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Why are gun-hating anti-violence activists so violent in their personal lives? Ask Sparkle Roby who organized an anti-violence march in Saginaw, Michigan. Weeks later, cops arrested her for threatening a woman with an illegally possessed gun.

Now, she’s pleaded guilty to a slew of…gun charges.

Our virtuous anti-violence activist had a dispute of some sort at a Saginaw beauty salon.  Apparently dissatisfied with the service she received, Roby returned with a gun intent on taking care of business.

Fortunately for all parties involved, the employee who angered our dedicated anti-violence crusader had become scarce.

As mlive reported when the incident happened . . .

…Prosecutors say Roby on July 22 had an altercation with an employee at Unique Styles Beauty Salon in Saginaw and said she’d come back with a gun. She left the business, then returned with a pistol and waved it around, yelling for the employee, prosecutors allege.

Roby left the salon when she heard police were being called, prosecutors said. No one was injured, but police said several people were in the salon at the time.

Authorities issued a warrant for Roby’s arrest on Monday, Sept. 16. The next day, police arrested her during a traffic stop.

Roby, speaking with MLive on Thursday, said she expects the case against her to be dismissed.

“They’re all false claims,” she said. “I don’t know the person who made the report.”

It seems Roby reconsidered her earlier comments, taking a plea bargain that spared her time in the pokey.

From MSN:

Sparkle N. Roby, 34, on Wednesday, Jan. 22, appeared before Saginaw County Chief Circuit Judge Darnell Jackson and pleaded no contest to single counts of felonious assault, felon in possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent.

In exchange, the prosecution agreed to dismiss three counts of felony firearm, a conviction that would mandate a minimum two-year prison sentence.

By pleading no contest as opposed to guilty, Roby did not admit to having committed any crimes. Jackson relied on court documents to enter convictions on the record.

As that report makes clear, Ms. Sparkle’s no stranger to the criminal justice system.

Also from mlive:

In 2015, Roby found herself in legal trouble for witness intimidation for twice threatening a female who was a witness against her brother, Brandon Sims, who is serving 26-50 years in prison for the 2014 shooting death of Keyonus Mobley.

It’s easier to intimidate people when gun control laws keep them disarmed. We look forward to Roby’s next anti-violence effort.

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    • These anti-gun people are out to take our guns because they can get guns when they want most of these gun attacks are all democratics one world order freaks, she against but uses a illegal gun come on wake up all these democratics are crazy they have proved over and over again they want destruction of America , look allowed Islamist in here when was made law not to it was democratic, it was democratics with abortion, it was democratics with the queer garbage and transgender, it was democratic planned parenthood, ruined or schools with garbage that don’t belong and took away what should be, democratics ruined our healthcare system, and slowly destroyed Michigan, and other states selling out our workers,

      • Agree. They want the law abiding Citizens to be dissarmed so that we can’t defend our self’s from the Criminals.

        • Your right but forgot to add. Protection for them. If I am to have altement power over someone you better believe they won’t process any guns or weapons. That’s what it is all about. Period

        • Carlos you are totally correct. I just want to know why this moronic bimbo was not sentenced to life. Multiple counts where felonies yet the DA plea barged them down to no contest? What the hell is it going to take to put this trash behind bars?

    • As far as I know, the charge of Felon with a gun, can also be a federal charge with a mandatory 5 year sentence. Where were all the anti gun yahoos who scream and stamp their feet, even about BB guns, why do they never demand these mandatory sentences for people?

      • maybe because the majority who get hit with them would be either their own or their partners in crime… Criminals

  1. “Prosecutors say Roby on July 22 had an altercation with an employee at Unique Styles Beauty Salon in Saginaw and said she’d come back with a gun.”

    What is it with these idiots?

    You never threaten to come back with a gun, you zip it, leave, and then come back with your… er, ‘turkey baster’…

    Yeah, that’s the ticket… 🙂

    • Yeah but if you tell them first you can come back and they’ll be gone so you don’t have to lose face or catch a murder charge.

  2. This is out justice system? Three firearm felonies and one assault charge. It will be interesting to see what she actually gets. People are screaming and hollering trying to take away out Second Amendment Rights and when they catch someone who unlawfully uses an illegal gun, they slap their hand and usher them out the door as soon as they can. Let’s not forget this is a repeat offender because of the witness intimidation.

    • Yeah but blacks are so horribly oppressed thy don’t deserve to actually be held accountable. If she were a white Republican she’d get a lot more than a slap on the wrist. “White privileged” and all that crap

      • The nomemklatura. Social(ist) justice for all. The other 70% have to be punished for what happened 150, 200, 250, etc years a go.

        • Slavery was the clear start of racism towards blacks in this country. From slavery till now white people racist. You implying the end of slavery was the end of injustice but it wasn’t. You are not a patriot and never were. You are facist and make all whites look guilty.

        • “You are not a patriot and never were.”

          He’s not an American, you stupid dunce. He lives on the other side of the planet…

        • JcM, I certainly did not say the end of slavery was the end of racism, and I study history for fun so I’m certainly aware of apartheid, segregation, Jim Crow, and the holocaust. What I am saying is under Progressive ideology the white people of today, doubly so if Male, are to be punished for what our ancestors may have allegedly done in the past.

          And yes, I’m from the other side of the planet, if my handle isn’t enough of a give away.

      • Accountable for what? She was mad and talked shit about somebody but didnt do anything? The only crimes shes guilty of are being black with a gun.

        • Her Crime: Michigan has pistol registration. Being caught with a pistol, not registered to you, is a felony without a CPL. So if the hair dresser’s story is accurate I see; brandishing, threats(assault), unregistered pistol, felony transporting (not in case with ammo separated in the trunk).

          DA: felonious assault, felon in possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent.

          Funny how anti gun types want all these laws, but sometimes they come back to bite them. What should just be assualt charges in some areas equals the entire book being thrown.

        • Yeah… she didndu nuttin. Here’s an idea. I come from a part of the world where you being black isn’t an excuse to bitch about shit that didn’t happen to you nor is it an excuse for shitty behavior.

          Oh… but “muh’ slavery”. Oh please son, try serfdom on for size.

        • How about a “convicted Felon with a gun”!
          That has nothing to do with race and those that make this about race are the true racists.

      • Y’all can leave out the race, y’all know just as well as I do that if any republican, no matter what race, color or cultural differences, we would have the book thrown at us.

      • If she were a white republican she’d have more sense than to make a ‘reckless display of a firearm’

    • Prison cost money.
      Almost makes you want to bring back some sort of indentured service. Work until your debts are paid.

    • Prison cost money.

      Almost makes you want to bring back some sort of indentured service. Work until your debts are paid I.e. court costs, police time and compensation for the people you threatened.

      • which they would turn around and call slavery…. and then try to beat the rest of us with that stick…. what you never hear about is the number of whites who were slaves. many of them were from Ireland and they were in fact far worse treated than the blacks were unless the slaves had a black slave owner. Irish slaves were also much cheaper to buy than black slaves were which is probably partly where the difference in treatment came in as they often tended to be bought by less well educated people. Not saying better education always means greater moral standing as quite often with the “highly educated” they also tend to regress on moral standing. There does seem to be a happy medium though

        • Under the actual LAW in the USA, slavery is STILL legal, if and when it’s imposed by a court… but that has not been done in well over a century, from what I can find.

    • That is racist and promotes steoretypes that are unfair and serve to slant the truth to make an entire race look bad. There are more whites on crack and drugs and welfare than blacks. If you are saying bad things about blacks in general they are probably more true about whites. That’s called an inferiority complex. I’n not going to let Black feel worthless and depressed just because you say hateful things about them to take away their confidence so they become depressed and lose the will to be producrive in their lives.

      • Humorously enough during Bathhouse Barry’s administration, black welfare recipients surpassed whites.

      • She exercised her BLACK PRIVILEGE. She took a plea deal which increased her felon status (she was already a convicted felon and unable to possess a firearm ANYWHERE in the US), and that plea deal gave her no jail time. So WTF are you complaining about?

      • It depends entirely upon the individual person, whether white, black, brown, yellow or otherwise. There are no ‘absolutes’ indigenous to any race. There is a wonderful saying: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Try it — you’ll like it!–

      • Listen Joseph, I am a white male and I have absolutely nothing against Blacks. But if you look at the percentage of Blacks that are incarcerated for violent crimes, the difference is telling. Yes, there are more Whites incarcerated for drug’s than Blacks but if you look at the percentages as opposed to the actual numbers in the 2 race populations, Blacks are by far the higher percentage of offenders. This is not a racist comment, just a simple numerical fact. So before you go calling everyone that disagrees with you a racist, you should do a little research on the subject at hand.

  3. Why are gun-hating anti-violence activists so violent in their personal lives?

    That question almost summarizes the entire dynamic.

    Unstable people KNOW that they are prone to violent outbursts. (So far, so good.) Where they go wrong, however, is assuming that everyone else is unstable and prone to violent outbursts. Psychologists call that projection.

    • You think she’s projecting her lack of self-control on to others and they must be disarmed if they are like her?

      • Close. Gun-grabbers claim that everyone is like that and therefore no one should have firearms.

    • Or she’s just a criminal and wants to be the only one with a gun after all the law abiding get rid of their own. That way she can run rough shot on whoever she wants. Either that or the fact that ‘misery loves company’ and if she can’t legally buy a gun… No one should be able to.

  4. That’s why she wants to take guns away from people. Because in her mind everyone every gun owner is as crazy and irresponsible as she is.

  5. They’re not actually against violence. They’re against resistance. Think of it as a workplace safety program for violent criminals.

  6. Her wires are all crossed, and she’s lying , look at the way she shifting left to right and trying to have conversation and can’t even look the person in the eye

    • Given the circumstances I don’t think we need to be micro-expression readers to know she’s lying.

      1) Her statements are contradicted by everyone else, including herself (plea deal)
      2) Her mouth is moving.

  7. Now that’s the problem with gun laws…they are (most always) reduced or dismissed.
    Why does the system keep creating new gun laws?

    • This is a function of the legal system as a whole. If charges were not routinely reduced or dismissed, no one would have any incentive to plead guilty. If everyone takes a shot at a full trial because there’s no reason not to, the entire judicial system would grind to a halt.

      • and that is because there are so many damn laws (not much difference in smell to damned statistics) that even a specialist lawyer specializing in a particular field of law cannot know ALL the laws regarding his field let alone the lay person having a good understanding of the law. When the laws become that numerous people get to where they dont respect the law very quickly hence part of the reason for the amount of crime. keep the laws simple and few with the punishments for breaking those few laws harsh and most will respect the law. Will also add that there will be little need for so many judges and lawyers either

  8. I’m glad this hypocrite is going to jail. This black woman is just like the white jewish billionaire Bloomberg. Both think only certain select people should have guns.
    Two things that would really help black people are. The destruction of the Welfare Industrial Complex. And what Colonel Jeff Cooper said many years ago.

    “Just give guns to the people living in the neighborhood and they will sort out their problems for themselves.”

      • That’s curious. Plea deals that give no jail time for serious crimes on exchange for a “no contest” plea smell like a face-saving move for a prosecutor who has no case (or ethics).

        • Nah it’s saves money and time for worse things that need attention with limited resources. Wasting tax payers money, jury duty etc ain’t worth it all for this mentally ill elitist who will eventually fade away into the shadows.

  9. I gotta say, who would have seen this coming. Ha ha ha. Like Jykel and Hyde. But bet this won’t be brought up at anti gun town halls, just the law abiding who haven’t done anything but stand for their constitutional rights.

    • At least 8 fathers. No way to narrow it down without a DNA test.

      Meanwhile, I’m going to the toy store and buying some dolls and claiming each one as a dependent on the tax forms.

      • The women are simply doing what the Libertarians Liberals the Left, and the sexually liberated, said to do decades ago. Be sexually permissive and don’t be judgmental.

        The problem with the sexually liberated crowd has always been refusing to accept personal responsibility and the consequences of the things they promoted.

        Social breakdown because of the spread of STDs including HIV, unplanned pregnancies, and the public devaluation of marriage.

        The sexually liberated also promote gun-free zone public housing projects.

        • You are saying conservatives, republicans, or whatever, have no sexual deviants in their midst? Really?

  10. Everything you want to know about the mental issues the Democrats/liberals face is explained by one word:


    Let’s take the #metoo “movement.” This was started, ostensibly, to try to nail Trump and other conservatives on sexual harassment. But what happened? It exposed liberal men in the entertainment industry/media as pigs, thugs and straight-up rapists. The Matt Lauer situation – a friggin’ electric door lock controlled from under his desk? No, there’s nothing straight-up rape-y about that.

    The #metoo females in the entertainment industry and media kept thinking “oh, conservative men are all about this” – but we’ve yet to see a divergence from the trend of exposing lefty men in the media. Pure projection.

    And, BTW, what did the some of the lefty men in the media do when called out as rapists? Promise to “take on the NRA.” What does that have to do with being a rapist? Nothing. Gun control is a favorite issue of the lefties to make themselves look “correct” to their fellow leftists.

    • There is good news, DG.

      The primary is looking a whole lot like it’s gonna be a long and bitter fight. Just what we need to have some Leftists so enraged their Leftist candidate gets shafted by the DNC that they pitch a fit and don’t vote for the candidate they despise… 🙂

      • Mayor Buttigeig already got shafted by the Des Moines Register.

        No word yet on if he was disappointed or pleased. There is rumor that a sandwich occured afterwords but details on that are sketchy at this time.

        • “There is rumor that a sandwich occured afterwords but details on that are sketchy at this time.”


          Well, maybe it will show up on a PornHub ‘community’ channel…

          *snicker* 😉

        • @strych9:
          “There is rumor that a sandwich occured afterwords…” (sic)

          Okay, what is a sandwich? I just checked my slang dictionary (albeit not a very comprehensive one), and I don’t have a clue.

        • “Okay, what is a sandwich? ”

          It’s one person ‘sandwiched’ in between someone on top, and someone on the bottom.

          ( Please excuse me, I now need a lengthy hot shower using caustic chemicals)

          That’s better… 🙂

  11. Beauty Salon Employee “I’m sorry Sparkle, you never heard you can’t polish a turd!”

  12. Sparkle huh?!?😃Just saw Bloomturd’s superbore er bowl ad. WHUT do legal gun owner’s(and law abiding citizen’s) have to do with a black boy being murdered in the ghetto? Not a damn thing😩😩😩

  13. Maximum sentences or the enforcement of Michigan will be considered a farce. If it was a legal gun owner committing such an act all hell would be raised with all kinds of demands for punitive action.

    • That is so right It makes me sick to see them parade around and talk smack about guns yet have all the protection. Like Nancy Pelosis gun room in her California mansion. A Hispanic man that used to work for her says she has full automatic WEAPONS in there. Sure the elitists can have WHATEVER they want. THEIR ABOUT THE COMMON LAW THAT WE ARE SUBJECT TOO. So sad and sick.

  14. Looks to me like she has a valid complaint against the “beauty salon”. But perhaps expecting then to work a miracle might be a bit much.

  15. It’s easy for Ms. Sparkle Roby to be an anti-gun activist since she’s a convicted felon who’s not allowed to carry a firearm. Yet, she was a felon who was recently caught and convicted carrying a firearm. How ironic.

  16. Felon in possession should be mandatory 5 years…then 10 for next time…15…20…etc
    Dems/libs want gun laws…but only for white males it seems

    • No not quite that but it is part right. They only want them for those who would for the most part do nothing wrong with them but heaven forbid that someone who is either criminal or with little to no impulse control should go to jail for misusing them. FIFY

  17. and she’s a fkn” FELON.. they should of locked her a$$ up! if you’re a felon caught with a firearm you have no good intention whatsoever.. that’s the only gun law that should be passed.. mandatory 25 years..

  18. The Globalist Liberal NAZI Demoncrat Commie party and the useful idiots don’t give a crap about gun violence! They just want to take away your guns to leave you defenseless against Government tyranny! Wake up patriots before it’s too late! Defend the 2nd amendment!

  19. The anti everything people, never think their demands should fall on them. They are always the ‘chosen ones’ that know how we should live our lives, and are very quick to tell us. Well, this woman is nuts, and should be taken off the streets. We that carry a permitted weapon for the protection of our family, do so with the full understand of the responsibility of that decision. Disarming the people is the first step into dictatorial rule, and the population control, the likes of China.

  20. Hotel 6 says “We’ll leave the light on for you”. This Cromagnon Bitch aint even got a porch light to leave on. jwstx

    • lol nah she probably already shot that out. These sorts dont seem to like the light shining on them. Shows up too much of what they are doing

  21. Michael Bloomberg,

    HOW does this Bull Crap fit your erroneous agenda? Makes as much sense as your corrupt shenanigan’s as in your illegitimate President Run and BS in Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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