Springfield Armory's new SAINT AR Pistol
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After getting into the AR business in a big way last year (see Jeremy’s review of the SAINT AR-15 here) Springfield’s now expanding their line of AR platform guns with a new SAINT AR pistol equipped with an SB Tactical brace. It should be plenty of fun, but maybe not as much as the comments below. Here’s their press release . . .

Compact Powerhouse: Springfield Armory® Introduces SAINT™ AR-15 Pistol

GENESEO, IL, November 01, 2017 – With the new SAINT AR-15 pistol, Springfield Armory brings the same impact of its SAINT platform to a whole new category. The SAINT Pistol is highly capable and upgraded out of the box but in stock-free pistol form.

Instead of a rifle buttstock, the new SAINT AR-15 pistol features a rugged SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace to reduce size, stabilize recoil, and enhance accuracy in one or two-hand shooting. A 7.5-inch barrel with a 1:7 twist makes the SAINT pistol small, fast, and ideal for CQB. The 416R stainless steel barrel is Melonite® treated to be harder and more accurate than chrome, and is chambered for 5.56 NATO (.223) so ammunition is affordable, versatile, and seriously capable.

The SAINT AR-15 pistol is built around high-end features that make SAINT rifles so popular. Springfield Armory’s exclusive Accu-Tite™ tension system increases the tension between the upper and the lower receivers, ensuring an ideal fit and reducing slop – no shake or rattle.  Upper and lower receivers are forged Type III hard-coat anodized 7075 T6 aluminum.

The SAINT pistol’s muzzle is equipped with a blast diverter that pushes sound, concussion and debris forward towards the target — instead of at the operator or fellow shooters — ensuring a more comfortable shooting experience.

The slender, agile handguard is Springfield Armory’s exclusive, patent-pending free float design, with locking tabs and features a forward hand stop. The rifle’s crisp, enhanced nickel boron-coated GI single-stage trigger is paired with a Bravo Company trigger guard. The smooth-operating heavy tungsten buffer system, low-profile pinned gas block, GI style charging handle, and Bravo Company Mod 3 pistol grip are all well-proven in SAINT rifle models. Springfield Armory is known for no-compromise design and, as usual, the attention to detail is obvious.

To ensure durability, the M16 bolt carrier group is precision-machined from Carpenter 158 steel, shot peened and magnetic particle inspected and finished in super-hard Melonite®. For ample shooting capacity, the SAINT pistol carries a Magpul Gen 3, 30-round magazine.

The compact frame makes the SAINT AR-15 pistol an ideal choice for home defense.  In addition to high-quality engineering, the SAINT AR-15 pistol is just 26.5 inches long, and weighs under 6 pounds. This pistol delivers the punch of a rifle caliber in a small, fast-handling frame. It’s highly accurate and it’s seriously fun to shoot.

“The new SAINT pistol delivers high precision and proven AR-15 capability in handgun form,” says Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese. “We’re always looking for new ways to give our customers more shooting options, and more firearm for the money. The SAINT AR-15 Pistol does both, and then some.”

For more information about the new SAINT AR-15 pistol, please visit www.springfield-armory.com.

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      • I appreciate TTAGs commitment to putting aside political qualms with Springfield in order to give honest reviews. However, you have no duty to give Springfield a platform to be seen on. Simply ignoring their products isn’t an unfair treatment. The TTAG community as a whole would like to ignore them, and reviewing their products is putting a lot of effort into something that will fall on deaf ears.

        • If Springfield gets out of the Gun business and starts making marital aids – Then they can stop covering their products.
          In the meantime, they make guns* and are therefore newsworthy.
          TTAG covers the inane quotes and opinions of many a gun bigot whom the rest of the world would be much better off ignoring but we do it anyway… because, guns. 🤠
          * sorry, import and distribute guns… do they actually MAKE anything?

        • All deserved Springfield bashing aside it seems this particular saint is more of a devil and
          Violates the so-called philosophy behind the saint gun concept. But when jumpiing the shark go big or go to hell Springfield.

      • Your are correct it is not a review but promotion of their product. Thank you good day. Know thy enemy

  1. I’ve never heard of Springfield Armory. Last I heard, Springfield was a gun control lobby, not a firearm manufacturer.

  2. Still not out of business? Too bad. I hope they are chewing through whatever reserves they have. That cancerous bill is back, by the way.

  3. SA made their bed. Now they can lay in it.

    I go to great lengths to wish ill on no one. But, if I wanted something like this, I’d either make one up on a different brand chassis or go without.

  4. You know, I understand giving Springfield Armory products a fair shake on reviews. But why are you giving them what amounts to free advertising?

    FSA. And that doesn’t stand for free shit army in this context.

  5. Ah, zealotry. At least it’s entertaining sometimes.

    As for the product, I don’t see the appeal of a 5.56 with a 7″ barrel, but I guess somebody’s buying them.

      • same same

        10.5 inch barrel ballistics and a carbine length gas system makes the 10.5 short enough

        there isnt anything you can do with the 7.5 that you cant do better and more reliably with the 10.5

  6. Screw all fair weather patriots that would support more gun regulation. With that stated I do like the handgaurd. Thanks for the motivation sa, maybe I’ll make my own version in 6.5 grendel or something just because it sounds fun.

  7. It looks cool…too bad it’s Springfield😡Oh and the Illinois licensing scam er scheme is back on. Thanks Springfield…

  8. I work in a good sized gun store in SW PA. We don’t order anything Springfield anymore and hardly anyone asks for their products. Fuck Springfield Armory.

  9. Springfield needs to purge everyone associated with their blunder.

    I’d hate to see the rank and file employees get hosed because of some idiots up top.

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