issue. Thisis pretty much standard throughout all corporate companies. Honestly don’t you belive that the clerk working an over nightshift at your local gas station wouldn’t rather carry a firearm, although some due as they know that their lives are more important then their job.

  5. Yeah, they only have a few people behind a 40 foot counter if it is like every other cabelas I have seen. Smart move.

    • Lots of staff on duty and walking around “helping” (ie, keeping an eye out). Police inside store. Chatted with them for a while. Tough situation

  6. I would much rather see armed staff, customers, and guards. Lots of them.

    Lookie-lookie is okay, but five-finger discounts will only earn you a one-way ticket to see whatever Deity you believe created you. 😉

  7. Speaking of Zombies.
    I have a question for those of you that have SUCCESSFULLY encountered and neutralized one or more Zombies as I lack that experience.
    Is it important to use silver bullets, or must I carve and reload wooden bullets?
    Since silver prices have risen dramatically in the past few years, is pure silver such as Sterling Silver really necessary, and if not, what purity of silver is acceptable?
    If wooden bullets are necessary, will any type of wood suffice, or must I use a particular species of wood. (I live in Oregon and Douglas Fir is the most common and least expensive commercial wood here and is easy to carve)?
    Must I use a hardwood species such as Oak or Madrone?
    The same questions apply for wooden “Stakes”. I would prefer to carve a knife from some hardwood so I can use it multiple times incase of a mass Zombie attack.
    Is this practical or must the “Stake” or wooden knife remain in the Zombie’s heart forever?
    I am sure I will have more questions upon receiving your responses to the above, and I thank you in advance for your most learned, experienced advice.

    • On 1 rule applies to killing zombies; destroy the brain by whatever means necessary (get creative).

    • Yes, you need to get with the program here. The Zombie Apocalyptic program, that is, as the movie and tv show fad worked its way into the guns ans ammo world, in the typical funny ironic twist on it, by the not politically correct that seem to be a much higher percentage in the 2a rights community.

      Bottomline, its all about bullet placement. Head shots, to be specific.
      Zombies are animated by viruses, similar to rabies, thar cause the brain to become animated and control the body, even while its dead and dying…(and on a serious not, just watched a fascinating documentery on the first victim to survive rabies…)

      And some believe your ammo, and indeed some accessories must be colored fluorescent green, altgough scientific studies are inconclusive, and debate continues.

      I believe the consensus is that .22 is insufficiently powerful, and in an EMP triggered zombie apocalypse, your basic smart gun, would be dumb, and so would you, for choosing same as a hand club. Others believe that zombies may be currently operating as legislators in NJ, CA, and CT.

    • Sterling Silver is not pure Silver.

      Sterling Silver is 92.5% by mass of Silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually Copper.

  8. What was all the rioting about in the first place? I had not heard anything about it. I’ll have to look it up.

  9. I agree with the comments here and elsewhere that Cabela’s staff should be open carrying. On occasion, in my state of Louisiana that has happened with various sportsmen’s shops. Our local truck stop/convenience store has all its clerks, at each cash register and helping truckers equipped with filled holsters and training. I would hope that would catch on elsewhere.

    • Yes, great idea, untrained cashiers defending the store who would likely to kill more bystanders than looters when all that is really necessary is to control access. Brilliant.

      • I guess you missed the “and training” part.

        I interpreted the statement to address armed robbery as opposed to the risk of extending riots and looting in the St. Louis area all the way to Louisiana (though both have “Louis” in the name so I can see the possibility for confusion on a quick read and fast reply).

        Seems a cashier with some training is at least better trained than the typical armed robber with no training who is executing on a bad idea to boot – at least to me.

        • That could be the reason you’re not employed by Cabella’s Loss Prevention Department. I’ll bet that store is crawling with plain clothes security in addition to the po-po,

      • Considering cops get it wrong more often than “civilians,” why not?

        Anyone who carries, carries by choice. Those who want the option of carrying SHOULD train for it.

        • perhaps if you read Dan’s intro Reverend, you would note that no one, not the Cabela’s staff nor the po-po, were saying whose orders. Hence, I wouldn’t quickly attribute it to Cabelas. More importantly, and what Dan didn’t write (hey, i was feeding him info on the phone), the store clerk said he was waiting for the police to, and I quote, “give the all clear”. Wow, so maybe Five O used a Hazelwood ordinance to let’s say, deescalate a crime of potential opportunity.

        • And now we have our South Side incident about three blocks from where I work.

          I’m particularly grateful today for the Second Amendment today as I head into work.


    • All was well tonight, we sold a lot of firearms to many very scared people. 100% of the customers I personally waited on were first time firearm owners. My other coworkers also commented that there were many first time firearm customers for them too. On one hand it’s heartbreaking to know they are afraid, but on the other it’s good to know they were willing to consider a firearm for personal safety. Many are very interested in training and learning to use them safely too. Big thanks to the local Hazelwood PD, and other PD volunteers that walked the floors of the store tonight.

      • Thanks for the update and glad that you safely made it through your shift. More law abiding gun owners is always a good thing. The circumstances surrounding the purchases suck but hopefully they will continue to carry many years after this unrest subsides.

  10. Cabela’s is being prudent in protecting its stock of weapons because there are some clear elements of the LA riots visible in the Ferguson riot. While most of the people present were there to protest the police killing of an unarmed young man, others saw the situation as one which would allow them to create mayhem. When they started breaking into stores a “contagion effect” took place where casual bystanders, not necessarily there to steal things, became involved in the breaking into and looting stores. Today, an owner of a tire store commented that people were coming to his store to apologize for what happened and asking if they could help him clean up the mess from the evening’s destruction. Something similar happened in the LA riots were people began returning stolen merchandise to stores, explaining that they “just got swept up in the moment” and neither wanted or needed the things they took from the stores. In collective behavior, this is how social contagion works.

    I suspect the police’s role in shooting the young man is less a triggering than it is a symptom of a larger, systemic lack of trust. Most middle-class white people have no experience of the frequency of confrontations members of minority groups experience with local police forces. I used to ask my college students how many had recently, say six months or so, had a confrontation with the police (arrested, detained, handcuffed, pulled over, car searched, etc.). Almost all the hands that went up belonged to black kids or Hispanic kids. Clearly, their experience with the police was very different from my white students . . . and profoundly different from my own. Add to these face-to-face experiences from minority communities the abundant graphic videos of police misconduct shown on YouTube and you can easily see just how vulnerable police credibility has become. Local police organizations are not well equipped to deal with countervailing information from new media sources which undercuts their customary claims for office safety or procedural justification. Thus, the Ferguson PD has a real problem on its hands. But, in this, it isn’t alone.

    • London tried doing automatic camera recognition plate readers to try to ticket more whites in hopes that it would lower the massive minority imbalance in crimes. It turned out by forcing cops to give tickets from the system, even more minorities got caught due to them lacking registration, insurance, and driving cars associated with crime.

      Philly tried a sting where they offered Republicans and Democrats blatant bribes to vote along party lines, DA Kane (DEDEDE) dropped charges as only black democrats took the blatant bribes.

  11. As a life-long resident of St. Louis, I can confidently tell you that this is about the most paranoid, idiotic over-reaction I’ve seen yet. This site at the “St. Louis Outlet Mall” (It’s no longer call The Mills) is about 11 miles from the “area of unrest” and also for all intents and purposes, completely inaccessible by any means other than a route by private car on the Interstate.
    Do they really think that hoodlum rioters, ON FOOT, are going to march that far? Or suddenly organize and drive there in personal car en-masse and lay siege to the mall?
    Not to mention there are plenty of other “soft” targets in the mall fully stocked in “urban wear” and accessories the rioters seem to be interested in.. not outdoors gear with giant “CABELA’S” logo embroidered across them.

    • I agree. Cabelas is undoubtedly anticipating and preparing for the crowds of panicky suburban Doomsday Preppers, Mentally Unstable Vets, Angry OFWGs, Bitter Clingers, TeaBaggers, FUDDs, Gray Haired BINGO ladies, Bridge Clubs, Boy Scouts, COD gamers, Southern Baptists and Mormons, and others known to be potential domestic terroists on DHS Watchlists.

    • When did the Mills change its name?

      Side note: nice to see some St. Louisans here. I lived here for 10 years, and am now back for a while for work. I lived in St. Ann and Hazelwood, so all this going down in Ferguson was a bit close for comfort. At least now, the closest I’ll get is Brentwood and/or Westport – except going to/from the airport.

      Because I’ve been flying here, I don’t have my EDC with me. Last night is making me reconsider that decision.

    • unconfirmed reports are that a fair number of the looters/rioters were NOT from Ferguson, but came from elsewhere to start trouble. They came in cars off of I-70. additionally, a number of shots were fired at the police last night. Two women I work with are related to or married to cops and they said it was the scariest night ever on duty b/c of the random gunfire aimed at them. Don’t take much to surmise the rioters decide to re-arm or add on to their land acquisitions. . . . besides, ever hear of flash mob riots in Chicago, Milwaukee and other places?? The Mills is a desolate hull of its once former glory. Most of the first tier shops have left for the other newer outlet malls in Chesterfield, further west. A large number of the people at the Mills are those from Hazelwood, Ferguson, Dellwood, Jennings, etc, and mainly under 25. I stop by there often and it is noticeable (also watch and see who are riding the public bus). That mall area is dead except for a few sneaker stores, the sears, bed bath and beyond, and Cabelas. Hence, the need to lock it down.

      • as an added bonus (and because I was bored), I drove over to the scene of the crime: West Florissant Ave. and drove past the crowds in the street screaming F the police, those holding signs saying no justice/no peace, and watched as several white women with small children in the car, did quick u-turns on a curb because some utes were screaming at them directly and clearly they felt threatened (I had to dig through my wallet, but I still had my ghetto pass on me). I was giving Dan a play-by-play and took more pictures, but obviously that would be a different story. Anywhose, . . traffic was backed up, there were still about 40-50 people in front of the gas station, about 40 police officers from different departments standing there (no riot gear) and a number of stores further away that had damaged windows/doors (an AT&T cell phone store, a Radio Shack, a discount shoe store) and the Walmart (not the one vandalized) had signs up saying they were closing at 8:30. These places were a good 1.5 miles away. Yes, looters can go mobile. or they can text their homiez and tell them since all of the damn police are on West Florissant north of Lucas and Hunt Road, well, get to work.

        I guess no one say Die Hard with a Vengence? “It’s Christmas, you could steal city hall”

        • Some of the stores damaged/looted were newly opened first-time businesses. Most likely they represented a total investment of assets by their owners. It’s so sad to see people trying to make something nice for themselves and their families get wiped out like that. Maybe they had insurance . . . I doubt those little stores will come back.

      • So I guess for the next few weeks (months) we’ll get to listen to the StL media call every little hoodlum scuffle a “riot” and every B&E as a “looting”.
        just like how anyone with 3 or more guns at home has an “arsenal” of weapons.

        And as I pointed out before – shoes and clothing. I’m quite sure that in the Thug Culture anyone that wants to be armed is already armed. Going after a “hardened” target, after hours when everything is locked away anyway? Not likely.

  12. Drudge is all over this, for those catching up on the news, with his usual brilliant placement of headlines on backstory and “culture war” memes…

    Wonder how the WH will spin this, and the StateRunMedia echo chamber….that “never let a crisis go to waste” mentality in the progtard PR pro toolbox hasnt been working so well, especially in gun rights…”presidents son”, “Everytown video” to name a couple memorable ones…

    The comparison to Chicago seems particularly apt, but not in a way thats going to help VPC, Brady, SPLC, and others, including Valery Jarret. Call me a cynic , but I doubt POTUS will be flying out from the golf course at Marthas Vinyard to have a friendly beer with anyone, here, in EStLouise.

  13. How about arming the store personnel? Let the cops go and do their job protecting the town while employees are all packing long guns and pistols

  14. a flash mob could do a lot in short order, and where are the police ? at the donut shop?

    • Dirk, any risks in the downtown area? I mean, more than usual? Going for a Cardinals game Thursday night, curious what caliber I should carry, and how many.

      • Just an FYI.. you can’t CCW at the ballbark. I was “randomly selected” to be wanded (metal detector), upon entry, twice last week. I think i was profiled, lol.

        You may wish to try you luck though, so good on ya.

        • As I recall, there is signage on the trains to the stadium that forbid self defense…er…carrying weapons. Because mostly minorities ride the train (except to ballgames) and we cannot have them defending themselves.(yes, that was anti-gun sarcasm) Because we know the criminals obey those signs and everyone is safe. One of my co-workers was heading back to the airport and witnessed a shootout between the po po and someone that must not have seen the signs on one of the platforms. And of course the train conductor provided safety for his defenseless passengers when he yelled over the intercom “GET THE F..K DOWN!”

  15. They doing the right thing. CCW don’t matter when the store is closed. They hitting the stores when they closed.

  16. I use to work there… And I’m glad they put them up. This location is in Hazelwood, MO and also part of the St. Louis outlet mall and due to it being part of the mall, the employees can’t do that

  17. The used long guns are back, and the safes are moved, but the display counters are still empty. I did notice a police officer scooping up four bricks of .22 though. Probably one for each of his buddies on duty. I can’t really grudge them that though.

    • holy shit, Cabela’s had bricks of .22!?! *that* should be the real story here!

      I was there last Friday, all they had was about 6-8 boxes on a cart – with an employee standing guard handing out one at a time. $15/box! buy it up, suckers!

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