Craig's get home bag packs a CZ Scorpion EVO 3
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Craig says, “This is a bag I keep locked in my trunk. Should the S ever HTF, and I need more than just a sidearm to get out of it, I have a larger pistol with an arm brace. Not that it would ever happen, mind you.” See everything in Craig’s bag at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Not bad. I have a duffel with a plate carrier, an MP5K clone “pistol” and five loaded magazines these days. The AK just wasn’t fitting as neatly.

    • Yes it is. Only TTAG (Dan)(and maybe you) calls it a “pocket dump”. It is called “everyday carry”.

      • “Yes it is. Only TTAG (Dan)(and maybe you) calls it a “pocket dump”. It is called “everyday carry”.”

        From the top of the page :

        “Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Craig A Wildefeuer Jr.”

        OK, so he’s got some big-assed pockets…

        • If you follow the link you will find no mention of the word pocket on the I don’t think there ever has been either. The ‘pocket dump’ part is added by Dan on the TTAG website.

  2. It begs the question about which gun when a pistol seems lacking in the situation.

    I carry a ‘get home’ bag everywhere my vehicle is and there is more firepower in it if needed, but I don’t want to draw attention to myself. Either bad guys want my rifle/my stuff, or good guys want to detain me and take my stuff, either way people will look if I have a long gun out in the open. I think the EVO is a good choice. Here are some others I’ve looked at. Would like to hear others opinions.

    CZ scorpian evo 31
    Aerosurvive rifle–in 10mm
    JR Carbine
    Hi-Point carbine 995 TS–would not care if stolen, but can’t conceal
    Lightweight AR broken down in half
    AR pistol
    Thureon Defense ga carbine
    Any SBR- is all the paperwork/time to completion worth it.
    Kel-Tec Sub2000
    Berreta CX4 Storm

    • My personal philosophy is that if you are in a “get home safe” situation, then ammo and possibly mag considerations are the biggest concerns from the firearm aspect of it.

      I think a “sub-gun” in a pistol caliber is a very suitable choice. The point isn’t to be able to reach out and touch someone at 3 or 500 yds, anyone that far away is most likely not an immediate threat and so there’s no point to engage. Plus if you’re a Glock guy you can then pair your pistol with another larger “sub-gun” that takes the same caliber and mags. Edit: I guess there’s also options with Beretta mags, and such as you pointed out.

      I think rifle caliber short barreled guns are pretty suspect without a suppressor. If you’ve got one and that’s what you’re comfortable with, then by all means. But I’ve tested shooting unsuppressed short barreled guns in confined spaces and pistol caliber guns hurt enough as it is without ear pro – rifle calibers are horrendous.

      Just my 2 cents. YMMV.

    • Manse Jolly,

      I would go with something like the Kel-Tec SUB-2000 or CX4 Storm as your additional firepower. Both should exhibit acceptable combat accuracy to 100 yards which is probably all you need in a “get home” situation. Another bonus: both firearms will be surprisingly quiet in operation. The 16+ inch barrel noticeably reduces the report compared to handguns with 4 inch barrels. Since keeping a low profile includes minimizing your noise signature, that is an important consideration.

      If your “get home” scenario includes a lot of open terrain and you are concerned that you might have to shoot out to 300 yards to defend yourself, then a lightweight AR-15 (of the 16-inch barrel variety) partly disassembled (folded in half) in your backpack probably makes a lot of sense.

    • I have both the Sub2000 and the Aero Pistol in 9mm. Both take glock mags. I like both of them. The Aero is heavier and smaller. I picked up mine for about 500 a year ago. I think the Scorpion, etc, are going to be more expensive. I added a shockwave brace for $50, which I like a lot.

  3. Blanket, water, snacks?

    If your car breaks down in a snowstorm will they find a well armed frozen corpse?

    • If my corpse was found in my car in a snowstorm then everyone would know I was kidnapped and force to drive a loooong way.

      Now a hurricane………

  4. Anybody else click on this post just to see how many people have whined that “this isn’t a pocket dump”?

  5. Gotta love the Scorpion as a trunk/truck gun. I’m still thinking about getting another for that same purpose since my current one is SBR’ed and my proximity to a neighboring state precludes my hauling it routinely.

  6. Yes, because when the SHTF, you’re going to have the time to get to your trunk and gear up…STOP TRYING TO FOOL YOURSELF…

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