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“The NYPD works very had in getting these guns off the streets and we are going to keep them off the street. And by destroying them there is no chance they will find ever find their way back out onto the street into the public. That is our policy, that we will destroy them, we are going to melt them down. They can come up the iron pipeline, and they are going to end up as a hunk of iron at the end of this process.” – NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Stephen Davis in NYPD Sending Thousands of Guns Out of State to be Melted Down This Week [via]


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  1. News flash, Einstein – iron is recyclable. They can buy that hunk of iron and use it to make brand new guns.

    • Don’t expect a NYC bureaucrat to understand recycling or manufacturing. That’s something the little people do in flyover country.

      • My plant sells subway rail to NYC. It’s true, they don’t understand the first thing about manufacturing.

    • I’d actually pay a small premium if a company started making a line of pistols made from guns melted down in one of these socialist havens. With some appropriate markings of course.

      I’m not even in the market for another handgun, but I’d slap down cash for one made this way.

    • With liberals, it’s always about feelings. Feeling safer. Feeling better about themselves. Feeling superior to the rest of us. Feeling like demigods. And always at the expense of logic.

    • As much as we hate the SAFE Act, it needs to be brought up again and again that owning handguns in NYC and even counties outside of the boroughs has meant going through a slow and cumbersome process due to decades-old “Sullivan” laws.

  2. Just NYPD helping the gun industry. When are they going to realize that people want guns and they will pay for them. If they added a 200% tax to buy an iPhone in New York City people would smuggle them in, why do they think it is any different for guns? And to drive the analogy further, can you imagine if NYC told Georgia to charge the same tax?

    • Helping the firearms manufacturing industry, indeed!

      The NSSF should send a thank you note to Mr. Davis, as he is reducing the supply of used guns, thereby shifting demand to new ones.

      As usual, the statists are oblivious to themselves.

      • That are not statists , they are politicians. It looks good to the public if they melt down the guns. If it looked good, they would sell the guns to FFLs. And they are not stupid, can you imagine the PR nightmare if one of the guns they sold back to a FFL was traced to a murder. Hell it is New York, the victims family will probably sue the city. I don’t think the James P. O’Neill, not some top PR guy, wants to lose his job, or at the very least deal with the fall out.

      • I’m not a fan of either team, but I’m just glad we got two in the WS that isn’t SF, Boston, NY or St.L, and haven’t won in forever. My team probably won’t be looking at a shot at the WS for quite a while, so I’m watching this one as a pure baseball fan.

    • Ain’t over ’till it’s over. Besides as a Cubs fan I’ve never even seen them win a National L. pennant(you can’t leave the bases loaded twice). And the umpire sure made some BS calls. And I don’t hate Cleveland(Lou Boudreau connection). Anywho melt away. More in the pipeline…putting on layaway today.

  3. Well, all the ones that aren’t sold or traded to gang members and drug runners throughout NY, MA, PA and NJ by their own officers anyway.

  4. Oh wait ! I found another similar story to this one!
    Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury, published in 1953. It is regarded as one of his best works.[3] The novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and “firemen” burn any that are found.[4] The title refers to the temperature that Bradbury asserted to be the autoignition temperature of paper.[5][6] (In reality, scientists place the autoignition temperature of paper anywhere from 440 °F (227 °C) to 470 °F (243 °C) depending on the study and type of paper.)[7]

    • Interesting analogy, however, in the story the response was for individuals to memorize the books so they could repeat the stories to others. This is not quite as satisfying when you are memorizing firearms.

      • Actually, in the original 60’s movie. Citizens were forbidden from reading any text. Any government approved “materials” had only picture illustrations, wordless cartoons…No words, no memorabilia…And the Firemen executed non confromists…

  5. Oh snap ! Here’s another golden oldie prophesizing the future…!
    The Marching Morons” is a science fiction story by American writer Cyril M. Kornbluth, originally published in Galaxy in April 1951. It was included in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two after being voted one of the best novellas up to 1965.

    The story is set hundreds of years in the future: the date is 7-B-936. John Barlow, a man from the past put into suspended animation by a freak accident involving a dental drill and anesthesia, is revived in this future. The world seems mad to Barlow until Tinny-Peete explains the Problem of Population: due to a combination of intelligent people not having children and excessive breeding by less intelligent people (see Fertility and intelligence), the world is full of morons, with the exception of an elite few who work slavishly to keep order. Barlow, who was a shrewd real estate con man in his day, has a solution to sell to the elite, in exchange for being made World Dictator.

    • I loved that story (“The Marching Morons”)! I often wonder if Mike Judge read it before making “Idiocracy”

  6. Easier to focus on guns than failure of a democrat state. Where the exodus began in the 70’s to southern states and now businesses are migrating as well.

    This is interesting. a report on government attempts IN THE 90’s to reduce gun crime. Small programs across the country for 30-60 days. Success then funding stops.

    Its not about the gun, its the insane bureaucracies and competing jurisdictions employing half measures against criminals while limiting citizens from lawfully protecting themselves.

  7. I Guess those oldern folks knew a little bit about Futurism, and Dystopian type sci fi themes…
    The weapons shops of Isher.

    The Weapon Shops of Isher and its sequel The Weapon Makers detail the workings of Isher civilization and the adventures of Robert Hedrock, The One Immortal Man, as he keeps it in balance in the face of attempts by the Weapon Makers, who have forgotten their purpose as a permanent opposition, and the strong government of the Empress, Innelda Isher, with its intimate connections to a network of financial institutions, to undermine each other. The Weapon Shops provide the populace with defensive weapons and an alternative legal system.

    The Isher/Weapon Shops novels are very rare examples of Golden Age science fiction that explicitly discuss the right to keep and bear arms, specifically guns. Indeed, the motto of the Weapon Shops, repeated several times, is “The right to buy weapons is the right to be free”. Van Vogt’s guns have virtually magical properties, and can only be used in self-defense (or for suicide).

  8. What this guy fails to understand is, much like himself, a gun is a tool. Tools are easily replaced when they are destroyed or wear out. It isn’t like putting a violent fell on in jail since that does reduce violent crime.

    • Rusty, you described Mr. Davis perfectly as the “Tool” he is. But worry not, after this”tool” had made NYC safe he will retire to the sunny climes of Florida so he won’t have to pay income tax on his pension like the rest of the Knickerbockers. And yeah he’ll make sure he can carry a firearm with a CHL

    • That would cost money. Remember the 1,350 gang bangers the Chicago police superintendent mentioned? Putting all of them away for 50 years would cost $2.5 billion. Illinois, which is already broke, can’t afford it.

      • [snip] Illinois, which is already broke, can’t afford it. [snip]

        What is the cost to the taxpayers / citizenry / society of the State of Illinois of allowing those 1350 persons to roam free on the streets? It’s a little harder to count, but it sure does add up!


    built on the back of UN AGENDA 21



  10. The demand for guns is the same, just temporarily reducing the supply. That’s bad economics… people just gonna get more guns, more modern and more reliable. Impact on crime: +0%

  11. Guns R Bad, Mmmmkay.

    There is a less obvious problem with this idea and that is the idea of criminal forfeiture, or asset seizure depending on the legal terms used in your area.

    An example…. The cops let the drug deal happen and then go after the seller with much more vigor than they do the dealer because the seller now has the briefcases full of money. If the war is supposed to be on drugs wouldn’t the cops spend at least as much time going after the guy with the drugs as they do the guy with the money?

    Mr Davis up there is focusing on the guns the same way he focuses on the drug money. And with the attitude that anyone with a gun is a criminal then all guns are suitable for seizure. Once seized they can go into the furnace for the feel-good part of the process of one less gun on the streets. Screw due process, screw property rights, screw the little people who aren’t as equal as we are.

    And wasn’t there a story around here not too long ago about somebody who many years later still hasn’t had their firearms returned to them because the cops are dragging their feet? And wasn’t he in New York somewhere?

  12. Even if they sold them instead of melting them down, they wouldn’t have gone to criminals. They would be purchased by law abiding people undergoing their background checks. Just security theater here. Funny how they point the finger at guns instead of criminals. NY comedy for the rest of the nation.

  13. This is a good idea…. start with all your armed security…. then down to the nypd… they can’t shoot for sh!t. Lead by example.

  14. Replace “gun” with “repeat offender criminal” and that statement will sound like a bit of common sense.

  15. Huh.

    So, stuff that’s perfectly legal for some people, our enforcement overlords are gonna destroy if they get their hands on it, because … they have so much money? What?

    I look forward to seeing Officer Pipeline’s plans for destroying every car, home, dollar, smart phone and bit of bling “seized” by the uniforms, because, you know, it’s legal stuff that happened to be used illegally so has to be purged from the world. Give people less chance to do bad things. Besides, it was used for alleged badness, so take your lumps, citizen. Or something.

    Oh, wait, just guns?

    If Officer Pipeline wants to get the laws changed to make guns universally illegal, he should get on that. Of course there’s a name for administrators making “laws” for the population (vs. implementing laws created by the population) to make things more convenient for the enforcers and their sponsors. Actually, several names.

    The enforcer’s special interest in guns can’t have anything to do with guns, among the wanna-ban items being the only ones the citizens can use to protect themselves (without Officer We’ll-be-there-in-7-minutes help), to eat into the ongoing take of established criminal ecosystems, and to directly resist impositions by the overlords or their minions should it come to that. There’s a pipeline of iron empowering those pesky proles to do for themselves, and we can’t have that. I know. Any contact with one of these instruments of autonomy, and we’ll melt it down that’ll teach them.

    I’m sure I’ll remember that name eventually.

  16. Sending them out of state ro be melted down almost insures that some will escape and make it back onto the streets of New York. Just A matter of time.

    Once guns are made illegal, folks will simply grind off all the serial numbers and nothing will be traced. I am surprised that most gang member don’t do that already just to help preserve their weapons sources.

  17. Reducing the supply of used guns means more work for firearms manufactures, transportation services,gun shops, etc; hence more people employed in firearms manufacture = good for the economy

  18. It doesn’t matter much what the police do with illegal guns; melt them; auction them off to FFLs; give them to poor residents (who pass a NICS check).
    What IS relevant is what the criminal justice system does to felons-in-posession or straw-buyers. And we also know the answer; not enough to dissuade them from their illegal activity. The cost of getting a new gun is simply another cost of life on the other-side-of-the-law.
    We PotG believe that governments should enforce the laws against assault, battery, homicide and rape. Some of us wouldn’t mind enforcing laws against felon-in-posession or straw-buying. In any case, stepping up enforcement of such laws would put intolerable pressure on prison over-crowding by minority inmates.
    In today’s political environment, our legislators, judges and prosecuters are looking for ways to release prisoners, not lock-up more prisoners. Let’s face it, “Junior’s” momma doesn’t want Junior to go to jail irrespective of what he has done. If Junior is carrying a gun his sister bought for him then momma doesn’t want either of them to go to jail. The jury from their county doesn’t want to see either go to jail for a “non-violent” and “victim-less” crime.
    If we PotG are going to understand the politics of gun-control we have to accept that putting more minorities in prison is not PC.

  19. Pay attention:

    … there is no chance they will find ever find their way back out onto the street into the public.

    It isn’t criminals he wants to keep the guns away from, it’s the public.

    Bow down and thank your statist masters.

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