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Springfield Armory® is proud to introduce an exciting new variant of its wildly popular micro 9mm Hellcat® — the Hellcat RDP™ (Rapid Defense Package). The RDP is replete with features that make this high-capacity, ultra-compact pistol even more versatile.

The new Hellcat RDP builds on the success and popularity of the original Hellcat OSP™ micro 9mm with the addition of a 3.8″ threaded barrel and an included Self Indexing Compensator. Compact and capable, the compensator vents gas from the barrel to significantly reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil. Made of lightweight 8082 aluminum, the compensator features a patented self-indexing mounting system that ensures the port is correctly oriented every time. That means it’s a breeze to install or remove with no need for shims or tools.

“The Hellcat reshaped the way people viewed what a CCW pistol can be. Now, the Hellcat RDP is taking the performance of this highly capable pistol to the next level,” says Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory.

Also debuting today is HEX™ optics by Springfield Armory. Direct-mounted on the slide of the Hellcat RDP is the all-new HEX Wasp™ red dot, utilizing the Springfield Micro™ footprint made popular by the Hellcat OSP. The ruggedly built, IPX7 waterproof-rated Wasp features an aluminum body and an anti-glare-coated glass lens, and its low-mount design means it can co-witness with the handgun’s fixed tritium/luminescent front sight and Tactical Rack U-Notch rear sight.

“We are excited about the introduction of HEX optics for the self-defense market. Built to the same standards of quality and performance you have come to expect from Springfield Armory, HEX precision crafted optics offer exceptional value and are backed by a lifetime warranty,” continued Steve Kramer.

The Hellcat RDP also features an optional low-profile ambidextrous manual safety located at the rear of the frame, and the new Gen 2 Hellcat trigger. This new trigger offers enhanced ergonomics for a wide range of hand sizes for an even more comfortable shooting experience.

With all these features plus the handgun’s impressive 11- and 13-round capacities, the Hellcat RDP is a formidable, cutting-edge self-defense firearm.

MSRP: $899

HELLCAT® 3.8” RDP™ 9mm, manual safety |  HC9389BTOSPWASPMS
MSRP: $899

For more information on the Hellcat RDP, visit:
For more information on HEX optics, visit:

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    • Yep, make the compact firearm capable of being midsize . . .by addition of a suppressor. Make then snag free with rounded corners, then throw an optic on top . . . crazy world . . .

  1. Last year a disproportionate number of the new people I took shooting and shopping selected the Hellcat. Back at the range I did not like the pronounced muzzle flip. Some online research indicated that I was not alone. Maybe Springfield actually listened to the complaints about it and, um, compensated for it.

  2. I wouldn’t say it defeats it’s purpose as much as they initially saw a way to compete with the Sig365XL( good idea with 3.8 inch threaded barrel) and then got carried away adding everything including Cup Holders( bad idea)

  3. From the website;
    The 3.8″ hammer-forged barrel of the Hellcat RDP is extended and threaded, and features a tough Melonite® finish. (.5 x 28)”

    So the threaded barrel will be useful for other things. I wonder if the barrel and compensator will be available separately for people to retrofit their existing Hellcats?

  4. Cool; still never buy a weapon from these traitors.

    The only people I see sporting their guns are people with bad credit.

      • New people. Last year when I was taking people shopping the gun shops were pushing Hellcats hard and talking new people into them right and left.

    • I don’t know about bad credit, but certainly off body style panic buyers who will never shoot more than… If even… 50 rounds through it.

      One guy in our group HAD one. I think he got the mag and the shame sunk in. Showed up one week with a taurus lmfao…. Can’t save em all… At least he tries I guess…

  5. Was talking to the wife, since we know some people who bought them. The trigger sucks, but there is an aftermarket that came out a while back. Now if they sell the barrel and comp separately maybe people who already have them can upgrade and get rid of the flip. She says “Why buy a gun that right out of the box you have to fix and modify? What does it think it is, a 1911?” 😉

  6. Duh…Cute little gun = more muzzle flip so that needed some make it bigger fixin. I liked the new half the price Sccy advertised on this forum better. And Sar has come out with a baby Sar9 and a larger longer slide Sport Model to compete with Canik. Smart money will wait.

  7. I’m holding out for a Hellcat with a laser guidance system. And I want it voice activated.

    “Hellexa, shoot that guy in the b@lls.”

    “Okay. I’m shooting him in the b@lls.”

  8. Nice setup, but as others have pointed out, it seems a bit contrary to the weapon’s role as a small, concealable pistol meant for SD distances.

    Then again, it’s about marketing and keeping the interest level high in the product line. If bells and whistles move the product, it’s a win for the manufacturer.

  9. “Built to the same standards of quality and performance you have come to expect from Springfield Armory…”

    So, shitty. Noted

  10. I’ve got one of the early OSP models. No complaints except for the lack of available red dots out there. I like the swampfox sentinel, but no notch cut to fully see the front sight. All of the plastic lens models are of no use/interest to me. So the Hex sight looks promising.
    Wondering about the trigger upgrade(?), the Gen 2. Mine is fine and better than my G43x, or any of the three 365s I have shot.
    I paid $460 for mine, shipped. Great price for a great pistol!

    • I installed a Swampfox Sentinel on my OSP and it cowitnesses fine with both front and rear sights.

      • What is “fine”?
        I just put a Sentinel on my brother in law’s Hellcat and less than half of the front sight is visible. It is actually a terrible distraction. What used to be an instinctively easy to sight/shoot pistol, is now almost painful to acquire a good sight picture…using the irons. I refuse to rely only on electronics.
        So for me, it will be either the Crimson Trace RAD Pro, or the HEX. Both have the notch to allow full view of both front and rear sights for a sight picture that is natural.

  11. Lol no.

    Ttag reaching out and touching fudds? Not even fudds would buy this crap. And fuck Springfield.

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  13. I will forever curse that fool Chuck Pressburg and his stupid Roland Special. Tacticool is just as bad as a fudd.
    Don’t go drinking with Pressburg.

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